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Objectives: To overthrow the United Nations and establish a world order where metahumans rule over humanity with an iron fist, while ordinary human beings are second-class citizens
Established: 1987
Threat Level: Global
Organization Type: Metahuman-supremacist terrorist organization
Headquarters: Unknown, speculated to be somewhere hidden deep within Monster Island
History: Following Doctor Vincent Reptil’s transformation into the vicious metahuman reptile-man known today as Doctor Reptilian, he retreated from society altogether, choosing to focus his energy on cataloguing metahuman affairs in the world after discovering that the metagene had a factor in his transformation. However, seeing that there were places where metahumans who were not lucky enough to be superheroes were oppressed, combined with his tragic past, drove him over the edge. Over the years, he slowly gathered like-minded metahuman followers and amassed scientific and military equipment until the result was a massive militarized metahuman network, creating the roots of what would eventually be a rebellion against humanity and the UN. Thus the organization that would become the Dominant Reptilian Alliance for Global Oppression and Nonhumanism was created.

However, Doctor Reptilian was not quite ready to publicly declare war against humanity just yet. He wanted to make absolutely certain they had enough resources to be able to feasibly attack the UN before they could proceed. And that would take some time. Over the years, D.R.A.G.O.N. operatives covertly murdered anti-metahuman activists and stole weapons caches from various militaries. In 1993, two years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a then-recent recruit, Baroness Coldblood, provided some locations and intel regarding then-defunct Project Perun, the Soviets’ answer to Project Sunburst so the research could continue to be used. Even as major events such as the Battle of Detroit waged, they continued their recruiting efforts, began construction of their secret bases, and watched from the shadows.

Then October 28, 2017, D.R.A.G.O.N. unveiled its presence to the world by firebombing multiple UNTIL bases, assassinating several politicians and UNTIL personnel they deemed to be the biggest threats against them firebombing the IHA’s headquarters as well as launching several simultaneous, coordinated attacks on several world cities, including Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, a part of the Westside district of Millennium City, and even New York, where Doctor Reptilian announced D.R.A.G.O.N.’s presence to the world via a holographic message delivered to the UN Assembly Building in the wake of the attacks. All of these things cemented D.R.A.G.O.N. as sort of rising stars in the supervillainous community.

The destructive terrorist attack came to be known as Red Saturday. While it was meant to herald D.R.A.G.O.N.’s intended takeover of the world for the sake of a marginalized metahumanity, it ironically led to a skyrocketing of hate crimes against metahumans.

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