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Combustion Gal
Player: @gijoespouse2
Cady PDB-VV.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Confidential
Biographical Data
Real Name: Cadence Calloway
Known Aliases: Cady
Gender: female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Alternate dimension
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 19
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: amber
Hair: orange-red with blonde streaks
Complexion: fair
Physical Build: average with only a bit of muscle tone
Physical Features: skin always feels feverish to the touch, but no markings persay
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: American citizen
Occupation: None
Education: High School Diploma
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Fire manipulation and combustion
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Fire proof patrol suit
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The concept of a girl who's powers involved commanding fire and spontaneously combusting came to me before there was a superhero MMO that I could create her in. She was going to be a character to be used in a Heroes Unlimited campaign, which fell through before it could even get started. I got the urge to pick the concept up again after a certain superhero MMO put out a cyborg based booster pack, which contained the power to self destruct. You can see a more detailed backstory for Cady on her :VirtueVerse page.

Cady personality header.pngPersonality

To put it rather simply...Cadence has some issues. She has very little self-esteem. She has abandonment issues, and is constantly worried how others will perceive her. She has a hard time with very strong personalities, especially those that are borderline bullying.

Cady abilities header.pngAbilities

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Cady weaknesses header.pngWeaknesses

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Cady equipment header.pngEquipment

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Cady backstory header.pngBackstory

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Cady affiliations header.pngAffiliations

Teen Phalanx: Formerly a member

Cady friends header.pngFriends

Grey Osprey

Cady foes header.pngFoes

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Cady soundtrack header.pngSoundtrack

"Nobody's Home" by Avril Lavigne

"Duel" by Bond

Cady gallery header.pngGallery

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Cady rp hooks header.pngRP Hooks

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Cady misc header.pngMiscellaneous

• Cady's casting choice is Ellen Page.