Coffin Baby

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Coffin Baby
Player: @Bluegrass_Beast
The Scream Queen
Character Build
Class Focus: Warden/Vindicator
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Julie Romero
Known Aliases: Julie Filth, Coffy, Baby
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Reanimate)
Ethnicity: Cuban/Irish/Italian
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI; Vibora Bay, FL
Relatives: None
Age: 44 (Chronologically)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Chemical Green
Hair: White
Complexion: Deathly Pale
Physical Build: Rail-Thin
Physical Features: Sunken Features, Glowing Eyes, Sharp Nails
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

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Identity: Legally Dead
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: American (Legally Deceased)
Occupation: Musician
Education: High School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Physical Prowess, Undead Resilience, Predatory Senses, Hardened and Sharpened Teeth and Nails, Consumptive Regeneration, Terror Scream, Ecto-Chemical 'Blood,' Feral Rage.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Reinforced Armored Leather Coat
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A starry-eyed young musician and activist songwriter, Julie Romero (stage name 'Julie Filth') disappeared on Devil's Night, 1994. She had been performing a benefit concert for the victims and survivors of the Battle of Detroit, and her small group of fans mourned a promising career that might have been.

A cleanup effort at a former Advanced Concept Industries dumping site in 2015 reported uncovering a 'well-preserved female corpse' found buried near several leaking chemical canisters, but the body had disappeared by the time police had arrived. It was not long after this incident that patrons at Leo's Bar reported spotting a pale, haggard woman in dirty and dated attire matching the description of the last appearance of 'Julie Filth'; a now-aged former member of the late Miss Romero's band 'Coffin Baby' performing at Leo's at the time swore the deathly figure had to be his disappeared friend and bandmate - but the mysterious woman vanished before he could approach her.

Since that haunting visitation, there have been numerous sightings of the figure now known by whispering accounts as the Coffin Baby throughout Westside and the city of Vibora Bay. She appears with little rhyme or reason to offer aid and protection to the citizenry and, periodically, to brutally attack metahuman criminals.

The Obituary

Julie Romero was born July 25th, 1975 in the skids of Detroit, Michigan. She was a rising young star in the music scene of the city, with a shining future as a fiery metal goddess - until she lost her city to Dr.Destroyer in the Battle of Detroit, and then lost her life as an early victim of the metahuman serial killer Jacob Sacco - better known as Freakshow. The young musician's body was crudely discarded in the same waste dump that had empowered Sacco himself and promptly forgotten about by the madman, just enough of her bloodied and ruined personal effects left behind to make her death a certainty to authorities and witnesses.

The same chemicals that gave Sacco power slowly seeped into her shallow and unhallowed grave, both preserving and slowly mending her lifeless flesh, then empowering it as she lay in undignified repose. She might have languished there in fitful torpor forever, had not Sacco saw fit to attack a cleanup crew investigating the site after word of them discovering a 'remarkably preserved female cadaver' reached him. He gleefully butchered a young man who had been examining her corpse, and as Sacco departed to pursue and torment the other members of the team he once again paid no mind to the sad remains of Julie Romero - even as his latest victims' blood fell hot and fresh into her cold, open mouth. It was enough to ignite a morbid ecto-chemical reaction in Julie Romero's dead flesh; she hungrily devoured the corpse and staggered, tattered and bloodstained, into the night...

Julie Romero.jpg
Julie Romero, circa 1993

Personality and Current Sketch

Baby's been through a lot, but despite losing her city, her life, and twenty years of time she remains surprisingly upbeat if not exactly cheerful; she has a notably dark and twisted sense of gallows humor and a penchant for gruesome wisecracks. She has come to the conclusion that she is stuck with her undead nature and has resolved to make the most of it; she shows a shocking disregard for her own personal safety and physical well-being, gleefully throwing herself into danger.

She does her best to avoid much of the limelight which tends to fall on metahumans, preferring to work from the shadows as a grim guardian angel and whispered urban legend in Millennium City; after a brief vacation south to Vibora Bay found her embroiled in Voodoo plots and a feud with another free-willed intelligent zombie in the form of the undead hitman Deadman Walkin' she has begun to periodically visit the city and assist its defenders - none of whom complain very much if she eats the occasional vampire or gets a bit rough with the odd bokor.

She has no real interest in caped-and-costumed heroics, but her dedication to protecting the little people and sticking it to their abusers keeps dragging her into the affairs of the Superhuman World; it is likely only a matter of time before she is forced into a more prominent role.


Coffin Baby is a reanimated corpse, a zombie resurrected and empowered through two decades spent stewing in illegally-dumped chemical waste. The chemicals mutative properties combined with her undead nature have given her a number of superhuman powers and capabilities:

Superhuman Physical Prowess
Baby is terrifyingly strong and fast, slightly above the maximum of human potential in speed, grace, and power. A shuffling shambler she is not.

Undead Resilience
Her unliving flesh and deadened nerves coupled with the slow infusion of toxic chemicals into her meat and bone have left Coffin Baby nearly indestructible. She can fight on through horrific maiming and mangling;not even total dismemberment can stop her. Don't even bother with the old bullet-in-the-brain trick - it stopped being funny a long time ago.

Predatory Senses
Baby possesses a feral sort of sensory enhancement. She can hear heartbeats, smell blood, sense vibration in the ground, and see with perfect clarity in absolute darkness. When hungry or wounded these senses sharpen and she becomes a truly terrifying predator, able to find weaknesses in flesh and defenses alike to grievously wound her intended prey.

Hardened and Sharpened Teeth and Nails
Baby's teeth may still look human but are in fact jagged and immensely strong, as are the bones and muscles of her jaws; her nails are long, sharp, and coated in a thin sheen of her own ecto-chemical 'blood' which corrodes and weakens organic and inorganic material alike with repeated assault. Coupled with her enhanced strength her teeth and nails are effective as most any other super-predator's fangs and claws.

Consumptive Regeneration
By devouring raw flesh, Baby is able to fuel astonishingly-swift cellular regeneration of her dead flesh and bone. She requires regular feedings to keep her body pliable and properly ambulatory; though she does crave warm and living flesh her hunger does not require it to be sated. Her digestive efficiency is such that she can even wholly consume inorganic matter, and her gullet ruthlessly and wholly digests almost anything entering it with no waste remaining.

Terror Scream
Perhaps her strangest ability, Baby is capable of emitting a blood-curdling shriek that causes brief but deeply unnerving psychic hallucinations in her enemies, weakening and distracting them.

Ecto-Chemical 'Blood'
Coffy's veins are filled with a thick and viscous chemical-green slime rather than blood, and she possesses a strange degree of 'ectokinetic' control over it. She can force it into the worst of wounds to rapidly mend her undying corpse back into fighting shape or force it through her pores and orifices to form swiftly-hardening skin-tight 'armor.' Even if wholly destroyed bodily the ecto-chemical sludge will slowly congeal and solidify to regenerate her mortal remains to seek out sustenance.

Feral Rage
When angry, hungry, severely damaged, or forced to revive from 'death' as described above, Baby can fall into a deep, adrenal frenzy that enhances her strength and speed notably, and leaves her even more resistant to harm.



The Mixtape

Tonight (We'll Make Love Til We Die) - SSQ

Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie