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The Death-Defying
Clay Pigion
Wandering Hero
Art by: Alex Dai
Free-form Scrapper
Player: Loclif
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Clay Johnson
"That pain in my ass"~B
April 18th, 1984
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Millennium City, Michigan
Private Investigator, Infiltration and Procurement Specialist, Vanguard Field Operative (Former), Midnight Squad Reserve Member (Former)
Legal Status
Registered Superhero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Homo sapiens
Caucasian (Canadian)
Apparent Age
225 lbs.
Body Type
Light Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Tall and Wiry, Currently sports a Goatee
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Enhanced Reflexes, Heightened Senses, Flight, Dry wit, Sharp Tongue, **~Situationally Variable Equipment
· Equipment ·
Bio-enhanced Impervium Weave Bodysuit, Vanguard Class Power Armor, Wrist-Mounted Plasma Projectors, Assorted Energy Blades
· Other Abilities ·
**~Over the years the Subject has acquired a large amount of rare and restricted technology which has been incorporated into his Vanguard Power Armor, giving him the ability to adapt to a high variety of situations. Additionally, our agents have recently uncovered ties to the Midnight Squad and other more clandestine Occult organizations, which would seem to indicate that the Clay Pigion also has access to a significant magical arsenal, making him an unpredictable and dangerous opponent.

Subject has been designated as an Alpha-Six Level threat to Organization Operations and Company Personnel

If the Clay Pigion is encountered by Field Operatives, use of Lethal Force is authorized.

This Article is Currently a Work in Progress, please bare with me.--Loclif (talk) 01:44, 21 September 2014 (MST)

{Player's Note: One of my first superhero creations who existed well before a certain other Super Hero franchise was even a glimmer in Cryptic's collective eye, the Clay Pigion is a character close to my heart. Starting off as a silly oneshot character created on a lark, he's been through many incarnations over the years, some more serious then others, and over time eventually my signature character. Ever since his online debut in Paragon City back in 2007 he's undergone a metamorphosis and a fantastic amount of character development.

With the unfortunate and untimely demise of City of Heroes, for the first time in a long while I found myself without a home for Clay. Though I originally joined Champions Online back when it first launched in 2009, I've recently rediscovered it and have found a new home in Millennium City.

So thank you to Paragon Studios, and Cryptic and the community of both games for helping to bring my character to life. I do hope you enjoy this entry and glimpse into his world.

Moderators please forgive the current overt references to City of Heroes lore. I am in the process of transplanting this article from my original entry on the Virtueverse wiki, and modifying it to fit properly into the Champions Universe.--Loclif (talk) 01:44, 21 September 2014 (MST)}

For reference to the original article:

File# 83729-31B(a)

***File Reactivation***

Assigned Operative: Agent Black

~Contents Classified~

Subject: ID# CJ-7115

Name: Clay Johnson

Alias: The Clay Pigion

Designation: Costumed Vigilante, "Hero" (...Pain-in-the-ass. ~B)

Threat Classification: A-6

Message from Agent Black

Greetings Y,

It's been two years since my last report on Subject CJ-7115. What follows is a reactivation of his case file, pending further review.

With the total destruction of Company holdings in Paragon City causing an unprecedented loss of data it was inevitable that a few of our clandestine surveillance operations would slip through the cracks. A "hero" matching the description of the Clay Pigion was recently spotted within the confines of Millennium City and given the A-6 threat classification attached to the subject, the report was flagged for further review by the Deputy Director and landed on my desk as the last active lead agent on file. So much for you know how many palms I had to grease just to get on the waiting list for a reservation at the Villa Del Nova?!

Instead during my vacation I will be travelling to Millennium City to establish a company field office and confirm the presence of Clay Johnson and observe other targets of interest residing within the area.

...Detroit...They are sending me to Detroit. I don't bloody well care what grandiose name they want to call it these days, even after the reclamation it's still Detroit.

Blast that feathered nuisance for showing his face now. It's time this birdwatcher got back to business.'' ~B


The Early Years: Canada, Pre-2004:

Not much is known to us about the early life of Clay Johnson prior to his registration as a hero in June of 2007. What we do know is that he was born in Calgary, Canada, during the oil boom in the mid-1980's. His childhood was nothing special, he had an average middle class family with the average middle class upbringing that goes with it. Though his school report cards do indicate that Clay was a bright student and excelled particularly at history and sports. He was head-hunted by the Canadian Military at a high school job faire when he showed a particular aptitude for strategic analysis to the observant CAF Recruiting Officer working the faire. Clay joined up shortly after graduation and flew through basic at the head of his class.

It is during his second year in the military where things start getting interesting. The last records we have on him from the time period indicate that he received a promotion to the rank of Corporal and was assigned to Fort Steelhead as a communications liason officer. Shortly after he arrived at the Fort his record was sealed behind a wall of red tape that we're still trying to wade through.

(The only reason we know that he was at Fort Steelhead at all is due to some hardcopy personnel files that we acquired from the estate of a retired CAF Colonel. The late Colonel Karl McDougall esq...Oh don't look at me like that! He died of completely natural causes...a bullet to the temporal lobe.~B)

Project T.I.T.A.N: 2004-2007:

Otherwise known as the Tactical Initiative Training Alliance Network

Paragon City, Rhode Island; 2007-2012:

(Information pertinent to Subject 7115's time in Paragon City is covered extensively in my original report. [[1]] No need to rehash old memories here.''~B)



Vanguard Class Power Armor

Base of Operations

With the total destruction of his holdings in Paragon City, Clay Johnson is currently bereft of a base of operations. Sources close to the CAF tell us that he has been spotted with several members of his old unit at Fort Steelhead, though details are vague on whether it is in a operational capacity. (Oh Boo-bloody-Hoo, yet another hero without a home. From what I heard Mr. Flying Feathered Rat here is renting a loft down on the Waterfront by Young Street. Quite the digs for someone who supposedly lost everything when Paragon City bit it.) ~B

Known Associates

Threat Analysis


Despite our best efforts, little is known to us about Clay Johnson prior to his arrival in Paragon City. What we do know he has served with at least one Elite Para-Military Unit. Further more, while we have been unable to find any proof of the Pigion having been involved with any clandestine intelligence organizations, given the knowledge and skills he has demonstrated in ferreting out our own operations it is clear that the subject has received significant Spec Ops training from somewhere.

His record shows every indication of being purged, and whomever did it is very, very good at what they do. Clay Johnson knows some very dangerous people. (My question is, are they his friends, or something else entirely...and can we exploit that somehow? ~B)