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Player: @brasstonsekyr
"There are conditions of the nerve endings the likes of which your imagination, however fevered, could not hope to evoke."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Cassie Chadsworth
Known Aliases: Cass
Gender: Female
Species: Formerly Human, Currently Redeemed Qliphothic Hyrophant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Portland, OR
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: Appears 24, Chronologically 64. Effectively immortal.
Eyes: Cassie's eyes are blue. Celice's eyes are black
Hair: Blonde with red streaks
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slender and curvy
Physical Features: As Celice her head neck are cut with deep gashes. Her body has been flayed of flesh, revealing raw muscle bound in leather
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: >0
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Former college intern, then Qliphothic servant, now Occult and Paranormal investigator.
Education: College level
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Mild Telepathy (she can't truly read thoughts, but can sense desires. Even deeply hidden/suppressed ones.
  • Effectively Immortal and Invulnerable. While she can be harmed and damaged her physical form will eventually reconstitute itself.
  • Sensory manipulation (enhancement of physical sensation. Particularly pain and pleasure).
  • Manifestation of chains, blades, hooks, barbs, etc.
  • Flesh manipulation (heal or harm at a touch).

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Studded leather bracelets with spikes on the inside to pierce her flesh to help control or trigger her powers.

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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A Research Opportunity

Cassie Chadworth was a smart girl. Friendly, outgoing, gregarious. One wouldn't think it to look at the bubbly blond-haired girl, but she also had a deep fasination with the more bizarre and macabre parts of history. So, when the opportunity came up for her to intern with a research team exploring a newly uncovered Aztec ruin, she jumped on the chance.

The dig was going well until another intern inadvertantly triggered a booby trap within the ruin, collapsing a section of the structure and leaving Cassie trapped under a mountain of rubble in some sort of alter room with broken legs, as well as several other broken bones, abrasions, and multiple lacerations. The wounded girl lay in the dark, her blood seeping into ancient ritual stones as she cried out and prayed for rescue.

Something heard.

The alter was dedicated to Chantico, the Aztec Goddess of pleaure and pain. The Goddess, herself the 'New World' Avatar of Odyne...the Edomite King of Man's Sweet Suffering...heard the young woman's prayers and delivered her from death by inhabiting the mortal's body and transforming her into one of her Hyrophants. Flesh altered, mutilated beyond mortal limits, experience expanded beyond her fragile human perception, Cassie served under Chantico as Cilice, one of her chief enforcers for several decades, her identity all but erased.

She was released 40 years later as she and her soldiers faced off against a group of heroes within the nightmare realms of the Qliphothic. A trio of a mystic, a psychic, and a reality warper managed to create a binding that severed the Edomite's connection to her servents, restoring the mortal's memories and souls within their ravaged forms. Seeing that the monsters were infact possessed and tormented mortals, the heroes rescued them and returned to Earth with the former Hyrophants.

Though they were once more in command of themselves, no amount of magic could completely undo the Qliphothic corruption. As such she remains bound metaphysically to the aspects of pain and pleasure, able to manipulate both and transform into her Hyrpophantic form while maintaining control of her own will.

The Citadel

After her redemption, Cassie had decades to catch up on and felt indebted to the trio of heroes who had Redeemed her. She joined their organization, known as The Citadel. The Citadel is a semi-public organization dedicated to researching, protecting against, and redeeming people from occult and metaphysical threats and influences.


As Cassie she is pretty much indiscernible from a regular human, though physical harm cannot actually kill her. As Cilice, a Qliphothic Hyrophant her body is a study of torture and mutilation.


Telepathy - Both in her Cassie and Celice forms she is able to sense the desires of others, even hidden or suppressed desires the individual may not be aware of.

Immortality/Invulnerability - Due to the nature of her Qliphothic form and it's associated powers Cassie/Celice is effectively immune to physical harm. While her physical vessel can be damaged, or even destroyed, it will reconstitute itself given time. In addition, physical pain (her own or that of others in her vicinity) can actually fuel her abilities and make her stronger.

Item Manifestation - She is capable of manifesting various implements such as chains, hooks, blades, barbs, and more from her flesh.

Pain/Pleasure Absorption - She is able to absorb energy from the pain or pleasure of those around her. The more intimately the two are intertwined the more energy she absorbs.


Research - Because of her college years, as well as her years in service to the King of Edom she has a good deal of knowledge about the paranormal.

General Perception

She's not particularly well known outside of The Citadel. The nature of her history and powers typically unnerves people.

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