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Cherry Bomb is the daughter of super villain Baron Bones. Though he tried to raise his daughter to be a villain like him, it simply was never in her.

Not that Cherry didn't try to please her dad. She began her career as a villain under the name Duchess Destruction, and ran afoul of several Canadian super heroes. Her explosive powers gave her the ability to sow chaos wherever she needed to; chaos that would allow her dad to complete stealthier capers while the hero community was distracted.

Perhaps, if Cherry Bomb's dad wasn't such a heel, things would have turned out differently, and Cherry Bomb would still be a reluctant villain. During a caper that had turned particularly sour, the Baron had a chance to do the right thing, and take credit for his work. Instead, he tried to turn informant, and insisted that Cherry Bomb was the brains behind the whole operation. No one believed Baron Bones, but that didn't make her father's betrayal hurt any less. When he tried to escape later, it was Cherry Bomb that hunted down and captured her father.

Disgusted with her father, and ashamed of her old life as a super villain, Cherry Bomb changed her name, snuck across the border, and set up as a hero in Millennium City. She helps where she can, though she tries to avoid the media so as to also avoid Canadian heroes tracking her down. It's not easy to stay under the radar though when your powers mostly involve neon colored explosions.


Legally, Cherry Bomb is in a bit of a gray area. Technically, she was never tried as an adult for her past crimes, and having recently turned eighteen, her past record has been pardoned. Even were this not the case, it would be an easy argument to make that Cherry acted under her father's coercion during her criminal career.

Cherry Bomb's case is complicated however, by the fact that she fled the country with some outstanding (albeit minor) warrants out for her arrest. Cherry has yet to look into these cases, and doesn't know if they were pardoned on her eighteenth birthday, or if they are simply forgotten. As of yet, there has been no move to extradite her from Millennium City, which Cherry Bomb sees as a good sign she's been forgiven in the eyes of Canadian Law. It's also possible that in a metropolis full of aliens, deities, extra-planar creatures, and multiple undead; a Canadian's immigration status would be low on the paperwork list.

It should also be noted that legal status and hero justice tend to sometimes be two separate entities. There are a few Canadian Supers that remember Cherry Bomb's time as a villain, and hold some bitter feelings. Cherry Bomb hasn't seen direct hostilities yet from anyone in the superhero community, but there is a level of tension and distrust from some of those that know her past.


Cherry Bomb's body produces a glowing neon colored plasma that Cherry refers to as 'pink phosphorus'. It is extremely hot, continuing to burn even under water. It is also unstable, and tends to react when exposed to air, surrounding Cherry Bomb with continual small firecracker like explosions.

Cherry Bomb has learnt to use her pink phosphorus for several power stunts, including flight, and explosive blasts. Her pink phosphorus creates a sheathe of super hot plasma around Cherry whenever she uses her powers. As of yet, there is no measured limit to how much pink phosphorus Cherry Bomb can create.

Cherry's favorite power-stunt right now is her namesake "Cherry Bomb" attack. Cherry expands waves of pink phosphorus quickly into her surrounding area. Already unstable, the phosphorus ignites and causes a moderately large explosion, damaging anything in the area.


Cherry Bomb has some trouble controlling her powers, and needs to concentrate to 'turn off' her protective sheathe. Her powers also often flare up when she is stressed or excited. Being an easily excitable girl, Cherry has this happen quite often. She often has trouble turning her powers off again due to the stress of embarrassment, and everything just goes down hill from there.

Cherry Bomb is also terribly nearsighted. Velma Dinkley levels of nearsighted. She is effectively blind without corrective lenses. Cherry Bomb wears contact lenses when in uniform, but she finds them uncomfortable, and wears glasses when out of costume.

Finally, and more of a character note than a weakness, Cherry Bomb is extremely softhearted; nearly to the point of naive. She sees the best in most people, and is a sucker for a good sob story. It's part of the reason she never made a very good villain. It's also the reason, as a hero, she's allowed a few minor criminals to escape after hearing they were committing crimes to pay for their families/hospital bills/grandma's funeral. Its a real shame that being kind falls into the weaknesses catagory, but there you have it.


-Despite her father calling himself Baron Bones, and Cherry reluctantly using duchess in her villain name, Cherry Bomb's family are NOT royalty. Not even slightly.

-Cherry sometimes refers to herself as 'Cherry Bob-omb', though she tries not to do it out loud.

-Victims of Cherry Bomb's pink phosphorus heal at an accelerated rate; often recovering within 12-24 hours, with no scarring or other debilitating effects. It's been speculated that this is due to Cherry Bomb having a better subconscious control over her powers than a conscious one. It's also been suggested that Cherry Bomb's powers are incapable of directly killing a target. Cherry Bomb has no intentions of testing this theory.

-Cherry Bomb still sends her dad a Father's Day card every year.