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Player: Neostryx
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kelhia
Known Aliases: Centrifuge
Gender: Female
Species: Titanium-based life-form
Ethnicity: Hybrid
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Luna
Relatives: None
Age: 15000 +/- (17 years out of stasis)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 2347 lb.
Eyes: Purple or Solid Black
Hair: Red
Complexion: Blue
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Since July, 2010
Citizenship: Earth
Occupation: Cybernetics and Robotics Specialist
Education: Non-Terrestrial
Marital Status: Unmarried; In Relationship
Known Powers and Abilities
Energy Projection and High Yield Ballistics
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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We at Primus have taken effort to collect what information we could on Centrifuge a known heroic entity who has quite selflessly put herself in harms way for a society that once regarded her as nothing more than extraterrestrial technology to be examined and reverse engineered. We have compiled all the received data and put it to use within this entry. All credit for contributions are listed at the conclusion of this entry.


As requested by the contributor the history of Centrifuge will begin with the origin of her species which is to remain without a name and will instead be referred to by their particular castes; Mystics, Hybrids, Synthetics. According to the contributor these three castes did not always exist and at one time they were a completely unified race, going about life on their world much as we humans do on Earth. The species originally looked similar to a race of elves with skin as white as snow, hair colors ranging from black and white to icy blues and purples and eyes of deep blues, reds and purples. Over time the species advanced in technology, much as we on Earth have, better medicine, communications, weapons, and processes to make day to day life easier and this was in conjunction with the magic that was inherent in the species. As technological practices advanced some of the species embraced it fully and took to genetic experiments changing themselves into a new subspecies, the Synthetics. As the Synthetics became more technological they lost their inherent magical abilities, in addition their skin took to a darker gray tone instead of the white which the Mystics still retained. Contrary to the Synthetics, the Mystics continued to follow the traditional ways and only use technology in conjunction with their magic, leading to them not being as advanced or as many as the Synthetics. Overtime the two factions had colonized and conquered several worlds, however tensions grew between them and as a solution the Mystics agreed to leave the planets and solar systems, taking with them records of the colonized worlds, history of the species and mystical lore.

For a time there maintained a measure of peace between the two separated factions, however a growing movement within the Synthetics became distrustful of their impure organic cousins. This movement was rapidly gaining support within the Synthetics however some Synthetics believed that the Mystics were no threat so long as they kept to their own space. Several Mystics and Synthetics had met secretly together in a private, undisclosed location to discuss possible options in quelling the Purist movement. The result was inter-breeding, the ones that met concluded that perhaps a hybrid species would be able to broker continued peace and avoid the inevitable war that the Purists were pushing for. After this meeting the groups of both factions returned to their respective worlds while the purist movement pushed on. Several years passed, the Hybrids which were born had fully matured and learned equally about both factions, fortunately only minor skirmishes had arisen between the Synthetic Purists and Mystics at this point and so the Hybrids began integrating themselves into the Synthetics in hopes to diffuse the Purist motion. Over generations of breeding and integration, the Hybrids officially gained the numbers which allowed them to be heard, however the Purist motion had become too strong and at this point any and all Synthetics sympathetic to the Mystics were destroyed and the Hybrids were exiled and given a chance to hide from the wrath of the Synthetics. Hearing of the failure of the Hybrids and what fate had befallen them, the Mystics refused the Hybrids in hopes of avoiding the inevitable. The plan failed, the Synthetics declared war on the Mystics and the Hybrids left without a trace.

The war lasted several centuries and neither side was taking or losing any significant ground, however the Mystics brokered an alliance with an unknown species and this began the turn in the war. At first It was little more than a couple extra ships here and there from the unknown species, then battalions and finally the entirety of their fleet. The Synthetics were consistently losing ground and eventually retreated to a single system of five colonized worlds. The Synthetics called off the war and in exchange no Synthetic could ever go into Mystic space again. The species which assisted the Mystics were on their way to extinction when they made their contributions to the war and they only asked that the Mystics carry on their legacy when the species finally died out which they did a few centuries after the war concluded. During this time the Synthetics hired mercenaries of other species to kidnap young female Mystics from outer rim systems. The Synthetics managed to do this without notice of the Mystics and had began breeding their own Hybrids in attempt to infiltrate the other Hybrids. Now unbeknown to both the Mystics and Synthetics, the Hybrids had already fully infiltrated the Synthetic worlds and once they discovered exactly what was going on, the Hybrids made their move. It was like a flash fire, all the Synthetics worlds were completely annihilated, their fleet devastated and not even single Synthetic survived this holocaust. After all was said and done the Mystics and Hybrids agreed to a harmonious existence, or as harmonious as it could get. The two subspecies collaborated on all ventures working to the greatest benefit of both parties and for the first time in many centuries were able to enjoy some semblance of peace.

This era of Peace did not last all that long considering and sure enough the Alliance as they referred to themselves once again found themselves at war. This new threat from distant space referred to themselves as the Black-Vein Empire and with them they brought a new strength that had cost the Alliance several battles and it didn't look as though anything was going to change into their favor anytime soon. As an attempt to turn the tides of battle in their favor the Alliance combined all their most powerful Mystics with their greatest Hybrids to create genetically superior offspring and then further implanted the infants when they were born with augmentations that develop and mature as they did, turning these children into their ultimate war machines. Mental conditioning was also implemented into the infants that would be carried out through the stasis pods that carried them to their destination. Each stasis pod was outfitted also with a growth enhancer that would cause the child to mature in a matter of hours and die within ten years. A non-government body of the Alliance learned of what the government had started doing and by the time the first infants were born, Centrifuge being one of them, the rogue Alliance members altered the protocols on the first group of stasis pods changing the contents to be those in order to carry on their people's history, culture and teachings, not sending the future to war. After Centrifuge and six others were deployed, the alterations became apparent and the saboteurs were found and executed for high treason and the Alliance's original plan was set back in motion, the first seven were forgotten.

Post Crash

Approximately fifteen thousand years ago Centrifuge's stasis pod, carry her as an infant crashed at the North Pole. The stasis pod without commands or confirmation of intelligent life remained dormant. The stasis pod continued to keep Centrifuge in a state of suspended animation and safe from the harsh Arctic weather. The stasis pod would not be discovered until a US-Canada joint operation to the North Pole in the mid 1950's. With the discovery of the stasis pod, which they had no idea what it was, the expedition returned with their discovery to a facility in Old Detroit. In 1990 scientists finally started to make headway on the stasis pod and although it was only a small piece for such a long time, it would be the first of many over the next four years.

Centrifuge Revealed

January 19, 1994 at 7:49pm is the exact time when the the stasis pod was opened and the adorable infant Centrifuge would be finally awakened from her long sleep. The scientists did not know what to make of this discovery and immediately medical physicians were brought in to assess the infant's health. The medical team concluded that they could not determine much from her aside from the fact that she has a very powerful heartbeat, super sensitive reflexes and she was abnormally heavy. Centrifuge was then subjected to countless tests to determine her origin and anything else they could. The first series of tests which revealed her as a titanium based life form, primarily synthetic with organic vital systems. Before any further testing was permitted it was agreed that negotiations would be discussed to determine who would have custody and rights to Centrifuge and the stasis pod.

Battle for Rights to Centrifuge

The negotiations began on February 3, 1994 and lasted several months. During this time the US government made provisions to ensure a secure facility in which they could continue testing on Centrifuge and the Canadian government started on a program to integrate her for hero training in hopes of finally getting a hero team off the ground. Centrifuge's well being was never thought of, just her worth to the two squabbling government bodies. As the time progressed on the negotiations, knowledge of Centrifuge and the stasis pod she was found in spread across the world and even managed to reach a small scouting ship on it's way through the Sol system. The negotiations intrigued the occupants enough that they sent their own diplomats to speak with the representatives of Earth and urged them to allow the diplomats to return to their ship with the infant. At first this created an uproar and many hot headed comments were made, although the alien diplomats remained calm and resolute, offering to remain in orbit of the moon and give progress reports on Centrifuge's development. The alien's terms were accepted so long as the stasis pod remained in custody of Earth and was ultimately handed over to the United States government for researching.

Growing Up

The Pod Hunt

Behind the Name

The name Centrifuge originated during the negotiations when she was left in the care of the science team assigned to experimenting on her. The scientists currently on shift in the laboratory watching over her had decided to go on a smoke break, instead of leaving one to watch over the infant they assumed because she was sleeping that nothing would happen in the ten minutes they were gone. When they returned, the laboratory was in shambles, equipment smashed and experiment notes, not yet on computer, all over the place. The security camera, which normally is not viewed, was reviewed and it clearly had shown that as soon as she was alone, she rolled herself off the examining table she was supposed to be sleeping on, crawled over to a three phase outlet, jammed a finger into it and absorbed enough of the flowing current to subside her apparent hunger or so was speculated later when alien reports documented that her body requires an extremely high amount of energy for daily maintenance. Whatever the reason was after this occurred she then activated propulsion jets which opened up at the bottom of her feet and flew around the center of the laboratory continuously, at an estimated 212mph, enough centripetal force to create a cyclone effect that turned every object less than fifteen pounds, that was not bolted down, to become part of the induced cyclone and then moments later in one big release a mass of errant projectiles. According to the security tape this all occurred within the first six minutes and fifty-two seconds of her being alone, at which point she returned to her original sleeping place. The tape shows that none of the security or safety measures activated during this time when they clearly should have, the camera's in the laboratory were some how also coincidentally left intact and no one was alerted to a large cascade of what should have been loud smashing of computers and other lab equipment. Finally the tape shows the scientists on shift return, stare around in complete shock and awe as one goes to the infant, another leaves, clearly to the security room and the last makes a phone call, which was to the team's lead scientist, who made the comment "Well my little centrifuge, you know how to make a mess and at so young. Looks like we wont be leaving you alone again anytime soon.", and from that point on she became known as Centrifuge.

Current Endeavors

Capabilities and Powers

Social Life

Currently she is dating Stephanos Pagodis. Aside from this there is nothing else available on her social life.

Public Opinion

It is in the interest of Primus for those who have had contact with Centrifuge to leave their comments below and to cite their contributions accordingly.

"No, it's not a silly question, but trying to qualify love is like trying to describe what makes great art captivating. I don't know what she sees in a rogue like me. She loves me despite all my flaws, all my obnoxiousness, and I love her just as much. She's beautiful, brilliant, and there's enough firepower crammed in that curvy little body of hers to take on a starship. That's about all I can really put into words when it comes to Kel, I'm afraid. I hope it's enough. She's my little blueberry."


Contributions to this Entry

Centrifuge/Kelhia (History, The Pod Hunt, Current Endeavours and Social Life)

Primus Database (Post Crash, Centrifuge Reavealed, Battle for Rights to Centrifuge and Capabilities and Powers)

Alien Dossier (Growing Up)

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