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The Star-Made
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PLAYER @spartan62893
Super Group
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Real Name James Douglas Barker
Known Aliases Shiny, Twinkle-toes
Gender Male/None
Species Human
Birthdate June 28 1993
Place of Birth Stamford CT
Current Location Millennium City
Relatives Confidential

Apparent Age 27
Height 5'9"/6'1"
Weight 212lb/Variable
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown/None
Complexion Fair/Stellar
Build Chubby/Muscular
Notable Features Cosmic Apperance

Identity Secret
Citizenship United States
Marital Status Single
Occupation Harmon Optics Technician
Education College Degree


Transformation, Invulnerability, Regeneration Energy Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Intangibility, Temporal Sense

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Before he became Celestiar, James Barker was a rather average person. He went to work everyday, came home, watched TV or went on his computer, and then went to sleep. And with a promising new job soon to stat at Harmon Optics, in illustrious Millennium City. And he was content with the way things were. One day he made the unlikely decision to go for a walk in the woods, a walk that would prove life changing. During this fateful outing, a strange emanation of light appeared overhead. This light was soon to be followed by a great burst of energy from space, knocking James into unconsciousness. A few minutes later he would recover, to find himself unhurt and the strange light and energy gone. Despite feeling usually well and energetic, he decided cut short the walk and return home.

Over the next few days James began to notice strange happenings, at first they were small and easily ignored, like when he stubbed his toe and found himself unhurt. Then things became less easily dismissed, such as when a weak laser was projected from his index finger or when he reached for a remote just out of reach and it flew into his hand. These developments unsettled him, and he set himself to the task of developing what control he could muster over these strange abilities. In the time before he moved to Millennium City, he managed to be able to project mildly more powerful beams and bolts of energy and to crudely manipulate large objects at a distance.

Arriving in Millennium City James soon became aware of Angelstone Laboratories, a scientific agency with a long experience in the studying of superhumans. He decided to seek out their aid in further understanding his still unfamiliar abilities. They have been extremely willing and able to assist, though the monetary cost of this aid has continually left James with very little in the way of funds. With their assistance, he has continued to develop and understand his abilities. Not least of all, his ability to take on an alternate, cosmically styled form. As he became more comfortable in using his abilities, James began to take more and more interest in potentially becoming a super-powered hero.


In his human appearance, James is a very unassuming figure. He is a light skinned, mildly overweight Caucasian male coming to about 5 feet and 9 inches and weighs in around 210 pounds. He possesses dark brown hair cut short, and frequently bears short inconstantly trimmed facial hair. His eyes are a pale blue in color, and typically hidden glasses in dire need of cleaning.

His Cosmic Appearance is far more striking. It has a clearly humanoid shape, filled in with a cosmic silhouette. The silhouette of this appearance is significantly more trim and muscular than his human appearance, and a taller 6 foot and 1 inch. The form possesses all normal human features, a nose, mouth, ears, and two eyes, though these features are not always easily picked out from his form. He lacks any sort of hair in this form, and his eyes become blazing orbs of a similar blue to his human appearance.


James, both in his regular life and as Celestiar, is a reserved, quiet, but kind individual. In large groups, he is likely to go long minutes between speaking, letting more outgoing individuals direct the flow of conversation. When making a decision James usually thinks it at least some of the way through, and when forced to make an immediate decision he will often become paralyzed by uncertainty before eventually making a decision. When force to make a decision in such a manner, he becomes rife with anxiety. He is slow to anger, and quick to calm down, but when he does become angry he explodes in a spectacular fashion.

As someone not inclined to fighting or violence, and in possession of a sort of intuitive understanding of his capabilities, James will only use what he judges to be the least amount of force to neutralize a threat. He is also extremely adverse to killing, even in the direst of circumstances.


  • Transformation
    • James is capable of transforming into his cosmic appearance. This form is largely a cosmetic change, and he possesses all of his abilities even in his human form. The only additional ability his transformation bestows is that he can store objects inside his body, and retrieve them from it. Upon returning to his human form small objects find their way to his pockets and wallet, and larger objects are expelled a short distance away.
  • Invulnerability
    • Celestiar has shown a great resistance to most common earthly weapons. He has also not shown any negative effect from energies and substances harmful to humans.
  • Regeneration
    • In the event that some force, entity, or power manages to cause true harm to Celestiar, he becomes inert and enters a state of recovery. The length of this state is variable, depending on the severity of the suffered wound with minor injuries recovering in minutes and most grievous taking days, weeks, and even months.
  • Energy Manipulation
    • One of Celestiars most practiced and accomplished abilities. He can project energies to any effect he can imagine, from cutting beams of light to explosive bolts of energy. When projecting energy, his ability to hit targets is entirely based on his aim. He is also readily able to absorb most forms of energy from kinetic force, extreme heat, and even the pulson energy of common blaster weaponry.
  • Gravity Manipulation
    • Celestiar possesses the ability to manipulate gravity, though only in the most simple of ways. He is most capable of directing bolts of solidified gravity to blast foes off their feet. Celestiar can also increase or lessen his weight. He can do the same to others, and objects as well, but only as long as they are nearby and he can maintain concentration.
  • Flight
    • Celestiar is capable of flying under his own power, reaching speeds up to Mach 2.
  • Teleportation
    • Through uncertain means Celestiar is capable of traveling distances instantaneously, appearing at his destination in the same moment he leaves. This ability requires focus and a great deal of energy, even more so if he is transporting others, and is greatly aided by familiarity with the destination. In the event of teleporting into an object or person, the areas of Celestiar's body in contact will be dispersed requiring a long period of time to gather his lost pieces.
  • Intangibility
    • Celestiar is capable of moving through solid objects without hindrance, including living persons. He is also capable of moving through fields of energy, such as force fields, though this is significantly slower than with regular objects. In the event he solidifies within an object or person, the effect is similar to when he teleports within an object or person.
  • Temporal Awareness
    • Celestiar is sensitive to manipulations of time, such as when it is stopped or reversed, or when an item or individual is not native to his own timeline. His human psychology makes it difficult for him to properly understand this sense, only able to feel a general 'off-ness' about the person or object.


  • Concentration
    • A great many of Celestiars powers require constant concentration to be successfully used. If his concentration is broken, the intended effect does not occur or may even fail explosively.
  • Human Mind
    • Despite all the power at his command, Celestiar's mind is still only that of a regular human. He lacks any special sort of mental defense, and is about as susceptible to mental suggestion and control as any other untrained human.
  • Energy Form
    • As a being that is at least partially made of energy, Celestiar is somewhat vulnerable to devices, beings, and powers that can drain or disperse energy. If he is entirely drained he requires several long moments to recover, but until then he is forced back into his human appearance and only has access to slightly superhuman strength. and if he manages to be dispersed he is capable of pulling himself back together over time.


  • He is aware of, and embarrassed by, how close his name is to Celestars