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Epsilon Squad banner.png
The Epsilon Squad
Type: "Heroic" Supergroup
Debut: September 6, 2012
Colors: Red and Black
Logo: Epsilon
Website: Epsilon Squad
Leader Diamondskin

The Epsilon Squad is a heroic super-group on the Champions Online Live Server. The Epsilon Squad is an RP intensive supergroup.


In the structure of UNTIL, there are teams and squads of various ranks. Some teams, like UNITY, are considered Alpha ranked teams. Then there are Beta ranked teams and squads. Then there's fifty feet of crap, and then there's the Epsilon Squad.

The Epsilon Squad is the basement dwellers of the UNTIL priorities. Any job that is of low priority and/or potential high risk, the Epsilon Squad is called on.

The Epsilon Squad has been shelved on many occasions, for one reason or another, throughout its history. On September 6, 2012, the Epsilon Squad re-entered the UNTIL active super groups.

Group Structure

There are a few "types" of heroes in the Epsilon Squad:

  • Probation Hero - heroes that are assigned to the Squad who are trying to get promoted to higher ranks in UNTIL
  • Reforming Villain - former villains that are paying off time by serving in the Squad by UNTIL
  • Misfit Hero - Heroes that UNTIL didn't have a good place for, so they stuck them in the Epsilon Squad

Current Roster

Current Roll of the Squad, as of January 19, 2013

Active Membership

Name Archtype Status
Claw of Shadows Freeform Reformed Villain
Congressionalist Freeform Misfit Hero
Diamondskin Freeform Probation Hero
Dire Wolf The Savage Misfit Hero
Foxfire Freeform Misfit Hero
Fuchsia the Blind The Radiant Misfit Hero
Kometstryke Freeform Misfit Hero
Ms. Ultimate Freeform Reformed Villain
Obditus Freeform Probation Hero
Titania Freeform Misfit Hero
Starforge Freeform Probation Hero
Wednesday Freeform Misfit Hero
In the Little Italy section of Westside, Millennium City

Squad Safehouse

The Squad's current HQ is a former PRIMUS safe house that was abandoned due to a botched security detail. Due to the Squad's current status with UNTIL, the abandoned safe house was sanctioned to the Epsilon Squad. It resides under an Italian restaurant, Squisito, in the Little Italy section of Westside, Millennium City.

Additional Notes

  • The original Epsilon Squad began on the Virtue server of City of Heroes. It was originally a cover story when a group of villains, the Entropy Legion, went into hiding in Paragon City
  • The CO version of the Squad is not an attempt to continue or port over any RP from CoH.
  • The "death" of heroes during the Qularr attack, at least for members of Epsilon Squad, is a homage to the characters back in City of Heroes, many of which won't be revived in CO.

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