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What lies behind and what lies ahead us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us --Ralph Waldo Emerson
Player: @rileymarks
Super Group:
The Global League of Allied Defense
Special Agent
· Other Affiliations ·
Red Academy
Real Name:
Lady Psi
Project: Prodigy
Millennium City
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Physical Traits
128 lbs.
Body Type:
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Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Telekinesis and Empathy
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Author's Note: This page is designed to be concise and brief. I am a huge fan of how the splash screens in Champions Online explain the essentials about people and places in very short paragraphs. I have tried to emulate that here.


Harlan is a character I created for the Marvel Universe PnP. She is essentially a clairsentient telekinetic, that I have tried to adapt to various mmorpgs. In City of Heroes she was a force field/psychic defender. In Champions Online she is a freeform mentalist. Although the description of powers (in game) may be telepathic in nature, Harlan is in fact not the least bit telepathic. For the sake of clarity I have added my own descriptions of Harlan's powers.


Five years ago Harlan a.k.a. Lady Psi was an undercover operative working for the Global League of Allied Defense. Her assignment was to infiltrate the organization known as the Atlas Corporation, and gather information that could be used to help take down its global network and its leader Lord Chronos.

As a powerful psionicist, her abilities helped her climb up the ranks in Atlas. It was an unfortunate encounter with one of Lord Chronos' main enforcers, the Red Fox, that caused her true identity to be discovered. The League wasted no time extracting Harlan and put her in witness protection until such a time when sufficient evidence could be brought against the Atlas Corporation to shut it down permanently.

She was relocated to Millennium City where she took the new code name Catalyst and was working for RED Academy as an instructor specializing in gathering intel(perks).

Now two years later, with the defeat of Lord Chronos and the Atlas network, Harlan has left witness protection and rejoined the Global League of Allied Defense.



Harlan is able to move and manipulate objects through mental power alone. In the beginning her powers were crude and she was only able to create sheer waves of psychic force or simply levitate objects into the air. Over the years she has honed her telekinetic powers to such a degree that she can now manifest her kinetic energies in a variety of forms including shields and sharp bolts.


The ability to pick up energies and emotions from people, places or things, often called empathy. A clairsentient person is often referred to as an empath. While some people may see this as a poor substitute for the more favorable telepathy, Harlan would argue that a person's emotions are usually more honest and accurate than what they are thinking.


The ability to receive information from the energy of objects, people, or places through clairsentience. This power was one of the key reasons Harlan was selected to infiltrate the Atlas Corporation, despite her limited experience as a spy. This also explains Harlan's ongoing fascination with antique shops and museums.


Harlan can also use her telekinetic abilities to fly.


RED Academy

A school located in the Westside district of Millennium City that's dedicated to training the next generation of superheroes. Harlan joined forces with the school's founder Supersara a year ago and worked for the Academy as an instructor specializing in gathering intel (perks).

The Global League of Allied Defense

The Global League of Allied Defense is a secret agency sanctioned by the U.N. after WWII to help protect the allied nations against threatening forces. It is under the direct control and authority of the U.N. and as such its members give up all native citizenship.

Project: Prodigy

One of G.L.A.D.'s first assignments was to utilize information, seized after Hitler's defeat, describing a serum that would alter the genetic code of an individual. This serum was still in its infancy when the war ended, and the U.N. seized upon the opportunity this new research offered.

G.L.A.D. was commissioned to develop the serum and create a small team of genetically enhanced individuals that would help serve and protect the allied nations. This project was dubbed Project: Prodigy, and it took almost 40 years before the serum could be successfully produced and administered, but its results were erratic and inconsistent.

In 1990 due to the public's negative opinion about genetic research and unfavorable results, Project: Prodigy was ordered to shut down and all research and evidence was destroyed.


The Atlas Corporation

The Atlas Corporation was founded in 1972 by charismatic entrapeneur Paul Riesling. His goal was to become the world's largest supplier of natural resources.

Through an extensive network of dummy corporations and strategic affiliations, the Atlas Corporation was able to seize the world's key suppliers of timber, oil, and precious metals. Despite its growing global network, the Atlas Corporation succeeded in avoiding attention for many years. By the time the U.N. caught on that a single company had gained dominance of such vital materials it was too late.

G.L.A.D. sent several undercover agents to infiltrate the Atlas Corporation to find sufficient evidence of criminal activities that would allow the U.N. to shut it down.