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Played by @Fransens

His torso is covered in serpent scales that go up his neck and back of his head. His ears are larger and a bit batlike but with fur on the edges. He is otherwise completely hairless. His voice has a subtle, yet bestial growl in it at all times. Goes by the name Charles Adams most of the time. Sire of Vanessa Adams.

OOC: When he has wings the arms are RP-ed as the wings... sadly I cannot give the old bat wings for arms. The little black winged thing is RP-ed as his bat-form, the small wolf is just a Wolf and the BIG Wolf is his seldom-seen War-Form.Sidenote:This character is powerful. Some may say overly so or even close to god-modding. Please keep in mind that I use the rules from the WoD-Vampire RPG so he can always fail on something and quite often does so for comedical value. Gangrel Methuselah (5th Generation) Has been around for quite some time and is ultimately a free spirit that snickers at the war between Camarilla and Sabbat. Generally has a very laid back attitude about most things and is quite the cheerful monster. Is the head of 'The Adams Family', a group of vampires of varying age.