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Player: @Balumthesilverlight
Biographical Data
Real Name: Calemiron Andoreniel
Known Aliases: The Green Jewel of Ondoladeshiron
Gender: Male
Species: Half Elf
Ethnicity: Light Elf
Place of Birth: Ondoladeshiron, The Astral Plane of Faerie
Base of Operations: Sanctum
Relatives: Andoreniel- King of Sentarshadeen(Father)
Age: Immortal
Height: 5'11
Weight: 126 lbs
Eyes: Viridian
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Complexion: Fair Skinned
Physical Build: Lean and Sprightly
Physical Features: Pointed Ears
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: Ondoladeshiron
Occupation: Prince of Sentarshadeen, Lord of Ondoladeshiron
Education: Windalorianan Knight School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Magics of Faerie
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Personal Quote

“Humans are an inconsequential species, they lack many of the fundamental intelligence's that are commonplace in Faerie. They are grotesque, greedy, and impulsive as a species, and their short lifespans and limited skill or knowledge prevents them from creating anything that endures the test of time. They are a fragile fleeting footnote in the expanse of things, and should be treated as such.”

“Real magic is not drawn from the external, it is a force that comes from within, from ones own potency and power that has been harnessed through experience. Magic is not the parlor tricks that mankind calls sorcery, it is raw and primal, and takes power from nowhere, but rather bends the powers of everywhere to ones own will.”

Theme Song

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Peter Crowley
Forest Kingdom


Faerie has forests, seas, meadows, deserts, mountains, and all the other landscapes of the natural world. Nexus points to Faerie always lead from an Earth location to a very similar region in the Land of Legends, so a person could walk through Faerie for hours without knowing it.

The Land of Legends, however, is a “good bits” version of the mortal world. Large, homogeneous, boring regions such as oceans, deserts, or steppes are smaller in Faerie than on Earth. Faerie holds nothing the size of the Atlantic Ocean, Sahara Desert, or American Great Plains. A few days by boat or horseback suffices to cross any district of the Land of Legends.

Faerie geography does not make sense on the large scale. Landscapes flow into each other in impossible ways: mountain into swamp, jungle into desert. Different regions can experience different seasons.

Connections between regions aren’t consistent, either. For instance, suppose two travelers set out from the same location in Faerie. One traveler goes 100 miles north, then 100 miles east. The other traveler goes 100 miles east, and then 100 miles north. They do not arrive at the same place! Connections between regions can change depending on the time of day, the weather, or other factors.

Faerie does, however, possess structure on the largest scale. It is flat, not a sphere. The sky is a dome of unbreakable blue glass during the day, star-spangled black glass at night. the Sun and Moon move along their tracks by hooks hanging from the dome.

The Land of Legends also has a bottom. It rests on the back of an immensely, impossibly huge dragon, the Dragon, chained beneath Faerie until the end of the world. Beneath the Dragon lies Chaos — the Astral Plane.


Cultures around the world believe in a humanoid but supernatural race. For convenience, they can all be called by their most familiar name: elves.

Some traditions divide the elves into “good” and “bad” tribes, such as the Gaelic Seelie and Unseelie Courts or the Norse Light Elves and Dark Elves. None of the fairy-folk, however, are truly “good” in a human sense. Some races of elves simply do not actively seek to harm humanity. The careless immortals of folklore are capricious, deceptive, and dangerous. Elves are amazingly generous when it suits them, but they can just as easily wreck a mortal’s life for sport.

Elves live in forests, grottoes, or palaces under hills. Variant races live in other environments. Undines, for instance, reside in lakes or beneath the sea; the sinister svartalfar, the Dark Elves, dwell in caverns deep underground and fear the Sun.

The ranks of the faerie-folk also include numerous intelligent but distinctly nonhuman races, such as Greek centaurs and satyrs, Norse giants and dwarves, and Japanese tengu. As with the elves, these are flesh and blood creatures like humans, rather than spirits. Some of these races have magical powers; others do not.

Light Elves

Light Elves have very explicit formalities and insist on tea ceremonies at every meeting. Elves tend to be obsessed with crafts and small details and have a very discerning eye. Everything is perfectly suited to its surroundings, and anything inharmonious to the eye must be corrected immediately; making the choice of clothes for the day a very important matter.

It also is considered rude to ask a direct question, no matter how mundane: 'How is the weather?' would be considered somewhat brutish. 'One might wonder when it will rain next' would be used instead in civilized conversation. Allowances are made for times of war when soldiers may ask each other direct questions; this is known as War Manners, and is part of the Elves' Knightly training.

"To ask a direct question is to demand it be answered", explaining why the Elves, who favor ease and calm, would consider direct questions offensive.



Immortality - Elves are naturally immortal, they do not age, get sick, or feel the passing of time as humans do.

Faerie Magic - Traditional Magic defies reality, creating something from nothing, it is the nature of the unexplained and can be broken down into various types and lines of study. Faerie Magic is the pinnacle of that testament, it is inconceivable and unexplainable. The simplest form of shedding some light on it, is to imagine traditional sorcery as a glass cube, a fragile confine that barely holds its form together, easily broken. The Magic of the Fae is anything but. Imagine instead that there was no cube, that everything in existence, the very fibers and strands of space and time where all one entity, complete and eternal. That is the nature of the Fae.

Immunity to all Terrestrial harms of a natural, biological, chemical, or radioactive nature