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    "Clemency is killing the dog if it has rabies."
    PLAYER @leroyswish
    Super Group Solo
    Rank None
    Current Affliations None
    Former Affiliations Doctor Teneber, Robert Caliburn

    Real Name Dorien Wolfert Kierkegaard
    Known Aliases Cabal, formerly Wolfhart
    Gender Male
    Species Human
    Birthdate 6 October 1979
    Place of Birth Novi, MI
    Current Location Millennium City, MI
    Relatives Unknown mother (presumed deceased)

    Randle Kierkegaard (father, deceased)

    Apparent Age 37
    Height 1.67 meters
    Weight 61.6 kilograms
    Eyes Blue
    Hair Blond
    Complexion Pale
    Build Skinny
    Notable Features Baggy Eyes

    Roman Nose

    Graying Hair

    Identity Secret, known to some authorities
    Citizenship US citizen, criminal record
    Marital Status Single
    Occupation Adventurer


    Former Soup Kitchen Volunteer

    Education High School Dropout


    Soul Absorption
    Grapnel Tube


    Multitool Knife

    ProtectorsBox Template

    Cabal is the vigilante identity of Dorien Kierkegaard, an occult detective and savage crime-fighter based in Millennium City, Michigan in the United States. His barbaric violence and sociopathic tendencies, coupled with his intensely principled nature and anti-social behavior, makes him a formidable anti-hero known for doing absolutely anything it takes to combat evil wherever he finds it. As a young man, Dorien experienced plenty of Michigan's underbelly, namely prostitution rings, kidnapping, drug pushing, and murder. The fact that corruption rose all the way to the state level frustrated him, and as he delved deeper into a seedier world, so too he delved into his own psychotic mind of black and white. Forged in extremist flames, Dorien now utilizes his cunning to outwit his foes while also relying on rules and loopholes to escape harm. When all else fails, Dorien fights crime like a mad dog, gnashing his teeth until his final breath.

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    • Beginning of the Beginning
      148847340430070 (1).png

      "Growing up was bad enough the first time without you asking me to relive each encounter just to sate your perverted officiousness. Do you want answers? Fine. I want some, too, about a lot of different freaking things. If you really must I don't regret anything, not a single thing. I'm glad my father died along with those whores and kidnapping trash. It's all gone, disinfected in the fire. Funnily enough, I had nothing to do with it. Life's good to you like that."

      Dorien Wolfert Kierkegaard was born on the sixth of October, nineteen seventy-nine. While Dorien never met his biological mother, he was collectively raised by varying women who had found themselves involved with Dorien's father, Randle. All he had truly known about his mother was that she enjoyed Grateful Dead records, much to the loathing of Randle. Dorien's father never seemed to have had a decent job. In fact, he worked as a procurer of women for various pimps and brothels around Michigan, specific areas between Wixom and Detroit. He worked long, hard hours of emotional and physical effort with somewhat little pay. This struggling caused Randle to resent keeping the son around which led to much verbal abuse. Dorien grew frustrated with his father's neglect and the involvement of who he referred to as "whore mothers".

      Eventually, his father turned to other employment opportunities in order to make some side cash. He tried working as a bookie and, unfortunately, had to bring Dorien on a few drives. He also served as an enforcer to different gangs around the state, but his poor aim and cowardly demeanor caused that charade to cease. At his breaking point, he hastily attempted to produce meth to pay off debts. While Dorien was at school, he received word that his home had burst into flames. A drawback to not having prior knowledge of chemistry seemed to be doubting how explosive a drug lab in your living room could be.

      Without any known family, Dorien was thus sent to live in foster care. From that point onward into his adolescence, he experienced general hardships. Cold winters, not always having enough food, never having a space of his own. He lived in houses of obligation rather than homes of love. He grew annoyed by his quasi-siblings and vengeful of both unfair treatment and the immoral actions of some of his foster parents. Whether they were rude, demented, abusive, or lecherous, there always was a serious flaw to be found. He felt powerless to make a change. How could he? He was, after all, just a young boy living in a hollow place.

      Eventually, Dorien's first sign of mental anguish was demonstrated when he and a sibling got into a fight about religion, one of the few topics Dorien had come to appreciate learning about in school. Their argument turned physical and in a state of wrath, Dorien bit the finger tips off of his foster brother's fingers. His foster brother crawled away in tears with only minor damage, but Dorien was forced out of the house by a medical team. He was eventually transported to the massive Northville Institution cities away in order for him to receive much-needed health. Evidently, it would be the staff and fellow patients who would be in need of a savior.

      Bedlam—Northville Institution
      148847340430070 (1).png

      "What, wasn't that good enough? God, you're almost as bad as me. Northville, I remember it. That place was where the clock struck thirteen and I really lost my god damn mind. I had to sleep on the tile in the hallways and if I was lucky, I got to have some medication. If I was a real good boy, I might have been able to actual get the medicine I was prescribed. Damn that place, and damn you for making me go back."

      Dorien began vague treatment at Northville Institution in the autumn of 1995. Recessions were ending, sports were played, monsters were inadvertently, and wars were negotiated to a halt. While things across the globe were looking up, events of the local variety remained cruel and quiet. Dorien experienced firsthand how awful neglect truly could be. While staying at Northville Institute, he often was given poor quality meals, slept on the hallways due to overcrowding, and was occasionally given incorrect medicine. While he himself never dealt with physical abuse, rumors of staff attacking patients wasn't uncommon. Staff members also engaged in sex acts with one another when they thought no one was looking, but the keen Dorien took note of this grotesque display.

      All of these events further shaped his psyche to the point of extremism. He found sex disgusting, and physical affection was not far off. Declarations of love seemed false all the time. Everyone seemed to overlook the injustices of what was perceived as small and insignificant. Dorien knew he was destined for great things. Over the next few months, Dorien attempted several escape plans. Time after time, he had been captured, reclaimed, and punished for his frequent disobedience. Rather than quell his determination, the boy found motivation in this. It was simply no longer a matter of freedom. He needed to prove that he was above them and that nothing could keep him contained. The world had to know about what was really going on, and only he could be honest and blunt enough.

      Eventually, Dorien did indeed escape. For years he traveled around Michigan, first through his hometown of Novi. He passed through Wixom, Ann Arbor, various sections of Oakland County, before stumbling into Millennium City. The place was still new enough for him to fit in. Hell, it was just as raw as he was, inside and out. He found residence at a men's homeless shelter which was located behind the now popular dive bar, Sherrerra's. From there, he was able to sleep in a warm bed and have hot meals. Dorien was also able to keep tabs on the local criminal scene, as many of the homeless individuals were both junkies and thieves. Now that he was a stronger man, Dorien was eager to make a change. His new home would not have the same disastrous fate as his last two.