COJ Transcript Issue 14

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and cGM: Very briefly, the sky flashes pitch black on Millennium City. There is a crack of thunder, emenating from the araa near UNTIL HQ.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: {radio} ...Anyone else see that?

Thundrax: I did Sarah.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: You'd be blind not to, I'd imagine.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: I saw it too!

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Any idea's on what it is?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: And here I was hoping that today would pass without incident.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: Well... I AM nearby, going to check it out.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "I'm enroute."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Likewise. Be there shortly. Be careful, everyone.

Druid@Sprawler: I was just about to leave town. I'll come and investigate.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Nyestrike here, did anyone else see that?"

Thundrax: I'm getting a report on something happening at the Battle of Detroit museum. Someone's attacking it.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: Eh?

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...Sounds like that's where to go.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ... Well, it isn't a Destroid, at least...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Thank god."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Um, excuse me...Heroes?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *raises a brow*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder looks at Bigfoot. "...Hooo boy."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: What's this, a violent protest of the archetecture?

Bigfoot@Swixer: "I couldn't help but notice some sort of ruckus in this general area. I thought I'd lend a hand as part of my integration into society."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: ", stand over there."

Razira@BobFromAccounting quirks an eye at the, well, bigfoot.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "If, um, that's alright with you..."

GM: Those arriving find a muscle-bound man tearing up the fountain. His costume and appearance are identical to the hero Vanguard, who died 20 years ago today. "Menton!" he shouts. "You pulled this exact same illusion on me last month!"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "And if you see some way to help, jump in."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Uh, right. Understood. I'll do that."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Who the hell is that?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Wait. Wait. Hold on. Is that...

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...Uh. Hi? *waves at the guy dressed like Vanguard*

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...huh...?" She stared at the fella a good long while. ".... Is that a cosplayer? Really?"

Panzer@Albert_Wanger turns his head to the others on his right, "Did he say Menton?"

Paradigm@AnubisGod: Paradigm quirks a brow. "Well, this is a surprise. You're supposed to be dead."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Mary motha of Jesus..."

Druid@Sprawler: Druid lands in a billowing gust of wind before standing up and staring.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...Mind explaining the property damage?

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Uh, excuse me. Excuse me, sir! You shouldn't be doing that."

Apollyon@darkblade98: wrinkles his nose slightly, hovering above the ground. "His fashion sense certainly is."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Mary mothah of Jesus..."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: Paradigm rolls her eyes when she hears Apollyon.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Sir, you should stop what you're doing before I call the police."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Who is this guy?"

Druid@Sprawler: Druid looks at the sky above them, frowning in thought.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Errr. Well..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Most likely?"

Vanguard finishes tearing apart the Destroyer tribute. "Great, let me guess. You're supposed to be Zerstoiten's future minions."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Vanguard?" It couldn't be, he told himself. The man had been dead since before he'd been born. No, had to be some sort of imposter. Zach descended to the ground, some ways away from the larger group gathered around the fountain.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... Wait, what? Why would we work for that guy?" She tilted her head to the side with a blink.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...Unlikely. Okay, two questions.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *appears in a flash of lightning followed by a thunderclap* Hrnn, another one alr-*pauses taking in the sight* bloody hell it can't be...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Looks down at her outfit.-

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Sir, you're clearly not well right now. Perhaps we could get you to the local hospital and help you out a bit..." *He turns to the others* "Who's Vanguard?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: It is, Arc. At least it looks like him.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Vanguard...wasn't he...wait how?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: One. Do you think this is funny? Because it's really in bad taste.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -whispers very, very quietly- "We can't let this devolve into a fight."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "It is?" *Bigfoot tilts his head, somewhat confused*

Vanguard: shouts skyward. "I've had enough of your games, Medina! Why don't you show yourself and we'll finish this!"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Two. ...HEY! *snaps her fingers*

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Over here, buckaroo!

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Med...ina...?" She blinked and then looked to the others. "Is... Is this guy alright?"

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Late to the party, it seems. Why don't we ask him what date it is... or what he thinks the date is.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Please be gentle with him..."

Druid@Sprawler: "He thinks this is an illusion of Menton's."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "He's clearly confused..."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *is standing, for once looking in utter shock, his mouth hanging slightly open, his single glowing eye staring in utter disbelief*

Apollyon@darkblade98: zooms to the floor, skidding slightly as he lands. He turns at winks at Paradigm. "How long before we have to punch the poor man with the addled mind, then?"

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Well then. Van guard. What is the date?

Particle Man@Reldin: "With hair like that, I'd think this was an illusion too!"

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "Giving it ten minutes, max?"

Particle Man@Reldin: "My god, what is this, the 80s?!"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: He's not Vanguard. He can't fucking well BE Vanguard. *she snarls*

Vanguard: Oh please. Don't give me the whole time travel sctick. I've done that."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Um...Who -is- Vanguard?"

Druid@Sprawler: Druid sighs and steps forward.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Menton is in- Vanguard? This guy is trying to look like Vanguard?" Apollyon@darkblade98: narrows his eyes, pursing his lips. "Maybe." he raises an eyebrow at Wolfgirl. "Down girl."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Then tell me what the date is.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: She rubs her forehead, hiding a smile behind her arm.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *is staring, almost frightened - for if this is Vanguard in front of them all, and this is turns violent, they're all screwed*

Vanguard: Menton is NOT in me!

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "I am a little confused..." She rubbed an arm before looking over to Druid.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: For fuck's sake.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "I really do wish someone would explain this whole thing to me..."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Uh, last I checked Menton was locked up in Stronghold."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Wolfgirl, calm down before I toss you. Really. You're going to make it worse if you snap." She sweated a bit, rubbing at the back of her head.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Vanguard is... He's basically the biggest Hero of our time. He...died during the Battle of Detroit. 20 years ago.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "You know the four of us are the only ones who aren't going to get rocked, right?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... He seems kind of unstable, and,...stuff..."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: Turns his head left, "It's a guy apparently posing as Vanguard and beating up the monument. That's all I know."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "He died...But, he's right here!"

Apollyon@darkblade98: smirks "Four?"

Paradigm@AnubisGod: She has a cocky smile going on.

Druid@Sprawler: Druid calls up to the Vanguard fellow. "Why don't you land for a moment, let's talk for a little."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "I was being polite and counting you, alien man."

Vanguard: Menton's never been in Stronghold, much as I intend to put him there.

Particle Man@Reldin: Moves closer. Curious little firefly that he is to get a better look, "Hmm..."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Listen, Mr. Vanguard. We are not here to harm you."

Apollyon@darkblade98: "I'm not the one in armour, friend." he looks past AD, peering at the vanguard-like man.

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: "You still haven’t answered me. What is the date, Vanguard... please. Just curious."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "We're merely kindly citizens of this city hoping to give you a hand."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: She mutters. "Although sometimes I wish you'd wear it."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Psh. Chicks in armor never go outta style."

Vanguard: The best way to get an illusion is to find the source. You're probably innocents overlayed on illusions, so I better not fight you. I bet the answers in there... *looks at the museum*

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Menton's been in Stronghold for years. ...Okay, look. Assuming you -are- Vanguard. Maybe you'd like to explain why you're destroying the Detroit memorial?... Hey!

Druid@Sprawler: Druid sighs.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: This is going to go bad. Very quickly. Come on!

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Oh crap."

Lightbrand@Vigil: He's in for a rude awakening...

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Wait, don't...Oh dear."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Oh great."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "So."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Hm.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: She looks over at Apollyon. "Does that start the timer?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... Welp. Here we go."

Vanguard: I knew it! Zerstoiten's picture!

Druid@Sprawler: "I should have stayed in Vibora. At least the oddities THERE are relatively straightforward."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He ducks into the museum, barely squeezing through* "Ugh..."

Particle Man@Reldin: "Uhm...what about it?"

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *facepalms* This is gonna be a bloody long night...

Vanguard rips the portrait out of the wall and smashes it to bits.

Apollyon@darkblade98: snorts. "I think so." his feet leave the ground, following at superflyingspeed.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... its just a museum, Mr. Vanguard. Its harmless."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "We shouldn't be in here. H-He could break something..."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Dude. Hey. Hey! This is a museum!

Vanguard: A museum to Destroyer does not deserve to stand!

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *growls at Vanguard*

Particle Man@Reldin: "Like he just did? Too laaate."

Razira@BobFromAccounting (to Wolfgirl): Sarah...

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Its not to Destroyer! its to the people who died because of him!"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: It's not a museum -to- him, It's a monument to those he killed!

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Hey, guy with the Elvis, Vanguard! This is a museum to you..." -facepalms-

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Uh, well, what if we get in trouble?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "If you destroy it, you're disrespecting them...!"

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Sir.. it's a reminder of the wrongs he committed. So history won't repeat itself."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Right now, Furry, ruined exhibits are the least of our problems."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Which would be disrespecting himself."

Vanguard: Having a picture of Zerstoiten in a museum to his victims makes as much sense as a picture of Hitler in a Holocaust museum!

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh...Maybe we should call the paramedics?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: She stares back to the others. "He DOES have a point."

Particle Man@Reldin: Floats over to stand on top of Bigfoot's head.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Okay, I'm voting crazy hobo who thinks he's Vanguard. Anyone else?

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Well...ok yea, he has a point, why the hell is that painting there anyway?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh...P-please don't stand on me, sir..."

Particle Man@Reldin: "He might be shrooming."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Did you see that strength?

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "...He's got a point there. But yeah; who wants to call this in?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...I...I never thought of that."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "A-Anyway, everything ELSE is a memorial!"

Vanguard: Good grief...

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Vanguard... surely _you_ of course know that, without acknowledging history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *clears his throat and speaks with a commanding tone* Please step away from th' Battle of Detroit Memorial, pal. If ya give us a minute I'm sure we can explain this, sir. *steps forward*

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Good or bad.

Particle Man@Reldin: "Huh? Oh, kay." he floats back up.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Please, Mr. Vanguard: You're obviously confused..."

Druid@Sprawler: Druid raises his hands towards Arc Thunder. "THANK you. Voice of reason over here."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Could you not simply calm down and talk to us?"

Vanguard: Okay... you're talking about history. Zerstoiten killed a lot of people. Just how the hell did that happen?

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ... He...uh...

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "Orbital cannon."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: .... Could you guys explain it?

Bigfoot@Swixer: "That was...blunt..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -points at Paradigm-

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...He attacked Detroit, then blew it up with an Orbital cannon..or something."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... geez, paradigm, you're subtle..."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Maybe we should leave the history lesson to a single person. I mean.. probably easier on the guy that way."

Vanguard glares at the big gun in the center of the room. "That one?"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...So uh...welcome to Millennium City?"

Particle Man@Reldin: "It's better than playing the guessing game!"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "No, that’s a replica I think."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...I'm pretty sure this is a model.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "No, I believe that's the Meteor Magnet thing."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Yeah. It isn't real."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "It is? Oh thank goodness..."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *holds up a hand* 20 years ago today, you foiled an attack, sir. He activated a self-destruct feature, levellin' most of th' city. We thought ya died in th' process of savin' th' Earth.

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Over two dozen heroes lost their lives twenty years ago, Vanguard. Twenty. Years.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: were one of them. Or so we thought.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Yea uh...including welcome back from the dead...I think."

Vanguard: That would make as much sense as having John Wilkes Booth's gun at the Lincoln Memorial. This has to be the most stupid museum of all... Wait. You said --over two dozen?

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Yes.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: 'Yeah."

Vanguard: Who?

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "You."

Vanguard: Aside from me.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "You. Flechette II, Goblin, Amazing Grace."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Tiger, Amazing Grace..."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Uhh. Amazing Grace. Tiger.

Vanguard: Tiger?!

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Shadowboxer..."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "Nimbus, Shadowboxer, Tiger. Radion, Crusher, Johnny Hercules."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Uh, Goblin, Tiger, Johny Hercules."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: Folds his arms, "You, Goblin, Johnny Hercules, Amazing Grace, Tiger..."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: And again... if people do not see the path to destruction, they are less inclined to know it serves not as history, but a warning.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Radion."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *nods and folds his arms* Ya can see if ya step outside, sir. They're listed on th' memorial statues.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: There are memorials all around the city.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Buncha Teen supers too."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Please do step outside."

Druid@Sprawler: "For what it's worth, Drifter is still alive."

Particle Man@Reldin waves at Vanguard.

Particle Man@Reldin: "Over here!"

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "And a lot of emergency personnel.. cops, coast guard, fire fighters, emts."

Vanguard ponders what's been told him. "Shadowboxer's a Detroit native..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Detroit's gone, Vanguard."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Well, was."

Vanguard: What the hell is this place?

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *clears his throat* If it wasn't fer them, and yerself, most of us wouldn't be here. Th' city was rebuilt, it's called Millennium now.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "This is Millennium City, built right over the ruins of Detroit."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "P-perhaps there are better ways to tell him all this..."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Look. If you -are- Vanguard. Then please, try to listen. I'd like to think Earth's mightiest hero would ask questions first and punch later.

Vanguard: How many died?

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Millennium City. They built it over the ashes of Detroit."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "This city is called Millennium. It was constructed on the ruins of Detroit."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *quietly* Too many.

Vanguard: I've got to stop it...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Wait, what?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... Stop what?"

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *closes his eye and bows his head, sighing* Would that ya could have, sir.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "It's already happened!"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Sir...It's in the past..."

Vanguard: Provided this isn't another of Menton or Mentalla's tricks.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...stop? You can't! It happened 20 -years- ago.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "Also, you already tried to stop it."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "You DID stop it!"

Vanguard: Then I'll try harder.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "There's nobody to stop sir, Destroyer's gone." At least, that's what they said.

Apollyon@darkblade98: "It didn't turn out so well for you, friend."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Y-Yeah. There isn't much else to do now, sir...!"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Vanguard, sir. What was the last thing you remember?

Bigfoot@Swixer: "So why is Vanguard here? Is this some sort of time travel?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...Good question, Raz.

Vanguard: My fate doesn't matter. But those lives, this city, they do. 40,000 lives is too big a sacrifice.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...No one said how many."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "... Nobody ever said how many."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... And then what!? If you tried something, you'd save 40,000 lives but then murder 40,000 others!"

Particle Man@Reldin: " are you gonna stop it if you're here?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "By changing ANYTHING in time, you'd be murdering others that could've been born or something! You'd screw it up! That’s blood on your hands!"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "No one else caught that?"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...There is unlikely any way you could stop it, even if you went back, the only thing you could do, if you went back, would be to evacuate the city."

Vanguard *points to a plaque* Supervision. Shoulda used it earlier. Too distracted to read.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "C-caught what?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "He said a number. None of us told him a number."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *glances towards the plaque* ...Huh.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: She rubs her forehead again.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Crew, I just realized something. If this really -is- Vanguard, which it seems to be, where in our timeline did he get pulled out of?

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Oh. Supervision."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: What is he not doing that needs to be done to keep this... I'm getting a headache already.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: That's the important thing. ...Vanguard.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "I hate time travel."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "That IS a good question."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "...That's a -very- good question..."

Vanguard: Okay. Let's humor you. It was July 18, 1992.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh...This is starting to sound like one of my science-fiction novels!"

Apollyon@darkblade98: Folds his arms. "Somewhere insignificant, probably."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...Oh.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Oh, shit.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Well, since Vanguard is alive, before the Battle of Detroit, in other words we're screwed.”

Druid@Sprawler: Rubs his chin.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Oh crap."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Is that bad?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *slumps backward*

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "That's.. that's one week before the battle."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "We gotta get him back."

Thundrax@Thundrax: I was in New York, fighting the Ultimates.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Not even."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: I told you all.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "We do?!"

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: * crosses arms and smirks *

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *gapes*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Yes."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...What day was it, Vanguard?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Wait. Wait wait.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh dear...oh dear, oh dear...What'll happen if we don't get him back?"

Druid@Sprawler: Druid rubs his chin.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Errr. I don't know."

Vanguard (to Wolfgirl): Saturday.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ".... I... oh god..."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: An asteroid connects with Earth. that’s what.

Druid@Sprawler: "We need Captain Chronos."

Particle Man@Reldin: "Uhm...does anyone have a Delorean then?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Something horribly bad, probably."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *sighs and glances up at Vanguard* Sir, I'm a Captain with UNTIL, perhaps I could take ya ta th' HQ so we can properly brief ya. I'd appreciate it if ya did, sir.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "Nothing, because he'd go back eventually, because he's supposed to be here NOW, because that's how time travel WORKS."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Well, the timeline might not care and let it happen anyway, or we're about to inevitably screwed..."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Well, we'll find out if the multiverse theory is true, that’s for sure."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...I like my universe. I'd like it to stay this way.

Thundrax@Thundrax: UNTIL? Why would I want to go to Canada?

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh! We have to--! We need to--!" *He trips and falls, crushing a podium beneath him* "Sorry."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Either nothing happens, if the theory is true, if its not..."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: It's a block that way *points* sir.

Druid@Sprawler: "After the Battle of Detroit, The US opened up its borders to UNTIL. Extra protection against supervillainy."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "If it's not, we'd be dead by now."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Boom."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Why don't you allow us to take you there.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "After the destruction of Detroit, UNTIL was allowed to operate in the US."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *smirks* Well, to be fair. CANADA is a block and a bridge *points* that way.

Apollyon@darkblade98: Rubs his chin, smirking a little bit as he watches.

Vanguard: Fine. Let's go to the UNTIL base in Detroit.

Vanguard: Lead the way.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Wait. If we're still alive, does that mean we get him back?"

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Does time even work that way? I mean... we don't have any definite knowledge on the subject."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Well there's gotta be some consequence for Vanguard, a freaking LEGEND, for showing up. Ya'll should get your sciencey fellows working on this."

Druid@Sprawler: "Try not to think about it, big guy."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "R-right..."

Vanguard (to Arc Thunder): "After you, soldier."

Particle Man@Reldin: "my brain hurts."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -mutters something about mutton chops.-

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: Millennium City now, sir. *sighs in relief* Thank ya.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Also... uh... I've got a few friends who'd love your autograph, Vanguard."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Well, if the multiverse theory is true, there's another universe he came from, which Destroyer's plan suceeds, or another hero saves the city."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *Bigfoot politely waits for everyone to exit before him*

Druid@Sprawler: "I'll go ahead and prep them."

Vanguard (to Miko): Sure miss.

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: I'm.... sorry... for all of this, Vanguard.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Later, though. They're big archery fans."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "So its... really Vanguard?"

Vanguard (to Sparrowhawk): No need to apologize.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Sure seems like it, Glory.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *peers at Vanguard as they walk*

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Hell if I know. But if it, we need to send him back.. Somehow."

Vanguard (mutters to self): I can't believe Zerstoiten actually did it.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "I gotta baaaaad feeling."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *shakes his head and speaks quietly to himself* Never thought I'd see th' big guy again...

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "I-I'm sorry,. Mr. Vanguard... just, to me, you were in a history text book..."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: May those who are watching upon us from above be there for us right now...

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Well, here it is. The UNTIL building."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Are there any records of him having super vision?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "No idea."

Vanguard (gaping at the UNTIL sign): Holy crap.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Let me ask somebody."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Are you all right?

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: I know this is a lot to take in.

Vanguard: Just a sight I never expected to see.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "So, this is all probably very shocking, just take your time in taking this all in."

Vanguard (to Miko): And if you want an autograph, sure, miss.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... This is really weird..."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "I don't think anyone expected to see this twenty years ago."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...No, wait.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...

Vanguard: I sure the hell never did. I felt we should've done that after the Gadroon attacked.

Vanguard: Congress didn't listen.

Vanguard: Stupid Reagan.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Things have changed, sir.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *shakes her head* Never mind. You should probably go talk with UNTIL.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Since when DOES Congress listen?"

Lightbrand@Vigil: Sad how it sometimes takes the greatest tragedies to bring people together.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... I feel so weird, I was not even born when this all happened..."

Vanguard: You mean we voted out Bush?

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Uhhh.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *studies the group that arrived ahead, clears his throat then turns and steps up to Vanguard* I'll ask th' base commander ta come out 'm sure he'd be happy ta make yer acquaintance, sir.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: You mean the -first- Bush, right.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...We voted out two Bushes..."

Druid@Sprawler: Raises his hands.

Vanguard: First?

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "It took an asteroid to put him down according to the history books."

Druid@Sprawler: "If he's not from here, we can't give him too much info."

Druid@Sprawler: "There's a continuum to worry about here."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: His son was not in office in 1992...

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...Yeah.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "....."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Hold up.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Oh, sir! Arc; you mind I go head up and let Mentiac know of the situation? The sooner we get to working on sending the big guy back, assuming it's really him, the better. Right?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: Her face paled a bit.

GM: An UNTIL Commander comes out and salutes Arc Thunder. "We know what the problem is, sir." he says.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... Hey, Druid? I got to pull you aside a second>"

Particle Man@Reldin waves at Thundrax.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Or... wait. Arc Thunder. That's better."

Druid@Sprawler: "Oh. Yes certainly.

Druid@Sprawler: "Oh. Right."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Yeah, you two!"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Two works. Just a second."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *taps at the right side of his head, blinks and looks over his shoulder turns and salutes* Sir.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "...Right. Nevermind."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus salutes the UNTIL technician.

Druid@Sprawler: What's wrong?

Cosmic Glory@Angelight rubs at the back of her head. "Well..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ... That's REALLY Vanguard, right?

Our heroes assemble outside UNTIL HQ.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Um...Do any of you people think that there might be other time travelers in our time right now?"

Druid@Sprawler: I don't know.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight peeks to the crowd then to Druid.

Druid@Sprawler: If it is, we have a problem. If it's not, we have a BIGGER problem.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Key ones, I mean. Maybe Vanguard isn't alone..."

UNTIL Technician: It was us. We were trying to return Mr. Carson's brother to the past and was doing a test run of the machine we'd impounded.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: So if its really him and if those rumors are true about Doctor Destroyer....

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "That's a definite possibility. Just imagine if Flechette II showed up.."

Druid@Sprawler leans in and says quietly.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Unlikely but possibly, first we need to find out how he got here."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ... S-shouldn't we get him inside like, REALLY quickly?

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: He could find out and it might cause some problems....

UNTIL Technician: Two years ago, there was a temporal rift in the city. Amanda Servo sealed it, but it reopened.

Druid@Sprawler: If it's him, we can't keep him here. But... have you heard the rumours about how badly Destroyer would want time technology?

Cosmic Glory@Angelight nods a bit, sweating. "... or worse, if he killed Vanguard here, it could..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Listens very, very closely."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: It could...

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere jots this all down.

Druid@Sprawler: I'm not saying it is, but... Rakshasa is a SHAPESHIFTER.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: Yeah, true...

Druid@Sprawler: And if we find a way to get him back, it could be dangerous.

Vanguard: Rakshasa? The Indian mutant?

Druid@Sprawler: ...oh.

Druid@Sprawler: Well.

Druid@Sprawler: Super hearing

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ... Crap.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "I thought a Rakshasa was a snake..."

Druid@Sprawler: I suppose that does absolve him a little.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: Why don't I have super hearing!? Man!

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *looks puzzled* Sir? You're sayin'...ya believe he got yanked through? Hrnn...

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: Still...

Cosmic Glory@Angelight looks to druid with a murmur. "If Destroyer finds out, things might get ugly if the rumors are treue."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "It doesn't seem too unlikely. Time-stuff's really, really weird."

Druid@Sprawler: But I suppose I'll trust you.

Particle Man@Reldin: PM buzzed over to Vanguard, looking at him, "Hey, big guy. Did you come by yourself?"

UNTIL Sergeant: We do indeed. But this shouldn't happened. The test didn't have enough juice to pull at the tear, let alone rip it.

Vanguard nods at PM.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Something else is up, then."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... Man. Brad will be super jealous, either way." She gave a tiny grin.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "But what if Vanguard wasn't the one triggering the time travel?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Uh, sorry...Didn't mean to interrupt."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "My question, Commander, is why is UNTIL playing around with the timestream?"

Druid@Sprawler: If anything, Destroyer would be quaking in his boots if he knew Vanguard was here. This is the only guy that they said could take him head on, one on one.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: Yeah... but advantage and all... That is one villain I never want to face or see.

Druid@Sprawler: Good thing he's probably dead then.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Possibly to find a way to save Detroit before its destroyed. Time travel is a powerful tool."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Or at least I'd assume so."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "It's also dangerous!"

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "It's also a VERY bad idea to toy with it, in ANY manner."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "D-d-dangerous?"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "If they muck about with the timestream, it'll be like..."

GM: The sky turns black again for a split second. Vanguard disappears, and the city is replaced by a frozen, ruined landscape.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *furrows his brow then glances at Vanguard* Well, sir it seems th' fault was on our end somehow. Not sure how we're gonna handle it, that's somethin' th' Major'd have ta-

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Ah!!"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "If not Detroit... then another city would get blown up---- oh what the hell...?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Wh...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...FUCK!"

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "What in..."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Lovely.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *freezes and just stares*

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Time itself could unravel and the universe be destroyed, or thats just a theory."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "What??! What's happening?!"

Paradigm@AnubisGod: She blinks. "Well."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "I fucking KNEW IT!

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ":Huh?" She paused, as she stared out to the area. "W-What is this?"

GM: Then the sky goes black again, and you're back in front of UNTIL HQ, with Vanguard.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "FUCKING SEND HIM BACK NOW!"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Uh..."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *is shaking*

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Did anyone else see that?"

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Time anomalies. Charming. Vanguard... did you see us blink in and out?

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "That... was probably a glimpse of what the future will be if Vanguard isn't put back in his proper place in the timestream."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Ok I saw a frozen wasteland, anyone else see that?"

Vanguard: See what? Blinking out? No...

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "....."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: *Glances to the officer to the left* "It's... what the hell?!"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...I think we all...

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *blinks, takes a deep breath, frowns at the others then glances back at Vanguard* Sir, I believe it best we get ya in ta see th' Major. Now.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Oh god. Oh gods.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "I think it's pretty obvious we all saw it."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Is cursing up a storm. It's rather inventive.-

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Deep breaths, people. We can fix this."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "....Huh...that's...not something covered in training.."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *Bigfoot giggles*

Paradigm@AnubisGod: Paradigm shouts, her voice booming. "Everyone calm down. Losing your heads over this is not going to assist in any way."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "Be rational and be constructive. Worrying doesn't fix problems."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "S-sorry. It's just that -I'm- usually the one panicking..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "R-Right." She took a deep breath. "We should really figure something out."

Zorasto: A sneering voice from behind you snickers. "Of course he has to go back now. How unfortunate that I am the gatekeeper."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -calms down, after a few more choice expletives.-

GM: Zorasto, the Defiler, demon lord and ne'er do well, appears, smiling.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Who's that?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *whirls around, arms raised, at the speaker*

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ...! YOU!

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Are you going to send him back for us, sir?"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "And I'm the god-damn Keymaster."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *draws an arrow and nocks it, pointing it at the demon*

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *gestures towards the HQ, pauses, clenches a fist* Knew tonight was gonna be a long night.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "W-wait...Why are you all-?"

Zorasto (to Glory): Why hello, child of the auspicious aspect.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Gawd...please...please..."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Alright. Arc; where is the lab this project occurred at- and don't tell me it's classified or what-have-you. I need to fix what your idiot scie- huh?" He turns around, noticing the newcomer.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Everyone back away from that...thing. Now.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "You're going to send him back, you stupid demon!" Boy did she hate Zorasto.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: Not now, short stuff.

Vanguard clenches his fists.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Wha-Why? What is it?! What's wrong?"

Particle Man@Reldin: "Uhm...what is he?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "He's Zorasto! The terrible demon that terrorizes Thundrax!"

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Does anybody know who or what this is?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Demon? Thundrax?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Hey, Furry.”

Zorasto: "Only a lowly demon lord, attempting to get what's rightfully his."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "He's also tried to kill Mr. Indomitable and many other people!"

Particle Man@Reldin: "So....we shouldn't worry, right? He's not here."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Just...Just stand behind me, right?"

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina nods to Bigfoot. "Demon. You know, evil, scary, eat your face?"

Apollyon@darkblade98: cracks his knuckles, a blue light pulsing around it. "Yes, a very ~dramatic~ entrance for such a moderately disgusting creature."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "A demon lord? Oh boy..."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He turns to Dream* "Uh...okay...But what if you get hurt?"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Whats rightfully yours is a kick in the ass if you don't bring him back into his time."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: This is so not what he put his tights on for this afternoon.

Officer Burton@sfcody: "....I'm sorry, weren't we all just concerned about time anomalies and paradoxes and holes in the universe?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "I'll be good."

Druid@Sprawler: "Speak your peace, demon."

Zorasto: Why... heroes are so predictable.

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: The GLOBE files call him Zorasto.

Druid@Sprawler: "I want to hear what it's involvement is."

Particle Man@Reldin is probably hiding behind Apollyon, just a bit away to not make it so obvious.

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "You'll get used to rapidly shifting priorities when you're in this line of work."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: ... correct?

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: She was glaring at him, though taking deep breaths to stay calm. Still. She glares at him.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *taps at his right temple, calling for an escort to take Vanguard inside and notify the base command staff of the appearance of Zorasto*

Zorasto: I am the one called Zorasto the Defiler and here is my peace. The second born Carson will surrender his power, now, as promised by ancestral pact. Then I will keep your world from dying.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "I...I'd like to call in a lawyer on his behalf!"

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He points, menacingly*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Furry."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "You seriously think we'd do that!? We can always find another way to get Vanguard back! We don't need you!"

Officer Burton@sfcody: He let out a sigh as he opened a line back to headquarters. "I can get a public defender for him."

Zorasto: It's been to arbitration. I won.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: 's this predictable? *fires the arrow at Zorasto. Cold iron!*

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "That sounds like one hell of a last resort. I'd rather have this fixed on our own..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Pats Bigfoot's leg.-

Zorasto deflects the arrow. "Please. Do I look like an Unseelie?"

Apollyon@darkblade98: frowns. "And what is so disagreeable about this deal?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: He wants the souls of the entire Carson family. That's what's disagreeable.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "We can't just give him some poor soul. That'd be wrong..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Because it'd carry repercussions. He's asking us to trade one possible death trap for another... Besides, this is magic, isn't it?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *snarls at the demon*

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...You look like a demon...I haven't gone demon hunting in look like good practice..." -he draws his blades-

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "If he used magic, someone should be able to fix it and get Vanguard back... right? There has to be SOME way!"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Oh, my head."

Zorasto: You'd sacrifice the entire world for just one soul? Heroes so suck at math...

Bigfoot@Swixer: "W-Wait! Violence begets more violence!"

Druid@Sprawler: "I don't think he brought him here."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: It's not one life, it's...too many. But I will not be involved in the ending of one's Hero's life like that.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Let's just talk this over, please!"

Druid@Sprawler: "He's taking advantage of a situation."

Apollyon@darkblade98: "And is he not a hero? Someone willing to give his livelihood for the greater cause of your world?" furrows his brow.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *tenses and gestures for Vanguard to follow him inside* We need ta get ya back ta when ya came from, sir. Somehow. Soon.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "If he's going to give his soul, he'll do it of his own free will. Not because we're a bunch of babies."

Zorasto: I've been manipulating that time tear since it formed two years ago.

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina 's eyes flare under her hood. "Happen to know a thing or two about demons. Like how it sounds when they die." She readies her magic.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "I'm sorry, but are we really standing around here considering making a deal with.. something that looks like that?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Where's Thundrax?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "W-Wait! Don't fight! P-please! I'm sure there's another way..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "So... wait a minute. What's stopping us from doing the same thing to get Vanguard back?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: No, we are not. No deal.

Druid@Sprawler: "I doubt we have two years."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *points a finger at the Bigfoot without her eyes leaving Zorasto* Adults are talking!

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "But we do have many magically-inclined heroes, don't we?"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Yea, crap ton, Miko."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Grgh..." She was stroking her chin as her mind went into constant... thinking. "There has to be some solution, some way... Zorasto might have an advantage but..."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He frowns, genuinely hurt by Wolfgirl* "B-but..." *He whispers* "I'm an adult..."

Zorasto: You might be able to pull that on one of the eight thousand posers calling themselves Azrael and Azazel in this city, but I assure you I am less vulnerable and deluded.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Division of labor, turn two years into two weeks."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... but there has to be a loop hole, something he overlooked... SOMETHING..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Glances over at Wolfgirl-

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Don't mind her, Furry. She's...teething."

Vanguard: I say we take him down and find some other way to open that tear after we kick his ass."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: There's a very simple one. *she grins* Chronos.

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: I believe that you would have to pose your dilemma to Mr Carson himself. We are, it appears, at an impasse.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "I agree with Vanguard."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...." She paused, glancing to Vanguard. Then would grin. "I'm with Vanguard."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "I'm all for what Vanguard said."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: * folds her arms and looks at the demon *

Razira@BobFromAccounting: I do as well.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Yeah, I'm with Vanguard too."

Officer Burton@sfcody: He resisted the urge to rub at his nose, since his helmet is in the way. "Time travel...demons..."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "I'm inclined to agree with Vanguard. I despise having to converse with lowly beings."

Druid@Sprawler: Druid rolls his eyes.

Apollyon@darkblade98: "I know the feeling."

Druid@Sprawler: "I hate the high and mighty."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "I say we all pour ourselves some nice ice tea and talk this over!"

Zorasto: You will not attack me! I hold the key!

Particle Man@Reldin: "Uhm...magic. Demon. Punching. Bad?"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "What if I cut your arms off and take your key?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *in a snap, her armor unfolds from her belt onto her body*

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Oh yeah? Try me!":

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Now see here, Mr...What was it?"

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *glances at Vanguard* Sir, I really urge ya ta go inside an' speak with th' Major. *grimaces*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Oh, For fucks sake..."

Vanguard: Okay heroes. Who wants to throw the first punch?"

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "I call dibs."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Are we really gonna waste time fighting some B-list villain while the past is unraveling?"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Seconds!"

Apollyon@darkblade98: grunts. "Damn."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "We can all be reasonable in this situation, right? Think about it, do you really need this Carson fellow?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "We don't have a choice right now, American Dream. It's that or turning in Thundrax."

Druid@Sprawler: Druid looks up at the sky and hums.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Just give me until you've all thrown your punches I have a little stolen hello from VIPER I'd love to share with him."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: And we are NOT turning in Thundrax.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Or Vanguard."

Officer Burton@sfcody: Raised a palm, charging his suit's blaster. "Screw first dibs, lets just pour into him so we can go back to fixing things."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: Paradigm springs forward, twisting in midair to deliver a stunning haymaker towards Zorasto's face!

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Might want to move, Big guy!"

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: Turns to Arc, "Sir; if I may, I can head inside while the others curbstomp this wretch. Mentiac and I should be able to get things ready to send Vanguard back in mere hours."

Vanguard: Damn straight... isn't that Thundrax a guy on a second tier Canadian team?

Bigfoot@Swixer: "W-Wait! There has to be another way...Right?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Just get out of the way!"

Particle Man@Reldin flies up since he doesn't wanna be near that dogpile. Druid@Sprawler: Druid gusts into the air, spinning a little.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: He's far more than that, Vanguard sir.

Particle Man@Reldin: "Move your big furry butt!"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: Miko stands back and lines up her shot with the Eagle rifle. "Say goodbye to your cranium, skullhead..."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *Bigfoot looks at the heroes priming for battle, somewhat intimidated* "A-Ah..."

Apollyon@darkblade98: There's a sound of whooshing air and a feeling that mght cause your ears to pop as Apollyon flies forward at blinding speed, glowing fist aimed at Zorastos head as he delivers a superfast and superstrong fly by punch.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Rushes forward, grabbing Bigfoot's leg and trying to haul him out of the way.-

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *waves Panzer off* Then stop standin' 'round here an' get it done, time's one thing we can't count on tonight, kid.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: *She bursts into flames, taking on up into the air as she flew downward with a special dose of her fire, in the form of a ball, to thrust down right at the demon in time with Paradigm and Apollyon's attacks.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Gotcha!" He disappears in a flash, leaving the other heroes to face off alongside Vanguard.

Officer Burton@sfcody: "Or people can get in the line of fire..." He sighed and took careful aim with his palm, letting loose a blast at Zarasto's chest.

Druid@Sprawler: Druid begins to move his arms in strange ways, leaving behind a trail of green energy.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: -he rushes forward and slices intime with everyone else's attack, going low looking to take out his legs-

Bigfoot@Swixer: "W-wait! Now hold on, friends! This is an enclosed space! There's no need to-! I mean, we don’t have to-!"

Druid@Sprawler: Then he just... hangs in the air wrapped in a whirlwind of cloud.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: *Extending his hand towards a nearby telephone pole, he'd force it to rip free from its foundation. The telephone pole is twisted and contorted into a heavy ball of metal, before being sent airborne for about a hundred feet and holding it there. He'd then begin to do the same with other items strewn about the area while the other heroes distract the demon.*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Pats Bigfoot's leg, gently.- "Don't worry, Furry. Sometimes, you gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelett."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He looks at Dream, alarmed* "B-but, I don't like omelets!"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *leaps at the demon, slamming an armored fist forward towards Zorasto's midsection*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -sighs- "It's an expression, guy."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Just..calm down."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *taps at his temple alerting the UNITY lab Panzer's on the way and then calls for support to subdue Zorasto, however they might manage that, he stands clear of the demonic dogpile relaying events*

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *waits for an opening between the many Heroes diving in and attacking, before a pair of superheated firebolts launch from her hands towards Zorasto*

Lightbrand@Vigil: *coils his light around Zorasto's wings, trying to pull them back to better open him up to the assault.*

Bigfoot@Swixer: "I...I can't be around this much violence...If I smell blood...If I get hurt..."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: * rolls her eyes, knowing full well what happens to first waves in a war. Her battle batons slip into her hands and start to charge up, observing*

Particle Man@Reldin: "Stop being such a big baby, geeez."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "H-Hey! I'm not a baby!"

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina 's fists glow with a sickly green energy, her eyes flaring the same color, as she mutters a binding incantation under her breath. After a moment, she releases the magic at Zorasto.

Particle Man@Reldin: "Uh huh, prove it."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "P-prove it?"

Particle Man@Reldin: nods, "Yessir!"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "How would I-?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Oui. Firefly! Back off. Not everyone is a bruiser."

Particle Man@Reldin points at Zorasto. "See demon guy there? Trap him when the others knock him on his butt. Go sit on him."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh, I couldn't possibly...I mean, no! What if I get hurt?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder points at Particle Man.

GM: The combination of blasts, blades, and bashing bare knuckles overwhelms the great demon. He cries, grabbing his amulet and hurling it on the ground. Then, with a hellish scream, his body crumples into dust, forming a pentagram of ash on the ground, which Bigfoot can sit in.

Apollyon@darkblade98: rounds his flight off, turning around. "Disappointing."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "An' this time, STAY in hell where you BELONG! Jerk!" She gave a raspberry at the ashes with a huff.

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: The amulet. Get it.

Particle Man@Reldin: "You're like...the biggest guy here. Are you really worried about getting hurt?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "R-Right!"

Paradigm@AnubisGod: She hops back.

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina 's greenish eyes narrow. "Great. What if he knew something useful?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: *Bigfoot sits on the ash*

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...that was too easy. Even with the numbers we had.

Druid@Sprawler: Distant thunder rumbles as Druid slowly descends again.

Vanguard: I didn't even get to throw a punch....

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: -twirls his blades and sheaths them- "Did someone press the easy button?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *takes a step back* ...Something's not right.

Officer Burton@sfcody: "Better idea. Move the amulet over here. I'll effing smash it..." He mutters to himself.

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina: "NO!"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: Agreed. Far too easy. And don't you dare destroy the amulet.

Apollyon@darkblade98: raises an eyebrow. "That seemed appropriately easy to me."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Gawd I hate magic..."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Stay on guard. Say something if you see something weird.

Particle Man@Reldin snickers to himself.

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina snaps at Burton. "I mean sure it's a demon, but you never know when those kinds of connections come in handy!"

Apollyon@darkblade98: "You did see how many people punched him, right?"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Good point..."

Vanguard: "I don't think he was in the mood for a serious fight."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: And I've seen what he can do, too. First hand.

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: You obviously have not read that demon's file.

Officer Burton@sfcody: Looks at the hooded woman. "Lady, you're eight kinds of crazy..."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "And I shot him with the most powerful sniper rifle money can buy!"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "So, is it over? Did we win?"

Particle Man@Reldin: "I think you can get up, big fella! Your butt's just getting dirty now."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: Zach continued levitating items into the air, not quite convinced that the big scary demon lord was really gone. "Easy mode my left cheek."

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina: "Didn't really have time for file-reading."

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He stands, dusting off his bottom* "Oh. Right. Sorry."

Druid@Sprawler: "I am trying to magnify the apparent potency of the "Time-Tear" with a magical storm. It's a long shot, but it might be possible to actually turn it into a beacon for those that have time travel capabilities.

Apollyon@darkblade98: touches back down onto the floor. "Yes I'm sure it's terrifying. But don't undersell the combined strength of...well, all of that."

Druid@Sprawler: Druid points up at the very slowly gathering storm.

Vanguard: I'd suggest giving that amulet to a magic expert, Wouldn't want Archimago getting his hands on that.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Hrm?" She looks up to the sky. "...oh dear..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "And this might work? Or will work?"

Druid@Sprawler: "1.21 jiggawatts."

Druid@Sprawler: "No idea, but it sounds good, right?"


Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Sounds a bit familiar."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "....You did not seriously just say that."

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina holds up her hands. "The present's enough. I'm no time traveler."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Don't look at me, you're the mage here!"

Paradigm@AnubisGod mutters under her breath. "Honestly. This seems like a bunch of worry over nothing."

Druid@Sprawler: "Archimago's dead, thank God."

Apollyon@darkblade98 nods, eyebrow raised and mouth quirked.

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He looks at Paradigm* "Nothing? T-There was a demon!"

Vanguard: He is... well, I won't be mourning.

Apollyon@darkblade98: "And notably, now there isn't."

Particle Man@Reldin: "And he turned into ash after like 4 punches."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Do I need to call up another magician to help you with that temporal rift?"

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Nothing? Lady, do me a favor and look at the sky. Notice anything wrong?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He thinks* "Hm...Good point, I suppose..."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Look, we need to get to the matters at hand.

Raegan Fitch@LaNatalina laughs. "You think that's all it takes to vanquish a demon for good, huh?"

Druid@Sprawler: "It's not exactly a rift. It's more a... signal."

Druid@Sprawler: "To people that might be able to help."

Apollyon@darkblade98: Not at all, but for now? Yes, I think it rather did the job.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Huh."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "I notice the fact that the man who made the storm is standing right here and did it on purpose, yes."

Druid@Sprawler: "I'm hoping Chronos, that's the golden nugget if he comes. But... well."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "So we're just praying that Chronos shows, and he's in a good mood."

Druid@Sprawler: "Like I said, long shot."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *glances up towards the top of the HQ* Hope th' boys can work fast. *glances down at Druid, raising an eyebrow*

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Alright, just makin' sure."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: She'd frown a bit, landing near Vanguard. "... but when you go back, you... well..."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Didn't we hear Chronos on the comm the other day...?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: We did. And some of it is starting to make sense now. But only some.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Probably. Chronos' tech makes Dr. D's look like child's toys."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere gets back to writing stuff down.

Officer Burton@sfcody: He looked up at the sky, then back down to the fella that seemed to know what was happening. "But there aren't any better shots, I'm asuming?".

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Hold on.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *she looks serious* ...Look. We all know what happens. But what happens when -he- knows what happens?

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *she points at Vanguard*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Nothing."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "He's -The- Hero."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "He'll do what's needed."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: And he's going back a day before Destroyer's attack starts.

Vanguard: So... have the Giants won the Super Bowl lately?

Razira@BobFromAccounting: He'll make the same choice that we all would in this situation. The right choice.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Uh yea they did."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "Was...kind of a surprise, but they did actually."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "But...There's a chance he'll do something differently. Uh, the butterfly effect."

Druid@Sprawler: "I recommend not thinking about it too much. Let's just try and get him back."

Paradigm@AnubisGod: "No, there's not. Because if he had, it would have happened, because he already would have done it."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *because nobody has thought of it yet, she pulls a small camera out of a pocket and uses it to snap a few flashless shots of Vanguard and those standing near him*

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "You guys, he has super hearing," says Zach, looking down to the others. "And he's not stupid, I'm pretty sure he already knows."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Don't you?" he says, looking to Vanguard.

Vanguard: And Brawler... did he ever marry, or come out of the closet?

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Stares off.-

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Actually...say precise can Chronos be when he timetravels?"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: She takes out her cell phone and also gets a few flashless pictures... because Razira had a great idea.

Bigfoot@Swixer: *Bigfoot seems completely confused by Paradigm's words to the point of speechlessness*

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Okay! We're set. Sort of."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Vanguard."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "That's...I'm...I'm not answering that question, sir..."

Druid@Sprawler: "I don't know exactly how precise, but it's the best time tech we know of, right?"

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *glances at Vanguard, then at Panzer* Hrnn...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Holds out her hand.- "A grateful nation thanks you. For everything you've done. And everything you will do."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *her face is twisted and she presses her lips together*

Bigfoot@Swixer: "And be careful of demons with time manipulating powers, please and thank you!"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Likewise. There's a reason we honor your memories, and why we do what we do today.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "I've got the date down, but I've no idea of the exact time of day. We can't calibrate the device that closely, it'd take better hardware."

Vanguard: And Zeitgeist. He's a real piece of work.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *jumps and snarls at Chronos*

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "So, you may-"

GM: A flash of electrical, blue light heralds the arrival of the shining silver suited Captain Chronos who looks around at the gathered heroes.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ....

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: GEEZ.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...."

Captain Chronos: "Oh wow, this is awkward."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh!"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "and now, show time."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *takes a step back at the very sudden arrival*

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Is he going to make people make out again? Please I hope not."

Vanguard: What... is that?

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "... so that's Chronos? ... " She whispers to Ryder. "I was expecting a bit more... grandeur."

Captain Chronos: "Make people do what? When did I ever do tha-"

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "I must admit, I'm actually glad to see him show."

Captain Chronos (looking at Vanguard): "Oh my God, it's you!"

Apollyon@darkblade98: runs a hand through his hair, looking around, exasperated. "Can you hurry up and kick him back to when he's meant to be, now?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Captain Chronos. The Time Traveler."

Vanguard: Yeah.

Captain Chronos: Chronos rushes over to Vanguard and literally accosts him by the hand, shaking thoroughly.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: -whispers back- "...Well at least it wasn't."

Captain Chronos: "It is such a pleasure, I am a HUGE fan! I read all about you!"

Vanguard meets a fan.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: ...

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... Captain Chronos?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Sir, please..."

Lightbrand@Vigil: Aren't we all.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Holy crap, we have a fanboi."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Just send him back..."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Hey, we're huge fans too, but calm downnnnnn!"

Officer Burton@sfcody: "....." He raises his hand and aims at Captain Chronos. "I can stun him and get his attention, if you want." He says, looking at Dream.

Captain Chronos: "...wait." Chronos pauses and frowns. "What year is this again?"

Vanguard: Well thank you... Captain.. Chronos....

Razira@BobFromAccounting: 2012.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "No! No, no no!"

Captain Chronos: "But."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "It's 2012. He's not supposed to be here."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...So yea, Chronos, you have to save the entire universe from decaying by bringing Vanguard back to his time."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder shakes her hands emphatically at Officer Burton.

Officer Burton@sfcody: He shrugged, putting down his hand, the blaster whining down.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "It's 2012. He showed up from somewhere in July 18th, 1992."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "No pressure."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Its all on you, Captain Chronos."

Captain Chronos: "Oh. Well! I was wondering why my little wrist beeper here was saying it was nine thousand and ninety nine."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *takes another picture*

Captain Chronos: Chronos looks up at the sky, shielding his eyes from the light.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Only you know what that means, Chronos."

Vanguard: It may need to go back to the shop, Captain.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *folds his arms and looks down, studying the pavement silently as the others gather around the two displaced time travelers*

Captain Chronos: "But they're all closed at the apocalypse."

Officer Burton@sfcody: He starts snapping pictures with his helmet cam.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "The apocalypse didn't least not yet."

Vanguard: Apocalypse? Where? When? I have to stop it....

Captain Chronos: "Yes, looks like what you have there is a Class Five Temporal Rift. And WHO'S been poking at it with evil hoodoo?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Can I get some copies of these pictures?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Zorasto."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Chronos! Concentrate! If we don't get him back, Dr. Destroyer WINS."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "And the future, YOUR future, gets all mucked up."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Or some other hero saves us."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Shut it, Nyte."

Captain Chronos: "Hm? Oh, well, "Win" is a silly word when you wipe out almost all life including yourself."

Captain Chronos: Chronos waves off the remark.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "But yea, assume Doctor Destroyer wins if we don't..."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "It was a demon and he got splattered just a few minutes ago."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Ok. Really bad."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "... don't go back in time to see it. Kinda need you right here."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Still, You Equals Not living, if you don't get Vanguard back."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Chronos. Can you -please- send Vanguard back to July 18th, 1992? For the sake of preserving the timeline, if nothing else?"

Officer Burton@sfcody: "Focus, buddy. I can feel my childhood rewriting itself accordingly, so lets get Mr Vanguard back."

Captain Chronos: "Ok, let's see, Vanguard, I'm going to need a little help from you. The temporal rift up there is causing some hefty Tachyon interference. This is stopping the ability to get any sort of accuracy with-this thing. It's kind of like a big Time-funnel."

Captain Chronos: "Any movement through time and it sort of... scoops you up."

Vanguard: *sighs* So what do I do, Doctor Chronos?

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *glances up at Chronos then at the rift* Hrnn..

Officer Burton@sfcody: "Does...time travel work like that?" He glances at someone, anyone, for help.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Well, it can."

Captain Chronos: "Oh, not at all. But it's a good lie, isn't it?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...

Vanguard: ...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Oh, for fuck's sake."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Didn't work that way for me..."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "L-Language!"

Captain Chronos: "Alright, this is going to sound silly, but I need you to fly as fast as you possibly can."

Captain Chronos: "In..."

Captain Chronos: Chronos licks the top of of his glove and puts it to the wind.

Captain Chronos: "Mmmmthat direction." Vanguard nods and takes off.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...And that will do...?"

Captain Chronos: "Nothing, yet."

Captain Chronos: "I need the rest of you, now."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "You do?"

Captain Chronos: "We're going to collapse that rift."

Captain Chronos points up.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "How?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: And how exactly will we do that?

Officer Burton@sfcody: ".....I'm gonna hate writing the report for this..." He sighs as he powers up his suit.

Captain Chronos: "Pumping it with energy. Pulson will do if you don't have any powers."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "I'm gonna love writing the story about this."

Captain Chronos: "The thing is..."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Pulson?

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Energy? Like... ANY energy?>"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Also, pulson? I use normal guns!"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Do I just shoot it a lot?"

Captain Chronos: "Well, you're right next to an UNTIL base."

Captain Chronos: Chronos waves his hands vaguely.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Arc."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Get every gun out here."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh! Oh! I'll carry them for you!"

Captain Chronos: "Now, this is very important, we have to time it exactly right!"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: This might be a dumb question, but... If we don't?

Captain Chronos: "At Vanguard's top speed, he should be making his way near Russia by now."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *rolls his eye and taps his temple* Can we bring out th' reserves from th' armory. Yes I'll sign it out. Now. Please. Thank ya, pal. *taps his temple and mutters* Bloody paper work.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Well we have a time traveler with us. He should just go back in time and try it again."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Don't think this is gonna work that way..."

Captain Chronos: Once he gets around the globe, he's got to hit the top of the UNTIL tower as soon as you pump it with energy. If he's in it when it collapses, time will sort of..."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...That can get messy, Miko."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Chronos.. would gravitational manipulation help in any way?"

Captain Chronos: "Rubber band back to normal."

Captain Chronos: "If he's not, well."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Wait, what?

Captain Chronos: "Black hole, SCHLOOP!"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "..Oh Christ."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Incredibly dangerous, but considering the alternatives..."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Yea so lets not batch it."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: I'll black hole schloop you! *shakes a fist at Chronos*

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: Those are our only choices, pal? *eyes Chronos levelly*

Captain Chronos: "That threat made no sense."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Schloop?"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Well, it's either all life as we know it ending suddenly, or the timeline as we know it ending suddenly. Sounds like a great set of choices.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Do black holes make schloop sounds?"

Captain Chronos: "Oh, plenty of other choices, all too time consuming."

Officer Burton@sfcody: The suit starts to gain a faint, silvery glow at the palms and weapons ports. "How much should we pour into it? I'm still at 80% on this suit's charge."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Yeah, well, clearly you haven't listened to yourself lately, Mr. Kettle.

Captain Chronos: "By the time we'd be near finishing, we'd be bones in a big pile of frozen ash and that's not pleasant!"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "No, No it wouldn't."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "The one that results in the timeline going back to normal and us not dying sounds good."

GM: A sonic boom shakes France as Vanguard does his final orbit of earth.

Bigfoot@Swixer: ((*French guy drops his croissant* "Sacre Bleu!"))

Captain Chronos: Chronos looks at his wrist-device and nods.

Officer Burton@sfcody: "I'm all for my bones staying nice and comfortable in my suit and skin..."

Captain Chronos: "Ok, start pumping in 5..."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Right so lets pound that crap with energy."

Captain Chronos: "4..."

Captain Chronos: "3..."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *turns and readies herself*

Captain Chronos: "2."

Captain Chronos: "1. Bazinga."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: *prepares the assault rifle*

GM: Vanguard passes over his beloved New York City one last time.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *grabs a pulson gun and shoots*

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: Heartenin' words, alright we'll try yer way. *snaps his fingers, a tiny arc of electricity running between two of them, he then turns and points both fists at the rift and lets loose lightning*

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: *or the pulson gun cuz that's better*

Officer Burton@sfcody: He raises his hands up and fires all his energy weapons into the vortex. "See you on the other side!"

GM: The sky crackles with a sudden burst of bluish lightning, thin and spiderwebbed as the energy collides.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Grabs the two nearest Pulson rifles and empties the clips into the rift.-

Lightbrand@Vigil fires a steady stream of mystic light into the rift, glowing brighter by the second.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: Clenches his hands, palms glowing brightly... Then unleashes a stream of plasma into the exposed rift as Chronos says "bazinga".


Captain Chronos: It's almost as though the sky is cracking like glass.

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Happy travels!"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Are we DOING IT RIGHT?!"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: She keeps unloading in the meantime.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...." She stared up to it and would figure she could use her flames, gathering all she could with a big happy thought as she fired as much as she could with the others

GM: Vanguard returns to his own time. And he didn't even the sign the autograph. The jerk..

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: * says slightly under her breath 'Good luck, Vanguard. And thank you' *

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *mutters to himself as Vanguard assumingly nears* It was good ta see ya one last time, big guy.

Officer Burton@sfcody: "We're still breathing, so I think so!" He says as he continues the stream of energy blasts.

Captain Chronos: The noise rumbles over the sky as clouds disperse from the power and new ones form in the middle of the atmosphere. Just as Vanguard enters it.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: She drops the gun and raises an eyebrow... "I feel like I'm forgetting something."

Captain Chronos: The crackles of lightning and all the clouds convene on the spot Vanguard disappeared and everything is silent for a short moment.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "..."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "...Diiiiiid it work?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "It takes a real hero to march willingly to his own death."

Sparrowhawk@Pallas001: We are here.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *lowers his fists, takes a deep breath then bows his head*

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *breathes deeply from the strain of unloading her powers*

Officer Burton@sfcody: He drops his arms and disarms his weapons, a soft beeping in his helmet as his palms smoke.

GM: And when it all done it explodes. A shockwave erupts over the city and everyone is given a windblown hairdo for free. As the cacophany of echoing noise disappears into the distance, it is replaced only with a slight ringing and the sound of car alarms all over the city.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...It worked..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ".... WOO!" She did a little fist pump. "Zorasto is such a big fat loser!"

Bigfoot@Swixer: *Bigfoot attempts to take the brunt of the shockwave for anyone he can get in front of*

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Yeah... Vanguard's a real hero. Y'know, it was a real honor to meet him when he wasn't a zombie.... and... it's gonna take forever to get my hair stright."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "FU-" His curse is drowned out by the sound of shockwave.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Ya..."

Captain Chronos: Chronos stands there, holding his hands over his ears.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "... aw, crap, I forgot the autographs! ... hey, at least I got pictures."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "oh my stars and garters..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Errr. No one told him he was going to end up a zombie, right?"

Captain Chronos: He looks around cautiously. "Is it over? Are we alive?"

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Yep!"

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *continues to stand silently, head bowed*

Thundrax lands in the middle of the assembled heroes, slightly out of breath.

Thundrax@Thundrax: Evening folks.... Chronos?

Lightbrand@Vigil: I'm not sure he would have changed anything he did if we had.

Captain Chronos: "Uh. I did nothing!"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Oh Miko, can you give me a copy of one of those pictures?"

Officer Burton@sfcody: "I don't think that came up in the conversations....damnit, what now."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: Beep boop. Sent right on over to Ryder.

Thundrax@Thundrax: What was that message you sent? "The greatest hero of them all has to be stropped or he'll destroy"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: tell.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "..."

Captain Chronos: "Did what now?"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *throws the gun down with a swear and shoves her way through the crowd and starts walking past Thundrax, her armor folding into itself*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Don't tell me we got duped."

Officer Burton@sfcody: Suddenly felt his eye twitch, turning his head to glare at Chronos from behind his mask.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *and stops at "Did what now?"*

Thundrax@Thundrax: You sent a message... or you're going to send a message in the past.

Thundrax@Thundrax (looks at Wolfgirl, confused): Sarah?

Captain Chronos: "I am? Oh."

Captain Chronos: "I guess I'll probably do that in an hour ago then."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Yup. I found something more annoying them magic."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Wow. This was quite the experience!"

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Wait. Wait wait.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... W-Well, at least no one's kissing..."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "You WILL do that in an hour ago!?"

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Kissing?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder taps Arc on the shoulder.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Thanks for the help, Chronos! You saved our lives! Again."

Captain Chronos: "You have a strange obsession with kissing, miss."

Officer Burton@sfcody: " does...that doesn't..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...I do not!"

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "So, how were you certain he'd be sent back to where he belonged? I thought holes in the timeline like that didn't have fixed destinations."

Captain Chronos: "Oh, it's got a long, complicated explanation."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *lets out a long heavy sigh, turns and accepts a clipboard from another agent, he starts flipping through the sheets filling them out with a pen, he glances up at American Dream* Hrn? Miss?

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...What about this kissing thing anyway?"

Captain Chronos: "But, BASICALLY."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *she's starting to put things together* Okay. Hold up. *she points at Chronos* You haven't started to try to send messages through the UNTIL radio line?

Captain Chronos: "I destroyed the universe and it rebuilt itself in an instant."

Thundrax@Thundrax: "You'll see why later, Captain.. on Valentine's..."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "You know we have to classify the fuck outta this, right?"

Officer Burton@sfcody: "......."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: Everyone just hold up for a sec!

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Huh?"

Captain Chronos: "I... haven't?"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: At the word 'classify', she just steps away...

Thundrax@Thundrax: Category J, Dream. Other. Other is your friend.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Ya."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Er...Right."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Nobody move."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *clears his throat and raises an eyebrow* Classify what, ma'am? *looks down at the clipboard and keeps filling out the paperwork*

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: You didn't know Vanguard was here. And this went through without a hitch. *points at the sky* Or it seems like it.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "And I mean it."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "That certainly was 'Other'."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...? Why?"

Officer Burton@sfcody: "......I knew there was a reason I became a cop...there's no way I could handle this kinda shit on a weekly basis..."

Captain Chronos: "I am... very good at my job."

Thundrax@Thundrax: Wait...Wait! Vanguard-- THE Vanguard -- was HERE and I missed him?!

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: So why would you start sending messages to UNTIL about it in the past?

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Turn it over. All of it. Phones, cameras, Everything."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Thundrax...we have one heck of a story for you.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Wait. Why?"

Thundrax@Thundrax: I finally had a chance to meet one of my childhood heroes?

Bigfoot@Swixer: "What? O...Okay..." *Bigfoot begins to take off his pants*

Captain Chronos: "Can I go now? I have to send a message an hour ago, apparently."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "Yea, Thundrax, Miko has pictures if you want copies."

Captain Chronos: "And something about Valentines day?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Because. We just had a possibly time stream altering event. Picture of Vanguard can NOT show up on the evening news."

Officer Burton@sfcody: He clears his throat with a cough. "Yeah, that's gonna be a problem..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "... Aww, but... but I want to show this to Brad!"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: And it won't. And nobody would believe it anyway.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Put your pants on, Furry."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Listen, Everyone."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Oh. Right." *He stops attempting to pull them down*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "I know. He's my hero too. One of my first."

Thundrax@Thundrax: looks intently at Dream.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *glances up at Thundrax, a pained expression making his features look haggard, he focuses again on the paperwork as UNTIL agents begin returning the extra weapons*

Captain Chronos: "I don't see what the big deal is."

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: But why? *she turns to Craig* You heard the broadcasts, he sounded frantic.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Put you can either turn them into me, or PRIMUS operatives in black suits and black vans can show up at your houses."

Captain Chronos: "I travel through time on a daily basis. Sometimes a yesterdaily basis."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...well... I didn't really -take- any pictures as I don't have a cell phone..... so..."

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Don't worry, I'm not in the process of giving the notes and pictures to the WCOC. I'm smarter than that."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "No one wants that.'s best for stay a memory."

Thundrax@Thundrax: Chronos, when you call... sound frantic, okay?

Captain Chronos: "Oh. Sure thing boss."

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Yea, that's enough confusing time travel for a day."


Captain Chronos: "Like that?"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "I would very much like a little something to hold onto from meeting THE Vanguard. Thundrax can have a copy too."

Thundrax@Thundrax: Yeah.

Wolfgirl@savagegreywolf: *now she just looks annoyed* ....My head hurts. *she stomps off back towards the road*

Captain Chronos: "Ok."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -sighs-

Captain Chronos: "Oh can I..."

Captain Chronos: "Can I be a real bother and..."

Captain Chronos: "Well."

Bigfoot@Swixer: "Um...I'm sorry I couldn't be more useful, everybody..."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Chronos. Thanks.

Captain Chronos: "Get some autographs?"


Bigfoot@Swixer: "I think I'll be going as well..."

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "...? Sure?"

Officer Burton@sfcody: "....."

Captain Chronos: Chronos looks down bashfully.

Thundrax@Thundrax: Hey, you should have been there when Nihil stole his time apparatus.. or has that happened yet?

Officer Burton@sfcody: "I'm sorry, what?"

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "Could photographic evidence possibly endanger the time stream?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...He did just save the planet."

Captain Chronos: "That was a REAL pain! That stupid Nazi."

Captain Chronos: "Honestly, so 1940s and 2089."

Captain Chronos: "I mean- ignore that second bit."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: You're right. I can't say no to someone who did help save the world. Sure.

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: He really didn't know that much about the topic. Not beyond what he'd seen in Back to the Future.

Bigfoot@Swixer: *He turns to leave, creating a respectable distance before leaping into the sky and out of sight*

Captain Chronos: "Ok, one moment."

Captain Chronos: Chronos presses a button on his wrist and... blurs. He's now holding a clipboard and pen."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "I'll be happily dead before then.." He muttered, then sighed as he reached up to his helmet and ejects a memory card.

Thundrax@Thundrax: But I got to see Game 8 of the Summit Series, so it's all good.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *shakes his head as he flips to the fifth page and starts checking off, occasionally glancing at the agents collecting returning the reserve weaponry*

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Alright. I've got the story and the pictures all backed up to my super-safe, thrice-password-encoded USB drive."

Captain Chronos: "Ohmygod, who do I start with..."

Captain Chronos: Chronos goes about getting autographs from EVERYONE.

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "For what?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Signs when it passes around to her.-

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: CG signs when offered and all... and grins to Thundrax.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "By the way, Zorasto really stinks at hostage stuff."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *will happily give hers out as well, and nods to Chronos in thanks*

Thundrax@Thundrax: Uh... sure.. *signs* Zorasto?

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...I'm not much of an autograph signer but alright..."

Officer Burton@sfcody: The officer held out the memory drive to American Dream. "You may want to contact MCPD, to get the backups..." He signs the clipboard.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "Long story. let's just say he isn't coming back for a long while."

Captain Chronos: Chronos collects the autographs and flips through them, seemingly satisfied.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Waaait."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder looks at the memory card for a moment, before pushing it back to Officer Burton.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: She writes her own down last.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "There."

Captain Chronos: "Oh. Thanks!"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "I might have been...a little hasty."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Sometimes...we need more than a memory."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *doesn't seem to notice he accidentally signed an autograph with his id number for Chronos in the middle of inventory-release waiver signing*

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "But Officer."

Officer Burton@sfcody: He tilts his head at her, looking at the card then chuckles inside his helm.

Captain Chronos: "Great, that's perfect! You've all been marvelous and thank you for not trying to arrest me."

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: He stared at the tablet for a brief second, realizing he'd yet to pick an actual alias for when he was in costume. After about ten seconds of thinking, he'd write down "Astronomer".

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Make sure those other copies...go away."

Captain Chronos: "The way you guys shot that time rift, very similar to the time when you have to take down that spaceshi-"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder nods in farewell. Officer Burton@sfcody: "I'll do what I can."

Captain Chronos: "Wait. Two thousand and twe-"

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Peace out."

Captain Chronos: "Oh right, ok, forget that!"

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "..."

Captain Chronos: "No spaceshiiips!"

Razira@BobFromAccounting: *pays no attention to the spaceship mention* For what you did to help? That was the least we can do.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: "..."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: And thank you all for the help back there. That...could've been ugly.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Well, thanks for the tip?"

Zach Jacobs@MountainHound: "So, you need us for anything else?"

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Throws an arm around Thundrax-

Thundrax@Thundrax: And thank you all for kicking Zorasto's butt!

Captain Chronos gives a salute and presses a button on his chronometer, disappearing in a crackle of bluish lightning.

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "Guy...Talk about a day. Now we just need a Destroid attack, and even I might be looking to take a day or two off."

Razira@BobFromAccounting: ...don't say things like that.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Yeah. Seriously."

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *sighs and hands the clipboard and pen back to the quartermaster, turning back just in time to see Chronos disappear* Hrnn..

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: "Don't. jinx it."

Officer Burton@sfcody: He fires up the flight function in his suit. "You guys might all wanna go for some drinks....ah hells.."

Thundrax@Thundrax: smiles a little uncomfortably at Dream.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: ".... MAN. What a day."

Officer Burton@sfcody: He puts his hand up to his helmet, listening to something on his radio. "VIPER attack at 7th and Main."

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: "...Whew. I was afraid I was gonna have to eat my words for a sec there."

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: Its close enough.

Cosmic Glory@Angelight: I don't think I like time travel though.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Well, if it isn't Destroids, it's VIPER. And if it's not VIPER, it's Argent."

Officer Burton@sfcody: "And if it's not Argent, it's Hi-Pan! I need a new job..." He chuckles as he takes off.

Razira@BobFromAccounting: Be safe everyone. And thanks again. *launches off in a streak of flame*

GM: One final thing. An Agent comes out of UNTIL HQ with a package for you guys, It's a signed thank you note for each of you, though addressed to "hero", as Vanguard didn't know your names. He sent them to UNTIL before he died and asked UNTIL to hold them until after he left today.

GM: The pathos of time travel.

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: Miko totally treasures hers forever.

Ryder Williams@Blademaster1215: "...Interesting, whats in these things?" -he opens his-

The American Dream@Swordsaint_the_Elder: -Holds her package like it's the most precious thing in existence.-

Panzer@Albert_Wanger: Panzer carefully opens his, old reward being old and all...

Thundrax@Thundrax: smiles and a tear runs down his cheek as he looks at his. That one was addressed to him.

Arc Thunder@Nefandus: *takes the note, scanning it with his one eye, he clears his throat, neatly folds it up and tucks it away, then walks back to the memorial museum*

Thundrax@Thundrax: That's one for his trophy case...

Miko Westworth@KeikoMystere: "Well... thanks Vanguard. For everything.