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Originally from VirtueVerse

Player: @HoboKing
Brutum Commission.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science/Technology
Biographical Data
Real Name: Logan J. (Last name unknown)
Known Aliases: Brute, Brutum
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Mutant
Place of Birth: Oklahoma
Base of Operations: Various hidden forts.
Relatives: Unknown Parents
Age: 30's
Height: 12 ft
Weight: 2,000 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel/Red
Hair: Brown/Shaved
Complexion: Brutal
Physical Build: Large
Physical Features: Gas Mask
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Chaotic Evil

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Identity: Public
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Occupation: "Hero"/Drug Dealer
Education: PHD in Villainy
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Limitless Strength, Rage/World Manipulation, Eternalidum Infusion, nigh invincible body deflects most attacks, rage slipping/minor teleportation.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Eternalidum Infusion which creates force/energy to push against attacks that pierce his armor/skin causing them to pierce less, and prevent potential decapitation and limb removal, it also is highly reactive to rage based energy like other abilities and is not very effective until enraged, Two Mini-guns, Targeting System/Heads Up Display in Gasmask, volatile and dangerous mind to attack when berzerking to psionics, Dual Heat-Seeking Rocket Launchers on Back, extremely heavy bladed/spiked chains which he can whip and grapple like a master with, rations container/mini-fridge in back armor (primarily used as a beer cooler), Futuristic mini-nuclear reactor assisted by rage fueled energy, Energy Mass Converter deep within back armor which repairs damaged armor and makes ammunition out of energy from reactor or matter sucked in via pipes on back, very, very wealthy, owner of a large amount of private, self-governed islands across the world with which he runs probably the world largest drug empire, The Brutal Legion.
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Theme Songs

Chapter 1: A Savior Reborn in the Flames Theme Song In Flames - A New Dawn

Chapter 2: The Blood Tunnels Theme Song Dethklok - Blood Ocean

Chapter 3: End of the End Theme Song Five Finger Death Punch - Meet the Monster

Chapter 4: Second Life Theme Song Disturbed - Pain Redifined

Credits In Flames - Liberation

General Theme Song Devildriver - I Dreamed I Died

(I wrote this a long time ago and didn't take a ton of time doing so. The information in this story may not be 100% canon material.)

Chapter 1: A Savior Reborn in the Flames

In the year 2072 the world had become a desolate wasteland, corrupted by nuclear fire. The only remaining wildlife was mutated into horrendous monstrosities, while the only traces of civilization were small makeshift villages and camps of bandits who’s minds had been altered by the radiation.
The worlds descent began in 2017 when a massive, bio-thermonuclear bomb created by underground terrorists detonated causing a world-wide apocalypse. The majority of survivors were lucky men and women who were swept into underground vaults miles below the surface. Each one of these Vaults were ran by government organizations dedicated to making sure Earth survived an apocalypse. They also had a majorly over funded program dedicated to researching ways to reclaim Earth.

This is where Brute came in. A young man named Logan, 22 years old became they're willing subject. They explained to him that they had been working on a way to make a super human, no, make someone who would have powers that could rival gods since it was funded back in 1817. So it began, 40 long years they worked on his hibernating body down to the molecular level, into the very fabric that made him.
Then in one day, after 40 years they had three major breakthroughs in what they say could only have been a gift from a higher being. The lead scientist of the group, Tanner, described only what he could say was a bright, nearly blinding light speaking to him in a dream. Filling his mind with knowledge no mortal could hope to comprehend for a purpose the light said was "So that your savior could be reborn in flames". And so the scientists began the creation of the elements that would allow him to survive even hell. They made a new element that reacted when anything touched it causing it to create waves of force to *protect* whatever it is infused in. It reacted amazingly adapting to the incoming damage by creating force from small to tremendous reducing even attacks that would pierce his skin. They soaked him and his armor in it in his experimentation tube with near perfectly hoped for results. They named it Eternalidum Matter.

They found that his weapons would quickly become useless in this world where ammunition is scarce and finding enough ammo for two mini-guns and his other heavy equipment would be impossible. Which is why they also made the Energy Mass Convertor powered by the mini star in his back armor. It would suck in any material through protected pipes in his back armor and turn it into materials for ammunition, which would then be refined by a micro factory in his back armor at up to 200 bullets a second. The main material for this process being nothing but air.

Then they added a number of genetic and technological modifications that took advantage of another break through. Brutamium Matter which they soon named their creation after. This material caused anything it interacted with to permanently become harder and more resistant than some of the most durable materials on the planet (I.E Diamonds and Questionite). That alone was a massive accomplishment but it turned out to cause another effect. When interacting with organic matter it caused it to constantly gain strength at a terrifying rate to the point where what it interacting with would have a potentially infinite capacity for strength.

They then added what is possibly the most potentially dangerous but one of the most useful additions to their monster. The Rage Soul. While tinkering with his DNA for so many years to make him bullet proof and increasingly strong they discovered a way to literally modify ones soul. And while looking into this they discovered something. The Realm of Rage. It turned out all hate, anger, rage, fury, battle craze, etc. came from a red, volatile and *living* energy that took up a entire dimension. They modified his soul to become a gateway or conduit to it. Allowing him to use the energy for whatever he could discover it possible. A strong addition but at risks they did not know of. One of the biggest to be discovered functions of this is that it allowed the use of his strength for attacks that he could not normally *understand* how to use unless angered and filled with this energy enough. (Still a infinite lifting capability, think punches, kicks, shock waves etc. increasing the angrier he gets). It also, importantly caused him to heal wounds at terrifying rates when channeled and at a still amazing rate when not as well as interacting with his Eternalidum Matter increasing the force pushing capabilities of it.
His body had been morphed extremely to cope with the changes, he now was standing just above 12 ft. tall and weighing in at 2000+ lbs. of nearly pure muscle. Mechanical arms began attaching the armor they had spent many long years creating and experimenting on, onto him. Then the back armor piece followed by two mini-guns and two shoulder mounted rocket launchers onto his back piece. Then the final piece, The gas mask with the flamethrower underneath. The liquid he had been surrounding in began draining and the tubes hooked up to him detached. Then the chains came out from his back piece wrapping around his body and arms like a snake. Bladed chains that when combined with his sheer strength and skill would become like a giant cleaver. Finally, the eyes on his mask activated. Shining a bright malevolent red, and then. He looked outside.

Chapter 2: The Blood Tunnels

When he awoke, he could remember little and began calling himself Brute after being called "Project Brutum" by the scientists. Then, they sent him into the wastelands where he first confronted his long to be nemesis. The most nearby vault who they had been talking to for quite some time now had recently stopped all communications. All that could be heard through the frequencies was sometimes whispering and on rare occasions a blood curdling shriek.

They sent Brute in, what they saw through the camera they temporarily installed horrified them. The vault tunnels were coated in blood almost completely and hanging from the ceiling and walls were human entrails. Brute seemed unphased by this, mostly due to the fact that his emotions of fear and shock and been removed completely almost but also because he had already seen so much death since his "Rebirth". He descended down a elevator into what was by far the worse part of the vault with an occasional sign reading "To Project Hammer Down". He followed the signs with nearly the only light source being his own built in lights to his gas mask for night operations. After walking awhile he became aware something was watching him. He could hear scattering in the mess of machines on the ceiling and sometimes hear what sounded like giggling. When he reached what appeared to be a containment room and opened the door he was met with the bloodiest thing he had yet to see in this hell hole. The walls were entirely coated with blood and there was what seemed to be entrails pushed together into what looked like a resting place.

While searching the area he saw pictures of what looked like a young woman named Natasha. He then found scientist notes detailing progress originally sounded thrilled by progressing, slowly turning into fear and eventually wanting to stop followed by blood making the rest ineligible. Brute turned around to see the obvious murderer looking directly into his eyes, they were black with red pupils. He shoved it, throwing it all the way across the hallway smashing into the wall. It was then obvious to be, or at least been a woman at sometime. The legs were rather mutated and bulky with muscles resembling something of a raptor in the lower part of the leg with similar joints, slowly looking more human near the waist. Going down her legs was a tail with spikes which looked to be used to inject poison. The hands were large and very much so clawed followed by partially scaled muscular humanish arms. Her body itself was rather voluptuous and womanlike, one of the few indications of what she once looked like. Her head was almost completely human with short black hair other than the black, red eyes, sharpened teeth and green skin.

The creature smiled "I haven't seen anything like you before." Brute looked around at the halls around him "Did you do this?" The creature's smile faded "Yes I had to! I woke up in this small place and they were being mean!" The creature put its hands over its head and seemed to begin having a break down. "No matter how much I tried they wouldn't tell me how to get out! They stopped moving for some reason and then they wouldn't even talk to me!"
Brute put his mini-gun into his left hand "Don't worry. I'll help you get out, you sad creature." His mini-gun began rotating.
"You will? Thank you! I knew you were different!" His mini-gun swept the room, hundred of shots piercing through her only to be healed almost instantly. The creature gasped "NO! Your doing what they did! Your not helping me!" She shrieked and began running towards him on all fours. "WHY WON'T YOU DIE WHEN I SHOOT YOU?!" Brute shouted at the beast. She leaped at him and began tearing at his flesh.

For the first time he could remember he saw his own blood. Her teeth and claws must have been made out of the same material the scientists enforced him with. When she bit his neck he lost control. He ripped her off him and threw her across the room smashing through a wall made of solid steel. His rage focused and his wounds began healing together. She began running towards him but he had already impacted with her. He tackled her down and stood on her legs while the momentum continued moving them down the long hall. He began pummeling her, each punch making a bone crushing sound. She continued to claw at him from the ground though she was obviously in the worse position.
When they stopped moving he threw her up by the arm and hit her against walls and floors like a rag doll. While she was stunned he kicked her down ripped one of her arms off and followed by burning it together with his flamethrower directly under his gas mask. Then he threw her against a wall and began analyzing the room while she recovered. He found a large drum of oil and proceeded to pick it up and smash the ingredients across the room. She was already back upon him now, biting and clawing at him. He threw her off his back and held her down with his foot. He then lit the entire room on fire with his flamethrower. She hissed at him and he began pummeling her. Her wounds no longer healed and were instantly cauterized under the intense fire the room was filled with. "Why aren't you burning too?!" She screeched beneath the pummeling. "I. AM!" Brute said as he continued his assault shrugging off the inferno he stood in. Finally she stopped moving. He stared at her for sometime to make sure and then let loose a shout of victory.

He returned home, however Natasha was not dead. Her burnt, corpse slowly regenerating in the underground lab. However when she came back to reality things were clearer, her insanity cleared from her trouble mind almost entirely. And the only thing she could clearly remember was him. So she set after to follow him, for she had nothing else in her void of a life.

Chapter 3: End of the End


Year 2077, outside the terrorist super base where they are preparing they're ultimate attack out of hate. The terrorists, being the only ones not harmed by the apocalypse had become the most powerful group on the planet with the only real remaining government. They had built a massive looming super base for all to fear in the American wastelands.
Covering 30,000+ feet of land, made entirely of enforced, bullet-proof steel surrounded by the worlds largest army of highly trained, highly armed soldiers. Complete with an air force and massive mech based army.

The massive Brute loomed several hundred feet away from it staring at them. They were all terrified of him. While the mechs dwarfed him at over 30 feet tall they're previous attempts to kill him all failed, leading to nothing but a blood bath. He had already torn countless mechs and tanks apart and brutally murdered the pilots in them, dismembered countless soldiers and even taken down almost every jet and helicopter that hadn't managed to escape him when he wasn't looking.
He stared at them, they stared at him. Then the sirens went off and enough jets to block out the now dark green sun (due to the atmosphere being radiated and polluted) flew by followed by a massive airstrike leaving a crater that looked like a meteor had hit. Once the smoke had faded away for the most part the hovering helicopter pilots circling the areas hearts sunk in shock. The Brute stood there, still staring, his shoulders moving up and down with anger. The soldiers watched from a distance and then heard the sound of helicopters shooting missiles and whatever else they had into the crater followed by a massive roar that drowned out all noise in the area.

Brute clapped his hands causing a massive shock wave that destroyed the circling aircraft instantly and threw the soldiers miles away like rag dolls. Brute jumped out of the crater followed by massive firepower pointed at him. Turrets fired at him while massive mechs marched towards him firing missiles, lasers, mini-guns and anything else they could use.
He punched the ground, causing a mountain of jagged earth to erupt from the ground destroying and throwing mech debris across the field. He charged towards the tanks and soldiers firing at him at speeds so high it tore the very ground beneath him. Bullets bounced off him and missiles erupted on him as insignificantly as the wind brushing against his body. He first collided with a tank, sending it flying through the fortresses walls destroying turrets and smashing through labs killing several scientists.
He looked at the army in front off him futilely firing away, he stomped the ground causing the ground to erupt for miles in a mountain of death, killing thousands of soldiers, decimating half the army in an instant. Jets flew by dropping bombs in an attempt to slow his advance. He tore massive chunks of the rocky earth out and hurled it at the blackened sky of jets causing large holes of light every throw.

He then followed up by jumping over 50 miles into the air land perfectly atop a jet. He sunk his chains into a jet to allow him to stand while his wrathful rage coursed through his veins. He roared with enough force it nearly caused the jet he stood on to crash. He then prepared to clap. The jet pilots looked at him as his hands spread apart and they're lives flashed before they're eyes. Then he clapped. The erupting shock waves was so great it caused the very ravaged earth to shake. The shock wave burst through the clouds and extended hundreds of miles in nearly an instant taking up almost half of the ravaged continent shaking the vaults below to the very core. The armada was no more and the remaining forces inside the building he quickly and inevitably slaughtered.

He then stood at the device that had created a rip in the very fabric of time and space. He then saw the machine which had created enough concentrated power in on small area to cause a small rip in the very fabric of time and space. He slowly walked towards it and then met eyes with the mad man who caused all this. He laughed at Brute and then the floors began to slide down rapidly. He tried to grab onto the floors but was not fast enough. He slide out of what had once been ground level floor and fell for what
Before him stood a giant mechanical monstrosity that had once been the massive fortress. It stood over 6,000 feet tall and was nearly 20,000 feet wide. It began walking towards him on its massive, eight, armored spider like limbs. It began raining down massive amounts of fire power carving the earth like butter. He jumped over 2,000 feet and landed on the top of one of the legs. The leg was massive, and had at least a thousand foot circumference. Anger coursed through him, increasing his strength at a rapid rate and loosening his control over it. He slammed the leg with a punch that sent the leg flying off. He truly was the ant taking on the sun. He hopped from leg to leg doing this again and again, the maniac inside frantically trying to do something to stop the beast. Each time a leg landed it would carve the ground below, destroying hills, fields and even small mountains due to the sheer immense weight of it.
Then the machine fell, unable to move and now grounded Brutes anger had hit a level bordering insanity. He began lifting the machine. Slowly edging to get a grip and then he had it. He lifted the death machine weighing who even knows how many millions of tons and began bashing it into the earth. Carving the ground causing the destroyed Earth to become further ravaged. The machine began to collapse under the sheer weight and pressure and the maniac attempted to escape in a last ditch effort before his fortress was gone. He got in his personal jet and began flying away looking back at his creation with fear.

Brute dropped the fortress and locked eyes with the man. Sweat ran down the maniacs body in sheer fear. He blinked and brute wasn't there anymore, his eyes frantically scouring the land for him followed by a massive thud on his aircraft. He began to scream, brute began crawling towards the cockpit, his fingers digging straight through the metal. The pilot jumped out, committing suicide. He attempted to follow but was grabbed before he could and was met face to face with The Brute.
"You....." Brute said in a low voice bearing the sound of a long wanted judgment. "P-P, Please have mer-" he was cut off "MERCY?! MERCY?!" Brute shouted in hate. "YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN THE BILLIONS YOU KILLED?!" In a quiet, terrorized voice the terrorist leader managed to whelp out "D- Don’t..." He was cut off when Brute busted through the aircraft's ceiling and began standing on it with the murderer in hand. "You.... the only thing you will get is the opportunity to see first hand the monster you have made me."
He grabbed the man and began slowly feeding him into the jets turbines feet first. The man screamed in unbearable agony. Once his legs and been shredded into pieces he jumped off the jet with him still in tact. He landed and promptly began to torture and eviscerate the man where he eventually brought he broken body to the few survivors in the nearby by village so they could have they're fun as well.

He then jumped back to the wreckage of the fortress to and headed to the hole where time had been broken. He stood there staring at it. Behind him Natasha approached. She had been following him for quite some time now, curiously watching the one person she knew. She managed to whimper through her shyness "...Brute?" He turned around surprised to see the creature he thought he had killed. "I thought I killed you..." He stood there contemplating, he didn't feel hatred for the first time in years. He felt.... confused. "Are...Are you going to hurt me?" She said. Brute stood there for a few moments thinking. "...No... I'm tired." He looked at the rip in time then turned his head back towards her "I want to start over. This may be the stairway." She rose her eyebrow "Why? What is that?" He continued staring at it "Its a rip in time... I don't know if it would just kill me but..." he remained quite for a moment. "I don't care. Death can take me if I cant be free from this burden." He stood there "What’s your name?" He asked. She seemed surprised and said "...N-Natasha....and you?"
He turned to face her one last time "Logan" He turned around and said "Get your head together mother fucker." And with that he jumped into the hole. His figure distorted, flashed and then he vanished. She stood there and watched as he vanished. She felt nothing. She was nothing. In a sense all she knew just vanished. The rip was healing. She looked around frantically trying to make quick decisions. She leaped through the rip right before it vanished making it in with no time left.

Year 2010, Fairfield Ohio. Brute saw things while traveling through the rip. His body and mind had been shocked to the core. When he arrived in a forest in Fairfield Ohio he couldn't move. His body was distorting in and out of reality and he appeared to have electricity spurts coming off him when he distorted. When he first started to try and move everything looked black and white, and everything was gridded. Nothing would move, everything was still. He also appeared to be floating.
When he stopped moving things would become normal once more. He looked over and saw what appeared to be a teenager staring at him with a joint in his hand. He was suddenly able to move he approached the boy. ".....You look familiar. What’s your name son?" The boy said in astonishment and slight fear "L, Logan.." Brute looked down and said. "Logan..." Then police sirens could be heard and brute looked over and quickly jumped off. The kid quickly put out his joint and threw it behind a tree.
The police arrived to see nothing but scorches on the ground and a very confused kid. "Did you see anything" The police frantically inquired. "No..." Said Logan. The police looked around and then ran off through the forest.
Brute decided he couldn't stay in this place. He couldn't handle it for some reason he didn't understand. He decided to head off to Rhode Island, he had heard that there were special people there the government didn't want people from the rest of the country to know about.

Chapter 4: Second Life

Natasha had also been affected by the travel, and had the same effects Brute had. She however, landed dead in Paragon City, Rhode Island and was promptly taken to a hospital. Brute arrived in paragon city after some time in a place called independence port. He was not aware of any laws in the lands and quite frankly did not care about them anyways.
He learned he needed something called "money" to get by here. He mostly lived in abandoned places until he walked by a thug one day smoking a joint. The thug quickly threw it down and said "...Er your one of them supers right? Please don’t arrest me that was just uh... a cig, yeah a cig." Brute looked at him confused "What the hell are you talking about?" The thug blinked at him and laughed "Ahaha! You must be new around here." He eyed brute up and down. "You ah...look a bit down on your luck pal..where have you been livin lately?" Brute looked down almost ashamed. "Er...mostly just abandoned houses..." The thug smiled "Come on. You can stay at my crib for awhile. I'll teach ya the ropes on how stuff works round here." Brute seemed to perk up a little "Thank you."

After taking a shower and getting himself associated with Pat, Pat taught him how most people get by around here. He began a small business as an amateur weed dealer and picked up on smoking it. He was soon able to afford an apartment and became a part of his new friends gang. He stepped his operation up over time selling more and higher quality stuff. Eventually hiring people to tend to his "money trees" as Pat had taught him and even buying a few warehouses. Eventually they stepped up and started selling the dangerous stuff. Cocaine, Heroin, Meth...Brute never would touch the stuff himself, but he learned how to make it big.

During one of his drug deals in Independence Port however he saw something that caught his eye. He saw a green, obviously mutated woman in rags shivering between an alleyway. He finished his deal and approached her. "....Natasha?" The sad woman’s eyes shot up and met his gas mask. It was her. She had the same black eyes with the red pupils. "...B-Brute?" He nodded and she shot up and hugged him and began crying. He patted her back, sorry understanding that all she knew since her "change" was hell. He took her home to his penthouse and made her a room to stay in and made sure she was well.

However when the police and CIA started getting involved is when it got serious. His gang (They had handed leadership to him because of his abilities) had become his family, his "homies" ever since they took him in and he would defend them to the death. Right or wrong. When the police killed one of his homies in a drug bust is when it got serious and he grew to hate the police and "the system". After avenging him by killing the officer that shot him he rather quickly decided it was time to move out. He used a large chunk of his now particularly vast wealth to purchase a private island on which his gang happily moved and built homes on. They were celebrating the movement and mourning the loss of they're brother the night before they moved.
That’s when SWAT busted in and almost everyone there was on illegal substances. He told them all to run and get to the dock and leave now. Pat wanted to stay and fight with Brute, he told him to go. "Hell no, we in this together ni-" Then Pat fell to the ground. SWAT had shot him in the head and then began shooting at Brute. Brute fell to his knees and frantically began checking for a pulse while being shot at by swat in a steady stream. "No..NO! Come on man, wake up you can't can't.." Brute stopped and just sat there. A few tears in his gas mask, refusing to cry.
A SWAT man then hit him in the head while he was on his knees. "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" he commanded. Brutes head shot towards him, he gave him a death stare through his mask. The man froze still. His sorrow turned into uncontrollable hate. "YOU!" he picked the man up with one hand and literally ripped him in two. SWAT began opening fire again.
Brute roared at them, his eyes glowing red beneath his mask. He clapped his hands, the impending shock wave decimated a entire city block killing the entire SWAT team. Brute landed on the ground, still in a state of uncontrolled frenzy. Heroes began charging towards him from all around attacking with everything the had. He slaughtered them one by one. Psionics, Magicians, Swordsmen, Super-Natural and Super humans alike. He carved a path of carnage throughout the city until they ran out of heroes in Atlas Park.

When reinforcement began arriving was when he was finally regaining control. He looked around to see women and children crying within the now smoky, partially burning city. Just as the next heroes were arriving he phased out of existence, going as far away as he could until he arrived in a place called the rogue isles.
There he met with a man named Lord Recluse who said he appreciated his carnage and offered to strike a deal with him. He would not only safely take him to his gang on his private island, but now that Brute could no longer make money in paragon he offered to get him set up instantly in the rogue isles in exchange for his protection should the rogue isles be attacked. An agreement was struck and he headed off to his island while money began flowing back in again.

He lived peacefully on his island for about a year when off the shores he saw ships coming in. Big ships, with guns. He told his gang to leave immediately and head to the rogue isles. They managed to escape right before the airstrikes began.
Brutes mind flashed back to that radioactive wasteland where death had encompassed the planet and he had been reborn. He was already becoming angry, but that made him crack. He decimated the air fleets the same way he had done so long ago. Reliving his past he punched the ground causing jagged mountains to erupt from the earth killing thousands at a time. Then the heroes came in. He relived every painful moment in his mind, his hate consumed his body to the core. The final moment of relivinaztion was when they nuked the island in a final effort. His howls of hate could be heard for countless miles.
He spaced out completely, hate took control. When he awoke his once peaceful island was now a remembrance of his past life, the government finally stepped back at such a great cost. They in a sense, gave up. Brute sat there for a while, being inside a mushroom cloud seemed like nothing due to the fact that he was born in one. That’s when he saw a half dead Natasha crawling towards him. She couldn't come to leave all she knew, even given the circumstances. He ran over to the half dead woman scrawled on the floor and picked her up and quickly jumped as far as he could. He left the planets orbit for about eight seconds, she began getting frostbite but it was nothing she couldn't handle he landed in the rogue isles within one leap. He quickly got a hold of his powerful contact, even more impressed now that he had survived a nuclear explosion, Lord Recluse.
After months of doctoring along with her own intense regeneration powers she healed fully and they left once more. His gang asked if he would stay with them but he said he couldn't. He had already risked his entire families lives twice and he couldn't do it a third time. He gave them all about half his money and left, he said that he would visit and keep in touch but he could no longer stay with his closest friends.

He went to the only other place he could find that his..."differences" would not matter. He moved to millennium city and quickly purchased and new penthouse (yes he is rich as hell) and attempted to live a happier life. Natasha moved in as well, being the only real family he had left. Using his vast wealth as well as assistance from Arachnos to cover up almost all traces of his past so well, Millennium City itself and all its connections would have next to no idea about him.



"International supervillian. Should be famous, maybe he's been slacking lately." -Atlusbot




-Is considered a villain to those who know who he really is generally.

-His relationship with Natasha isn't that of dating, however she is in love with him and is very jealous.

-Has no real weakness, not that he can't be harmed its just that its VERY difficult. Bullets and missiles are almost always useless and even bounce off him.

-Is very good at killing things much larger than him and has no fear. He would spit in the face of any foe. No matter the size or power.

-Is completely scarred on the inside, bitter and secretly depressed more often then not.

-Is indeed a stoner.

-Now owes Kagewoe a few drinks.