Brute Squad

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Brute Squad
"Pass the Draysha!"
The Brute Squad Emblem
Base of Operations:
Concept: Social Group
Founded: 11/28/2012
Website: [ Click Here]
The Brute Squad is a casual gay-friendly role-play super group for admirers of massive, hairy, muscle-bound super heros. All member characters must fit the Bara/Bear archetype, be gay-friendly and seek to do good in the world. Mature, 18+.



Brute Squad is a social super group that primarily focuses on light role-play and comradery for gay players of Champion Online who enjoy bara/bearish characters. Most members chat on the /Brutes channel, even when they are in other super groups. A general meeting of members of this SG usually occurs impromptu between alerts as we spray spray each other with [Draysha Gas Pistol]s and chat in /Brutes.


Members are required to be gay-friendly (refrains from the use of casual anti-gay slurs, remains relaxed in conversations about same-sex attraction, refrains from reminding us of their sexual orientation every time same-sex attraction becomes tangentially implied in conversation, etc.) and they must have at least one bara/bearish male character in-game.

Active Channels

  • /Brutes (Affiliated) Channel - Out-of-Character General Chat and Lite RP
  • /Pride Channel (Unaffiliated) - General LGBT+ chat in Cryptic Games

Role Play Locations and Hooks

The in-character base of operations for the Brute squad is a mystical drinking hall and tavern colloquially known as the "Bear Bar." It originally opened as one of Millennium City's gay bars and jointly owned by a super hero duo of a muscle-bound vigilante and a mystic warrior-shaman. The vigilante, the head of a large corporation, had no time for relationships outside of crime fighting. The vigilante bought a bar in downtown Millenium City for the mystic, so that he would never be lonely. There's a trust fund somewhere for the operational expenses so the place will always be open. However, living a life of action, the vigilante eventually died in battle. The mystic loves the place but can't bear to be reminded of his lost lover, so he's never around. In any case, It's got a bit of both of them - the detective scientist and the mystic, forever hidden away from the outside world in an enchanting hall of polished wood and musk. The lounge seems to operate on its own through autonomous technological and mystical means. The entrance to the hall, a large intricately carved wooden door way, is rather hard to find for the un-invited, but often mysteriously appears before people who would enjoy the den even in far-away places.


If interested in joining this super-group, send a private message to a member or join the /Brutes channel. We generally consider anyone in the /Brutes channel an honorary member.

Members on the Primus Database may show their membership by tagging their profiles [[Category: Brute Squad]].