Brawl Buster

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Brawl Buster
Player: @keshmarch
Brawl Buster 2016.jpg
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Tark
Known Aliases: None
Species: Half Sharidan, half Terran primate
Ethnicity: South American
Age: 21
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Maroon
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Jungle guide
Place of Birth: Earth
Base of Operations: Amazon rainforest
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Krug (father), Ralm (son)
Known Powers
Peak physical conditioning thanks to training with her flexible Sharidan biology. Increased strength, speed and defense.
Known Abilities

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Born to an Earth primate in the Amazon rainforest where she spent the first twelve years of her life, "Tark" as she was named, was discovered by a human expedition team. Thought to be a new species, she was kept in a South American research laboratory for months under harsh conditions in order to protect the scientists from her enormous strength and wild, uncontrollable behavior. During this time, she developed a mistrust of humans. The image of one scientist in particular, Dr. Joaquín Rocha has been burned into her mind from the experience.

When a Sharidan named Oreg came to the laboratory after hearing of Tark, he explained that Tark was in fact half Sharidan, her father being a Sharidan named Krug, and along with Oreg, the first of their kind to arrive on Earth. Still distrusting of humans, she was later released to Oreg where he took her back to his base of operations in the distant country of the United States of America.

While Tark was still quite feral, she was able to learn civilized customs at an inspiring rate. With the aid of Yash, another Sharidan, even her behavior became a bit more friendly, getting used to humanity as well as even learning English. She went on to live among the humans, helping and training with the U.S. military fight off invading forces and supervillains. Yash became her best friend through it all.

On November 26th of 2009, Tark gave birth to Oreg's son, naming him Ralm. A few months later, after an encounter with an intergalactic bounty hunter named Riot, Tark asked Oreg to take their son back to Nerel where they both would be safe from the uprising of supervillains. After the two left for Oreg's homeworld, Tark assumed her new superhero name "Brawl Buster", then came to Millennium City as her friend Yash left for a secret island to participate in the Larutanrepus Project.


Despite being half Terran primate, Brawl Buster is both visually and functionally 100% Sharidan. Her fur and hair is a bold maroon color and her eyes are bright yellow, the right of which she is blind in. She tends to wear random articles of clothing as fashion or function, but claims to never utilize clothing for modesty. She favors the color yellow.


Snarky, bossy and shameless, Brawl Buster behaves quite uninvitingly towards anyone, friend or foe. Despite not being competitive in the least, she tends to offend and irritate her allies, disobeys orders when it suits her and occasionally pranks unsuspecting fellow heroes. When it comes to bringing villains to justice, she loves dishing out plenty of insults and provocation, adding insult to injury with every chance she gets, which often leads her into perfect 'bad cop' scenarios where villains either admit to more crimes out of anger or just plain attempt to murder their interrogator. Despite all of this, she's very protective and will defend her allies and friends as long as she stands.


Tark possesses peak physical conditioning, and combined with being Sharidan, her abilities being much higher in magnitude compared to standard human ability.


Oreg: A fellow Sharidan and Tark's mate who, when he found out about her released her from human custody and has ended up on Tark's bad side ever since. Even after she learned how to speak, she has taken every chance into insult and berate him. What annoys him even more than her insults is their son giggling every time he hears them.
Nanocyber: Yash is a female Sharidan scientist working at Larutanrepus under the name "Nanocyber", building unique robots that help out around the facility. After Tark saved her from a horde of malfunctioning Guardibots, the two have been friends ever since. Though Tark is still quite snarky to Nanocyber, she is noticeably less so than toward anyone else.
Praglul": A female Kalidan from the planet Nerel and Brawl Buster's arch nemesis, the intergalactic bounty hunter code named Riot came to Earth hunting Oreg as well as Tark's father, Krug and was successful in killing Krug when Tark was still an infant. Tark has since successfully protected Oreg against Riot, and has trapped her on Earth not too long after Oreg and Ralm left for Nerel. She swore revenge on Brawl Buster.
1st Lieutenant Brett "Hound" Roland: A human soldier that Tark befriended during a special project Brett volunteered for to give soldiers superhuman strength and speed. Tark was inspired by Lt. Roland to train with the U.S. Army.