Brass Tacks

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Brass Tacks
Player: @monkeyhead
Brass Tacks04.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: martial arts
Power Level: 26
Research & Development: arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Michael Scott McKenzie
Known Aliases: Golden Boy, Senor Clockwork, The Bronze Goblin, Mike Brass
Gender: male
Species: human
Ethnicity: caucasian
Place of Birth: Brattleboro, VT
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: all deceased
Age: 57
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 450 lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair: metallic/gray
Complexion: metallic gold ("brass")
Physical Build: short, stocky
Physical Features: gold metal skin covers his whole body
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: open secret
Years Active: 24
Citizenship: American
Occupation: stuntman, adventurer, bodyguard
Education: high school diploma
Marital Status: divorced
Known Powers and Abilities
heightened strength, heightened agility, heightened endurance, invulnerability, extensive mixed martial arts training
Equipment and Paraphernalia
standard issue equipment, licensed private hero
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Brass Tacks is a mutant who has spent a large portion of his life either in seclusion, hiding amidst various sub-cultures, or in the public spotlight under a number of pseudonyms. As such, information on his life and activities is spotty and often contradictory.


Michael McKenzie was born of normal, unexceptional parents. His early childhood was likewise uneventful. Beginning at age 12, McKenzie went through puberty and rapidly grew into a 6' 4" teenager with appropriate speed and strength. He played sports and was especially good at football and boxing.

Beginning his 18th year, McKenzie began to experience what were initially thought to be food allergies; large red welts, like hives, would appear and disappear. Doctors gave him various medicines that did no good. Eventually, the welts came back, and stayed. And spread. As they spread, they hardened and changed color. Early scrapings and skin samples reveal that McKenzie's new epidermis resembled metal in composition, but was not a recorded element. The new substance was dubbed "McKenzite," in honor of its host, who was by this time now 5' 11" tall and weighed approximately 275 lbs.

Promotional Photo from the Bombasto Brothers Circus.

Over the course of six years, McKenzie shrank down to just under five feet in height. His density likewise increased, but he was unaffected by the extra mass. In fact, his speed multiplied ten times over. Now completely encased in a sheath of McKenzite, McKenzie, under the professional name of "Golden Boy," went on a lecture tour and eventually found his way into the circus.

McKenzie spent the next decade or two living among the underbelly of show business, operating in carnivals and circuses under various sensational names. He is best remembered from this period of time as Golden Boy due to the media exposure his condition initially attracted.

For the last eight years, McKenzie lived in Hollywood, operating as a special effects unit and stuntman for low budget productions, using his great strength and agility to help accomplish visual tricks and effects that would cost more money if made via traditional methods.


McKenzie's careers and varied wanderings have brought him into contact with a number of celebrities, personalities, and meta-humans. His associations with them appear to be mostly cordial, and given the sheer volume of stories he tells about his own past, it is safe to say that McKenzie is partially addicted to fame and cherishes his celebrity status much in the same fashion as other child stars who grow up, forgotten. Among normal humans, he is so exotic as to be an outcast, but among meta-humans, he's prosaic. This prompts McKenzie to try and over-compensate, and has led to several altercations in Paragon City, Central City, and Millennium City.

More than once, McKenzie has demonstrated his intimate knowledge of super hero sub-culture by calling in a favor for local law enforcement. As such, the following meta-humans have some sort of connection to McKenzie: The Myrmadon, FogMaster, Whacko the Clown, Doctor Diablo, Jill Scarlet, Wild Irish Rose, Justiciar, and Cindy Cinder.


High speed photography captures Brass Tacks in action.

McKenzie contacted Primus in 2004 when it became apparent that his density contraction was an ongoing condition. He submitted the full spectrum of dna samples for analysis and went through the Primus Program to help work up his full physiological spectrum. Those results are currently classified.

McKenzie was outfitted with a RAM Suit that records his P.M.E. data and uploads it to the R&D mainframe via satellite link. In addition to the standard field gear, the RAM Suit acts as a micro-compression chamber which will measure any incremental density change in McKenzie's physical stature.

According to McKenzie, he's "looking to settle down" in Millennium City. Whether this means he is retiring or attempting to start a family is unclear. Judging from his level of activity since his arrival, his reaching out to PRIMUS, and his subsequent involvement with various super groups, it doesn't seem as if Brass Tacks is hanging up his crime-fighting gear any time soon.

RP Hooks

  • Do you have a circus background? Maybe you did a tour with Brass Tacks!
  • Are you a movie star? Maybe Brass Tacks did the special effects in one of your movies!
  • Do you have an interest in metallurgy? Maybe you've worked on the McKenzite project!
  • Maybe you knew (or dated) Brass Tacks' ex-wife, Vicky Va-Voom!
If you are interested in using Brass Tacks, McKenzite, or any other part of Brass Tacks' history please contact me in-game. I'm happy to work with you. --Monkeyhead 17:19, 22 December 2009 (UTC)