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You can take the woman out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the woman. Bornwild.

The Bold.
Player: @Aglow
Personal Data
Real Name: Sofia
Known Aliases: Ferox
Species: Nonhuman
Age: Est. 25 years
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 127lbs
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Tawny
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Undisclosed
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Undisclosed
Originally named Spirit Animal, the character now known as Bornwild went through several reincarnations as her player developed her. With inspirations from Tarzan, Savage Land, other books and the love of wildlife, comes the ferox femina of City of Heroes.

Her people were going extinct. They had been for decades really; the number of poachers were on the rise while the survival rate for infants were still low. The male to female ratio were too uneven, mates becoming harder to come by.

Now there was a new threat: science. Too often in the name of research the men in suits with tranquilzer rifles came, and her people were hunted the same way they stalked prey in the jungles when the moon was high.

They took young and the females, seeking to 'perfect' what they were. The Breeds were at risk of being annihilated and existed when the world said they should not. The people preferred it that way, going through great lengths to keep who and what they were only stories that were told by firelight and at bedtime.

Tales of men and women who lived in the jungles and forests around the world who could change shape at will. With mottled spots or sleek golden lines, of jaguars, leopards, lions, wolves and bears with teeth and claws that could slice through bone. Eyes that shone with human intelligence and ran at night when the rest of the world would be asleep.

There were truth to the stories, but their existance was little more than that of the tale of Unicorns.

Knowledge could be a dangerous thing, and if something was not done soon... it would prove to be



The Breeds are a rare species that, with varying genetic make-up, can transform (shapeshift) into their Breed specific form. The species is broken down into several tribes (families), including but not limited to panthera leo and canin lupus.

More specifically, the more common Breeds are large felines (lions, panthers, jaguars, leopards, and various types of mountain cats) and canines (wolves, coyotes, and foxes). On rare occassions and due to smaller numbers other Breeds have been recorded, such as birds of prey and bears.

Each sub-species have unique genetic traits and talents and most, if not all have the ability to shapeshift at will. Heightened senses (eyesight, sense of smell, hearing) and speed, strength, stamina, and agility are all shared abilities though each family experiences varied levels (i.e, regards to speed, leopard versus bear). Rapid regenerative abilities to less serious wounds aid in the healing process.


Breeds are geographically spread out, ranging from Amazons, American forests, and further. They lived in established packs, once seeking refuge and comfort in numbers. Originally, Breeds kept to their established habitats but over generations have become civilized and branched out, now living in cities with their numbers spread thin due to low population.

In this century, few tribes remain together (complete with heirarchy) and those who do, still reside in or close to their preferred and ideal living locations (jungles, forests, plains).

Breeds are monogamus, and while most mate for life, males lead an active sexual life until they find their mate. Bonded females may only breed and/or beget children with their mate. More males are born than females, though both sexes face the unexplained infant mortality rate. The reason behind the low survivability has not yet been discovered.



She's the second child to parents Mitau and Cleo. Tawny hair and green-gold eyes, she took after her father from the moment she was born. Her tuft of blonde hair growing to a mane any lion would be proud of. She was named Sofia, younger sister to her brother Shia. Close in age, they fought like only cubs would: with teeth, claws, and growls.

Following her brother's lead, Sofia took interest in learning basic weaponry from the local warriors of her people. While her tribe is an established and modern pack localized in a trade town near the Amazon, it was their way. Sofia also grew up knowing how to handle and shoot a gun, as poacher numbers were on the rise and Sofia's people did not quite get along with the threat to not only their clan, but the wildlife in the surrounding area.

The responsbility and care of their four legged friends is something Sofie does not take lightly. She made it a point when going for her nightly runs in the jungle to keep her senses finely tuned to nature surrounding her. Her preferred running state was in her leopard form as she found it easier to relate in feline state (i.e., acute hearing, smell, and eyesight).

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Animal Empathy:

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Hakuna Matata (WIP)


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The feline companion of Sofia, Hakuna is a true jaguar. Found only in the Amazons they are vulnerable to extinction due to the high demand of their coat and the depreciating living space as many of the jungles and land they reside in are being destroyed.

Hakuna was a cub when his mother had been shot and killed by a poacher. A bullet had caught his hind leg, and his mews of distress had caught Sofia's attention while she took her nightly stroll in the jungle. Approaching him in leopard form, she shifted to inspect the young cub's injuries further.

After deciding the rare leopard's life was worth saving, Sofia comforted Hakuna with the familiar coughing grunts of a leopard. Sensing kinmanship, Hakuna went along quietly. Sofia nursed him back to full health over the course of a couple months, though he still sports a limp. This doesn't seem to hinder his love of climbing trees or pouncing prey.

Hakuna is fiercely protective of Sofia, and she of him. Still a natural leopard, he likes his alone time, though he'll come a-bounding when Sofia calls for him. Hakuna was captured along with Sofia, and was freed when she managed her escape. The pair travel together, now residing in Paragon City while Bornwild attempts to put a stop to the culprits responsible for the disappearances and deaths of her Breed.