Blur (@In-Betweener)

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Blur in Costume
Biographical Information
Birth Name Claire Alexandra Carlson
Nickname(s) Red, Blur, Speedy
Homeworld Earth
Born Millennium City
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Race Human
Physical Characteristics
Hair Bright Red
Eyes Blue
Height 5'11"
Weight 116lbs
Primary Power Super Speed
Secondary Power Unarmed Martial Arts
Armor Tungston/Titanium Alloy
Hit Points


Claire is a fun, energetic, and very charismatic person. She loves to have a good time and is generally kinda and friendly to everyone. Her personality takes on a bit more extreme flavor when she's in costume. She becomes much more energetic and more playful and fun.


Claire is a tall girl with a fairly average build. She could be described as athletic and well-toned due to her training and physical exertion. Her hair is always a bright red mess, mostly from her super speed. She's resigned herself to the fact that no matter what she uses it will always be a mess at the end of the day so tends to keep it tied back out of her face in a ponytail.


Claire's primary power is Super Speed. She has the ability to run close to the speed of sound and could possibly move even faster given more training and experience. Her top limit is currently unknown.

Accelerated Healing

Due to her increased metabolism and her physiology, Claire heals much faster than a normal healthy human. She can heal broken bones in a number of days and cuts and bruises tend to heal in seconds or minutes depending on how severe the injury is. Whether she could fully heal detached limbs is currently unknown but it's supposed that the limb would need to be reattached before any sort of healing could possibly take place.

Heightened Reflexes

Due to her powers, she can react faster than a normal human. She has a sort of "awareness" to lets her move out of the path of objects when she's moving at super speed. This allows her to avoid running into objects, she can determine the trajectory of moving objects and calculate how best to avoid them.