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Player: @Alkurthis
Adventurer Blur.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: Amy Lily Macgrath
Known Aliases: Blur
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Mutant)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Sister (Deceased), Mother (Status Unknown), Father (Status Unknown)
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 121lbs
Eyes: Black (Left) and Red (Right)
Hair: Black
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Athletic/Slim
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: Legal Citizen of the U.S.A
Occupation: Full time Hero
Education: High School Graduate
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Speed, Super Reflexes
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Speedster Suit and Armored Suit Variation
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Blur is a heroine originally hailing from Paragon City. She moved to Millennium City 4 years back, after an incident involving her sister. Blur is very shy and reserved, but never hesitates when it comes to saving the day.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Super Speed - Blur was born with the ability to move at speeds normal humans could only dream of. Her highest recorded speed is at Mach 4, although she rarely has a need to move at such speeds. She can also use this speed to create wind or phase through walls.

Super Reflexes - Blur also has superhuman reflexes. She is able to dodge most physical attacks or projectiles given that she is aware said attacks are coming at her.


Fighting - While she does know basic martial arts, Blur mainly uses her great speed to throw punches at her enemies, moving from target to target. She will also use hit and run tactics on tougher opponents to anger them into making mistakes.

Scouting - Blur has experience with using her speed to scout out locations and enemy positions, getting in and out before they notice.

Blur's Journey

Speedster Sisters: Streak and Blur

Leanne and Amy Macgrath were born as mutants in Paragon City, both with the same powers of super speed and super reflexes. The two even looked alike besides the height difference. Amy was a year younger and the taller between the both of them. They were raised by their mother, Jessica Macgrath. They never knew their father and their mother never spoke of him. Jessica had no powers herself, but was very proud of her daughters and encouraged them to become heroes when they were older. Early on, the two sisters weren't working very hard to learn to control their gift of speed, often causing accidents in the process. The damage was always minor, but as children they didn't really understand the importance of control. Both of them just wanted to race around and have fun. As time passed and they grew up, they took their learning seriously. When Amy turned 19 and Leanne turned 20, their mother had left them, saying she had to go search for their father. Since that day they made a promise to each other to always keep going, even if one should perish and decided to announce to the public the birth of the Speedster Sisters, Streak and Blur!

A Sister Slain

The decision not to use secret identities was problematic for Blur. She was shy, reserved and didn't like the attention. Leanne, on the other hand was enjoying it, though she defended her sister when she was getting harassed. This attention also attracted an unsavory character's notice. One who would want to use them for her own purposes. While the two had enjoyed numerous victories over street gangs and the like, they hadn't dealt with anything major before. When Streak and Blur were asked to deal with a crazed sorceress who was experimenting on people, Streak jumped at the chance. Blur had her doubts but always trusted her older sister's judgement and choices. Once the villains base of operations was located they charged right in. Unfortunately, this was a trap, set up by the contact and the sorceress herself, Blood Shade. She had set up devices that disabled their powers and defeated them in an instant. For 5 days they were tortured and experimented on and not once were they told for what purpose. Leanne put on a brave face for her younger sister, to help her get through it all. The 5th day was the last for Leanne, she wasn't able to handle the pain for much longer. In what was a sickening twist of fate, the experiments done to Amy had granted her enough strength to free herself, only to have Leanne yell at her to escape no matter what. She was standing there, frozen, until the promise they made was shouted at her. As she turned to flee, Blood Shade slit Leanne's throat and stating that she wasn't needed anymore. With tears in her eyes and a heavy heart, she managed to get away and proceeded to flee from Paragon City.

The Lonely Road

Blur was barely able to function in the following weeks after her sister's death. She wasn't sure how to proceed, they had made that promise but she always believed Leanne would be around. A month passed before she went back into the fight against crime, relocating herself in Millennium City. Upon arriving she was swarmed by reporters asking question after question. She sorely wished they had used secret identities but the damage was done and unknown to her, damage was caused elsewhere. She had a strong case of survivor's guilt, blaming herself for not speaking up or being able to do anything to stop Leanne's death. Also her personality had shifted somewhat since that day, seeming more aggressive at times when fighting criminals than she normally would. Amy never noticed any difference, and for four years on her own, those aggressive feelings started taking root and showed themselves more. It was because of this she never thought to seek out assistance in checking out what happened to her. However, her time of solitude would soon be seeing an end.

Shadows of the Past

On occasion, Amy would visit Club Caprice, even though she felt extremely out of place there. On one such venture, she was sitting on a table with headphones on and relaxing, she was approached by a woman in a patriotic uniform. She identified herself as Americana, to which Amy responded by spinning into her costume and introduced herself as Blur. They moved into a corner of the lounge and discussed a few things. Primarily Blur's abilities, her activity as a hero and how she felt about being with a team. She seemed to impress Americana, even though she felt insecure about her performance on a team. She was offered to meet the other team members of the group called The Adventurers and ended up agreeing. She later met with the rest of the team, first meeting two women named Dreamweaver and Lady Justice. Later on, two more showed up, Juggernette and their leader, Red Spider. After a fair amount of discussion, it was decided Blur would join The Adventurers. She was excited at the prospect of longer running solo and looked forward to proving herself. Despite no longer being alone being in this new group, the past started catching up to her. Blood Shade's minions had appeared, ambushing her when she was on missions or on patrol. Their dark magicks were accelerating the development of her dark personality, starting to cause angry outburts and physical changes. One of her eyes had turned red permanently, and shadows were appearing on her face. She was becoming reclusive. She encountered Blood Shade not once, but twice, the results of which had enabled her to use powers of darkness. Both times Blood Shade has escaped and her current location is unknown. As fortune would have it, however, she had a moment of clarity and realized what was happening to her. Rushing over to see Dr. Silverback and Witchcraft, she asked for help in reverting whatever was done to her. They were able to assist, but her eye was permanently changed to it's current red and she suffered a loss of hers powers for a time. Blur has since been rid of her corrupted personality, able to move forward and leave a lot of the past behind her.

Friends and Allies

Kronos Warrior - An inventor friend back from her starting days in Paragon City. Has since lost all memories of anything to do with Paragon, forgetting all about Blur. A mutant with the power to create illusions.

Sharakay - A robotic animal from Canada that generates electricty. It rarely speaks. Blur has teamed up with it many times and finds it a reliable companion.

Winter Wonder - Blur's girlfriend who was introduced to her by Americana and whom she loves very much. A mutant with ice powers.


No Mental Defenses - Blur has no defense against mental attacks, ranging from reading her thoughts to mind control.

Inexperienced - Despite being a heroine for 5 years, Blur has mostly taken on street gangs and their leaders. She is inexperienced when it comes to dealing with supervillains or any major threat. This can cause her to underestimate her opponent or be manipulated by them without even realizing it. Her inexperience also takes a toll on her combat ability when she has to deal with large amounts of stress at once.

What is pain? - Blur rarely takes any major damage in a fight due to her reflexes and constant movement. When it does happen, it's hard for her to get up again because she is not used to it. However she won't complain as she knows the risks of hero duty and will do everything she can to stand up again.