Blood Oathed Honor Bound

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Blood Oathed Honor Bound
"Vengeance serves no purpose. Live with honor and die in defense of what is right. Such is the true way of the warrior."
Leader(s): Becca, @Anthrax77x, @LunnyAngel, @nadazdy
Base of Operations: Millenium City, MI, USA
Concept: Honorable Heroes, PvE, Light/Mid RP
Founded: Original: 2009. New: 2012
Website: Click Here
Members: 400+
Open to all types/levels (AT/FF/PvP/PvE/RP)


Original Founding

The SG known as Blood Oathed Honor Bound was formed in 2009, by zuulmania and RJLemasters, among others. They envisioned a SG that supported its members, provided a fun environment, and served as a beacon to all in CO. (More information is not currently available, as the old founders are no longer in contact)

The First Golden Era of BOHB

BOHB was growing steadily during this time. Its leaders were active and vibrant, and the SG was always there, defending Millennium City, Monster Island, The Desert, Lemuria (*gag*), and Vibora Bay. For 3 years its members conquered VIPER's plans, trashed DEMON's aspirations, trounced ARGENT's actions, and confused PSI's intellect. With liberal action taken on the Maniacs, New Purple's, Escaped Prisoners, and various Destroids, they kept peace on the streets of MC, and the rest of the world.

During this time, zuulmania disappeared into a space nebula (STO), and Septagun and RJLemasters took over primary leadership duties. However, soon after, RJLemasters disappeared and has not been heard from since. (It is since been rumored he is searching for the bastards who shut down CoX). As a result, with several members proving their steadfast loyalty they were promoted to Shoguns, chief among these being Granny Freedom, Panther, and Becca. However, this golden time was fated to end, and sooner than people thought.

The Fall, and Rise of BOHB

In summer/fall of 2012, the last active main Shogun, Septagon, announced that he was leaving the world to engage in other activities. Becca had been on an unexpected absence, and returned to find most of the active members had left for another Supergroup, Red Academy. The SG was foundering, and looked as if it might just fade from existence.

However, Becca, and a few other members who were completely devoted to the SG, decided to stay and rebuild. New members were recruited, and then an old senior Shogun returned by the name of Craig. Things were looking up for the revitalized BOHB! Unfortunately, this glorious time was not to last either. Craig, for whatever reason, had decided to change the name, and foundation of the SG, demoting the others, promoting new admins, and changing everything. He then proceeded to have the BOHB name transferred to an alt to keep it from being used. This was a dark day in the life of the supergroup.

BOHB Today