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"Seeker of Justice"
The Fierce Combatant
"At the end of the day, it comes down to much more than just seeking justice against the vile and twisted. Every single day I fight, I play a role in giving someone that extra day of life, and knowing that that helps me fight harder, no matter the opponent."
Player: @Jaymunchy
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Aiden Gilmore
BlazeWing, Blaze
March, 3, 1987
Detroit, Michigan
Millennium City
Active Hero
Legal Status
None (Charge of attempted robbery was either dropped, or erased from his records completely.)
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Kevin Murphy(Father), Victoria Gilmore(Adopted, Mother)
Physical Traits
Meta Human
Apparent Age
Late Twenties
Body Type
Athletic, Muscular
Light brown
Light Tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
Stubbled beard, Blazing Orange eyes
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Fire Manipulation - Enhanced Condition
· Equipment ·
(NEW)VocTECH Mk 4 Authentic Energy suit - Mk 4 Prototype Vulcan Visor - VocTech Handguns - VocTech Smart Rifle - Explosive equipment - Communication systems
· Other Abilities ·
Basic combat training - Spec Ops Training - Navy Seal Training - Expert Marksman - Multilingual - Combat Specialist - Hand to Hand Combat

Aiden Gilmore, is the fire manipulating BlazeWing. He is highly trained in wide range of combat skills, in which he uses to protect the innocent.

Aiden was the son of a wealthy business man, Kevin Murphy. Kevin was often targeted by terroist because of his high status when it comes to the wealthy. To protect his son, he sent him to a foster home to remove him from being a possible target. After spending years in the foster home, Aiden was eventually adopted by Victoria Gilmore. She was an Anatomists for the criminal organization AME. As Aiden aged AME began experimenting on human subjects, to create superhuman agents with the ability to manipulate the elements. Whether it be Fire, Water, or Air. After past failures, Aiden was the AME only hope of successfully creating this kind of agent. The experiment was a success! But during Aiden’s final treatment, he literally imploded, spreading fire throughout the laboratory. Amidst the confusion he escaped the clutches of the AME.

After wondering the streets for a week, Aiden was approached by a man in a fashionable suit. Sick, Tired, and somewhat depressed, Aiden opened up to the man and told him his story. The suited man offered him a spot in the Guardian Program. Aiden accepted the offer, and was trained as a special agent from then on. Now, Aiden fights alongside the brave men and woman who seek justice globally, and universally.


Father No More

Aiden was born to Kevin Murphy, a very wealthy lawyer, he was one of the best in his field. March 3, 1987, Kevin’s girlfriend gave birth to a son. They both agreed to name him, Aiden. A few months after his birth, Kevin and his Girlfriend parted ways, Kevin took possession of the baby. Surprisingly, without his Girlfriend Kevin continued to do well in his field. Although all seemed well, Kevin, and his child’s life was in danger. A series of assassination attempts began to endanger his life. Quickly turning to the MCPD, detectives came to the conclusion that this attempts were largely gang related. When Kevin first started as a lawyer, he would often practice as a prosecutor. In his time he put away a large amount of New Purple Gang members in jail. Fellow gang members wanted Kevin dead, and wouldn’t stop until he just that. Sadly, Kevin had no choice but to remove Aiden completely from his life, in order to keep him from being a target himself. So, he secretly put him in a fosters home.


Growing up without really knowing your parents is a horrible thing. It can have a long term effect on most children, that could possibly ruin their future. As a child Aiden believed that his true birth parents would come back to get him when he grew older, well...thats what one of the foster homes supervisors said, anyways. Around the other kids, Aiden would often become "mute". He never really talked to the other kids. Because of this, Aidenw as often used as a scapegoat whenever the kids did something against the rules. A young girl named Sicily would often defend Aiden whenever he was in trouble.

"If you know you didn't do anything, then just open your mouth and say it! If you don't then, the bullying will never stop!" - Sicily in a conversation with Aiden

Although Aiden wasn’t much of a talker, he and Sicily became friends, and got so close you’d think they were siblings. They would tell each other stories, share each others food, and even help each other with their chores around the house, which was a big deal at this foster home. All was well, until one day a couple came to visit, looking to adopt a girl who was at the age of 13. Sicily fit that category, and the couple wanted to adopt her immediately. Aiden begged the couple to adopt him as well, even going as far as saying he they were brother and sister.

"Please, Please! We're brother and sister I swear! You'd be ripping us apart!" - Aiden trying to convince the couple adopting Sicily

Not only did he not want to be torn apart from the only friend he's ever had. But hell. He wanted parents. After the supervisor had to literally hold back Aiden, the couple declined, and left with Sicily.


Since that day, you could say Aiden hasn't been the same. He is actually the polar opposite of his much younger self. Aiden would often get into fights with the children who once bullied him. He was no longer the silent, timid boy he once was. The new personality that has taken Aiden by force, was only beneficial for fending off bullies. But because of his rough and tough demeanor, visiting couples seeking a child to adopt would often turn a blind eye. But one day, a single woman appeared. Her name was Victoria GIlmore. She had a specfic child she was looking for, and Aiden just so happened to fit the description. Although Victoria wasn't particualrly trustworthy, AIden wanted out of the Foster home, and wanted to leave his old life behind.

The Phoenix serum

Victoria was an Anatomists. She worked for a secret criminal organization known as AME. AME focuses on advance experiments on both human and none human. A project that would test a special serum on humans was in development. The serum would genetically alter the subjects DNA, giving him or her the power to manipulate the elements, such as water, fire, wind, or earth. The fluids used in the serum are blood samples of past super villains with said abilities. During the length of 6 months, 34 patients died from the injections immediately. Victoria, head of the project was obviously extremely disappointed by the results. The only way to get more patients were by kidnapping, or human smuggling. But both those options were out. She had only one other choice. One that was surprisingly quickly taken…

Sleeping Bomb

The final test subject for Project Phoenix was Victoria’s own son. He was kidnapped by a squad of AME agents during the night. During the ride to AME’s secret facility, they injected him with a sleeping agent so he would stop head butting one of the agents. Once at the facility Aiden was thrown into an energy cell used to hold Meta humans. Aiden’s mother was behind all the planning of the kidnapping, and Aiden didn’t know a thing.

“I have no other choice. In order to complete Project Phoenix, a sacrifice must be made. The serum has been tested several times, and is at its final stage. It will work this time. And my son will be the bearer of its success.”- Victoria speaking to an assistant.

The next day, the testing began. Again, Aiden was given a sleeping agent before the injections would occur. The serum would be injected simultaneously in the spinal cord, the deltoids, the buttocks, and the wrists. Aiden was luckily in a deep sleep during all this, if he were awake the facility would be filled with unspeakably loud screaming.

Lady Karma

With the injections now complete, Aiden was removed from the container he was placed in. His skin was redder than usual, and although his eyes were closed, an orange aura lingered from beneath his eye lids. Unlike other test subjects, Aiden survived the injections. Project Phoenix was 50% complete, the only thing left for them to do is to wait and see the results of the serum. As Aiden emerged from his sleep, he caught a glimpse of his mother standing over his bed with a clipboard…

"Mo..Mom? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Aiden, my son, you're awake! Thank goodness."

"What are you doing here, mom!"

"I'm here to keep you comfort my boy. You just recovered from a special treatment after you hit your head on concrete."

"What? No, I was kidnapped! And what are you doing here!? Y-You're behind this aren't you!?

"Shhh, Shhh. Calm down, it's alright. The doctors told me that you'd act up. So we're going to have to do something to keep you calm. It won't hurt a bit. It'll only make you feel better."

Just as metal clamps locked themselves onto Aidens limbs, the sound of a razor can be heard from behind him

"Wait! No! Stop! Stop! STOP! AHHHHHH!"

At that moment, Aiden literally exploded and burned the metal clamps into molten metal debris. Everything surrounding Aiden in a 100 foot radius bursted into flames, that includes…his mother. Aiden went berserk, and went running through the facility creating patches of fire that would eventually turn into thick flames. Aiden was able to escape the AME’s facility before it came crashing down onto itself. He was the only survivor.

Lonely Days

Millennium City. The season was in mid fall, and the air was chilly, especially at night. The chilly temperatures would not fare well with Aiden. Although being out in cold weather would affect any human terribly, Aiden was extreme example. He would sweat ferociously while trying to find shelter. His body would even burst into flames,trying to protect itself from the cold weather. Every time this happened, Aiden had to find a new pair of clothes…somewhere.

Aiden soon found shelter in Westside, inside an abandoned house. When he would get cold, Aiden would create small fire pits in his backyard to help him warm up. While warming up in his backyard, he would always just stare up at the sky. As if he were looking for something. For several days, Aiden would do the same routine. Look for food left over on trains, buses, and garbage cans, he would often try to pick pocket passer byers as well, but he only succeeded in this once. The lack of food, finally got to Aiden and he decided to try to rob a gas station. Using his powers to manipulate fire, he would threaten to burn the cashier alive if he didn’t give him the money. Although, that was just a ruse. As the cashier began franticly putting the money in a bag. Aiden had a moment of clarity, and began tearing up. Apologizing for what he had done. Aiden ran out the gas station and luckily, the victim did not call the police.

The Man In The Shadows

At this point, Aiden’s life was filled with misery. He began to shed pounds, and became as slender as a tree branch. Along with that, his fire manipulating powers became harder, and harder to use. He could no longer produce flames as easily. One evening, Aiden heard sounds of creaking wood inside his makeshift shelter home. He jumped to his feet, ready to take action on the possible criminal lurking around. Aiden didn’t have much of anything worth stealing, maybe only the clothes on his back but even that’s not worth anything. He wanted to scare the unknown person away with his flames, but he failed to even produce it. So, he screamed.

“Get the FUCK outta here! I have a gun!”

The sounds of the creaking wood, stopped immediately and the only sounds heard were the sounds of heavy breathing and passing cars. The man said something from the shadows, but it was awfully hard for Aiden to make out what he said. Aiden screamed another threat, as the man in the shadows finally spoke up.

“I only want to talk.”

Aiden backed up slowly trying to get in reach of an actual weapon that he could use. Before he could, he tripped and fell backwards on a stack of broken wood. The man in the shadows finally appeared and his attire was able to be described. He wore an all-black, sharp looking, and well-fitted suit. While he walked closer to Aiden who was still trying to recover, he unveiled a miniature transparent electronic pad and began flipping through the pictures shown inside.

“You see, I just want to ask you a few questions.”
“Stop wasting my god damn time! I know your just here to loot.”
“Do I look like the kind of guy that needs to loot? Look at this. Would this happen to be you?”

The man holds up the transparent pad to Aiden’s face. The scene of the picture shows a hooded figure pointing a ball of fire at a cashier. Two minutes into the robbery, the Hooded extinguishes the fire, and slowly walks out the Gas Station without the money.

“Hmm, well then that’s a problem. The facial identicator has to been proven to be 100% correct. That means someone here is lying, Aiden.”
“How’d you…”

The man in the suit arches his back as he stretches.

“I’m interesting in finding out…why did you leave without the money? You walked out as if your puppy just died. You could have stolen up to…”

He taps on his pad, once.

"Five hundred dollars."

Aiden’s mouth slightly drops as if he regrets just now not stealing the money.

“I’m not a thief, that’s not what I’m meant to be. I just don’t have the heart for it. Hurting others who don’t deserve it, is something I just can’t do. No matter how…much I’ve starved.”

Aiden eventually opened up to the man, telling him all of which lead him up to this point. He skipped a few details here and there, such as the death of his mother, but told him all about the AME. Now fully in understanding Aiden’s situation, the man explained to him the reason why he’s been searching for him. His name is Valdez Voctec. Yes, his name is odd. He is head of the security department of a multi-billion dollar company created by his Father, Victor Voctec. The name of the company is as you guess, “VocTech Industries”.

VocTech lacks capable security officials to help defend the companies employees from radicals, and criminal, who often try to steal the company’s hardware. To prevent this, the security department, backed by UNTIL, created the Guardian Program. A program that enlists the help of young heroes and train them to become both guardians of the city, and of the company itself. Aiden would not too surprisingly be the first to enlist in the program, and eventually more followed.

The Guardian Program

After being recruited into the Guardian Program. Aiden was sent to a private academy school that is financed by VocTech industries. The Academies main purpose is to help young teens control their powers. During Aiden’s attendance to this school, he associated with fellow young super humans with similar backgrounds. One of which was a metal manipulating young boy named Collin Baker. Collin’s entire body was encased in a metal like substance that is as strong as titanium when he was a child.

The two got along well, they both were left without parents and struggled to survive up until being recruited into the Guardian Program. They eventually became best friends almost comparable to Aidens long lost friend Sicily. Between the two Collin was by far the most intelligent. While Collin knew all about the American Revolution, Aiden knew more about fictional characters. But being friends with such a intelligent person had it's benefits. When Aiden began slacking off, Collin would always be there to help Aiden study for the next exam.

The Guardian Program II

After finishing the academy, Aiden was transferred to a Special Training Facility located in the Mojave Desert. Although some of the students were aggravated by the heat, Aiden rather enjoyed it. The training given at this facility would consist of standard Military training, and special ops individual training. Since Aiden’s stage of homelessness, he has built his body back into a healthy state, the serum increased the speed in which Aiden’s body grows, which made him one of the strongest, and fastest in the group.

The training was rough, and tough, the instructors were not at all easy going. At the end of every day, the recruits would be exhausted. The Director of the program Vicky Dolly, held no restraint when giving the recruits training exercises. If a recruit couldn’t come through, then they wouldn’t eat dinner that night. Not to anyone’s surprise, one of the recruits Amanda Rilke tried to escape the facility late one night. She was able to make it to the outskirts of the facility, but was spotted, and personally sniped with a Taser round by Vick Dolly.

"This Facility isn’t meant to be a prison. It’s meant to create a better, stronger you." - Director Vicky Dolly

Brothers in Arms

After the first phase of the Guardian Program was complete, Aiden and his fellow recruits were now sent to VocTech’s Michigan research facility to be assigned equipment and gear for the final phase of the program. Releasing the newly bred heroes. Although the main ideal for the Guardian Program was to produce dependable guards for the companies own interest, it was eventually overturned after the world soon became aware of the Program and was now described to be a “hero breeder.”

Aiden in Spec Ops gear, during the Guardian Programs final phase.

Even after hearing of VocTech’s new main goal, there were some who disagreed entirely and wanted the program shut down for good. Groups such as the “Red Hand”, and “Verge” who were Anti-Superhuman organizations. The group Verge, was more so on the political side of things, while the Red Hand, sided with violent measures to have their voices heard among the communities.

Throughout Aidens “young” years, he would fight against the “Red Hands” violent members alongside his ally Collin. With Aiden and Collins combined attacks, they were nearly unstoppable and single handedly removed the Red Hand gang from the streets. Pretty soon, the dynamic duo became somewhat popular among the citizens of Detroit and were given the alias BlazeWing, and Steel Titan.

Phoenix Squadron

In response to the increasing crime rate, Aiden and Collins decide to create a group of average heroes to take on crimes across the city. With the help of VocTech industries, the new group was supplied with their own place of solitude, gear and transportation. With Aiden and Collin in charge, they both agreed upon the name of the group. Phoenix Squadron. The group of heroes would range from older teens, to young adults, and over the course of five years, they would continually help stop crimes across the globe throughout those years.

Several of Phoenix Squadrons members grew very close to each other. One of the members with the Alias: Whisper, begins dating Collin. Aiden would agree that they were a match made in heaven, they both loved the same things, things that the average person would not enjoy. Although Aiden was happy for him, he had the feeling of his best friend’s relationship with his girlfriend to be an very odd coincidence.

No room for lies

After a disgruntle loss against a common enemy because of the lack of teamwork, members of the Phoenix Squadron began questioning Aiden and Collins ability to lead the team. As intelligent as Collin was, the orders he would give in a fight were quite unachievable. Behind the scenes, the once trustworthy Whisper, was now feeding Collins mind with lies.

“I’m not a thief, that’s not what I’m meant to be. I just don’t have the heart for it. Hurting others who don’t deserve it, is something I just can’t do. No matter how…much I’ve starved.”

Although no one particularly believed Whispers conspiracy theory, her boyfriend, Collin believed it easily. Whenever Aiden would take charge on the field, Collin would respond to it with a question rather than attending the task right away. Because of the lack leadership, a few of the Phoenix squadron’s members left the team, not wanting anything to do with the “drama”. In order to keep the group together, Aiden had no choice but to remove Collin from the team. Whispers plan was nearing completion!

Caught Red Handed

The removal of Collin from the team devastated the group’s morale. With no one else willing to replace Collins role, Aiden’s confidence in his team began to diminish. It also didn’t help that Whisper completely vanished days after Collin was removed, no one, including one of her best friends could not find her. With the group’s mental state hanging on a thread, the head supervisor for the team assigned a group of UNTIL officers to help reestablish order.

With the help of the UNTIL officers, the last remaining members of Phoenix squadron felt rejuvenated, and ready to participate in the protection of Millennium City. Not too soon after, an attack on VocTech’s Main HQ broke out. A large force of heavily armored combatants, and superhuman criminals were on the scene of attack. The line was not held for long, as the unknown combatants broke through VocTech’s security.

The Phoenix squadron finally appeared, lending support to the remaining security guards. After a minor skirmish with a hand full of the attackers, the group discovered that the attackers were none other than the Red Hand! A group of violent anti – superhuman criminals who, as everyone thought at the time, were put down for good years ago.

At that moment, the heroes alongside VocTech Guards, rushed the now enemy held building, hoping to get to the CEO of the company in time. The battle in close quarters was nothing but brutal. It was a death trap. The speedster of the group, Dash, was fatally wounded during the battle. As bodies began to fall, whether knocked unconscious, or dead. The group finally managed to make way to the CEO’s office. Where they saw the most…distressing scene.

Violent Resolution

With the building now back under control, there was one last piece of resistance to take care of. Aiden’s dear friend, Collin, and his girlfriend Whisper. They were responsible for the attack! With the CEO of VocTech, and several other employees now being held hostage, Collin had leverage over them, threatening to kill the rest of them if they came any closer.

Whispers plan was to infiltrate Phoenix Squadrons roster, earn their trust, and turn them against each other destroying them internally, so the Red Hand could rise once more. But that didn’t go as planned, instead, once Collin, and her became a couple, her plan was to make him believe that he was not essential to the team, and Aiden only cared for himself. In the end, she succeeded and turned him against the people who cared about him.

With a gun pointed towards his head, the CEO begged Collin to let his employees go, and take his life instead. With incredible speed, the CEO lunged himself at Collin being able to at least knock him slightly to the side, will tumbling to the ground himself. In that amount of time, Aiden and his team closed in on them. Now fighting point blank with each other, Aiden and Collin were in a deadly tussle. Both fighting with burning emotions. Collins metallic body was strong enough to resist the majority of Aiden’s attack, as for Aiden, he soon was badly hurt and in need of his teams back up. But even then, Collin was near invincible.

Aiden’s use of his fire manipulating powers were nonexistent during the fight. He did not want to hurt his closes friend. But with his teammates being backed into the corner, he had no choice. After being damaged by Aiden’s lethal fire blasts and the rest of the team’s powerful combo attacks, Collin ordered a retreat. Whisper along with the remaining Red Hand goons literally disappeared from the building. During the fight, a handful of employees were injured, along with the CEO. About thirty six guards were killed.

Aiden’s recovery process was an extensive one. A broken collar bone, and a fractured hip was surprisingly hard to recover from, considering Aiden was capable of recovering from such in less time than normal. During his recovery, VocTech’s replaced Aiden with another hero, named MetaGuard. He took over the leadership role during his recovery. But not too soon after, Phoenix Squadron was shutdown, deemed to be ineffective in the fight against global crime.

Powerful Recovery

A year after his recovery, Aiden was back on the streets, but now. Alone. His past teammates were no longer reachable, almost as if they never existed. As some heroes may know, playing the hero game solo has its perks. But for Aiden, the perks were minimal to say the least. Not to say he wasn’t capable of easily scrapping a few alleyway goons. But once so ever often, he would come across a deadly opponent.

One with greater power and strength, but even if he was to attend to these criminals alone he wouldn’t hold back a thing, for he was stronger than he knew he was capable of being. Aiden was a fighter from the beginning, and he has chosen to always be one until the end. Whether it be fighting for others, or even himself he would try his best to never fail.

His fight for justice is never ending, and his motivation to protect the defenseless is greater than ever.

When a crime appears, expect BlazeWing to be near. . .


Aiden with mask.
Aiden without mask.

When not in his combat suit, Aiden would be what most would call handsome. His face for the most part is usually stern, and sharp. The pupil of his eyes are the color that of a ripe orange. Aiden likes to keep his hair cleaned up and nicely combed when not out patrolling the city. Aiden stands around 6'3" and 222 pounds. His stance is both firm and relaxed at the same time. He walks as if he is nothing more then the average person. But the aura that surrounds him shows confidence, focus, and positivity. The clothing Aiden tends to wear is that of casual clothing, such as button up shirts, T-Shirts, Jeans, sneakers. Basically, anything that someone "normal" would wear.

When out on the field, Aiden wears his specially modified suit wearing the colors of Gray and Orange. The suit is capable of deflecting small arms fire, as well as some higher grade weapons. A halfed mask covers the majority of his face, leaving his hair which is now unkempt to left uncovered. Along his waist, he wears a belt with several hidden pouches inside of it. As for gloves, he wears two specially designed gauntlets that further helps him manipulate the form in which his flames are projected towards enemies.


Aiden Gilmore is what most would call, open minded. He holds an aura of positivity whenever he is around. Or at least he tries to. Typically, he enjoys meeting new people, regardless of they have an ego as large as the most popular celebrity. He enjoys having one on one conversations, and getting to know the other person. The fact that he can learn more about someone else’s opinion excites him. The training he received during his young years changed his personality for good. He once was a very silent, and mild mannered, and now he’s as open and talkative then he ever was.

But as much as Aiden tries to forget about his past, a number of things still haunt him. The day he was injected with the AME’s experimental serum is one that he has had numerous nightmares about. He would normally wake up in a cold sweat after the nightmare, and luckily not in his fire form. Although not noticeable by others, whenever he has had these nightmares it had a tremendous effect on his state of mind. But since recently, after meeting a phycologist over the course of two weeks, Aiden was capable of overcoming his past fears. When out on the field, one would notice how Aiden’s nice, and open minded personality would change to a no nonsense, let’s get it done type of personality. When Aiden’s adrenaline gets pumping, his training kicks in, making him a great tactical asset to any team he may be on.


The Phoenix Serum, a creation of the Advance Mutant Experiments, gives its subject the powers of Elemental control, as well as superhuman abilities. Aiden being one of the only successful subjects of this serum, has come away with a hand full of superhuman capabilities.

But years of physical and mental training has further improved his abilities, as well as helping him discover new ones...

  • Pyrokinesis - BlazeWing has the ability to create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion. As a hero, BlazeWing often tries to limit the use of this power against everyday crooks.
  • Enhanced Condition - Coming from the side effects of the serum, BlazeWing is at the physical and/or mental condition of what most would match up to as superhuman.

All of the following apply under his Enhancements...

"To have the power to manipulate fire is amazing, but it often requires the power of confidence and careful consideration. Don't ask why I'm speaking as if I'm responsible. It's just a prank."

*Contaminant Immunity
*Enhanced Agility
*Enhanced Dexterity
*Enhanced Endurance
*Enhanced Intelligence
*Enhanced Lung Capacity
*Enhanced Marksmanship
*Enhanced Memory
*Enhanced Reflexes
*Enhanced Senses
*Enhanced Speed
*Enhanced Stamina
*Enhanced Strength
*Regenerative Healing Factor

  • Fire Empowerment - Closely related to his capability to control fire, when BlazeWing comes in contact with other sources of fire, his superhuman abilities are somewhat heightened, giving him more energy then usual.


From the day BlazeWing was recruited into the Guardian Program, weapons and gadgets have been an important part in how he combats evil. In order to not accidently burn everyday criminals to a crisp, he uses a wide variety of weapons to dispose of them that would leave them with mild bruises if anything. But of course, if things get to rough? He has enough heavy munitions to dispose of them, for good.

If of course…the target isn’t invulnerable to bullets.

  • VocTech VC90 Custom Handguns
"Anyone else?".

-The VC90 has the versatility to fire a multitude of calibers such as…

  • 5mm
  • 5.7x28 mm
  • .25 ACP
  • 7.65 mm Parabellum
  • .44 Colt
  • .45 ACP

The VocTech is set with a titanium slide and glowing sights. The grip of the handgun are made from a leathery material that is specially designed to magnetize to BlazeWings Gauntlets giving him a better hold of the weapon.

The rounds used for non-lethal situations are as well a product of VocTech.

V2 Taser Rounds electrocute the target with 10,000 volts per shot. Several different rounds with higher or lower voltage rates have been processed to be used in certain situations.

  • MC90 Smart Rifle

-The MC90 Smart Rifle is a prototype rifle, capable of being disassembled small enough to fit in one’s pocket. The rifle was both designed and produced by the Scientist Anton Malinov. The Smart rifle can fire a wide variety of calibers as well.

  • 5.56x45mm NATO
  • 7.62x52mm NATO
  • 8.60x70mm
  • 12.7x99mm
  • .50 BMG

The MC90 shoots V2 Taser Rounds for non-lethal situations as well, only it uses the largest caliber of Taser rounds, capable of taking down a 7000kg elephant in one shot.

  • VocTech Archer Energy Sword

Although no longer in use by BlazeWing, the Archer Energy Sword was a plasma heated single gripped melee weapon. Its range of use was only considered for engineers for cutting hard metals in a single swipe. But the design was soon used as a prototype for a non- lethal weapon for VocTech security guards to use as replacements for batons.

Although useful for the guards, the Archer Energy swords were not so helpful in the field when used by BlazeWing.


  • Mark II Vulcan Gauntlets

- BlazeWings control over his fire manipulating powers has grown, but it is not as accurate as it could be. To minimize the risk of spreading flames to unwanted areas, the Vulcan Gauntlets were manufactured specifically for BlazeWIng.

  • Helps create and manipulate the element of choosing with better accuracy.
  • The gauntlet is in testing phase to be used as a replacement hand for those with disabilities.

  • RRD eye piece

-In order to help protect the city, BlazeWing must have accessibility to view crimes in progress. The RRD eye piece is the solution. The eye piece is placed internally inside his mask, and activates as a holographic screen right before his eyes via voice command.

  • Mk 5 Custom Energy Jumpsuit

-The Custom Energy Jumpsuit is a fire proof, nearly bullet proof battle wear. Within the suits breastplate area lies a small energy core that both warms BlazeWing in severely cold environments, and feeds energy to tech equipment such as the RRD eyepiece, and the Vulcan Thrusters.

  • The largest caliber cartridge the Energy suit was capable of literally deflecting without user damage was the .458 Lott and the .50 BMG. The .950 JDJ penetrated the armor.
  • The energy core can last up to seven weeks before needing to be recharged.

  • VocTech Vulcan Thrusters

-The VocTech Vulcan Thrusters are a pair of Jet boots, attached to BlazeWings suit. Although it is a personal breakthrough for the masterminds of VocTech industries, the Vulcan Thrusters BlazeWings uses are the limited versions.

  • The boots are very slim, and looks like nothing more than a part of BlazeWings Energy jumpsuit.
  • Because of the limitations of the energy suits power source, BlazeWIng can only stay in flight mode for so long.

  • (NEW)Gavier Grav Bike Mk.1

- Personally built by the scientist Anton Malinov, the Gavier Grav Bike is much more versatile then his Vulcan Thruster boots. The colors are closely mirrors BlazeWing's suit.

  • The Grav Bike can reach speeds up to 700 mph, if of course the driver is wearing a protective g-suit. The bike automatically goes it's limited 200 mph if the driver does not have the correct gear.
  • The bike uses a personal energy shield to protect it's driver from weapons such as AA guns, and small arms fire.



Steel Titan

Powers/Abilities: Organic Metal Skin

Occupation: The right hand of the "Red Hand".

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Steel Titan was once a hero of Millennium city, until his mind was twisted by the vile and evil, Whisper. His wanting to spread peace and justice was dismantled to only seek treachery and crime.



Powers/Abilities: Telepathy

Occupation: Red Hand Super Agent

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Whisper was born and raised to do the Red Hands bidding from day one. Gifted with the powers of telepathy, she manages to destroy BlazeWings and Steel Titans relationship for good, and at the same time, leading one of them to betray his friends.



Powers/Abilities: Munitions, Enhanced strength

Occupation: Mercenary

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Hafter. A Hitman who most would consider a cyborg. He is well known in crime organizations to be violent and precise when taking paid assignments.



Powers/Abilities: Invulnerability, Super strength , Plasma Manipulation

Occupation: Leader of the New AME

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The short term leader of the Phoenix Squadron, turned evil by power and hatred for law enforcement. Once the Phoenix Squadron was shutdown, MetaGuard felt as if he was betrayed and untrusted by the founder of the Phoenix Squadron, Victor Voctec. And soon pursued his own wantings and ideals. Some of which most would disagree with almost immediately.


Red Hand

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

Occupation: Leader of the Red Hand

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The leader of the Red Hand criminal organization. Not much at all is known about him. But where there is a group as large as this one, there must be a leader.


  • The Red Hand

The Red Hand was founded by Ace Caver, an ex-politician who felt that the law enforcement should be the ones to stop illegal actions not “superhuman abominations” as he would call it. The Red Hand once practiced nonviolent acts of protest, but after an internal conflict, they began taking more vile and outrageous measures.

Although purely against superhumans, the Red Hand still has quite a few of them in their ranks. But they are isolated from the rest of the Red Hands members.

  • AME (Advanced Mutant Experiments)

In a word, the AME is crazy, psychotic, and insane group of people. That was more than one word wasn’t it? The leaders behind the AME believed that the only way the Earth could be saved from human destruction was by improvement. So to do that they decided to kidnap people in clusters, and experiment on them with special untested serums. Although most died under their “care” some experiments were a success, as an example, BlazeWing. After BlazeWings escape from their facility, the AME was fully discovered by the public, and eradicated by government special operatives, and heroes alike. But now, in the present. After being rebuilt by the ex-hero MetaGuard the group has something new to achieve…

Friends and Allies


((Currently, BlazeWing has been gone for so long, most would think he's dead. So friends? Or allies? Zero.))


RP Hooks

  • BlazeWing often wears his headgear, even when in relaxed social situations. Lets just say it turned into a bad habit.
  • BlazeWing isn’t as knowledgeable about most things in the social media. Heck, he’s never heard of Facebook.
  • BlazeWing has undergone several freelancer missions for UNTIL, UNITY, VocTech, and the FBI.
  • BlazeWing has undergone training in the Guardian Program for Ten years. Him, and Steel Titan went solo with and created the Phoenix Squadron when he was at the age of twenty one.
  • BlazeWing has undergone training from former Navy seals, and present alike, during his time in the Guardian Program.
  • Director Vicky was the closes thing BlazeWing felt he had to a parental guardian.
  • The Phoenix serum contains blood samples from a deceased Super Villain, which is considered a superhuman transfusion.
  • BlazeWing uses none lethal weapons to avoid potential severely damaging, or killing hostiles that are.
  • He can cook a good Gumbo!
  • BlazeWing original suits color scheme was actually Gold, Orange and silver.
  • BlazeWing does not kill, and expects team members to at least try to do the same, unless completely necessary.

Notable People(NPC's)

  • Sicily Thomas Aiden's very first friend. They were inseparable, and at times seen as brother and sister. But eventually, Sicily was adopted by a couple. They have never seen each other since.
  • Valdez Voctec Officially he is the CEO of VocTech, after his father stepped down. Valdez, was there to give Aiden’s life purpose. And still to this day, Aiden will do anything to help Valdez. Well not anything.
  • Vicky Dolly Vicky Dolly was the director of the Guardian Program when it was still in service. To Aiden, she was the closes thing to a mother he had. As harsh as she was, he still cared for her. The same could be said about Vicky, she saw potential in Aiden, and wouldn't allow him to give up no matter how hard the task he was given.
  • Collin Baker(Steel Titan) A man born with organic metal skin. He was taken away from his family at birth by the government and tested on day in and day out. After being recognized as a potential asset by Vicky Dolly, he was transferred to the Guardian Program, where he could be treated as a resource, rather than a test subject.
  • Gregory Hanson(Yazer) Yazer was assigned the field leader role when the Phoenix Squadron was still in service. With the powers of incredible speed, he was Aiden’s go to guy for scouting operations. Just as the rest of the Phoenix squadron members, Yazer dropped contact and has been unable to be found since.
  • Diana O'Cannell Diana was a journalist for the WCOC. Aiden and Diana dated for a lenghty amount of time. She eventually discovered his alter ego, and swore to never tell a soul. The next day, she died in a car crash returning home.


  • BlazeWing tries to treat everyone as an equal, no matter if the individual is some sort of manimal, alien, or a vampire with a good soul. Wait. Is that a thing?
  • BlazeWing enjoys hearing others opinions, no matter how flawed some of them may be.
  • BlazeWing is surprisingly good at basketball. Why is it surprising you ask? No Questions!
  • BlazeWing has great respect for military veterans.
  • Although BlazeWing isn’t immune to every sickness, he rarely ever gets a cold. If he does, it lasts for no longer than five hours.
  • BlazeWing does not have Trypanophobia , but that doesn’t mean he particularly likes needles.
  • He is immune to most pheromone types that can cause changes in hormones, or can grant the person in the act, mind control over BlazeWing. But telekinetic mind control is much more probable to succeed.
  • There was a phase when BlazeWing was a MMO junkie.
  • Likes the nickname BW, or Blaze. Hates the nickname Blazyboo.
  • Blaze cannot be damaged by products with the elements of heat. That includes fire, Hell fire, Dark fire, Spiritual Flame Manipulation.
  • BlazeWing's color and outfit has transitioned over the years, and his current suit model is now Mark 5!
  • Test have shown that cigarettes have no effect on Blazes lungs. but even then, he has no interest in smoking.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages makes Blaze burst into uncontrollable flames. The last time this happen was around eight years ago, he hasn’t drunk alcohol since.


  • That had to leave a mark...

Although BlazeWing has extraordinary abilities, he can still be wounded terribly by being hit in skull hard. Of course he heals quicker than the normal human, but taking too much damage at once puts him out of service.

  • Water. I need water!

Most would think BlazeWing would be afraid of water, but in his case, water is a must. If he is dehydrated, he risks bursting into flames, which may not be a problem for him, but will be a problem for the surrounding innocent

  • Ok, thats too much water.

Back on the case of water. Water can completely dissolve any form of fire that BlazeWing produces, which is quite obvious. If completely covered in liquid, Blazes ability to form fire is severely hampered.

  • I'm not afraid of heights! I just try to avoid them as much as possible!

If falling from a high enough platform, BlazeWing will be significantly injured. A five storied building? He can manage that landing. Twenty stories up? Can kiss his legs and spine goodbye. Although, this also depends on whether he maintains his initial velocity when falling. Any interference that slows the speed at which he falls can save him.

  • These bullets may be no bigger than my pinkie, but they're damned heavy on my hips!

BlazeWing may have been given strength enhancements, but he can only carry so much equipment during combat. Too much and he'd be slower than usual. Superhuman's have limits too.

  • You can fly? You're not from this planet and you wear a cape. I'm keeping my distance."

Although BlazeWing can take a serious beating and still put up a fight, Metahumans such as MetaGuard and Lord Joven prove to be difficult opponents because of they're supernatural strength and high durability. Not to mention, Lord Joven is encased in nearly impenetrable armor.

Theme songs

Liath MusicOpenRed.png
Man of Steel
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Ice Cube
Today Was a Good Day
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Steve Jablonsky
The Score - Dinobot charge
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Sexy and I Know It