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I am not of Earth. My origin is found on the Meghelion planet of the Qwatrelliod Belt. It is the home of once peaceful races. My journey took me from the humble cave dwellings along the River Bashee. I crossed the walls of Slitherclaw to the realm where the winters lasts years not months; traversed the whitescapes to the protected cities, determined to do battle for my people.

On my home world there are many nomadic tribes of sentient beings with dark skin and large eyes for whom I fight - Might and Magic reign. I am from one of the many species that once lived in harmony under the rule of our peaceful royals.

I left the simple life of my people behind in pursuit of the King's adviser who dared to usurp our rulers and to find ways of other civilizations to help us combat our oppressors: Dr. Eerie and his demonic consorts.

Dr. Eerie, a high ranking scientist in the King's Court, overthrew The Royals in a bid to hasten our technological advancement, and bring us into what he considered to be "The Enlightened Life". This progress, though well-meant, came at great cost to our civilizations. Oppression ensued and civil war began.

Eerie is behind bars on Earth now, and his weak minded female, Psyche, has joined him! His loyalists keep sending the fixers to defeat me, but I will stop them all. Let them come - their fates will all be the same!

Player: @bazodee
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Blackswipe
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations:
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Green/Black
Complexion: Grey
Physical Build: Slim
Physical Features: Large Eyes
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active: 2
Citizenship: U.S.
Education: N/A
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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