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Player: @BigMustafa
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"Happy trails"
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: Basic UNITY Clearance
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Memphis Knight
Known Aliases: Blackguard
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Undead)
Ethnicity: Scottish, Irish, and Native American
Place of Birth: Luckenbach, Texas
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Officer Roger Knight (Father; Deceased), Shirley Knight (Mother; Alive)
Age: 39 (Died and Reanimated at 23)
Height: 6'4
Weight: 195
Eyes: Purple (Previously blue)
Hair: White (Previously blonde)
Complexion: Pure White (Previously tanned)
Physical Build: Mesomorph (Muscular and Athletic)
Physical Features: Black markings around his eyes
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Publicly Known
Years Active: 14
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Full Time Hero (Previously U.S. Army)
Education: Highschool Diploma
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Commands various Qliphothic powers, healing factor, able to transform himself into a swarm of bats, Invisibility, Undead Characteristics, Improved overall physical capability, U.S. Army training
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Variety of different firearms, Necrullitic Elixir, lite armor
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"Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is." - Josey Wales, The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)

Early Life

Memphis Knight was born on August 12th 1980 to police officer Roger Knight and his wife Shirley Knight. Memphis was raised in an strongly Evangelical-Christian household, with very firm and yet encouraging parents. Growing up Memphis enjoyed reading comic books, and watching old western films with his father. Roger had wanted to see young Memphis follow in his foot steps to become a police officer. Unfortunately for the Knight family; fate would place a dark cloud over their house. On July 19th 1987 Officer Roger Knight was killed in a fire fight. Memphis never truly got over the loss of his father who he was very close with. Despite the hardship of losing a parent at an young age he remained strong and optimistic asking himself what his heroes of the old west would have done. This only encouraged the young boy to find an outlet of service in which to honor him. Shirley Memphis; did not handle the death of her husband very well either and took a lot of care to shelter Memphis. Despite Mrs.Knight's best intentions however; Memphis had continued to want to pursue law enforcement as his father before him wanted. Memphis would graduate Highschool in 1998 and while he was getting ready to apply for the police academy; a different opportunity came knocking at his door. In an attempt to go beyond what his father had done; Memphis decided to join up with the military and protect the nation.

Military Service and Death

Memphis' frankly enjoyed his time in the army and excelled in all exercises he was given. Even after the United States went to war in the middle east; Memphis had wanted to pursue a career in the military. Though his strives in a career would be short lived. On October 25th 2003; Memphis and his team were given the task to raid a Al Queda weapons vault in Iraq. According to military intelligence the group was collecting weapons to distribute to their comrades. It was a night time assault and everything went exactly as planned for Memphis and his team though the building did not seem to have any sort of vault. Deciding to split up and search all around the building Memphis had taken to the basement. After spending some time searching the basement Memphis would notice that one of the walls covered by a book case had been false. Breaking through the wall he found a treasure trove of military grade weapons. Though despite all the weaponry he was surrounded by something strange and unusual caught his eye: A scroll case. Believing this could be valuable information; Memphis opened the scroll case and removed the scroll. The scroll was ancient and weathered. It contained an older more medieval form of Arabic script that Memphis simply wasn't familiar with. Unknowing to Memphis however; assailants had discreetly entered the building and with silenced weapons these unknown assailants killed his comrades quietly before finding Memphis and ending his own life. While Memphis had died; his story was only beginning.


Memphis would awaken buried alive beneath the sands; unknown what exactly happened to him; he began to frantically try to unearth himself. When he had reached the surface he found a gang of men he was not familiar with and among-st them he would find the super villain known as "The Alchemist". The gang was furious when they saw Memphis rise from the dead. The Alchemist had exclaimed that Memphis had ruined his scroll before ordering him to be shot at in a fit of rage. Memphis with new found abilities and endurance was able to escape and after several days of searching he was able to find his way back to his base. Commanding Officer; Lieutenant Justice Hyde and Memphis' brothers in arms were shocked at his new appearance. Their friend and companion had become pale white with glowing purple eyes. Lt.Hyde immediately ordered Memphis to be contained for a proper examination. Memphis was examined by what he was told was an "Expert in the unnatural". Shortly after this meeting though a friend of Memphis' from the service named Sarah Flores came by with a warning for Memphis that they had planned to destroy him. Memphis in desperation and with Sarah's help escaped the cell he was contained in when he discovered that his undeath came with curious dark powers. It did not take long for the lieutenant to notice Memphis had escaped; Lt.Hyde ordered personal to hunt him down. Flores had spent the night protecting and hiding Memphis and the next morning she had told her commanding officer that Memphis had perished when the sun rose. News of Memphis' death was falsely given to his mother stating he had died in battle. Memphis spent the next two years in the deserts learning about his newly found powers and capabilities. While Memphis learned very little about the nature of his condition he did learn valuable tricks such as Invisibility and how to turn into a swarm of bats. Using these powers for discretion allowed him to leave the middle east. Knowing that Millennium city had a reputation for powered heroes; Memphis traveled to Michigan to try and put his strange powers and undeathly nature to use as a hero.

Heroism the Rise of Blackguard

Like all other start up heroes; Memphis began his path towards heroism in West Side. Unfortunately for Memphis he was not labeled a hero initially, and instead was labeled a villain. Memphis despite ending crimes was often blamed for the crimes taking place. The media chose to call him 'Blackguard'; an old fashioned term for a scoundrel because he always seemed to get away. Though as the years went by and more technology came out. People began uploading videos of Blackguard in action proving to the media that he was actually conducting heroics. Despite the media's error they continued to call him blackguard while he worked in West Side trying to understand his powers and help the city in his own way. 2019 became the year for Blackguard as he finally gained a stronger grasp over his unknown powers, and he had taken on harder tasks and more vicious villains. The Alchemist would come to Millennium City to wreak havoc and perhaps it's how fate intended it to be: Blackguard was there to stop all of the Alchemists insidious plots. Blackguard's efforts against The Alchemist lead to a rise in notoriety and he had come forward with his story to Witchcraft. Lt.Hyde was investigated, indicted, and found guilty of treason when it was discovered the commanding officer had been working with various terror organizations for years. While the trial had been going on; Memphis sought out true knowledge regarding his condition. A friend of his he had met at club Caprice recommended a dragoness by the name of Chandarra. It wouldn't be long before Memphis would meet Chandarra and discuss his condition and the events that lead up to it. Chandarra performed an investigation into Memphis' undeath and what she found was astounding. Inside Memphis was a Qliphothic Generator, and even more curious was that the generator functioned on the chemical level. The generator itself converted Oxygen, Water, and Plant and Animal matter into Qliphothic energy that allowed him to be animate despite being dead. This discovery meant that Memphis is the only known undead to survive by breathing and eating normal food as opposed to flesh or blood as other undead are prone to. Recently; Memphis was able to acquire the scroll that had originally turned him into an undead after ending another one of The Alchemist's plans. The scroll was recently handed off to Chandarra to hopefully uncover more answers in regards to his condition and what troubles it may cause for him in the future.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke


Qliphothic Generation - Blackguard's primary power and source of all of his other powers. When Memphis found that scroll in Iraq his blood activated it. This scroll unleashed a dormant spell that had been waiting over around 500 years to be activated through death. This scroll put what arcanists called a "Qliphothic Generator" inside of Memphis. The generator is cleverly alchemical in nature. The generator converts life on the chemical level into the Qliphothic energies that keep Blackguard animate and grant him his wide array of powers. As stated; the generator converts life energy on the chemical level into Qliphothic energy. This means Blackguard can use oxygen by breathing to keep the generator going, and drink and eat normal foods to power his internal generator. This makes him perhaps the only undead that actually lives life as a quasi-normal person. Not only does this keep him animate, it also fuels his usage over Qliphtohic energy for utility and combat purposes. Some abilities include: The ability to summon Qliphothic Imps to fight on his behalf, creating small vortexs, healing, shielding himself and there is more that he still has not tapped into yet.

Invisibility - Blackguard is able to cloak himself from visible sight. This ability pairs well with his undeath because not even thermal detection can expose his cold corpse. That being said; Blackguard is not knowledgeable on stealth or espionage. Individuals good at detecting the unseen could easily find him despite being physically concealed.

Bat Swarm - One of Blackguard's more unusual special powers is the ability to turn into a swarm of bats. This power in particular provides him exceptional utility and flight; allowing him to not only move much faster, but also fit into smaller spaces if need be. Often dismissed by his foes; this is not ability that should be taken lightly.


Military Training - Memphis has retrieved military training from his time in the Armed forces. While he was not special forces or special anything; he still excelled well in the military and his training has been put to excellent use in his heroics.

Artifice - Upon working with UNITY Memphis had began studying the arcane arts; specifically artifice. Memphis uses his learned knowledge to create powerful firearms and ammunition that cooperate with his qliphothic powers.


Superhuman Physique - Memphis prior to attaining his powers was already in peak human physical condition. When he rose from death he only became stronger as the converted oxygen energy is in part designed to empower his already existing body granting him above average strength and agility.

Marksman - Memphis is a natural shot, having been taught how to fire a gun since he was very young by his father who had taken him to the range during his child hood, and even after the death of his father he continued to practice firing his gun. Entry into the military only further nurtured his ability to fire a gun; making Memphis a life learned ranged combatant.

Gear and Equipment


Twin Desert Eagles .50 MK.XIX - Blackguard uses two Desert Eagles in his line of work. While there is nothing incredibly unusual about these two very powerful pistols; the one thing that does stand out is it's magical modifications. The pistols are made with some Adamantium parts and are designed to allow Blackguard to channel his power into his guns as well as use some of his special ammunition.

H&KUMP - While not his most trusted arms. Memphis has found use for a sub-machine gun in his line of work. Used typically when dealing with multiple targets. Much like his pistols these are also custom configured to allow use of his special ammunition.


Kevlar Vest - Standard military kevlar painted with his shield insignia. Generally this exists to provide extra padding and some defense. Memphis' healing factor generally keeps his body intact but just in case he uses standard issued Kevlar.

Magical Equipment

Necrullitic Elixir - From UNITY's files; Memphis has learned to brew a special potion drink that will assist in healing his wounds very quickly despite being undead. The drink even functions with his generator allowing him to enjoy active and fast healing of his body.

Qliphothic Rounds - Made from Cold Iron and Adamantine to carefully maintain the charge; each bullet is packed with a tiny amount of Memphis' Qliphothic energy allowing his shots to become far more deadly than normal gun fire if he so choosed.



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