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Black Magic
Player: @drobjectionable
Black Magic Edit.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Felicity Elliot
Known Aliases:
Gender: female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: West Morlake, MA
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, FL
Relatives: Parents, Christian & Vivian
Age: 27
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: White
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Curvy
Physical Features: Distinctive hair coloring
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

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Identity: Cult tv personality
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: TV Hostess, adventurer
Education: BA in fine arts
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Nightshroud cloak, demonic leather
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Background and Origin

Growing Up Strange

Though Felicity's direct involvement with the occult world wouldn't happen until she was in college, the young woman grew up surrounded by the strange and morbid. Raised by her parents in the Massachussetts village of West Morlake, their home was a place of interest in a number of local missing persons cases, criminal investigations and the like. While there are no documented incidents during the Elliot's time in that house, it is worth noting that Christian and Vivian are currently patients at the West Morlake Recovery Center, checking themselves in shortly after their daughter left for university. Felicity herself brushes off all questions about her early life with dismissive jokes.

Teachers and peers described young Felicity as being "distant," though not "anti-social." Simply seemingly distracted by matters just out of everyone else's view. Despite her distractions, young Felicity maintained above-average grades, if not an active social life.

The Invisible College

It was during University that Felicity truly came into her own. Seemingly free of whatever mysterious distractions nagged at her back in West Morlake, Felicity threw herself into social groups. Immersing herself in theater and the arts, the young Elliot took to the stage as an actress, eventually majoring in theater.
It was also during this time that Felicity found herself drawn into other, darker circles. With her University only a few hours away from Vibora Bay, the young woman whom peers had described as so "distant" and "strange" was drawn to the oddness of that city's occult scene like a moth.
Felicity's transition from the club scene to back-alley magic was under the tutelege of Billy Arcane, amateur occultist with alleged ties to the Scarlet Moon. Survivors of the couple's first occult circle report that Felicity took to magic like few others. However, her "studies" in this regard seemed frivolous, guided by Arcane with large gaps in the knowledge she was given. When the group finally imploded, in a ceremony gone horribly wrong, Felicity broke all ties with the group, and Arcane.

The Black Magic Hour

Following graduation from college, Felicity found herself briefly without direction. Moving to Vibora Bay, the young woman took bit theater parts where she could while working as a waitress at the Minefield. After a few, disatisfying months, however, Felicity struck upon an idea that she felt would take her to subculture stardom.
Creating a persona for herself, Black Magic, Felicity decided to pick up the mantle of the late-night horror movie hosts of yesteryear. With the added twist of actual experience in the occult, Felicity used a combination of sardonic wit, lackluster b-movie footage and actual occult experience to put together a show unlike any that had been seen before. Being Black Magic not only lent her show an aire of humor and sex appeal, but it served a larger purpose: de-fanging the monsters that had lurked in the periphery of Felicity's life, up to this point. The ones that affected the people she cared about, wether they knew it or not.

Current Events

About a year into her run, Felicity's time has Black Magic has made her something of an underground celebrity among night owls, occult buffs and other weirdos. With a small clutch of hard working assistants to help her catalogue and organize everything from showrunning to a somewhat manageable closet of the occult, Felicity has managed to turn "Black Magic" into a fully self-supported lifestyle and more.
Knowing it was only a matter of time before her activities would raise the ire of the monsters she was working to take the bite out of (so to speak), Black Magic wasted no time in adopting the public persona of a heroine. Having helped the authorities in Vibora Bay and Millennium as a consultant on occult cases, as well as prowling the streets of her steamy Floridian abode, Black Magic has begun making inroads to establish herself as a heroine to the people, with all of the protections and profile that might afford her. While she's had a rather successful career thus far, however, it remains to be seen how long she can keep poking the beast(s), before they really begin to snap back ...

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Sorcery - Felicity is a practiced sorceress, but her training and focus are primarily in direct effects. The primary focus of her training was on basic ritual implementation, and the channeling of arcane energy. Her aptitude for it made her seem like an invaluable tool to her former circle, and her aptitude for channeling extra-planar forces is considerable. In the years since coming out from under Billy Arcane's shadow, however, Felicity has honed her abilities, mastering a few healing skills, summoning powers and refining her control of what she can do. Subtle and indirect effects are outside her normal purview, as she prefers flashy, impressive and direct results.


Occult Knowledge - Felicity is an enthusiastic student of the occult arts, and has been her entire life. Having redoubled her studies now that she's independent, Felicity has put a great deal of work into amassing an occult library that ranges from the latest quack mysticism to eerily legitimate tomes of forbidden knowledge bound in all manner of unpleasant things. In her free time, Felicity is most often found in study. Her knowledge is far from complete, which sometimes gives her just enough understanding to be dangerous, and not just to the monsters she faces.

Doing it by Rote - Felicity's greatest attribute in occult practice is still her adaptability to ritual. Able to focus, clear her head and learn quickly from observation, Black Magic finds herself able to adapt quickly to occult tasks, even without much prior knowledge. This natural aptitude can make her highly useful to a benevolent wizard looking for an extra set of hands. More than once, however, it's made Felicity an unwitting accomplice to less scrupulous sorts.

A Different Kind of Magic - As an actress, Felicity failed to captivated the theater audiences of Vibora Bay. As Black Magic, however, she has worked hard at developing an audience. When not up to her neck in the underworld, Felicity actually does an admirable job managing her sparse production crew, public appearances and the technical aspects of doing her show. Her practice as an actress also gives her an advantage when attempting to bluff or connive her way out of situations.


(Oc)cult of Personality - While hardly a household name amongst normal citizens, Felicity is rather well known in certain circles. If recognized by a fan while she's working a case, Black Magic is hardly adverse to trading an autograph, show tickets or a little extra attention for important information or access. This notoriety also provides her some degree of protection, as many of the groups her actions have raised the ire of know that her disappearance wouldn't go unnoticed. At least, for now.

In Her (Un)natural Environment - Due to her upbringing and prolonged exposure to otherworldly forces, Black Magic is incredibly hard to rattle. Even in the face of some mind-bending horrors, she manages to maintain her trademark smirk. However, this also applies to situations in which a more practiced mage or heroine would know to exercise caution. Felicity's bravery has gotten her through more than one trying time, but it's gotten her in over her head too many to count.

Gear and Equipment


The Nightscrap - Unearthed early in her misadventures, the Nightscrap is a cape that has become a signature part of Black Magic's "look." A powerful occult artifact, the Nightscrap allows the wearer to travel via teleportation, by slipping into a small sub-plane where normal rules of physics don't seem to apply. The danger of the item, however, is that if Black Magic is significantly distracted (or even harmed, somehow) during transport, she runs the risk of being lost indefinitely in this shadowy realm. Due to this, she only relies on the cloak for short jaunts unless in dire need.

Black Leather - Tailored from the flesh of minor demonic beings, these items allow Black Magic to handle and walk through materials otherwise harmful to the human body. Felicity's costume incorporates long gloves, boots, a mask and a corset crafted from the otherworldly material.

The Lending Legerdemain - Felicity's flippant name for her occult collection, it is a rather impressive sum of books she's managed to gather over the last few years. Both a resource and a responsibility, Black Magic knows at least enough to know what her private collection could do in the wrong hands. Towards that end, she's tried to ward and protect her library as best she can, and usually has at least two staff devoted to its care. However, as is always the way of these things, accidents do happen ...


For the most part, Black Magic's heroic activities have either been as a solo heroine, or part of momentary team-ups. However, she has a support staff of friends and co-workers who help her to keep the show running, and her head above water.

Stuart Addison

Self-appointed "head librarian" of the Lending Legerdemain, Stuart is a long-time friend who has taken it upon himself to catalogue and organize Felicity's ever-growing book collection. While his diligence and suprising tolerance for the bizarre has led him to be surprisingly successful in the role, Stuart has begun noticing more than a few grey hairs.

Black Magic Monica.jpg
Monica Lang

Set designer, shot director and production assistant, Monica was Felicity's best friend in college. Eager to put herself on a project that carried a bit more weight than her eighth staging of "Rent," Monica's laser-focus cuts straight through any complications that arise on set. And working with Black Magic, some "complications" tend to require more cutting than others.

Annie Raimi

The second curator of the Lending Legerdemain, Annie is oddly enough a library sciences major. Unlike Stuart, however, Annie is far more eager to throw herself into the strange world their collection represents. As such, she's gotten herself into trouble more than once. But, hey, who hasn't been turned into a Turakian hell-beast at least once in their life, huh? She got better. Mostly.

Owen "Two" Stone

A Scottish expat, Stone was stranded by his bandmates after a night of drinking in the wrong part of Vibora. In need of work, Stone currently does the heavy lifting on set, as well as serving as a deterrent for some of the more overeager fans. Stone knows far more about the occult than he really lets on. Not that he wouldn't share, if only anyone could penetrate the man's thick brogue.



Blackmagic Sidhe edit.jpg

Name: The Bann Sidhe
Alias: None known.

An ancient evil of unknown origins, the creature called the Bann Sidhe seems to answer to no mortal power, and exhibit no form of communicable thought/emotion beyond an absolute hatred of the living. Stalking Black Magic from the earliest nights of her public debut, the specter has come close to ending her career almost as soon as it began. Possessed of great physical strength and durability, as well as being seemingly tireless, the Bann Sidhe is a formidable physical threat. Additionally, the creature possesses qualities that make it's very presence toxic to living humans, producing a sickening effect. Most terrifyingly, however, is the creature's "death call," a sound that, unless counteracted by some manner of charm, always heralds death.
Though hard work and luck, Felicity survived her final encounter with the creature, trapping it within the terrifying sub-dimension of the nightscrap. Far from an ideal solution, Felicity still researches more long-term ways to deal with the problem.
CURRENT STATUS: Incarcerated.

Threat Level:

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Billy arcane Blackmagicenemies.jpeg

Name: William Adam Arcane
Aliases: Several, amongst occult circles

Living the life of a low-end arcane con man, Billy Arcane had limited influence in groups such as the Scarlet Circle, DEMON and was even occasionally useful to the Trey Kings. He was also Felicity Elliot's former boyfriend, and ushered her into the world of the occult. Using Felicity from the very start, Billy's sole goal (right up to the dissolution of his arcane circle of friends) was to expand his influence in the magician's underworld. Billy possessed middling arcane ability, able to competently command sorcery but far from the wizard he put himself on to be. His true talents were in lying, manipulation and petty thievery.
When Black Magic became a public figure, it was only a matter of time before Arcane surfaced and attempted to take advantage of his former protege. Having completely underestimated her, Billy Arcane has been missing ever since the pair's climactic battle in a cavernous crypt beneath Vibora's streets.
CURRENT STATUS: Presumed dead.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Blackmagic Diva edit.jpg

Name: Diva de Los Muertos
Alias: Anna Maria de la Cruz

A necromancer from remote Mexico, Diva de los Muertos runs her own wide-spanning criminal organization on the backs of the dead. Her talents as a necromancer and her connections to international crime cartels have given her a wide power base, and made her name feared and hated across the globe. A practitioner of the blackest of dark arts, Diva de los Muertos uses her powers to control the living and the dead. Additionally, she is known to be ruthless in her dealings, with a well-known habit of forcing those who have failed her to continue to serve, even after receiving her most brutal punishment.
The Diva is constantly looking to expand her power base, both magically and in criminal politics. This has led her to several run-ins with occult heroes, most frequently Black Magic. The two have exchanged victory and defeat in some of the most remote parts of the globe, with neither able to strike the deciding blow.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Blackmagic Crowley edit.jpg

Name: Alicia Crowley
Alias: Alicia Travis

A young sorceress, Alicia was an amateur dangerously obsessed with all things "occult." When Black Magic became her favorite television personality, Alicia's obsession suddenly had a more singular focus. Over time, however, this infatuation turned dark, as Alicia began to resent Black Magic's heroic career, leading her to decide that she would fill her boots better. Brokering a deal with demonic powers, Alicia sold her soul for powerful sorcerous abilities. Using her powers like blunt instruments, Alicia proved to have massive destructive potential, making her a considerable threat, in the immediate sense.
In the end, however, Alicia's powers proved to be no match for Black Magic. Though she was able to possess and replace Felicity for a short while (producing an episode of The Black Magic Hour that fans online still complain about), Felicity's will won out, in the end. Currently, Alicia is a "guest" of the Trismegistus Council, who are working to do what they can for her.
CURRENT STATUS: Incarcerated.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Blackmagic Drake Edit.jpg

Name: Damian Gamaliel Drake
Alias: "Chosen," "The Voice," etc.

The young "messiah" of a remote Appalachian cult, Damian used inborn psychic abilities to bend an entire rural region to his dark whims. Drunk on power, the boy ruled his cult with an iron fist, operating out of a mostly-abandoned mining town as he built a wide power base for himself. A mentalist, Drake enjoyed powers that manifested in both telepathy and telekinesis. His abilities were also helped by an upbringing in the occult, giving the youth a working knowledge of symbols and concepts that made his psychic lies that much more potent.
Drake's cult ran afoul Black Magic fairly recently, as she researched the region's local ghost-town rumors for her show. Unable to overcome Drake's mental powers, Black Magic eventually defeated him by calling on older, more terrifying occult presences in the region. Afterward, representatives of PRIMUS moved in to study the area, and help rehabilitate Drake's former followers.
CURRENT STATUS: Incarcerated.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Blackmagic Constance edit.png

Name: Witchhunter Constance
Alias: Constance

A recent emergence into the occult underground, the woman calling herself "Witchhunter Constance" seems to have taken a keen personal interest in Black Magic. Merciless in her dealings with the supernatural and those who traffic in it, Constance has already developed a reputation for brutality and ruthlessness. A highly-trained combatant, the Witchhunter is an expert swordswoman, and keen acrobat. She also displays a good working knowledge of the occult, particularly wards and the weaknesses of various creatures.
With her full motives and goals still unknown, it remains to be seen exactly what sort of threat Witchhunter Constance will prove to be.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

General Perception

To the general public, Black Magic is usually perceived on late-night Florida cable, from 1 to 4 a.m. To the average viewer, she's a bit of eye candy and a few snarky lines over some old black and white films. To those "in the know," she's either a heroine taking a stand against the creatures that really do go bump in the night, or a dangerous idiot making a mockery of horrors impossible to understand. To the heroes and heroines she's worked with, Felicity hopes she's made a decent mark. And to her enemies, she hopes she's taught them not to take the name Black Magic lightly.

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