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›› Born to a mixed-race couple, John Mokoena did not an easy life during the apartheid. He was a science professor at Cape Town University for many years, until his marriage to Rosalia, a young Namibian woman. This brought even more hatred and scorn from his colleagues. He soon resigned from the university.
›› A year later John was shot and killed at an anti-apartheid rally. His son, Josiah, was four years old. His daughter, Beth, was one.
›› Rosalia took comfort in her son's apparent genius. The discovery that Josiah was a child prodigy came at the right time. With two children and no job to speak of, Rosalia found that Josiah's aptitude for science and technology drew a lot of attention from many corporate financiers, including a quickly growing venture known as Advanced Research Group Enterprises. With their help, Rosalia found their troubles disappearing.
›› Josiah was soon enrolled in a private school in Johannesburg. It once was reserved only for the wealthy and white, but the ARGENT influence placed Josiah on an academic fast track. This created an atmosphere of hate and resentment with his fellow students; an experience his father similarly faced years earlier. Alone and secluded, Josiah found solace in his creations and imagination, and with his mother's love.
›› During a field trip for the school's brightest students, Josiah and his family fell victim to a rebel attack. His mother and sister were killed in the explosion. Josiah was one of three survivors. ARGENT responded and took care of Josiah.
›› The following years were full of intense study and research. His ARGENT benefactors watched as Josiah graduated from the University of Cape Town and then M.I.T. to become an expert in nanobiomechanics, genetic engineering virology, and nanolepton fields.
›› ARGENT was pleased.


›› Josiah was five years old when he began his interest with all things small. He marvelled at how one small ant, in great quantities, could have such an impact on the environment. He studied them in great detail. That is, until he was introduced to science.
›› From cells to molecules to atoms, when Josiah's fascination grew exponentially as he read more and more about the make-up of the universe. He consumed everything about the building blocks of matter and their interaction with one another.
›› At the age of fourteen, Josiah made a breakthrough in bio-molecular science. He designed a virus that could power pacemakers or artificial limbs. Then, with the help of his friend, Charles Roth, a microbiologist, he revolutionized medical science with the first nanobot designed to repair human flesh.
›› For Josiah, once you reached a certain size, all matter was the same.


›› The super-science center of ARGENT were thrilled with Josiah's advances. They took his work and used it to their advantage. Josiah didn't mind. He saw it as repayment for all the good they did. When another student, an expert hacker named Naledi Bello, revealed that ARGENT was not only responsible for his father's death, but for the deaths of his mother and sister, Josiah was stunned. He was living a lie.
›› Josiah, along with a few other students, hatched a plan to not only escape ARGENT's grasp, but to wiped their files, work, and identities from ARGENT systems and disappeared. Josiah, however, found this very hard to do. His identity was public knowledge and very well known. He was the son of a famous professor.
›› Josiah, instead made a public announcement about moving to the United States to attend MIT. ARGENT could not stop him. Josiah took possession of his father's fortune and moved to the United States.




›› ARGENT provided it's wards with training beyond their academic responsibilities. It provided martial arts and weapons training as well. In the guise of self defense and game hunting, of course.
›› Josiah love the exercise and enjoyed the time spent outside. It kept him in perspective and allowed him to remain at peace. However once his mother and sister were killed, he took to the training with a renewed fervor. But his motivations were not peaceful, nor defensive.


›› Once he move to the United States, Josiah sought out ARGENT labs. Millennium City hosted a huge ARGENT presence and he knew that he could do the most damage to them their.
›› With so many costumed villains and heroes around, Josiah felt his cause and his actions would be easy to keep hidden. Josiah took the identity of the black harrier, a common sight from his home, as its plumage would be the perfect basis of his new identity. He used his knowledge and training to create the technology he'd use on his missions. But it wasn't until the intervention of another hero of the night, that solidified his current appearance.




›› When in the public eye, Josiah has a calming personality. He engages everyone he meets getting to know them as best he can within the time allowed. Josiah is a good listener. He remembers everyone he meets, what they spoke about and makes a note of asking about what is most important to his companion.
›› Josiah is well liked at his company and has been generous to those whom he employs.


›› As the Black Harrier, Josiah rarely speaks. When he enters his vengeful personality, he had a purpose, a goal, that will not waver. He knows what needs to be done. There are no unanswered questions. He has meticulously studied the situation and knows what needs to be done. No reasons to doubt. Speaking would only slow his mission.
›› However he does listen. It is well known that if you can prove you are no longer a threat within three minutes, then you could survive am encounter with the Black Harrier.




›› Josiah was gifted with a genius-level intelligence. It came with a natural affinity for technology and science. And though he did not apply himself in athletics until his teenage years, Josiah is also a natural athlete.


›› Argent is known to employ many qualified soldiers and mercenaries. They train many of the younger recruits to become highly trained Argent supporters. Josiah was one of the few that easily cross-trained in both mental and physical training.


›› Under the tutelage of another of Millennium's night warriors, Josiah has broadened his range of physical skills to include xxxxx. Also, his weapon designs have forced him to develop new skills not available to many outside the military. Only daily practice had Allied him to reach the performance level he currently possesses.




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:Black Harrier
/ / PLAYER @SoupViking

/ / Real Name Josiah Moekena
/ / Known Aliases None
/ / Gender Male
/ / Species Human
/ / Ethnicity Black
/ / Place of Birth Johannesburg, South Africa
/ / Current Location Millennium City
/ / Relatives None

/ / Age 32
/ / Height 6'
/ / Weight 185 lbs
/ / Eyes Brown
/ / Hair Black
/ / Complexion Dark skin
/ / Build Athletic
/ / Notable Features None

/ / Identity Secret
/ / Citizenship South African
/ / Married No
/ / Occupation None
/ / Education PhD from MIT
/ / Years of Activity 2
/ / Married No
/ / Notoriety Wanted Vigilante