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Player: @Bernard_the_Beast
Bergrox 000 portrait x300.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: "Bear"
Gender: Male
Species: Manimal Bear (Grizzly)
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 38
Height: 7' 6" (2.3m)
Weight: 712 lbs (323 kg)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Rugged
Physical Build: Heavy, Herculean Physique
Physical Features: Several mostly healed scars on Body and Face
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: N/A
Years Active: 17 Years since leaving Monster Island; 2 Years as a Superhero in Millennium City
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Professional Superhero, Martial Arts Instructor
Education: G.E.D. (UNTIL, High School Level), Supplemental Education (College Level)
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Beyond Human Strength, Endurance and Dexterity
Equipment and Paraphernalia
CRP Comlink, Ninjutsu Equipment, Weapons and Artifacts
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Paragraph Indent.pngBergrox is a beast of scientific origins, involving the splicing of human genes with those of animals, creating hybrid creatures known as Manimals. Often perceived as monsters, Manimals are the creation of Dr. Moreau from deep within the bowels of the infamously named Monster Island.

Paragraph Indent.pngAs hard as it may be for some to fathom, Bergrox is an extensively trained and qualified martial arts master, and has been granted the title of Shinobi by a reclusive clan of Ninjutsu practitioners who still reside in seclusion within the mountains of mainland Japan. Though hardly the best in applying the stealthy qualities for which the Ninja are legendarily known for, Bergrox's skill as a fighter live up to all the rumors surrounding his title: with the great physical power Manimals possess along with the skill and perfection achieved through years of training amongst his fellow Shinobi, Bergrox is the ultimate balance of strength and agility, deceiving his opponents and taking them down with ease.

Paragraph Indent.pngThough possessing an extensive set of skills, the most relevant to his work as a superhero include being an expert grappler and martial artist: a Shidoin (or master) of five of the thirteen disciplines of Ninjutsu (and a shodan, or learned practitioner, of the other eight disciplines), he is extraordinarily proficient in many fields of fighting as he deals with combating the growing threat of villainy within Millennium City and the rest of the world.


Paragraph Indent.pngThe most immediate of Bergrox's features is his visage as a Manimal bear. His former human DNA spliced with that of a grizzly bear, Bergrox is a humanoid ursine creature over a foot taller than the average human height, and with a shoulder width and physique that are easily four times that of the largest human bodybuilder or strongman on the planet. His musclebound form is accentuated through the short coat of bristly hair that covers his body: the visible results of a body-training regimen designed to improve dexterity and raw physical capability, and the shaving of his fur coat to improve balance and agility. He has a broad bear-like face and other generally stout features that are associated with innate physical power.

Paragraph Indent.pngHis usual expression is one of inner peace, but outer defiance: he is stalwart and not apt to give in to anyone or anything's demands. Furthermore, due to his animalistic facial arrangement, he is somewhat incapable of displaying emotions in the same manner as humans. Empathy through facial expressions alone is almost impossible, in the same way it is often difficult to accurately recognize an animal's mood. Bergrox will often employ gestures to better explain his state of mind, and ensure his audience understands in what context he may be speaking. He is often found to be a quiet and reserved individual, not interested in small talk or casual conversation, but can be quite philosophical when discussing a topic that interests him.

Powers, Attributes and Skills

Paragraph Indent.pngThough hardly specializing in the stealthy qualities for which most Ninja are renowned for, Bergrox's skill as a fighter are easily verified by his conduct in battle. Bergrox's extensive skills include being an expert grappler and martial artist: he is a Master of five Ninjutsu disciplines including Taijutsu (unarmed combat), Kenjutsu (sword techniques), Kayakujutsu (pyrotechnics), Shinobi-iri (stealth) and Boryaku (tactics). Bergrox's abilities are further balanced by martial training in other Kenpo (striking) arts, to ensure a broad range of skills that he can draw upon in combat. Though a general expert in Hand-To-Hand combat, his abilities are further supplemented by his capabilities as a Manimal, and his determination to survive.


A wild Manimal of the Jungle, Bergrox struggled to survive each day.
Paragraph Indent.pngOnce just another wild Manimal on the ferocious Monster Island, Bergrox's tribe was disbanded by a VIPER attack. Managing to escape death and capture, he lived on his own for some time, stealing supplies from the various agencies and organizations operating on Monster Island. Adopting a more stealthy and reclusive existence in order to survive on his own, Bergrox began to invest time in studying some of the incidental items he stole: aside from food, he had captured many books and reports, and for some time attempted to read them. He felt that if humans were able to survive on the island more effectively than the Manimals themselves, much could be learned from them. Gradually, he became more enlightened as to their methods of survival, but he did not have the determination to go beyond basic comprehension: he was still a primitive Manimal. While gathering items from an UNTIL outpost, his raiding efforts failed and he was captured. UNTIL reported his arrest to the peaceful Manimal village of New Gornyj, and its leader, Father Elk, suggested that the grizzly Manimal be transferred to the village to see if there he might be rehabilitated amongst his Manimal kin. Bergrox lived in the village for some duration, but he did not feel attached to it: through his experiences surviving on his own, he did not feel he was a member of their tribe.

Though accepted into the tribe, Bergrox didn't feel kin to the Manimals of New Gornyj.
Paragraph Indent.pngAs he earned his keep within the tribal village, he no longer had to fight for survival in the way he had before, and thus had the opportunity to reflect on what he had learned during his raids in the past. He began organizing the knowledge and experience he had obtained, and started to better comprehend the state of the Island: he had seen many kinds of humans, but each human 'tribe' was different in some way. Most human groups wore uniforms, clad with armor and adorned by insignias representing rank. Yet there was one group of individuals that Bergrox learned were collectively known as "Heroes." These were individuals of many unique types: some were humans, some were visitors from other planets, galaxies, or entirely different dimensions. Some possessed superpowers, or were beings who controlled anything from the elements that surrounded them, to the very forces that bound reality, and some had no powers at all. There were even those who were bestial in nature, and even a few who were Manimals, yet who wore attire common amongst humans, and were treated and respected as such.

Paragraph Indent.pngBergrox began to wonder if he too might be able to obtain such a position, for though the heroes he witnessed did not all belong to a single tribe, they worked collectively towards a common goal, and seemed to defend the principle of justice. Kindness and cooperation seemed to be promoted as well, as the heroes often helped protect New Gornyj, and rescue captured Manimals. Bergrox asked the other Manimals of his tribe whether he could become a hero, but was told such a thing would be nearly impossible for him: technically considered a wild Manimal, it would take either a great deal of time for him to convince UNTIL that he possessed a human-like nature, or the endorsement of a hero in higher standing to even allow him to travel to the place called Millennium City, where many heroes seemed to gather or originate. Bergrox was disappointed: he still felt he was not a part of the New Gornyj tribe, and that the freedom and responsibility most heroes seemed to have would give him a path to follow.

Empathy driving him, Bergrox fatefully rushed to defend a fallen Hero.
Paragraph Indent.pngSome weeks later, a raid took place: wild Manimals who disagreed with New Gornyj's peaceful ideals were sent by the infamous Dr. Moreau to destroy those who deviated from a life of servitude. Bergrox did his part in defending the village, and during the chaotic course of events he even saved a hero's life. When the raiders were repelled and eventually forced to retreat, the hero who Bergrox had saved stayed to thank him. Bergrox showed an inquisitive nature, and took advantage of the opportunity to speak with a hero. Known as The Mongolian Tiger, the hero had traveled to Monster Island to offer his aid, and responded to Bergrox's curiosity by providing information about the world beyond Monster Island, and the nature of being a hero. The two became friends, and over time Bergrox conveyed his feelings about the island, his detachment from his new tribe, and the feeling of alienation he felt even amongst his own kin. The Mongolian Tiger empathized with Bergrox, recognizing the grizzly Manimal wasn't looking for sympathy, but rather a path to follow, and a goal in life. When the day for the Mongolian Tiger to leave the Island eventually came, the Hero did the unexpected, by asking Bergrox to come with him. Bergrox, having nothing to lose, accepted.

Paragraph Indent.pngBergrox was required by UNTIL to be briefed, to ensure that he was fully capable of integrating with society. For nearly three months, Bergrox was rigorously tested: experiments branching from the biological and physiological, to the psychological and emotional all took place during the long days spent in sterile laboratories. When the testing was complete, Bergrox was submitted to a rigorous education process that brought him up to speed on modern, civilized society: ensuring he did not suffer from any form of mental regression or culture shock upon being let into the city. Bergrox successfully completed all the requirements and tests set before him, and was even rewarded with a General Education Diploma for his success. Though nothing more than a simple certification of his ability to perform basic comprehensive functions, it was a reward unlike any other he had been given: it gave him a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction he had never felt before, and it did nothing but further his desire to be a part of the new world he had been invited to join.

Accepting the opportunity, Bergrox was inducted into the ninja clan.
Paragraph Indent.pngThe Mongolian Tiger was waiting for him when he emerged from his trials, and discreetly transported him all the way to mainland Japan, taking him to a village deep within the mountainous regions of the Nagano Prefecture. To his surprise, the people of the village did not react strongly to his being a Manimal, instead expecting the same behavior and discipline of him as they did of the few others who were new to the village. It was revealed to Bergrox that he was one of thirteen chosen recruits to a Ninjutsu clan: practicing, traditional martial artists who had recovered the old ways of the Shinobi, and continued to evolve the fabled, taciturn art. Bergrox was further informed that the Mongolian Tiger was one of thirteen high ranking masters of the art, all of whom had ventured into the world to find individuals capable of learning and carrying on the lineage of Ninjutsu. The Mongolian Tiger, known now as Tora-san, explained to Bergrox, that being a Manimal was irrelevant to the decision of accepting him as a student: his talent for survival, the demonstration of skills relevant to the practice of ninjutsu, and his desire to find a path and a family, all contributed towards the Shinobi's decision to choose him as a recruit.

Paragraph Indent.png
No longer struggling to survive, Bergrox meditated on his new family, his path as a shinobi, and his new place in the world.
Though at first uneasy with the strange and secretive world he found himself in, he soon found it rewarding and humbling. For over fifteen years, Bergrox trained. The first half of his training consisted of education: learning techniques and form, history recorded amongst the old shinobi, and the evolution of the disciplines he was to learn. Though his size offered some challenge in his instruction and training with students of his own skill level, Tora-San was able to use his connection with Heroes abroad to bring combatants of similar size to Bergrox, to train with and learn from. As he reached the second half of his training, he and the other students were given tasks to travel abroad, visiting places of cultural significance to the Shinobi, and learning more of the world around him. While within the hidden village, the martial arts masters there would share their wisdom and skills, further developing their students' abilities, with Bergrox among them.

Paragraph Indent.pngA day of graduation eventually came to Bergrox. His skills were sufficient, his knowledge was expansive, and his broad musclebound form had became too great for the shinobi to continue feeding him. He decided to embark on a trial, to learn more about himself and the rest of the world, employing the skills he had been given to propagate the heroic ideals that he had learned to embrace. Recognized as a Shinobi and a master of several disciplines, he made the decision to travel to the heart of superhero society: Millennium City. Officially signing the American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act (ASPRA) in order to register as a Hero, he declared his intention of using his abilities to combat criminals, defeat so called super-villains, and protect the innocent.

Current Life

Ever since his arrival in Millennium City, Bergrox has been focused on fighting street-level crime, however he remains open to accepting contracts from PRIMUS and UNTIL to aid in Heroes elsewhere in the world. Residing in a small Westside apartment, Bergrox makes surplus income by offering basic martial arts training for individuals within his neighborhood--at least, those who are able to get over his bestial, bear-like form. Though not requiring excessive socialization due to his mostly reclusive nature, he occasionally takes the opportunity to travel to places of interest within the city, such as Club Caprice, Carl's Gym, and various public Dojos.

Recent Events

No special or extraordinary events have occurred to Bergrox since his arrival in Millennium City.

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