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Player: @AaronKorr
Biographical Data
Real Name: Béatrice 'Trixie' Duval
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Female
Species: Dieheilion
(Rabbit-like humanoid)
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Gull Bay on the third moon Heilio in the Imperial Quadrant
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Jeanne Duval - Mother
Isabelle Duval - Sister
Marie Duval - Sister
Sylvie Duval - Sister
Gilbert Duval - Brother
Maurice Duval - Brother
Age: 34 Earth years
Height: ~6' - 7" (2 meters)
Weight: ~187 lbs (85 kgs)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Complexion: Cinnamon colored fur
Physical Build: Thin and athletic
Physical Features: Short fur, ears typically stand straight up
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: None
Citizenship: No Earth based, Imperial citizen
Occupation: Cook
Education: K-12, Advanced medicine and sciences and 2 years culinary.
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced senses, Superhuman lower body strength and durability, and injury/illness detection.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Variable energy weapons
Multipurpose nano-machine cloud
Modular kinetic barrier
Ionic discharge projectors
'Silverthread' woven armoring
Integrated sub-dermal communications implants
Multipurpose communication device
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

PRIMUS background Interview

Subject Béatrice Duval, or Trixie as she prefers to be called, resembles a humanoid rabbit similar to the manimal experiments of Moreau. Subject is very forthcoming and gave us detailed accounts of how she simply awoke here after suffering a fainting spell or from an unknown assailant knocking her unconscious. She calls her race Dieheilons and states that she is originally from a binary system with her home orbiting a gas giant known locally as Titan. Subject stated her home world is named Heilio is one of four habitable moons within the system and judging by her reaction to our gravity is likely larger than Earth.

Initial tests also show she is possessed of some form of extrasensory abilities though more testing will be required to determine the exact nature of these abilities. It is also clear from basic scans that she possesses a unique almost radioactive energy signature, which upon further study does not seem appear to be harmful or radiate beyond physical contact. Curiously she speaks near perfect English with no prior knowledge of our world though some terms are clearly alien in nature. Upon further questioning it was revealed that she assumed we spoke Imperial common as she called it. Her name also at first appearance seems to have French origins, but that too she replied had roots in what she referred to as High Imperial. These similarities lead us to believe that not only are her origins extra-terrestrial in nature but possibly extra-planar as well. Studies of the items she had in her possession also point towards a similar technology to our own though decades more advanced in certain areas. Her relative ease in our surroundings and descriptions of her home lead us to believe her world is very similar technologically and biologically to our own with subtle differences in her local flora and fauna and advanced forms of energy production.

My opinion and that of my staff is that the subject personally poses no immediate threat and may yet be an asset with her unique knowledge and the possible abilities that have not yet been determined. And upon completed screening should be released and given housing among other current non-human refugees until such time as she has returned to her home or found other means. End summary, see file 200258D for detailed report.

Personality and Preferences


Trixie tends to come off a bit nervous at first with new faces but she is in reality fairly outgoing. She is however easily startled and frequently confused when confronted with various differences between our culture and hers, and may at times come off as a bit naive. She also has a tendency to appologize over the simplest things and can ramble on a bit and lose track of the current subject. She is a bit more sensitive to other's needs.


  • New experiences and sights.
  • Gardening and natural surroundings.
  • Classical music.
  • Tinkering with all manner of things.
  • Fruity drinks of all sorts.
  • Reading any and all types of fiction, though especially fantasy.
  • A variety of things, typically high technology that remind her of home.
  • Cooking, especially vegetarian dishes.
  • Earth spices and herbs.
  • Sweets of all kinds.


  • Violence, mostly due to her senses. She will fight when needed but cares very little for it.
  • Bigotry and prejudice, unfortunately she has been subjected to both which hasn't painted the most positive picture on her time here.
  • Meat and eggs, she is by nature a vegetarian. Though she will not judge others that do eat them and even knows some recipes.
  • Greed and selfishness.
  • Politics.

Powers, Skills, and Weaknesses


Injury and illness detection - She is highly sensitive to the pain and sicknesses of others and in close range she can unerringly determine where the source is though that doesn't mean she will know exactly what it is. The obvious things like bleeding and broken bones are easy to identify.

Enhanced legs - Her running speed and jump height are at superhuman levels and can deliver devastatingly powerful kicks.


Enhanced senses - Her hearing and sense of smell are well above human norm.


Military Training - She is fully trained with most forms of small arms, though of a more advanced nature than typical Earth firearms.

CQC Training - She is likewise well versed in hand to hand.

Medical training - She has basic field medic training.


Easily startled - She has a tendency to easily startle when caught unaware.

Enhanced hearing - Excessive noise hampers her ability to focus.

Gear and Equipment


Variable energy rifle and sidearm - In combat situations her main weaponry can be quickly adjusted on the fly to stun, burn, chill, or electrocute a target.

Ionic discharge projector - Essentially a sort of advanced rechargeable micro-grenade capable of frying electronics, momentarily blinding a target, and/or delivering a powerful shock to the nervous center of anyone caught in their radius. Essentially functioning like an emp, flash bang, and multi-directional taser all rolled into one. The device can be supercharged to boost the effect at the cost of destroying it.

Other Equipment

Nano-machine suite - A multipurpose nano-machine cluster she carries at all time capable of repairing damaged tissue, reshaping non-living tissue and matter (typically by tearing it apart and rebuilding it), and forming various metallic tools ranging from simple to complex.

Modular kinetic barrier - A projector built into a concealed wrist device capable of quick protective barriers around herself and others, often used in conjunction with the nano-machines to quickly seal wounds while the target and prevent further damage for a short period.

'Silverthread' woven armoring - Not technically an armor, but an exotic fabric with high durability from woven plant fibers. Affording moderate protection to the wearer and preventing penetration from all but the most powerful firearms though only padding the blow itself. Likewise offers moderate protection from fire, cold, electricity, and is especially effective against slashing weapons, toxins, and corrosive substances.

Advanced communications suite - She has several sub-dermal cybernetics that function similarly to an advanced headset which has a direct connection to her advanced holographic communications device. Basically allowing her to communicate with several individuals at once by staggering the input and output and also making it all but impossible to hear anything sent to her by bypassing her inner ear, also allowing her to still hear through it if deafened. The communication device itself is capable of sending and receiving transmissions much faster than any current system developed on Earth, and can easily bypass basic WiFi security to give her quick network access within several miles. The device also has advanced scanners and a full range of holographic projectors and interface allowing fully interactive 3-dimensional displays.


Non-combat transportation -


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