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a Stranger in a Strange Land
"Judge my deeds and nothing else."
The Savage
Player: @acooldisplayname (user)
Super Group
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Real Name
La Tigresse, Dee Dee Dubois (North America only)
July 21, 2009
Paris, France
Various caves/dens around North America
Unofficial Parks & Recreation Security
Legal Status
No criminal record
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
"Severed" Avatar
Apparent Age
5'8" (Base Height)
231 lbs (Base Weight)
Body Type
Extremely athletic and muscular
Streaky Deep Blond & Black
Orange and White Fur with Black Tiger Stripes
· Distinguishing Features ·
Very large hands and claws, cat ears, a tail, tiger colors
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Supernatural Athletic Skill, Supernatural Reflexes, Supernatural Strength, Supernatural Dexterity, Grade AA Healing Factor, Size & Density Shifting
· Equipment ·
Leather forearm & ankle wraps, four small pairs of compact containers strapped to her arms & legs
· Other Abilities ·

Bea desc.png

   At first introduction, the superheroine known as Beastess appears to be the embodiment of every teenaged boy's dream: a walking, talking cat woman. She is in actuality an estranged avatar of a relatively unknown deity named Tyshen Ray. Surviving a planned ambush, Beastess was severed from the very entity that created, empowered, and once controlled her. Since arriving in Millennium City, the heroine's furious and diligent nature of righting wrong has come to the benefit of the City and its citizenry. She's become a beloved figure amongst Millennium's Parks and Recreation civil workers and a terror toward villains of all kind.

   Beastess hails from Paris, where many of the outlander woman's characteristics are rooted. Every English word spoken by her is marred by a fairly heavy french accent, which has previously convinced (mistakenly) new acquaintances that Beastess is just another creation of the mad Doctor Moreau's. Some American customs and slang tend to be a little outlandish toward the former avatar, though remnants of her creator's influence stand as more divisive between Beastess and her new life.

Physical Appearance
Bea phy.png

High above Force Station Steelhead.
   Easily the first notable feature of this heroine is alarming lack of clothing, the obvious tiger stripes, and the appropriate colors to match them. Upon closer inspection, one will find that it is indeed a fine, yet dense layer of fur covering a figure rich in toned muscle. "Near Amazonian" would be an appropriate term to describe her frame. In leisure and social atmospheres, Beastess stands roughly at 5'8", though her frame often grows in sync with her levels of adrenalin. Due to the excitable nature of the human species, the tigress keeps her extremities covered as necessary, to the chagrin of what she refers to as her silly feline tendencies. Smallish fiberglass containers are strapped to each of her limbs, carrying whatever accessories might be important for the adventures of a heroine. Her overgrown hands are precisely wrapped in tanned leathers, which govern the neighboring forearms. Her ankles are similarly guarded only in tanned leathers. Both her fingers and toes are capped with deadly claws, known to be particularly sharp.

  • While in colder climates, like the frigid northern Canadian Wilderness, the heroine's coat naturally shifts to a monochrome white with black stripes. Somehow, temperature has never affected Beastess, no matter the extremity of the climate.
  • While in combat, Beastess is known to grow in height and body density. Fully grown, she stands just under double her natural height. See Observed Abilities below for more details.

Bea his.png

Background Summary: Tyshen Ray
Bea tr.png

"Oui, I suppose it likes to keep away from much attention. How better to approach prey?"

   Tyshen Ray remains a largely unknown deity, recognized by very few humans. What few who do know of Tyshen Ray generally live in or nearby Siberia, though pockets of worshipers have existed as far as western Europe and Africa. It's said to govern the traits of Courage and Ferocity, though some people have also associated the god with Savagery and Ruthlessness. In truth, Tyshen Ray embodies all of these things but governs none of them. The only thing the deity is essential to in the mortal realm is Instinct, which is key to the animal world. Beastess proclaims that without Tyshen Ray's existence, many of the animal kingdoms of the world would have long since become extinct and human society may not have ever fully developed. As well, Beastess only refers to the deity as "l'entité" (or "the entity"), which implies that it is genderless.

   Tyshen Ray is often depicted as a giant tiger or a giant lion, depending on where geographically you find its worshipers. Because of this, Tyshen Ray is sometimes referred to as The Great Tiger God. Possessing "a tiger's courage" or "a tiger's ferocity" is said to be possessing Tyshen Ray's Blessing in nearly all circles of worship. Practitioners of its worship most often referred to themselves as the Tiger's Claws and often resembled barbarians in ancient times. In contemporary days, given the obscurity Tyshen Ray compared to days of old, organized worship is almost nonexistent, as most who recognize the deity worship in privacy. Some have speculated that Tyshen Ray is very active in the lives of the wild cats in the world.

Bea cre.png

"L'entité happily keeps away from human affairs. That is until they force its puissant paw."

Fracesca de Casanova
   In February 2010, Francesca de Casanova (known as "the Duchesse" for her ancestry to Arrighi de Casanova, Duc de Padoue) maneuvered to have agents under her employ infiltrate various bureaucratic agencies within the local government of her hometown: Paris, France. This enabled her to gather hefty amounts of private information on the citizens of the largest city in the country. By May of the same year, de Casanova had access to details of nearly 2 million residents of Paris, which included names, addresses, places of business, income, marital & family info, as well as other information. It was around the same time that activity of the criminal organization DEMON began flaring up in southern districts of Paris and surrounding suburbs. By September of the same year, after months of dissemination of her ill-gotten gains and thorough planning, de Casanova was ready to make her move.

   22 year old personal trainer Dee Dee Dubois went missing during the night of September 23rd. She was kidnapped from her flat not far from Place d'Italie in southern Paris by a group of unknown assailants. Dee ultimately ended under the possession of a group of DEMON mid-council members, headed by Francesca de Casanova herself. What can be inferred is that de Casanova intended to breach into the Qliphothic Realm at a specific location within, which would allow her to set nigh-unmendable dimensional anchors between the realms. Given that this event occurred simultaneously with the Demonflame incident in the States, we can reasonably conclude that de Casanova and Luther Black cooperated with one another. Ms. Dubois, as it turns out, held the same religious beliefs of her ex-Soviet maternal great-grandfather's, looking spiritually toward Tyshen Ray. Dubois was the perfect medium of unknown supernatural power for de Casanova to tap into and create the rifts necessary to complete her nefarious plot.

   The ritual would end up requiring twelve hours of unbroken channeling and the expenditure of the medium (Dubois) to open the anchored Qliphothic rift. Only two hours from her ultimate prize, all of de Casanova's hard work was soon to pay off. Her plans, however, would crumple into nothing before the ritual would be completed. Dee Dee Dubois, while having the essence of Tyshen Ray siphoned from the god's realm through her, seemed to burn away into nothingness after only ten hours of channeling. With the ritual incomplete and the medium no longer in her grasp, nearly a year's worth of de Casanova's hard work was now wasted. Turns out, what she hadn't planned on was this obscure god that nobody knew very much about wasn't going to sit idly as its power is stolen by petty human sorcerers. Dee Dee's destruction was not a product of the ritual misfiring; Tyshen Ray required a subject to disseminate in order to create a being from his own power into the mortal realm. Only minutes after Dubois's destruction, a new woman appeared: a woman covered head to toe in tiger's fur--... a woman with a god's fury burning in her ruby eyes. Francesca de Casanova would be punished for her misdeeds.

Bea dut.png

"Through me, no enemy would escape the judgement of L'entité. That sorcière, the streets of Paris were to be painted with her blood."

   Tyshen Ray's reprisal was swift; de Casanova's entourage of magi were dispatched in a bloody mess before the villainous French aristocrat could comprehend what had transpired. Yet it would be only the first of a months-long struggle, as de Casanova vanished into a puff of mist just as the Great Tiger God's new Earthly vessel turned her gaze onto the mastermind. Several days passed as the avatar pilfered through the seemingly-endless pages of notes and documents left behind in the underground slum where the ritual had taken place. After all the time necessary to find a lead, the newly-arrived avatar set out to make mince of local dives used by coteries of DEMON. However, the unwanted attention garnered by her first ever outing was enough to keep to stalker's activities under the protection of night. (An amateur photo of her made rounds through the local tabloids. This is the only known focused photo of Beastess before she was freed of Tyshen Ray's direct control.)

   As night came, Tyshen Ray's brutal assault fell upon the first of a list of Demonhames. As expected, Francesca de Casanova was nowhere to be found, but that wouldn't stop the deity's frenzy. Not one person in the Demonhame survived the assault. The following three nights, identical events transpired. DEMON activity in Paris fully ceased following these days, as noted by the FNP. De Casanova would certainly become more of a challenge to find. That is, until Tyshen Ray took the time to read a little into local events; a simple newspaper was suddenly more informative than any lead left in de Casanova's more shady circles. It was the first that Tyshen Ray took notice to de Casanova's turbulent public image. France knew her as a wealthy socialite and bullheaded political activist. The news even knew where her next scheduled appearance was supposed to be.

   On the evening of October 20th, 2010, Paris finally learned the truth of Francesca de Casanova's dark and dreary hidden life. At a gala pre-Halloween ball, the event was dramatically disturbed by Tyshen Ray's avatar crashing through the auditorium's skylight. At first, the attendance was frightened by the tiger woman's beastly and menacing visage. De Casanova knew not to risk her life by underestimating the beast woman and hastily took to throwing eldritch energy blasts wildly at the avatar. When the tigeress easily evaded each blast, de Casanova promptly began summoning fiery Bales and Lava Demons as quickly as she could chant. The crowd's fear of the tiger woman quickly redirected toward the demonic incantations and chaos began to break loose. The entity who would later become Beastess had her claws full with the dozen or so hellish creatures, allowing de Casanova to make her escape. Soon the smoldering corpses of the demons littered the floor the ballroom and the tiger woman leaped out of the skylight with ease in pursuit of the villainous sorceress. From that night forward, Francesca de Casanova became a pariah in French society and the mysterious superwoman in tiger stripes became a storyline of her own. Speculation of all aspects of the one who would become Beastess became a hot topic among the wealthy in Paris. Headlines detailing her appearances after that night, as well as de Casanova's, would however be very sparse.

   Nearly a month had passed without any sighting of "La Tigresse," as the media dubbed her. Similarly, "La Duchesse" had presumably ducked away into hiding. Scattered reports of fire demons would appear here and there with little substance. On the last day of November, the blood feud would finally again come to a head. La Tigresse stalked a discovered agent of de Casanova's to safehouse and violence spilled onto the streets. De Casanova again would not be able to find an upper hand against the dauntless catwoman, as La Tigresse never seemed to tire. Left Bank became wrought with destruction, as fire demons and sorcerer associates of de Casanova desperately tried to put down the beast which hunted them. Once more, de Casanova would ultimately escape relatively unscathed, while all of her assets were viciously put down by the avatar. This time, however, the desperate "Duchess" would not stay hidden for long. Two days later, as noon hit, de Casanova revealed herself in the grassy clearing just south of the Eiffel Tower with an entourage of four robed Magi. They began performing a ritual with little regard for being discreet, as innocent onlookers immediately made a scene in panic. Not ten minutes had passed by the time Paris's favorite tiger woman had made her appearance. Resolved to end this conflict once and for all, La Tigresse rushed toward de Casanova, not noticing the trap she was stepping into.

Bea iso.png

"Oh mon dieu! I cannot even begin to explain the experience. Imagine you were wild cat moving to tear the throat out from prey you've been hunting all day. And as you near, suddenly you become fully aware that you're human; all of a sudden words and thoughts mean something more... and life isn't so simple as hunter and prey. All in a moment. It's... it's just... je ne sais pas."

   Mere steps away from concluding its business, the vessel carrying Tyshen Ray's wrath crossed a magical threshold it did not foresee. The avatar fell limp mid-stride as the tiger god was thrust violently from the mortal realm. The eyes of the vessel signified the change, shifting smoothly into an emerald green color. Tyshen Ray would not be the victor in this war and de Casanova made sure it was well known throughout the surrounding area. Her high-pitched voice reached the opposite courtyard of the Eiffel Tower, declaring herself the victor and the new master of Paris's tiger woman. The Duchess produced her cell, eager to begin listing demands and threats toward the local elite. However, de Casanova did not notice that her ritual was not fully successful. Just as she boisterously greeted someone on the other end of the phone, the front half of her throat was violently torn away by the claws of the tigress. Francesca de Casanova's final moments were spent staring in disbelief as the former avatar of Tyshen Ray, whom she believed to be under her control, watched the sorceress gargle the last of her life away. The magi who accompanied de Casanova attempted their escape, but were quickly dispatched.

La Tigresse, circa mid-2011.
   From this moment on, the former vessel was forever changed. Citizens and members of the media who approached the striped femme actually received a verbal response from her. This new Tigresse seemed to identify with the masses, yet could never seem to grasp much of the praise heaped onto her. Much of Paris's local populous, especially those of West Bank, relentlessly pursued the attention of one they hoped to be the newest superhero of Paris. Many of human society's customs seemed beyond absurd to her fledgling mind, though sudden rush of humanity and general ignorance led La Tigresse to agree to fight all sorts of villainy instead of just DEMON. To this day, Beastess does not regret making that decision, though the great many flaws of human society quickly began to compound in the back of the new superheroine's mind. For instance, a great many endorsement offers were given to the tiger woman, which occasionally yielded tangible benefits (such as better hand wear), though most often resulted in only unwanted obligations and headaches for the beginner heroine. Another frustrating example is the ridiculous "La Tigresse Fan Club", which were nothing more than a group teenaged boys and perverted old men who spent their days stalking and drooling over their "Striped Queen".

   La Tigresse's working relationship with FNP remained healthy, on the other hand. The supernatural abilities that the tigress brought to the table made the streets much safer in her time after "the severing". This lead to the development of an equally rewarding relationship with UNTIL. The UN organization already had its eyes on the former avatar, as the Demonflame conflict in North America was at a head around the same time as Francesca de Casanova's emergence. Given all the turmoil the local population had been stacking upon La Tigresse's shoulders, as well as pressure from the rigid superhero registration laws in France, she would eventually request the assistance of UNTIL to relocate and help facilitate a new identity for the wayward tigeress. Beastess was chosen as her new alias and, without any warning, she moved across the seas to the northern Canadian wilderness in November 2011. She made her den nearby Force Station Steelhead and assisted with the local supernatural happenings that seemed to plague the area. After a year in the tundra, Beastess took Justiciar's advice and took a crack at life within a modern society, as Millennium City was a magnet for hero and villain alike. She arrived early 2013.

New Beginnings & Present Status
Bea pre.png

Beastess at Monster Island.
   Like most crime fighters new to Millennium City, Beastess began her career in the slums of West Side. For much of her first weeks within the city, the French savage primarily hunted members of the New Purple Gang and the Red Banner Clan, considering them to be more ambitious than other gangs of West Side. With no shortage of gang activity in West Side, Beastess's efforts would soon be distributed equally over the various criminal elements of the district. Naturally, her attention would be pulled toward the downtown area, where pockets of DEMON are known to frequent. Activity surrounding the notorious Great Beast Bookstore seems to periodically cause the former avatar to spend days and nights out in the alleys of Downtown, though she's been spotted chasing DEMON members around the other districts as well. Ever since her first raid of the bookstore, Beastess has opted to investigate activity involving DEMON before all other criminal groups of the city. The recent Lemurian Conflict gave a reason to focus her attention elsewhere, as the tireless tiger woman was one of many heroes to clean the streets of the Lemurian invaders.

   While in leisure, Beastess can be most often found around Mathews Memorial Park just south of Mind Inc. in City Center or Memorial Park in Downtown. While out and about, she tends to keep to rooftops or treelines to escape attention. Beastess does assist UNTITY in a semi-frequent fashion. It was UNITY with UNTIL's logistic assistance that she credits for making her aware of Monster Island, a location the beastial woman frequents for both official and personal reasons. Force Station Steelhead up in Canada similarly sees a visit from the crime fighter, as she has a patch of wilderness nearby that she claims. Other common hotspots for heroes based in Millennium City rarely catch her attention, as Project Greenskin in the Desert is run by PRIMUS and Beastess tends to find working with the international-based UNTIL much preferred. She flat out refused to ever go to the underwater land of Lemuria, due to her discomfort when getting wet.

   Beastess is currently unaffiliated with any Super Group.

Hero Notes
Bea hn.png


Bea per.png

"I'm just as curious about myself as you are, mon ami. Logically, I should not exist. Curious enough to spend months in a lab, I am not."

   Like the wild tiger, Beastess generally tends to live a solitary life. Some cultural barriers exist between her settings in Millennium City and her native land of France, which may contribute to her loner ways. She is not known as an attention seeker, often avoiding crowds to escape potential notice. Some have observed that Beastess usually responds apathetically to normal human conversation and tends to remain outside of group conversation. These tendencies seem to reverse for combat situations; feeling threatened or noticing an innocent in danger usually sends Beastess hastily into a frenzy. While in the heat of battle, you'll never see her slow down to catch a breath. Her sense of justice is enormous, matching the gruesomely violent nature in which she fights wrong-doers.

   Beastess showcases unique behavioral patterns, often admitting during various different topics of conversation that both common human protocol and her own base instincts seem silly to her. She has noted that she perfectly remembers when she was merely an extension of Tyshen Ray's power. As well, she has identified the changes in both her behavior and her thought patterns from before the event "severing her" (as she depicts it) from the deity to afterward. She describes herself as immensely more human in her current state, though the instincts, trends, social structures, and taboos (by some extension-- laws) of modern humanity sometimes seem absolutely bizarre to her. Technology, fashion, and other "unnatural" aspects of human life interest her very little.

  • While Beastess offers the name Dee Dee Dubois or Dee to address her (bureaucratic reasons, brevity convenience, etc.), she pointedly notes that the identity of the person who was Dee Dee Dubois had no part in her creation. While only the deceased young woman's physical composition was used as a reference for the deity, the "severing" was an unplanned occurrence and no entity other than Tyshen Ray itself was supposed to control the body of the avatar before it's dissolution. With the severing, the tiger heroine claims that she became instantly transformed in mind from a beast god's to human's, with memories only since her creation the night of September 25th, 2010.
  • The subject of the tigress' appearance leads to a variety reactions, given that "the perspective of a bare mammal is a very unique and complex one" to her. Beastess claims that the relevance of a one's appearance from a human's perspective is radically different than that of any other natural animal on the planet.

Observed Abilities
Bea abi.png

A fully-grown Beastess vivisecting an ape Manimal.
  • Beyond Peak Physical Conditioning: It is to be noted that while Beastess is a creature of this world, the power used in her creation was not of this world. As a result, she is innately gifted physical conditioning well beyond any human's capabilities. Additionally, Beastess is not required to work out or exercise to maintain her figure.
  • Feline Supernatural Abilities: Many abilities commonly associated with felines. These include: Cat-Like Reflexes, Supernatural Agility, Supernatural Run Speed, Supernatural Dexterity, Supernatural Athletics, and Night Sight. Her main form of damage comes from the razor-sharp, nigh-unbreakable claws at the ends of her fingertips.
  • Healing Factor: Beastess is able to heal wounds quickly and reflexively. Grievous wounds close in minutes and smaller cuts disappear within seconds. Beastess has been quoted in saying that her entire left arm from just above her elbow fully regrew itself overnight after being severed.
  • Immortality*: Many common human necessities for life do not apply to Beastess. Eating, sleeping, water intake, and leaving waste are not necessary for the feline superwoman's survival. Beastess admits that she's well aware of these functions in humanity, though she's never had to deal with them herself.
    * Note: It should not be inferred that Beastess cannot be killed. It is still very much unknown if Beastess's freedoms from humanity's more nagging necessities literally translate to the romantic idea of Immortality.
  • Size & Density Shifting: As Beastess uses adrenalin, she grows in size accordingly to a point a little shy of double her natural height. With her increased size, comes increased body density and muscle mass.
  • Supernatural Strength: Enough strength to fling garbage trucks around with relative ease. The degree to Beastess's strength has not been properly measured, as the superheroine herself values this ability lesser than her more prominently-displayed nimbleness.

Observed Weaknesses
Bea wea.png

  • Light Sensitivity: As noted above, Beastess is gifted with a feline's vision. The downside is that it leaves her susceptible to being partially or fully blinded temporarily by flashes of bright light.
  • Social Skills: As something of a loner, Beastess struggles to develop and maintain relationships. Whether it's territorial tendencies or just general apathy, Beastess rarely seeks to involve herself with others.
    Territorial: More of a minor quirk and extension of Social Skills than a weakness, Beastess likes to keep a small patch of wilderness to herself when she travels. When others encroach upon this space, be it friend of foe, the tigress will reliably react violently. As well, Beastess has trouble trusting animals or other superheroes with animal qualities.
  • Water: Yes, water. But not in the way you might think. Getting wet is a very evident pet peeve of the superheroine. It is enough so that she'll refrain from continuing a mission should it mean that more than just her hands or feet get wet.

Report compiled and submited by UNTIL Lt. Secretary MacNanon with full cooperation of the subject.

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Miscellaneous & OOC Stuff
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Author's Notes
Bea an.png

  • Beastess is a character of mine that I've featured in various different RPGs, both online and on paper. Barbara Minerva era Cheetah (Wonder Woman's arch nemesis) is her direct inspiration, though she's mostly been an anti-hero. She was first conceived sometime in 2004, though her age in Champions Online has been altered to fit canon.
  • The deity Tyshen Ray is a fictional animal god that is inspired by the Sundarban god Dakshin Rai, rooted in India and Bangladesh. While Dakshin Rai is revered as a god of beasts and demons, Tyshen Ray is intended be come off as less of an evil overlord and more of a primal, animal-like god.
  • This profile is presented as an actual file by UNTIL. Beastess cares very little for bureaucratic nonsense and actually willingly gave all of this information to UNTIL, assuming it was common protocol for entry into America. Therefore, if you work closely with UNTIL or you have a contact within the organization willing to pull records for you, you could potentially have all of this information.
  • This character is fully retired. After returning to the game in January 2014 after a long hiatus, Beastess was converted to a completely different character.

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