Beast Spirit

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Beast Spirit
Player: @yasfan
Class Focus: Tank/DPS
Power Level: 37
Research & Development: Mysticism: Avatars
Personal Data
Real Name: Donna Warner
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human/Demon
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Cat-eyes, red glow.
Hair Color: Black, long, messy.
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Crime fighter
Place of Birth: Millennium City, Michigan
Base of Operations: Monster Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Supernatural, Electricity.
Known Abilities
Transformation between human and demon


Donna Warner had no magical abilities of her own, but was fascinated with the occult. She became a local wannabe to a coven of new-age witches known as the Glendas. The Glendas began to experiment with summoning, and proposed to give Donna the magic abilities she had always lacked by binding a demon to her spirit, allowing her to access its powers and use them for the benefit of humanity. Donna jumped at the chance without a second thought.

The demon summoned by the Glendas--a creature of darkness known as Abodem--was more powerful than they had planned. In fact, it was too strong for them to bind fully under Donna's control even from the very beginning. Donna has generally managed to be able to guide her own actions, but during prolonged battles or stressful situations she tends to act with more force and violence than she intends. Over time, Abodem has slowly been building power and at one point overwhelmed Donna's control completely, taking the Beast Spirit on a weeklong rampage throughout Monster Island that ended only when she was forcibly subdued by the heroine Powersurge.

As Donna and Abodem have been forced to get along with each other over time, they have slowly converged onto a pattern of behavior that neither one will actively resist under normal circumstances. For the most part, they spend their time on Monster Island, hunting whatever is unfortunate enough to seem challenging and threatening. The Beast Spirit in the wild is largely feral. In more populated environments, Abodem and Donna both show more restraint, but the difference in their worldviews is more obvious and so they tend to avoid such locales as a way of getting along with each other.


Beast Spirit's personality depends a great deal on who is in control: Donna, or the demon. Donna is a good-natured if somewhat awkward young woman, who is trying to live her dream of magic-based heroism in spite of the less-than-ideal circumstances. Abodem is ancient, cunning, and violent. Neither is able to simply destroy the other without destroying themselves in the process. This led them into an uneasy truce, in which each attempts to act according to their own motives, but without crossing into behaviors that the other will find COMPLETELY unacceptable.


Beast Spirit's appearance varies according to the extent to which Donna is in control. She is never fully human, with a sinewy build and clawed hands and feet even under the best of circumstances. When the demon is in control, her form becomes entirely demonic.

Abilities and Equipment

Beast Spirit has the physical toughness of the most formidable warriors of the netherworld. Her hide is tough, and her body heals at an astonishing rate. At close quarters, she fights with claws and teeth, but she also can spew a toxic venom and discharges electrical energy in a number of ways. She can see through all but the strongest forms of camoflage. She runs on all fours--although she has also been known to fly on rare instances.

Allies and Enemies

Beast Spirit has frequently been seen fighting alongside the Amazonian Elecha, but she generally works alone out of fear that she will turn on her companions in a moment of berzerker rage.

Beast Spirit's demon appears to have a history of enemity with the villain Khurrok, who has made no secret of his desire to destroy both Abodem and Donna. Khurrok's mere presence is enough to drive Abodem into a homicidal rage. It remains unclear why he and Khurrok have such a hatred for each other.

Beast Spirit has recently sought a charm that will allow Donna and Abodem to merge into a single personality within their current form. They have sought the aid of a wizard named Genryuu Kyoute to achieve this goal, but at a heavy price--they are bound to his service for a decade or until they save his life, whichever comes first.