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Player: @Albert_Wanger
“Remember: be the better person. You will go far.”
Biographical Data
Real Name: Wayne, Gordon
Known Aliases: Barricade; Big Guy; Space Dragon; Gordzilla
Gender: Male
Species: Vorel’thoth
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan, United States
Relatives: Albert Wagner (adopted son); Adam Wayne (adopted father, deceased); Mary Wayne (adopted mother, deceased)
Age: 214 (born 1799)
Height: 4m/13ft1in (128m/419ft11in Maximum Mass)
Weight: 2354kg/5189lbs10.913oz (77 Metric Kilotons Maximum Mass)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Exceptionally Muscular
Physical Features: None
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 52
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Security Guard
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Growth; Superhuman Strength; Superhuman Durability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Daily Life

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Gordon is a relatively private individual, usually quiet and reserved. He rarely speaks when not addressed, and is often blunt and to the point. He is not anti-social, or socially inept; rather, Gordon simply does not believe in lying as right, under any circumstance, preferring to give the truth, even if it would be painful to hear. As such, he does not react well to lying, and is prone to long-winded, loud rants when he discovers someone has lied, regardless of whether he was the one lied to or not.

Gordon possesses a hair-trigger temper, and is therefore easy to drag into verbal debates on controversial topics. This can get him into trouble from time-to-time, as he is often brutal in such situations. However, he will never violently lash out at other people unless struck first; and even then, they have to be able to actually hurt him to elicit a response. Despite this, Gordon will frequently try to remain respectful, even after the proverbial top has been blown.

In less heated situations, Gordon is a very friendly person. He will never bluntly insult others, make snarky remarks, or ignore someone who is trying to address him. With friends he is frequently stern, but caring, often trying to get them to do their best, but not pushing them so much it looks like his parental instincts are taking over. Likewise, when people he cares about do something wrong, he won’t hesitate to drop a lecture in their lap about what they did wrong, and why, but won’t force them to change, unless their actions happen to be intentionally malevolent.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Growth/Kaiju - Since his involvement with an unknown VIPER genetics project, Barricade has the unusual superpower of induced body expansion. Unlike most, his rate of growth is much slower than most metahumans with this ability, but his upper limits are much greater. So far, his maximum height is recorded at 128 meters, or 419 feet 11 inches.

Superhuman Strength - Barricade’s physical strength is of a staggering magnitude. Upper limits are unknown, but he is shown to be capable of lifting 1 kiloton with one hand and relative ease. According to observations, his strength increases as he grows larger.

Superhuman Durability - Like his strength, Barricade’s physical resilience is staggering. Ballistics small arms are completely ineffective; the smallest ballistics weapons shown to produce even light damage are armour penetrating or explosive tank shells. However, energy weapons remain a proficient weapon in fighting him.


Gourmet Cooking - Partially a result of the recipes he learned from his mother, and over a century of experimentation, Gordon is a very, very good chef, and treats his cooking with pride.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Training - Gordon received some training in unarmed combat from friends who served in the US Armed Forces, which he used extensively in his years as a superhero.

Mathematics - Almost ironically, Gordon learned much of his math skills from his son, Albert. While not exactly a genius with it, he knows enough to get by in the average American living conditions.


Physical Strength - Gordon’s race is naturally stronger and tougher than humans, by a significant margin. Before his genetic tampering, Gordon could lift over 6 metric tons unaided.

Physical Durability - Gordon’s race is naturally stronger and tougher than humans, by a significant margin. Before his genetic tampering, Gordon’s hide was virtually immune to most ballistic small arms.

Gliding -Gordon’s wings do not function to allow flight in the traditional sense, due to his weight. Rather, they allow him to glide for short distances, before gravity takes over and he falls like a rock.



Cannonade [Tarvanas Quartz] (@KalasEurthain)

Tarry is a recent addition to Gordon’s life, the two Vorel’thoth not really having known each other for much longer than a year. Regardless, it was love at first sight, and the two have formed and maintained a strong bond ever since.


Panzer [Albert Wagner] (@Albert_Wanger)

Gordon’s adopted son, Albert means almost everything to the lizard, and he’ll do anything for the boy (within reason).

Cassandra Armstrong (@Miles_Prower12)

A close friend of the family, Cassandra is someone Gordon is always happy to see, and he considers her practically family.


A non-human support group and superhero group, Gordon threw his lot in with them almost immediately upon discovering them.



Gordon abhors VIPER, and is willing to take whatever chance he gets to see them all in chains, or dead. Preferably dead.

Doctor Oskar Wagner

The mid-tier VIPER geneticist has been a thorn in Gordon’s side for years, and he will do whatever it takes to see the man’s head on a pike.

Public Information, Comments, and Rumors

Gordon has been on the superhuman scene since the early 1960s, and so it is very easy to look him up and learn about him on the internet, at least up to a point. He is also very easy to reach; his number is in the phone book, and his home address is just a Google search away. Gordon has a small, yet fiercely devoted fan base, most of which are furries (for obvious reasons).

Comments from other Heroes/Rumors from the Public

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Tropes and Trivia


  • Our Dragons Are Different – Dragons from SPACE!
  • The Big Guy/Mighty Glacier/Super Strength
  • KAIJU – One of the biggest, too; and while he certainly enjoys it, it does have its draw backs.
  • Person of Mass Destruction – This is not an exaggeration. Every part of him is capable of untold collateral damage, even when unintentional.
  • Godzilla Threshold – Related to the above. This is the only time he’ll be on the field, if it can be helped. He’s simply so powerful, it’s usually FAR safer to keep him out of the action until it is absolutely necessary.
  • One Kaiju Nuke
  • Daddy Dragon – Don’t fuck with his son or his partner in front of him. Just don’t.
  • Action Dad – He’s been a superhero since the 1960s, and is still in the fight.
  • Family Super Team – Barricade, Cannonade, and Panzer. God help anyone stupid enough to take them altogether.
  • Gentle Giant – Despite his appearance, viciousness in combat and overall lack of care for the lives of villains, Gordon is a legitimately friendly individual and a gentleman. In many cases, he is considered pleasant to have around in social circles.
  • Good Is Not Soft – Similar to his risk of collateral, Gordon isn’t someone you want going after street muggers, or raiding drug nests. He’s downright merciless, and isn’t afraid to get creative with his “prey.”


  • Barricade was created while I was playing around with the character creator. He was literally a spur-of-the-moment thing.
  • Gordon’s favourite drink is mead. It takes very little for him to get drunk.
  • Gordon has eaten at least one of every land animal on North America since the early 1800s, and most kinds of fish. His favourite is pork; he hates bear.
  • Barricade has wandered the majority of the American continents, and has lived on the move for over a century. He knows a lot about camping, and surviving in the wilderness with minimal resources readily available as a result.
  • Having been raised in the early 1800s, and later meeting humanity as a whole in the 1960s, Gordon knows next to nothing about electronics, constantly needing a guide to get him through some of the simplest gadgets around.
  • Barricade dislikes shirts, finding them an unpleasant pain to get on around his wings, and itchy to wear. As such, he's very likely not to be wearing any when at home, or other private locations.
  • Gordon's growth expands him to up to 128 meters tall (32 times his original height), weigh 77.135872 kilotons (32768 times his original weight), and lift up to 6.4 megatons (1000 times his original strength).

Pen and Paper Character Sheet


Val CHAR Cost Roll Notes
90 STR 80 27- Lift 6.4ktons, 18d6 HTH [4END]
20 DEX 20 13-
50 CON 40 20-
10 INT 11- PER Roll 11-
10 EGO 11-
50 PRE 40 19- PRE Atk 10d6
10 OCV 35
8 DCV 25
5 SPD 30 Phases: 3,5,8,10,12
50 PD 48 TotalPD: 50(50rPD)
40 ED 38 TotalED: 40(40rED)
12 REC 8
80 END 12
40 BODY 30
120 STUN 50
Movement: 24m Running/6m Leaping/6m Swimming/14m Gliding
Total Characteristics Cost:456


5 Tail: Extra Limb, Inherent (+1/4), Limited Manipulation (-1/4)
1 Long Arms: Reach +1m (2m total)
150 Exponential Cellular Multiplication: Growth, Reduced Endurance (0END, +1/2), Persistent (+1/4), Extra Time (1 Turn, -1 1/4), CHAR Increase Does Not Affect Rolls (-1/4)

  • Enormous (8 meters tall): +10STR (Lift 25ktons, 20d6, 5END), +10CON, +10PRE (PRE Atk 12d6), +6Defs, +6BODY, +12STUN, +3m Reach (5m Total), +24m Run (48m Total), -12m KB (20m Total), Weight: 18.8tons
  • Huge (9-16 meters tall): +20STR (Lift 100ktons, 22d6, 5END), +15CON, +15PRE (PRE Atk 13d6), +8Defs, +8BODY, +18STUN, +7m Reach (9m Total), +38m Run (62m Total), -18m KB (26m Total), Area of Effect to All HTH Attacks (1mR), Weight: 18.8-150.6tons
  • Gigantic (17-32 meters tall): +30STR (Lift 400ktons, 24d6, 5END), +20CON, +20PRE (PRE Atk 14d6), +12Defs, +12BODY, +24STUN, +15m Reach (17m Total), +48m Run (72m Total), -24m KB (32m Total), Area of Effect to All HTH Attacks (2mR), Weight: 150.6-1205.2tons
  • Gargantuan (33-64 meters tall): +40STR (Lift 1.6Mtons, 26d6, 6END), +25CON, +25PRE (PRE Atk 15d6), +14Defs, +14BODY, +30STUN, +31m Reach (33m Total), +60m Run (84m Total), -30m KB (38m Total), Area of Effect to All HTH Attacks (4mR), Weight: 1.2-9.6ktons
  • Colossal (65-128 meters tall): +50STR (Lift 6.4Mtons, 28d6, 7END), +30CON, +30PRE (PRE Atk 16d6), +18Defs, +18BODY, +36STUN, +63m Reach (65m Total), +72m Run (96m Total), -36m KB (44m Total), Area of Effect to All HTH Attacks (8mR), Weight: 9.6-77ktons

32 Trained Fighter: Reduced Endurance (1/2END) for up to 140STR
123 Enhanced Combat: 185-points Multi-power reserve, All Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), All Unified Power (-1/4)

  • 8f Precise Strike: HA +16d6, Alterable Origin Point, Reduced Endurance (1/2END; +1/4), Armour Piercing (+1/4), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Unified power (-1/4), 4END
  • 10f Megaton Impact: HA +24d6, Alterable Origin Point, Reduced Endurance (1/2END; +1/4), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Unified power (-1/4), 6END
  • 11f Piercing Strike: HKA +6d6, Alterable Origin Point, Reduced Endurance (1/2END; +1/4), Armour Piercing (x2; +1/2), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Unified power (-1/4), 4END
  • 5f Thunderclap: HA +10d6, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), Explosion (32mR; +1/2), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Cannot be Used beyond Gigantic size (-1/2), Unified power (-1/4)
  • 7f Ground Slam: HA +12d6, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), Area of Effect (32m 60-degree Cone; +3/4), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Cannot be Used beyond Gigantic size (-1/2), Only Affects Targets on the Ground (-1/4), Unified power (-1/4)
  • 4f Sweeping Punch: HA +8d6, Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), Area of Effect (2m 120-degree Cone; +1/4), Double Knockback (+1/2), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Cannot be Used beyond Gigantic size (-1/2), Unified power (-1/4)
  • 8f Bite: HKA +4d6, Penetrating (x2; +1), Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), Inaccurate (1/2OCV; -1/4), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
  • 5f DON'T TOUCH MY SON!: HA +36d6, Alterable Origin Point, Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4), Only When Berserk "Threatening or harming Panzer" is Triggered (-2), 18END

137 Wing Beat: Physical Blast 30d6, Area of Effect (128m 60-degree Cone, +1 1/4), Armour Piercing (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (1/2END, +1/4), No Range (-1/2), Extra Time (Extra Segment, -1/2), Power Only Works When Fully Grown (-1), 7END
72 Jump: HA +18d6, Explosion (256m Surface; +1 1/2), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (1/2END, +1/4), Extra Time (Extra Phase, -3/4), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/4), Power Only Works When Fully Grown (-1), Linked (Super-Strong Legs, must be used at full value; -3/4), 4END
9 Roar: +20 PRE, Only for Fear-based Presence Attacks (-1), Incantations (Roaring; -1/4)
25 Deafening Roar: +30 PRE, Only for Fear-based Presence Attacks (-1), Incantations (Roaring; -1/4), Power Only Works When Grown Beyond Enormous (-1/2) Jointly-Linked (-1/4); Hearing Group Flash 5d6, Area of Effect (128mR; +1 1/2), Reduced Endurance (0END; +1/2), Power Only Works When Grown Beyond Enormous (-1/2), Incantations (Roaring; -1/4), No Range (-1/2), Jointly-Linked (Must Use Greater Power at Full Value; -3/4)
21 Kaiju Indestructability: Hardened for PD and ED
21 Kaiju Indestructibility: Impenetrable for PD and ED
64 Kaiju Indestructability: Resistant for 50PD/40ED, Hardened (+1/4), Impenetrable (+1/4)
80 Kaiju Indestructability: Resistant 75% PDR/EDR, Does Not Protect Against AVAD (Hearing Flash Defense, Mental Defense; -1/2)
10 Enhanced Body: 10-points Power Defense
4 Heightened Regeneration: 1 BODY Per Day
8 Heavy: -8m KB
9 Vorel'thoth Biology: Longevity (1600-years lifespan), Immunity (All Terrestrial Diseases)
2 Wings: Flight 8m, Gliding (-1), Cannot Hover (-1/4), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), Cannot be Used While Grown (-1), 1END
12 Olympic Runner: +12m Running, +1END
36 Fast Swimmer: +4m Swimming (8 Total), +1END; +84m Swimming (92 Total), Only When Grown (-1/4), +3END
33 Super-Strong Legs: +36m Leaping (40 forward, 20 upward), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), +2END; +76m Leaping (116 forward, 58 upward), Only at Gargantuan or Colossal sizes (-3/4), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), +4END
Total Powers Cost:912


32 +4 OCV/DCV/Damage w/HTH Combat
3 Charm 19-
3 Conversation 19-
5 Defense Maneuver Rank II (No attacker is considered to be attacking "from behind"; Eliminates Multiple Attacker Bonuses as to attackers the character can perceive)
2 Gambling (Blackjack, Poker) 11-
3 Interrogation 19-
5 Language:English (Vorel'thoth is native)
3 Oratory 19-
8 PS:Gourmet Cooking 15-
4 Survival (Temperate/Subtropical, Tropical) 11-
3 Teamwork 12-
Total Skills Cost:71


9 Contact: PRIMUS 12-
6 Contact: UNTIL 11-
6 Contact: Champions 11-
4 Reputation: Heroic Kaiju (United States and Japan, 11-; +2/+2d6)
4 Wealth: Well Off (400k- per year)


3 Lightsleep
11 Striking Appearance: +1 Interaction, +1d6 PRE Atk; +5 Interaction, +5d6 PRE Atk against VIPER
Total Perks & Talents Cost:43
Total Cost:1482