Back Stab

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Back Stab
Player: @zerogman493
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 22
Research & Development: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Kendra Lowett
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 28
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 157lbs
Eye Color: Greem
Hair Color: Natural Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Journalist
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: Detroit (Millennium City)
Marital Status: Xun Laverna
Known Relatives: Rebecca Lowett (Mother), Steven Lowett (Father)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Martial Arts
Throwing Stars and a Mini Gun

Becoming a Hero

Battle of Detroit

When she was six years old, Kendra Lowett witnessed the most horrific battle in human history. Doctor Destroyer had razed the city of Detroit and killed thousands of people and thirteen heroes. It was a traumatic experience for the child. In the aftermath, she wanted to make a difference in the world. For a little girl this was a big goal, but seeing the sacrifices made to protect others inspired her to do the same.

When she was old enough, she applied for a job at Adair Media and landed it as a freelance photographer. She'd often go in deep to get pictures. Sometimes a little too deep. She was lucky to escape with her head after an incident with the Maniacs. Investigating the criminal element made her feel she contributed to society. She would go in and find evidence that police desperately needed to make arrests stick. She would also urge her boss to let her go take pictures of various events to show that humanity still was living even in dark times.

Vibora Bay

After a bit of success with Adair Media, she was promoted to a more permanent position. Interviewing and writing rough editorials. Her first assignment in this new position took her to Vibora Bay where she met with the Black Mask. Watching her fight crime made Kendra feel she could do more than just expose the criminal element and promote the good in people. She could BE the news. Taking down bad guys, helping old ladies cross the street. Granted the second didn't require tights, but to hell with that. Kendra loved the idea so much that when she returned to Millennium City, she enrolled in some Martial Art classes in Westside. It took time, but she had achieved in just under five years a first degree Black Belt.

Back Stab

In addition to Martial Art training, Kendra created an entire wardrobe just for infiltration into various criminal elements. From Westside gangs to ARGENT and VIPER. Additionally she made a special uniform to identify herself as when not undercover. Dawning her mask, she became Back Stab. A vigilante that vaguely copies a certain web-slinging super hero in the fact that she takes pictures of herself beating up bad guys. She is not egotistical and does still do her job properly, but sometimes she goes and "Back Stabs" villain groups for the thrill.

Ironically as her alter ego, she is much more confident and cool-headed as Back Stab where as Kendra as herself gets flustered in social interactions more easily.

She is still a smart-ass whether she wears the mask or not.

Kendra Lowett

Young Kendra

After Detroit was rebuilt into Millennium City, Kendra joined her Elementary School's Newspaper. She was given the position of taking pictures for the paper. She didn't mind at first, but she wanted to report REAL news. Not just what was for lunch or the toilets were backed up. Then one day, a battle between a Hero and Villain broke out in front of the school. Against better judgement, she rushed in to get shots of the action. Of coarse once the battle had been won, the school was not pleased with Kendra running out and putting herself in danger. However she DID get $300 Dollars for her pictures from a Newspaper company. After a bit of controversy over her actions, she was dismissed from the paper then brought back. She was on a bit of a leash though and went back to the same dull news stories.

When she moved on to Middle School, Kendra found herself working with the School Newspaper again.

Highschool Kendra

Once again, Kendra had become part of the school newspaper. This time it was easier to get good news. Vandals, Theft, Street Fights. Of coarse going to school in Westside was bound to lead to danger and excitement. It was at this point she decided to intern at a real media company. For the second half of her High School Career, she interned at Adair Media before being hired on as a Freelance Photographer. Some of her early assignments sent her into Westside to get what she could on the Gang activities. She went above and beyond that task by actually stealing pictures of Gang members with incriminating evidences. When she graduated, she was hired on full time and soon made her way to being one of the promising members of the company.

Present Day Kendra

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