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Ay Kya
Ay Kya HD.png
*rambles on in some alien language*
Biographical Data
Ay Kya
Real Name
Ay Kya
Home Base
Physical Build
Physical Features
Large Eyes
Short Broad Tail
Clawed Feet
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Years Active
Planetary Explorer
Marital Status
Known Powers & Abilities
Equipment & Paraphernalia
HiTech Pistol
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes

In-Charcter Information

  • logs translated from unknown alien language.

Origin Story

"Day 1 of my great space expedition! I've done it! I've secured myself a ship and I'm finally out of here. My dream of exploring the stars is finally coming true. Once I'm out of the system I'm never coming back, not like they would let me come back anyway. All I've ever wanted was to see the stars, and now I get to do just that. Goodbye Lregh! You won't be missed!"

"Day 176, The ship got hit by a solar flare over night and now the navigation system is on the fritz. I saw an orbital station yesterday, I've turned the ship around and I'm headed back to that station, someone there should be able to help fix my navigation system."

"Day 178, It's no use, the orbital station and even the planet itself didn't hold up to well to that solar flare. What was a lush green world a few days ago is now a charred rock with a burning atmosphere. The orbital station is little more than debris now. It's a terrible sight, an entire race gone in an instant, I can only hope that they didn't suffer."

"Day 180, I've returned to my original course, I think... I can only hope that this star I'm headed towards has life."

"Day 440, I've arrived at the star finally, my scanners detected life on this small green planet. I went down to the surface to get my navigation system fixed, but it turns out the lifeforms on this world are barely even primitive beings. Setting a course for a new star tomorrow."

"Day, I don't even know any more... I've been drifting without a properly working navigation system for way too long now... Today my scanners detected a nearby planet with life, maybe this time they won't be primitive and I can get this thing fixed finally... I should pass within range of the planet in a few days with any luck."

"Day, I still don't know... I haven't slept much since my last log entry, I keep worrying that I'll pass the planet and not be able to get back if I go to sleep now. I see a blue planet ahead of me that I should pass within orbit of within a day."

"Day, I'm just gonna call this Day n'1 at this point... I've entered orbit around the blue planet today. My ship has registered this planet as Sol 3. Of everything that could still be working on this navigation system, the only thing that works is the star registry. What good that does me, I'm not even sure if it's even accurate since the system still can't tell me where Sol even is. The star map is a complete mess and my location is a mystery, yet somehow it's able to label this star system as Sol and this little blue rock as Sol 3. Whatever, I'm just going to get some sleep now, I've got the ship in orbit so I know I'll still be here when I wake up now."

"Day n'2, I sent a probe out last night to scan the planet for signs of a space hub or something, it returned a short while ago with a promising location I'm going in for a landing now."

"Day n'2-2, Well there are a lot of other spaceships on the surface around this hub, it must be some sort of interstellar trade hub. The locals are strange pink tailless creatures, and I have no idea what they are even saying. Also for some strange reason every time I say my name I get directed to some sort of furniture store... This world is weird."

"Day n'2-3, Someone stole my ship! I'm on a planet with strange aliens that I can't even communicate with, and someone has stolen my ship! Those guys in purple look suspicious maybe one of them will know where my ship is."

"Day n'3, I approached the suspicious men in purple yesterday and they shot at me. They clearly know something, I think I've worked out where their base of operations is and I'm going to search the place today, hopefully I'll find my ship there."

"Day n'3-2, There was certainly some sort of alien Technology in that warehouse of theirs, but my ship wasn't there. The man I can only assume was there leader was some sort of lunatic, he was laughing like a crazy guy when I showed up. I don't even know what he was saying at all, what is a 'Citizen of Westside?' Some other men in blue showed up a little while later and I kept hearing the same word, 'Hero' what is that?"

"Day n'4, I still don't understand a word these people are saying, but I have learned a few useful words in their language and I think the men in blue are Authority figures. Whenever I approach one they point me towards some suspicious looking men and then give me some green paper slips that appear to be the local currency if I go scare them off or capture them. I'm still nowhere closer to finding my ship, but at least I won't starve. There are these cart vendors and if I ask for a "hot dog" they give me a delicious type of food in exchange for just 2 of these green paper slips."

"Day n'12, Today the men in blue escorted me to a large oddly shaped building that they called 'Champions HQ'. I'm still not sure what exactly they wanted me to do there... I was handed some papers with blanks, I assume they wanted me to fill out some kind of forms. I can't even speak their language, what makes them think I can write it? I'm sure they will figure it out soon enough."

"Day n'14, A big hairy grey man in a white coat approached me today and handed me this strange device that I was instructed to place in my ear and another that I was instructed to wear around my neck. I think it was supposed to be some sort of translation device, but it's translating to the wrong language. I still can't understand a word they are saying, and judging by his reaction it doesn't translate anything I say."

"Day n'24, I've sat around trying to understand their language for too long, my ship is still missing and someone in this hub must have seen something. There's a group of suspicious men wearing Pink and Black that look like they might know something, I saw them lugging around some alien devices the other day. I'm going to investigate."

"Day n'25, There was nothing there, however it seems these men have strange powers, one of them projected images in my head of another alien craft across town. I'm going to look into it tomorrow."

"Day n'26, The other craft belongs to a race of short green men who appear to be amassing some sort of invasion force. Just what I need... stranded on an alien world about to be invaded by another alien race. As if things couldn't get any worse..."

History and Current Events



Ay Kya is a very curious and exploratory individual. She doesn't have the greatest of attention spans, so she is often times easily distracted from her task at hand, however distractions won't hold her attention for very long. Despite her short attention span she is a very determined individual and will always return to any unfinished task she has set her mind to. She is also quite easily frustrated, it is not advised to attempt to frustrate her as she tends to overreact when frustrated.


Superhuman Powers



HiTech Pistol

Ay Kya carries around a small pistol with settings for sonic and laser based blasts. This weapon uses an unknown energy source that appears to recharge itself.

Strengths and Weaknesses





Character Opinions/Impressions

Other Facts and Trivia

Out-Of-Character Information

Her name Ay Kya is pronounced "eye Kee-uh"... hence the reason she keeps getting directed to furniture stores, most notably IKEA stores.

Roleplay Hooks


Starfish Language - Ay Kya speaks an unknown alien language and is practically impossible to understand. Though some words may sound similar to words in various different earth languages odds are they are unrelated. Due to her language issue people keep directing her to furniture stores when she says her name.

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