Ava Grace

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Ava Grace
Player: Vio-Lena
Yeah, I'm always changing my hair. Don't like it? Kiss my ass.
Character Build
Class Focus: Energy Based
Power Level: Unknown
Research & Development: Child Psychology
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: A.V.A.
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City -Westside Recreational Center
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Always Changing
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Petite
Physical Features: Small scar on the right side of her neck, Two Silver Earrings
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Ava Grace
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: Unknown
Occupation: Youth Counselor for West-Side Recreational Center
Education: College Bachelor's in Child Physiology
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Known Powers and Abilities
Energy Blades
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Dan Wesson Revolver DW PPC3
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Ava was born at Memorial Hospital at 5:23am on May 31st. Her parents Marcus and Julia was only to birth one child so she was their miracle child. She was raised in a caring and loving family, surrounded by positive influences. The area that she grew up was that of a rural country area to a small city. She enjoyed working on the farm with her parents. She loved to brush the horses and take care of them, even riding them when she was old enough to learn. She excelled at her school studies and loved to make friends. She was always outspoken and used manners when around the elderly or newcomers to her area.

When she was in Middle School, she refused to date. She was too concerned about her studies and creating a future for herself as her family soon hit turmoil in a rough economy. Her family was losing the farm and she did not want to see her childhood go up with a pink piece of paper from the bank. She picked up odd jobs, trying to make any money that she could. She even worked for a few college students in the area by typing up their research papers for a fee.

Millennium City.

In high school, her family finally lost the fight with the bank, losing the land they once had called home. In search of work, her family moved from their small hometown to Millennium City. Her father picked up a job as a banker and her mother, a receptionist for the same bank. She was placed in an Inner-City school and faced the hard fact of life. The attitudes of the students were nothing like that she was used to. She was used to the kind, rural life; only to receive hate and mockery for what she was. To the others, she was the country bumpkin who was picked on constantly for being who she was. It did not take long for her attitude to change. Ava used her intelligence to adapt and survive her final years of schooling. She changed her image to look intimidating to others, picked up several new word usages to defend herself verbally, made sure to let others know she wasn't one to mess with.

On October 25, her parents were shot and killed during a bank robbery while Ava was out looking for her own job to try and contribute to the family's living expenses. After receiving the news, she went in to a violent rage. The last thing she had held close to her heart was gone. In that instant, her world seemed to crumble around her. In her fit of rage, she went looking for the ones who took her parent's life. The New Purple Gang. She searched high and low, picking up a few people upon her journey to get revenge. It was during this time she picked up her first pistol. She had no unlocked her powers at this point and wanted to make sure that they paid for their actions. When she finally came upon the hideout of the gang, she found she was a -terrible- aim and was quickly subdued by the gang and tortured. However, a local renegade soon came to the rescue only to release her in a blood-rage against the gang. As she watched the blood fly from the renegade clearing the way, she lost all control. She charged forward without thought, just imaging she had a blade to cut the brutes with. It was there her power came out in response to her desire.


After the incident with the New Purple Gang, Ava soon learned her parents had a large sum of money left for her. She took the money and decided to go to college to learn Child Psychology. After seeing how the public schools worked and how much violence was in the city, she wanted to try and help those in need. She felt that if she was able to help the children now, they would grow up to be well-mannered (somewhat) citizens of the City. So, after her graduation, she placed the extra money she had in to a building, soon opening up the West Side Recreational Center. She wanted to give children a place to play and release stress. A place where they could go to avoid the troubles of the world around them, where they could actually act like kids. She placed herself as the counselor and made sure to keep her attitude she had dawned from high school to show the children she wasn't going to take their crap, but she was there to help.

After several years of getting the Recreational Center off the ground, it has now become a haven where children can come and relax.

Ava Information


Ava's attitude is very frontal. She speaks her mind and loves to use vulgar language. She makes sure her presence is known when it is required and keeps to herself when not needed. She tries to avoid contact with everyone as she feels she has more important things to worry about. She tries to avoid creating relationships but with a few creatures in the club. Those who she will call friend, she holds very close. She is the type of person that if a promise is made, she will follow it through until the end, no matter how silly or embarrassing it is.


Ava tries to place a badass image upon herself. She wants to try and keep people from picking on her as they did in high school. However, she is very friendly once you break her tough shell. She enjoys wearing dark colors and has a habit of wearing vests and jackets. She loves having the feeling of something over her arms, much like a safety blanket.

The Rose

The rose Ava wears is not to give her the 'cute' look, but to show the loving memory she has of her parents. She will not mention them unless asked but keeps the flower as a reminder of the day they were taken away from her. After finding out her whole history was a lie, she destroyed the rose that once held such a close meaning to her heart. Later on, her love, Angel, would give her a black rose. She currently wears the rose proudly.

Random need to Know

Ava enjoys making herself smell nice. She is always covered in a perfume of some kind. She tends to stick to the Strawberry smell while the rose on her head only adds to the scent. However, she also has the slight smell of blood for those who may be able to pick up on it. Currently she tries to avoid everyone. She has odd urges to inflict injury on those around her.



Ava enjoys a good beer. She will sit and chat with anyone over a free beer. She enjoys scotch and vodka as well, but has a strong dislike for certain beers (Miller Light, Coors, Budweiser). She enjoys working with kids and helping them any time they request her help. She will come to a friend's need and isn't afraid to get physical (T1/ Dice-rolling Sparring available!)


Being touched without her permission. Due to this, she uses her energy to create a shield around her body. Should you touch her without her knowledge or permission, you will gain a small shock. She dislikes being hit on or stalked/followed by random people in the club. She becomes slightly paranoid when this occurs. She hates to see her friends hurt and goes in to a violent rage to try and fix the problem. She has a huge dislike of dogs, she is not allergic, but just has a dislike for them. She finds herself to be more of a bird person if someone would ask her to choose a cat or a dog.

Recreational Center

Ava and Angel outside Westside Recreational Center.

Westside Recreational Center is a safe haven for those of the Westside area to relax, free from the violence of the local gangs. We take pride in the available recreation we have for the youth of the area and take joy in seeing those who take part in our programs become a beacon for those who wish to find their way out of gangs.

Our Goal:
WRC's goal to is help the future by helping today! Heroes can only put away villains but they do not stop villains from being born. We believe that showing the youth of today that people care, will help them, and will not turn their backs on them will allow them to grow up and become civilized members of society. We believe this will help the future of our great city of Millennium, not just constantly jailing of criminals.

When you walk up to the building, you will see that it is an old red stained brick building. On the front, you see a memorial painted of children of all races, even some demons and aliens, holding hands over an earth. Off to the side would be 2 basketball courts that look in fairly decent to new shape. Two large doors allow you to enter the building after you climb a small flight of stairs (10 steps in all)

As you walk inside, you will see a brick pillar with three trophy cases filled with medals and awards surrounding it. On the middle of the pillar, you will see a 'Dedication' plate which reads 'Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Marcus and Julia Grace'.

Westside Recreational Center Logo.

Several mini classrooms line the hallway. Inside, it seems they range from age groups. There is one for infants, where parents drop them off for free daycare. Another room where there are actual books, the books seeming as if they are brand new for a recreational center. Another room you come across will be a large opened area. The game room. This is where most of the children will be found, and it will be packed. Inside, there will be vending machines, pool tables, Even three large screen TV's with a panel for sign-in from the children to use their own fingerprint to sign in. There are several Game counsels locked in a box under each TV. Inside, a small machine will pick which one to play and what game upon the child's selection.

From overall looks, it seems the Recreational Center gets a hefty amount of donations. As you continue to move down the hall to check out the other rooms, you notice several pictures lining the wall. On all of these pictures, you see volunteers, children, local heroes, and even Ava, all smiling like dumbasses for the picture.

Interviewing the Children

Carlos: Ava? Yeah, shes cool. Shes a hardass though. Always getting on me about skipping school and coming here to play the awesome games she keeps in stock. Perhaps if she didn't keep this place so awesome, I wouldn't have to. Ya know?

Wess: Oh no, don't call her 'miss', she hates that. I once saw her punch out the janitor she had just hired for constantly calling her miss. Says it makes her feel old or something. Hell if I know, must be a woman thing. Either way, you wanna know about her? Sure. Shes awesome. Shes always smiling when shes around here. I followed her home once and she even offered to feed me. I never had such an awesome meal in my life! Why didn't someone tell me real Ham tasted so good?

Angel:Ava...You ain't looking to date her are you? I'll fucking kick your ass! I totally have eyes for that fine ass of hers. Sure, I may be a bit young, but hell, I ain't gonna let some little punk like you step in on my turf.

Alice: M'Grace? Ya, shes cool. Totally helped me with my bully problem at school. She went and kicked their asses for me. Told them to stay away from me or she'd do it again. Nice of her huh? Now they don't bother me anymore. No adult has ever done that for me. Acts like she really cares or some crap. Though, I don't think she is allowed on school property anymore'.

Alfred: Yo, yo, yo..Dawg..Back the fuck off. I may only be 12 but I see whats going on here. You best be steppin back. You ain't no man for 'Our Lady Grace'. Shes too awesome to be hurt again. I've seen punks like you think they are worth her time, only to drop her like a sack of potatoes. I suggest you leave before I shove my size 4 up your punk ass. Besides, shes already taken'. My man Angel is totally tapping that shit!

Mary: 'Our Lady Grace'? Yeh, thats' wha some of da punks in the area call Ava. Acting like shes all that and shit. Nah, I ain't jelly, stop looking at me like that.

Rhonda: Oh Miss G! Ya, she cool and stuff. She totally let me pierce her lip for her. She help'in me learn how to do stuff with a tattoo gun too. Totally gonna be a bitchin ass artist.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Project A.V.A.

Project A.V.A. (Advanced Versatile Assassin) is a project that has been 20 years in the making under VIPER scientists. The project is to create a Super Assassin that is under complete control of the VIPER organization. It will respond to all commands and be only overwritten from higher ranking officials in the organization.The project will also be able to birth future soldiers for the needs of VIPER, thus, a female was wanted for the project.

Taken at the age of four from her parents, she was placed in to a program by VIPER for super soldiers. She was experimented on countless times, trained, and had several memory wipes each time the desired outcome failed. She was raised as a VIPER assassin after finally giving in to the will of the organization. She became a cold-blooded killer, handling any mission that was required of her. She showed no mercy towards her victims. Women, children, anything that was seen as the enemy was to be killed. She had lost all ability to create a conscious thought about remorse or consequences of her actions. If people were to die to allow her to complete her mission, then they would die. If she had to lose an arm in the process, she would cut her own arm off without second thought. During this time, she was forced to have sexual relations with several altered soldiers under the watch of VIPER. It was during this that VIPER noticed she was unable to conceive.

One day two renegades decided that VIPER was no longer for them and made their escape, destroying information and vehicles in their wake. Due to this, a bounty was placed upon their heads and she was sent to track them down. After being unable to track the two down since they had gone in to hiding for years, the scientists felt that perhaps Project A.V.A was a failure. One last chance was given to prove the assassin they had spent their time on was worth the investment was given and the VIPER scientists decided on a different plan to try and find the traitors. They decided that putting her out in to the real world as a normal citizen would yield better results when trying to find the two that left the organization. Upon her discharge, her had her memories altered (to what you can read above). She has no memories of who she once was and that she is secretly working for VIPER.

Kelthus C. Lucient
Jack Felheart

Ava in armor.

Mind Merge

Ava was slowly gaining the the mental capacity to recall that she had certain abilities. Her ego blades (which were her main attack besides using her revolvers) seemed to pulse each time she used them. She discovered that she could use the pulse to force the ground around her to be thrown in a circle around her figure, taking out groups if she was to be surrounded. She became determined to master this ability. However, her body seemed to refuse to learn it as she had several unknown mental blocks to bypass to complete this task. She would randomly pass out, have violent nose bleeds and more when trying to push her body to its limit in an attempt to learn this ability. As Ava grew in power in her secondary mental state, Viper, who had been watching her for the past 5 years felt she was becoming too free with her abilities. They gave Agent M. the call to have her to return to base for an 'upgraded' chip to be inserted and the old replaced. This would give a bit more control and cause her to forget that she had several abilities. However, the call was made while she was at the Center and on lookers could witness friends trying to figure out what was going on. Friend Equality and lover, Angel, could only helplessly follow while trying to figure out what was going on. They ended up following her to the Canadian Base and forced their way in, only to see her having the chip replaced. After she had left had left the base, she instantly went out looking for her target Kelthus. During which Angel had followed her, trying to figure out what was truly going on.

After a small fight with the man she loved, he was able to knock her out. A friend was called in to try and get through the mental barriers to find out who or what was the cause of this sudden attitude change. Kelthus, Jackal's wife (Ava's drinking buddy) was asked to merge the minds in to one after removing the chip from Ava's skull. Of course, with a mind merge comes all the memories flowing in at once. After the merge, Ava felt like she was a menace to humanity and should not be allowed to live. She felt that she should not return to the Recreational Center since her past was nothing but violence and that she would be a terrible influence on the children she is trying to help grow up in to a better life.

Angel refused to let that slide and had hounded her until she decided she would think about what would come of her life. She now seems to be on a mission to find out who her -REAL- parents where and if they are even still alive. She tries her best to forget her past but has nightmares of all the torture she endured through her childhood as a test subject for VIPER. Currently, Ava is having trouble adapting to what she should do with her life. While she refuses to abandon the kids, she tries her best to keep her distance from others. She has random fits of rage and has odd urges to kill. She refuses to go near Kelthus and/or Jack for fear she may lose control and try to kill them.

VIPER room.

The Truth

Ava was born as Grace Davis in a Canadian providence on July 7th. Her parents where Julia and Steve Davis. She was raised in a loving small community village of around 50. VIPER soon entered the area and leveled the village taking all the children for test subjects. Anyone not taken for testing was killed on sight. Ava along with the other children were quickly renamed as Subject -random number-. This is the name they ended up growing up to know themselves as.

Over the years, several tests where done to each child. Ava had several different tests done. A few that occurred were- Needles in the eyes to pierce her brain, drilling in to her skull while she was fully awake with no pain killers, breaking of legs and arms on a weekly basis, random gassing of lab created chemicals, and constant bleed tests (randomly slashed at to see how her body would react). She received her scar on the side of her neck due to an incision during one of the experiments where they thought it would be fun to play with the muscle lining of her neck. They wanted to try and create an injection system that one could hit to gain super strength for a limited time. It failed.

She was raised inside a small white room, listening to the other kids cry out in pain when she herself was not doing such. She could only watch from a small window as others walked by her room. She was given a small notebook in which she could doodle or write in to keep herself busy. A chip was implanted in the back of her skull which made her body answer to any command given. As she grew, if she was to shower, the Lab techs would watch her shower. If she ate, they would watch her eat. She was under constant surveillance to note any changes in behavior or how her body responded to the environment around her.

By the age of 17, she was forced to have relations with other selected soldiers VIPER had deemed worthy to carry on the super soldier trait. However, she was unable to conceive so they scrapped that project. By this time, all the other children had passed, unable to survive the testing and she was the last. They decided to just use her as an 'On-call' assassin when their own soldiers could not finish a mission. After Jack and Kelthus had made their escape from VIPER is when Project decided to place fake memories in to her mind and release her in to the real world as a sleeper Agent, under the watch of Agent M. Her handler.

Agent M

Agent M, who is seen in her past as Marcus Hamn (the man who saved her from the Purple Gang) keeps an eye on her. He makes sure she keeps in line and is to fix any problem that may be needed to keep her under-control. Should something fall out of line, he sends a code to a small chip that has been implanted in the back of her skull, calling her to return to the VIPER base in Canada for treatment. The chip has a shield around it which allows it to function should she receive a large shock of electricity or be placed in extreme climate conditions.

Agent M is currently in hiding and cannot be found. It seems he is going to try and reclaim Project A.V.A. at a later date.

Abilities due to Alteration

  • Increased Healing (able to heal all wounds. If large death blow is given, she can die)
  • Blood acts like an acid to remove foreign objects (Tranquilizers, nanites, poisons, etc) - Alcohol is not effected (Ava enjoys getting drunk)
  • Able to move objects with her mind
  • Able to teleport
  • Able to transfer memories and information to another mind with touch. (If you touch her forehead without her preparing, you will get forced random memories)

Random Diary entries of a Lonely Girl

Day 1
I have been here for a few years now. I forget mommie and daddies face. The men here have been teaching me how to read and write. Its hard. They are always so mean and force me to take these large pills. They taste nasty. They gave me this journal to write in to keep my sanity as I sit in this large white room. Its very cold here.

Day 5 of Testing

The big man in the white coat has checked up on me for the past couple hours. I still hear the drilling sounds the machines made. They held my skull in place and I felt everything. I still have the wounds from the last procedure they did on me a few days ago. My legs hurt from it. I think they broke them on purpose. They said something about not getting a desired outcome. I don't know, I am 10 years old now, or so they say.

Day 15 of Testing
The sounds of drilling, the cries of the kids who have been going through the same thing as me. I can't sleep. Its all I hear. The needles in the eyes, manual breaking of my bones before they even have a chance to fully heal. I don't know how much more I can take.

Day 28
I don't write enough in this thing. Testing on my mind hasn't happened in a week now. They are finally letting my hair grow out. I'm older now. When I asked my age, the man in the white coat told me I was 14. My body seems to be growing out in places I am unsure of. They said it means I'm maturing. Maturing for what though? Why did they suddenly stop once I started to 'mature?'

Day 32
I overheard the people talking about me. Apparently, all the others that I used to hear screaming in pain have passed. I am the only one left. I keep hear them using the word 'reproducing' but I don't know what it means.

Day 75
It seems I can only try and have a mind of my own when I write. If I try and speak out loud, nothing comes out. If I try to refuse an order, my body still moves. This is my only chance at having a personality. This paper, the only thing I can even call a friend. Today, the lab guys brought in some animals for testing. I never got to see such things before. I wanted to see them. They brought them close for me. I got to pet one they called a cat. It was mean and scratched me. I hate cats, such stuck up creatures. Then there was this thing they called a dog. It seemed to drool everywhere and I didn't like getting wet. I hope those things don't last a day. Especially the dog. Its loud.

Day 254
Hello odd piece of paper I always write on! You are my only friend in this place. Agent M says I turn 16 today! He says I should be excited but I don't know why. Something about how 'Project A.V.A.' is officially underway. Thats what they have been calling me lately. Its the first time I was called something other than Subject 2412.

Day 463
They say I am of age now. I have been doing missions lately. It is the only time I get outside this hell hole of a home. They have been picking male soldiers, ones that have been enhanced to apparently mate with me. I am to be a child baring vessel. They have eight soldiers picked so far. Apparently, I have no choice in the matter. I am to do as I am told. I do not understand this sex thing. It was never taught to me. I am just told to come in to the room naked and let them do what they want to me.

Day 642
There are a bunch of explosions at the building next door. I am able to see it from my window. It looks like people are trying to escape. I wish them luck. I wish I could get out of here.