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Player: @KaliX
"If I'm to accompany you, sir, I may as well look the part..."
Class Focus: Electricity / Powersuit
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Isabelle Montenegro
Known Aliases: Aura, Izzy
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blue / Aqua
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Secretary (Daedalus Technologies)
Place of Birth: New Orleans
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
No documented super powers.
Known Abilities
Archery training, photographic memory supported by high intelligence scores, management
Basic gauntlets wired to channel electrical currents, cybernetics (priority: life support), compound bow and variety of technologically enhanced arrows


Brutal efficiency is the hallmark of a successful secretary; especially when that secretary is forced to handle everything from daily appointments at the workplace to personal commitments between, well, personal commitments. Isabelle Montenegro is both neat and precise, maintaining an often subtle and extremely dry humor that probably comes from balancing her boss' carelessly roguish charm. Some may call her cold; that very same precision which makes her an excellent tool in the business world doesn't allow for a particularly warm public image.

Nevertheless, she is dedicated to her career and to the company, loyal to a fault and motivated by the Rushing family's success. Though Silas may complain that she's too stodgy, there is nothing that she wouldn't do for the polar opposite Rushing men. And frequently does.


Ms. Isabelle Montenegro
Standing at a wicked tall five feet and ten inches—and mostly comprised of legs—Isabelle is, as they say, a long, tall drink of water. Her skin is fair and porcelain perfect, which suggests she doesn't get out into the sun ever, and her features are on the more angular side of pretty. While she could compare to the beautiful women of her boss' gliteratti crowd if she only made the effort, she often disregards this in favor of severe makeup and simple, neatly tailored lines—thus ensuring that she remains in the background of whatever event Silas Rushing is involved in. Her physique is that of a dedicated exerciser, neither honed to perfection nor allowed to turn to the distastefully named "skinny flab", and she stands with a confidence that suggests she is fully aware of her place in life.

Although blue hair and cybernetics may not be the standard mode of dress for the Secretary Union, this one does both with a silent kind of daring. Or perhaps with a complete lack of concern. Regardless, her hair is shoulder-length, glossy with careful grooming and comprised of a shade of blue that melds a blue-green Mediterranean sea with highlights of aqua and lowlights in sapphire. As if that weren't off-putting enough, tubes filled with a glowing light blue liquid sprout from her shoulders, curving around to implant into just below her shoulder blades. They are cool to the touch. Gold-colored bolts secure the strange cybernetics to her flesh and dot the backs of her arms, and all of her clothing has been modified to support this.

As Ms. Montenegro

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As Aura

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Isabelle Montenegro was born in New Orleans, but was raised in Washington, D.C. when her parents moved north for her father's job. Her parents divorced when she was a teenager, and her father left for parts unknown. She only barely graduated from high school, dropped out of college after less than a year, and vanished for several years. In this time, she earned a small rap sheet—including theft, possession, possession with intent to distribute, and an assault charge that was later dropped—and didn't resurface again until she was found in an inner city hospital, nearly dead from a car accident that miraculously claimed no other lives... except possibly her own.

Fate brought Owen Rushing into contact with the apathetic and dying woman. Suddenly victim to the razor-sharp acumen that launched Daedalus Technologies into the future of technology, Isabelle found herself agreeing to be part of a clinical trial. She was transferred to Millennium City where she underwent a risky operation to save not just her life, but her mobility. She was recuperating within just a few months, and spent the next handful of years in intensive physical therapy and rehabilitation as her body struggled to work with the new technology implanted within it.

During this lengthy process, she graduated summa cum laude from MIT via correspondence courses and developed a newfound interest in archery as a means to recondition her arms and shoulders. At the end of the program, vetted by the company doctors and an excellent example of Daedalus' medical tech research, Owen Rushing placed her on the payroll—but kept her out of the public eye and even out of the company's view until the day his son took over as CEO. Then, presented to Silas Rushing as part of the conditions of his management, Ms. Montenegro quietly and efficiently stepped into the very fringes of the limelight as "the secretary" to Daedalus Technology's golden boy.

Now she is simply part of the scenery; a constant figure in the background to keep things running smoothly, no more interesting than a tea cozy or particularly favored pen. Although Silas initially objected, he has come to rely on her—and she is content to serve.


Although she is registered as a superhero (it was the only way she could be allowed to join Sentinel in his ill-conceived plan), she has no special abilities registered. She is documented as a human, with skills in archery and a photographic memory.

Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Artificial Intelligence

In truth, Isabelle Montenegro died eight years ago in that inner city hospital. Ravaged by years of meth abuse and the internal injuries sustained in the accident, it was a corpse that Owen Rushing arranged to fly to his labs. While even the company dockets list Isabelle's clinical trial as one of life-saving technology, Owen had an altogether different plan in mind, and worked in absolute secrecy to merge flesh and programming. After all, what is a body but a particularly complex computer?

To that end, after hours and hours of careful surgery and preparation, he downloaded an AI program named "Aura" into the late Isabelle's modified brain. The end result is a human body that has adapted to the new "processor", synchronized better than even Owen could have hoped. Once fully rehabilitated—the broken body had to be healed, as well as rewired and acclimated to the new impulses coming from Aura—it was as if Isabelle Montenegro had never died. And as far as anyone except the senior Mr. Rushing is aware, she never did.

Power Suit

The generically termed "power suit" is comprised of two major elements...


The cybernetics are listed in the registry as "life support", and this is generally correct. Misleading, but still correct. As far as anyone knows, the cybernetics maintain a constant flow of power to various low-scale hydraulics implanted within Isabelle's body—reinforcement for the bits all but obliterated in the accident. This is all true.

They also serve a second function as a coolant system for the body that essentially is, in an extremely simple explanation, an over-clocked computer system. The sheer amounts of energy her body consumes is off the charts; an unavoidable side effect of the necessary work the physical body must do to house the magnitude of Aura's sentience. If ever broken, her body would rapidly overheat and break down in roughly the same way that a processor can fry the circuits of an ill-equipped motherboard. This weave of cybernetics (many of which are delicately woven through muscle and those bones that had to be rebuilt) also serves to ferry the stronger electrical currents that the original flesh didn't know how to process.


A side effect of the amalgamation of flesh and computer is an ability to channel electricity, both internally and externally. To this end, when Owen Rushing learned about his son's superhero predilections, he designed some extremely basic power suit pieces to work in tandem with her system sent them for Isabelle to wear in her guise as the superhero Aura. These boots and gloves channel electricity without frying, and provide a backup battery should her system ever fail. As far as Owen's son is aware, they are standard as per Daedalus Tech's typical specs.

A set of Daedalus Tech jets are inset into the boots, twin to the same tech Sentinel wears. Her bow is a high-tech compound bow, and her arrows are tensile, durable and come in a variety of heads from sharp to explosive.


The following are weaknesses or disadvantages, though some may have a side benefit despite the lack.

Basically Human

The usual things that can hurt or kill a human can hurt Aura, as well. She is still flesh and bone and blood, even if the brain powering it is different. She has no innate resistance to bullets, knives, fire, and so on. While it may be difficult to wholly kill the program, she as a person and as a body can nevertheless be damaged or killed.

Advantage: None. If you cut her, she will bleed...

Computer Brain

In much the same way as a computer uses electricity but can also be fried by it, too much voltage can short the circuits in the chip that is her brain and create seizure-like symptoms, or an outright death of the body. There is also the risk of total failure, which is the equivalent of permanent death.

Advantage: Because her brain is, in essence, a program, psychic intrusion or telepathic abilities will not work on her. She is, for all intents and purposes, immune to attacks that target the mind. (This does not include program viruses, however as she lacks any obvious jacks or drives, inserting such a thing poses its own puzzle.)


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