Augustine Grey

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Augustine Grey
Player: @Ellri
Grey Primus.jpg
Augustine with her familiar - Tegrin
Class Focus: Burst Damage / Healing
Power Level: 40 / 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Augustine Grey
Known Aliases: Grey / Chain Girl
Species: Spirit Wolf / Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 200 (Appears to be in her early twenties)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 124 lbs
Eye Color: Glow solid white
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Independently Wealthy
Place of Birth: Surrey, England
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Infernal Chains, Force, Sorcery, Spirit fire, Teleportation
Known Abilities
Can 'weave' energy from multiple dimensions together to mend wounds, cause damage, and move objects
Weaves energy around mystical chains

Racial History:

Hundreds of years ago a clan of female Spirit Wolves were enslaved by evil demons known as the Kol’naar. They were forced to perform terrible acts of sexual debauchery and lead a life of pain and suffering. This clan of Wolves had a unique power which enabled them to 'weave' the energies of different realms together, forming dream-scapes and unimaginable pleasures for the demons.

Over time, the Spirit Wolves secretly harnessed other powers of their own and learned to weave energy around the chains with which they were bound, transforming them into mystical weapons which they used in their escape. Many Spirit Wolves died that day. The energy required to weave portals to another dimension was more than some could handle and many were too weak from the battle with the Kol’naar to even attempt it. Those that did manage it were able to transport themselves to our realm.

Taking on a form similar to that of humans, they begun to intermingle and breed with us, hoping to dilute their energy and hide from their demon torturers. But not all of the Spirit Wolves wanted to forsake their abilities. This divided Grey's ancestors into two Packs: Those who would hide but pass on the teachings – The Truth, and those who would hide and forget, hoping to fade into obscurity – The Cloak.

The Wolves who were unable to escape or not strong enough to transport themselves were experimented on and tortured far worse than before. This ‘research’ has given the Kol’naar the ability to create a few demons able to sense when energy is ‘weaved’ and more frighteningly create their own portals. After hundreds of years of searching, they have finally tracked down the Wolves who got away...

Personal History:

Augustine was born here in this realm. Her young life was fairly ordinary growing up although her family were forced to move around a lot. This was due to them never appearing to age and the locals becoming suspicious. But apart from that, it was ordinary - She played with dolls, read books, went to school and giggled at boys.

Her family spent most of their time living in various countryside villages, rarely spending time in the busier cities. Over many years of hard work and saving, the Grey’s became quite wealthy and eventually owned country houses all around England and areas of Europe. They would move from place to place introducing themselves as their own relatives who had recently inherited the properties.

Augustine had an incredible interest in the goings on in the cities. She would read stories of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, the incredible tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and even Dracula terrorizing London in the late 1800’s! She dreamed of being a part of that world. Even at eighty years old, she had the childhood fascination (and appearance) of an eight year old girl. But her parents would absolutely not allow such a thing.

In 1915, her father died – a soldier in WWI. It was this that made Augustine’s mother realise just how violent and foolish the Human race can be. Fearing for her daughter, she introduced Augustine to a group of ‘distant relatives’ – The Truth. They taught her of her people’s history; of the abilities she possessed deep down inside her that, with training, she could harness to protect herself.

When Augustine and her mother disappeared, The Cloak became worried and spared no effort in attempting to find them. When it was discovered that they had joined the opposing Pack (an incredible act of treason as far as they were concerned), a civil war ensued which raged through the villages and underworld of England’s cities; hidden from the Humans. The Truth - reluctant to fight but determined to defend themselves, and The Cloak desperate to annihilate them - hoping to completely erase their past once and for all.

Many died from both sides, but the abilities held by The Truth gave them the edge and they emerged the victor. The Cloak was completely destroyed. The few surviving Spirit Wolf descendants hid away from the world entirely, taking on the guise of a small convent of nuns.

As Augustine learnt of her powers and she became stronger and stronger, her desire to get out in to the world and use them grew, but she was obedient and did as she was told, remaining hidden. The local market was her only contact with the world outside and she would often purchase newspapers and books to read about the brave men and their incredible tales, as she did when she was younger. As the 1930’s came to an end and WWII begun, more and more tales of what were now called ‘Super Heroes’ were surfacing. Augustine longed to be able to fight beside them as she knew she could. Perhaps even fight alongside the mighty Grail Knight! But still she stayed with her Pack.

By the time the 1960’s came around, the media was saturated with Heroes and the brave deeds they had accomplished. Augustine was reading about ‘revolutions’, the Beatles, youth revolts and the like. Her desire to join this movement was incredible and in 1972 she ran away from the convent and became ‘Chain Girl’. At one hundred and sixty years old, it seemed a little strange to call herself a ‘girl’, but she did appear to be only in her mid teens.

Augustine moved to London and fought crime during the night. Her ghostly blue chain attacks struck fear into crooks as they saw it flail. An effect which she didn’t think would be so powerful during the daytime. It was not as glamorous a life as she had hoped. She didn’t appear in any newspapers and there were no books written about her. But she was happy knowing that she was doing good.

Recent History:

In the winter of 1991, Augustine returned to the convent wishing to prove that she had made the right decision to leave. She had helped many people, thwarted many villains and remained hidden as she was taught (though the criminals in London knew better than to go anywhere near a ghostly blue light and the sound of chains clinking).

However, on arrival she discovered that the building had been destroyed, her Pack was missing and a Kol’naar demon was waiting for her. The demons had sensed the heavy usage of her weaving and tracked her and her family to this realm.

In a fit of anger and rage, Augustine released all her energy at once. Her body shone blue, ears grew from the top of her head, her hands and feet became claws and a bushy tail appeared behind her. She shook as the power over whelmed her. Almost instantly the demon before her was torn apart as Augustine weaved the energies from countless realms all together in that one singular location.

In a flash she returned to her normal body and collapsed to her knees, breathing heavily and unable to move - a tingling sensation swept over her. Eventually she raised her head to see portals popping into existence all around her and Kol’naar stepping out of them.

Suddenly her sense of touch returned as a small white wolf cub appeared out of nowhere, licking at her hand and nuzzling her. She looked deep into its eyes and thought “We must get out of here”.

They vanished.

For the past eighteen years, Augustine has lived in seclusion, always running, always hiding. She sold all of her family’s properties and the many antiques and items her family had stored over the hundreds of years, netting her a handsome fortune.

She has learned many new powers and abilities from her wolf familiar – Tegrin, who mysteriously appeared that tragic day. She has even learned to mask her weaving (to an extent) from the Kol’naar and can now control her enhanced Spirit Wolf form for short periods of time.

The Kol’naar are here to stay. They have shown interest in the Human species and seek to enslave them now, as well as the last few Spirit Wolves which remain. They have sent many generals to this realm hoping to enslave us - too many for Augustine to fight alone. This is what brought her to join The Ultimate Guardians.