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Super Group
Champions of Champions
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Nara Tor
Jack Hunter
October 23, 1944
The City of Escalion on the planet Titan
Millennium City, MI
His penthouse suite
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Alien (Titan)
Apparent Age
180 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
His eyes to have two shades of blue.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman strength. Energy projection. Energy generated flight. Alien metabolism which causes enhanced regeneration compared to that of a normal human being.
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
An high level of intellect. Skilled in the fields of Science

Astromancer is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in the Free-to-play superhero-themed multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Champions Online by developer Cryptic Studios, based on the Champions Role-playing game system. A modern age hero with a dash of silver age flair. Since his debut in the game in March of 2011, the character has become somewhat of a fan-favorite.

Originally a young scientist named Nara Tor from the descolent world of Titan, a society where the praction of science is held in the highest regard, Astromancer served here as adviser to his King. A position shared with being the head of the council of science. Astromancer began a forbidden affair with the princess of Titan, Sephin. When her father the king, Ser Seith VIII, discovered this affair, he banished Astromancer from their kingdom.

Wandering the Titan wastes, He was captured by a interstellar headhunter named Chronos and sold to a warlord by the name of Tal Rasha, former Titan scientist who had also been banned ages before.

Here, Astromancer became the subject of several inhuman experiments, One of which mutated him greatly after being bombarded with several waves of a chaos-fusion energy known as Elemental Fire. He was given the powers of cosmic fire, a nuclear like energy source born within his cellular structure. He used this newfound power to escape Tal Rasha's research vessel and sought refuge on the nearest habitable planet, earth.

Living on earth now under the alias of Jack Hunter, he protects the world as the superhero known as Astromancer. Fighting for those who can't fight back.


  • Alien Blood - The blood that runs trough Astromancer's veins is not red, but pink.
  • Beard of Sorrow - The usually clean-shaven Astromancer spotted a beard while he wandered the Titan wastelands.
  • Long lifespan - The Titans age about three times as slow as that of a earthling
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes - When Astromancer channels his powers, his eyes turns black and his pupils glows with a fiery glow.
  • Superhero Jaw - Astromancer or Nara Tor as his real alien name is, posses a strong typical superhero jawline.
  • Power Tattoo - When Astromancer channels his powers, his eyes becomes black with firey red pupils, his hair turns into fire and glowing blue tribal shaped marks appears over his body


  • Action Hero - Sometimes situations can only be solved with force.
  • Alien Among Us - Astromancer is in reality Nara Tor of the planet Titan. On Earth he is Jack Hunter, a scientist who transforms into the Astromancer when danger is about.
  • Badass Bookworm - Besides the superpowers Astromancer posses, He also got a high I.Q and a natural affinity for science.
  • Badass Bookworm - Normally somewhat calm, If the big bad happens to threaten someone Astromancer loves and cares about, the gloves comes off.
  • Chaotic Good - Astromancer may stand and believe in all that is good, but he is not one to lay down when asked to give up for something he truly believes in. He will break laws and orders to save lives when he knows there still is a fighting chance.
  • Clothing Damage - During massive battles against the forces of evil, Astromancer's costume has a habit of being torn to shreds.
  • Dark And Troubled Past - Between the time when he was Nara Tor of Titan and to he was Astromancer, defender of earth is the tale of how he got his powers. A story filled with betrayal and tragedy.
  • Determinator - No matter how hard he gets beat down, or how bad his life can get, Astromancer never gives up.
  • Humble Hero - Astromancer does not saves lives out of a yearning for fame, but because he can
  • Legacy Character, Of sorts - While technically still the same character, the first incarnation of Astromancer was a much more different character. A space gladiator that crashed on earth after loosing a battle. He has since been changed into a deeper character with a more expanded universe around him.
  • Secret Identity - Astromancer hides his identity on earth under the disguise of Jack Hunter.
  • Science Hero - Astromancer once served as the head of a council of scientist on a planet filled with a highly technology advanced race who all follow the path of science.
  • The Strategist - Sometimes you have to plan ahead or if it all goes bad, retreat and rethink your strategy


  • Breathe in Space - Astromancer can breathe in outer space thanks to his body being augmented. He is able to withstand exposure to space. What kind of hero would be named Astromancer and not be able to breathe in space?
  • Brawling - Astromancer is not a skilled hand to hand fighter, but his enhanced strength gives him an edge here
  • Bulletproof Vest - Astromancer's costume consists of a black and red jumpsuit with padded armoring around the chest, an ballistic suit made of alien materials.
  • Pure Energy - The energy known as cosmic fire that runs trough Astromancer's veins is a pure energy source.
  • Energy Ball - Astromancer can channel energy constructions, often in the form of spheres to blast his foes.
  • Jack of All Stats - Various other heroes outrank Astromancer in combat skill, intelligence, speed, reach or strength, but he's got enough skill in all these areas to handle most situations and bad guys.
  • Parkour - His enhanced agility makes it easy for him to leap from rooftop to rooftop.

Astromancer Logo 02.png
Astromancer - Showing off.jpg

Astromancer Wiki headliner - Biography.png

The Titans

Astromancer on Titan.jpg
Titan, A planet in the Deneb star system of the Milky Way galaxy, It was once a planet of magnificent beauty until it was torn asunder by the eternal wars of it's people, the Titans. Transformed from a lush and prosperous world into a dead and hostile waste. But as the world around the inhabitants of Titan began to reflect their hateful ways, Some Titans began to turn the efforts away from warfare and towards the ways of science and logic reasoning as an effort to preserve their race. In the end they succeeded.

For the next thousands of years the Titans would achieve greatness in the fields of science. They cured disease. The discovered warp capacities that made them venture far out into the corners of the known galaxy. They did all of this from the last remaining stronghold of their civilization, the city of Escalion, a magnificent metropolis of incredible technology resting in middle of the Titan wastes.

The Titans believed they have achieved all they could in their current state and it was up to them to bring forth the next step of evolution. So they began to research genetic altercations of their species. For the next thousand years, no Titan would be born from the womb of their mother. Bred in laboratories with the DNA of their parents, the Titans where now trough their genetically altered DNA stronger, smarter and gifted with longer lifespans.

Tal Rasha when he lived in Escalion
A millennia later, Astromancer would be born on Titan under the name of Nara Tor. Born to parents of Azen and Seris of house Ald'or, He would grow to become a scientist like his ancestors before him, as was expected from someone born into the Ald'or line. But unlike his ancestors, Nara Tor was the first natural born child on Titan for over a millennium. Inspired by thoughts once spoken of his father, Aether, Azen sought a future outside of genetically altered selves. He believed that their future may be doomed if their species continued to themselves in the fashion they had been doing, for a thousand years.

Nara Tor studied under many Titan scientists and teachers. One of these was Tal Rasha of house Er'dor, one of the lesser houses. Tal Rasha belived the next step in their evolutionary chain would be unlocked with the help of a highly experimental chaos-Fusion energy known as Elemental Fire. Created from an priceless alien element known as Aranor, this material though fatal to living organisms, could be manipulated into a energy that could in theory amplify and intensify the Titan body. Azen, the head of the council of scientists on Titan refused Tal to continue this research. But in secret he began to experiment on living beings he smuggled into the city. He also convinced several students to join him in his experiments. They all died when they where exposed to the materials and Tal Rasha was brought in front of the Titan King, Ser Seith VIII. He was then trough the influence of Azen spared from death within in the city, but instead cast out into the waste where he would most likely perish.

Nara Tor was viewed as a lesser Titan for a while, until he convinced everyone he was as much of line Ald'or as his father. He became the head of the council of scientist. A title which would have allowed him to sit on the royal council as an advisor to his king, Ser Seith VIII, like his father Azen and his father before him.

Then Nara Tor started an secret romantic relationship with the princess of Escalion, the beautiful Sephin. But this affair where forbidden by Titan laws as Nara Tor where not of royal heritage and viewed not suitable to court a princess. When Seith learned of this, he punished Nara Tor by sentencing him to fate far cruller then death, banishment from the great city. To spend his final days out there wandering the wastes among the savages, ruthless electrical storms and breath an air poisoned by volcanic ash. Nara Tor ventured out into the wasteland knowing that the name of house Ald'or had become tarnished.

The Wasteland

Years later after being banned from the great city, Tal Rasha transformed himself into a warlord of the wasteland who would still continue his research
Wandering for months, living as a nomad. he sought work at the Free-trader camps and often escorted caravans. The settlements he visited where inhabited by the 'savage races' he had been warned about outside the walls when he grew up. He often found himself in unprovoked fights and earned little respect from the aliens he met.

One fateful day the caravan he escorted was heavily attacked. Wounded, Nara Tor tried to crawl away from the wreckage that once carried their cargo, as his fellow hired caravan-guards lied spread dead across the field. But he did not get far as he was captured by a masked warriors, all who carried the insignia of the 'Shadow of Titan', the great warlord who ruled in the east. Nara Tor was brought to this warlord to join countless others in becoming subjects to this warlords ruthless experiments. Nara Tor had been brought aboard an old Titan Intersellar mining ship, now turned into a resarch facility run by a man known as Tal Rasha. He did not appear like he had in Nara Tor's youth. He had experimented on himself as well as others. He looked sick and near death.

"You're an outcast. Cast out from a society hiding behind enormous walls, clinging to what remains of their civilization. A culture based on beliefs from the minds of men who viewed themselves as gods. And yet even today, they are blind to the consequences. The price they paid for the blasphemy's sins. An empire once so impressive, once so mighty, now reduced to a small sparkle of light in the dark. From that world you have been cast out. From those people you have been shunned away. And yet you defend them. The old scripture that tell the tale of our utopian origin mentions many saints and saviors. Do you view yourself as one of them? These saints? Their savior? Do you belie one day you will be welcomed back to that world and by sharing your wisdom, there very one you have learned in your years of hardship outside the walls, you will be able to change them and return their empire to what it once where in the past? To turn them into better people? I will show you the extent of their cruelty! I'll show you that their past the point of redemption. In the end I will make you curse their names as I have for so long." - Tal Rasha to Nara Tor

Birth of the Astromancer

Astromancer - Walking outside the moon base.jpg

Nara Tor was bombarded with waves of Elemental fire. And due to the amounts of energy Nara Tor was exposed to, a new nuclear like energy source was born within his cellular structure. As he kept being showered by the rays of the experimental energy, his body slowly began to adapt to handle the raging energy of cosmic fire emanating from within and trough this, he started to learn how to channel this energy as an energetically projection. But as his body acclimated to handle this new-found source of power, it became augmented. He became now stronger, more agile and with an heightened level of endurance compared to that of a normal Titan.

Then came the day Nara Tor became strong enough to break out of the test-chamber where he had for weeks suffered in those painful experiments. With an powerful energy blast, he destroyed the chamber, fought off several guards and scientists while making his way trough the ship. He encountred Tal Rasha in his labaratory and by reflex, used his energy blasts to destroy the cannisters around Tal, containing Aranor. Tal was ingulfed in a gascloud that would normaly have killed any living being, but due to his failed experiemnts, he instead begun to slowly mutate in the shadows into something else.

By using an escape pod, Nara Tor fled to harsh environmental planet where he found a frontier town and soon after learning to use his new founded powers and befriending a group of misfit aliens, became a bounty hunter. For the next year, Nara Tor ventured across the stars, mastering his powers and fighting creatures of every size and form. But then came the day he visited Farka V, a massive underground city build into an asteroid. Here he encountered Chronos the manhunter. An old nemesis of this motley crew, a massive fight broke out, resulting in Chronos loosing his right eye and Nara Tor on a crash course towards earth in a ship he had modified out from the escape pod that he used to escape Tal Rasha's research vessel.

Arrival on Earth

Astromancer landing on earth.jpg
Nara Tor crashed on earth in the Canadian wilderness where he was discovered by the Hunter family. The Hunters, a family of four on a road trip trough Canada believed they had seen a meteor crashing on earth. Stumbling onto the highway, out from the dust left by the meteor, the Hunter's almost crashed their van into Nara Tor. Believing Nara Torto be just a normal by-passer wounded by the meteor crash, they took him with them on their way to the hospital. But they did being to question his unusual attire and the weird things he spoke of, falling in and out of consciousness as he spoke a language very similar to that of English. The Hunter family consisted of insurance salesman and father, Bob, his wife Catherine, their oldest child and daughter, Ashley and their youngest son, Kyle. Intrigued at first by the strange man they had found, they began to fear for their own safety and whatever to do with Nara Tor. They questioned if he where a madman for the things he spoke of. Would it be wiser to leave him here by the road or take him to the authorities. As they where questioning these decisions, they where attacked by a gang of mysterious marauders from the Canadian wilderness. They where part of a military terrorist group known as VIPER. Nara Tor left a radioactive trail they had been following, believing it to be a bionic weapon related to the meteor, Something they would desire greatly. They attacked the Hunters and Nara Tor gained consciousness. Still wounded, he where able to fight them of, one by one. Amazed and grateful for saving them and knowing Nara Tor to be of another world, they took him in to their home in Millennium City. Pulling some odd favors, Nara Tor became Jack Hunter, hailing from Canada, not outer space. Nara Tor emerged as a new superhero in the city of the future under the name of Astromancer.

The Present

Jack started to work as simple janitor in the Millennium City research facility. A Cambridge Biochem sponsored laboratory, run by Dr. Silverback, a gorilla who gained super intelligence trough experiments by the mad scientist Dr. Phillipe Moreau. Here he could make a living to support himself, using his alias of Jack Hunter. This was something he saw as fair as he had been living in the hunter families basement for over a year at this point.

One day while cleaning the higher up offices, he overheard Dr. Silverback and one of his colleagues arguing over an equation on theorized use of plasma charged particle acceleration to power a fusion based energy source that could amplify and intensify the human body far beyond normal human limits, in other words, a energy source that can transform normal humans into genetic superhumans. As they turned their backs in the heated argument, Nara Tor walked over to the chalkboard and begun to solve the equation. Amazed by this, Dr. Silverback made Nara Tor a scientist on probation in his laboratory. With a new salary, Nara Tor could afford a penthouse suite in the middle of Millennium City which would come to act as his base of operations.

The rest of the Astromancer legacy is still being written today as he keeps fighting for justice around the world, meeting new friends and allies, and opposing new adversaries.

Astromancer Logo 02.png
Astromancer - Like a boss.jpg

Astromancer Wiki headliner - Personality.png

Astromancer powered down
Astromancer try not to hold grudges and is acceptance of most people. He fights what would seem like an constant struggle within himself that is brought on by the thought of what he is doing is the right thing or not. He tries his to be a hero to his new adopted home world, but many times as he have gone up against powerful foes, there have been disastrous consequences, all of which takes a heavy toll on his heart and mind.

Astromancer view the world trough the eyes of a visitor. From a world which consisting of a ruthless wasteland where the only civilized place was his home city of Escalion, where the practition of science where held in a high regard, little of human culture made sense to him at the time when he came to earth. But, trough the influence of the Hunter family, internet and MTV, Nara Tor have started to 'get' human behavior and therefore have started to adopt much of these traits for himself.

Once a man of etiquette as he held the title of royal adviser due to his position as the head of the council of science, he was already beginning to come out of his 'shell' during his last days on Titan. When he fell in love with princess of Escalion, the beautiful Sephin, he experienced the nature of love and rebellion, as their romance was forbidden. When the king discovered this affair, he punished Nara Tor by banning him from the great city.

Wandering the waste, he experienced the feelings of loss, anger and hopelessness. As he sought work at free trade camps in the wastes, he was bullied by the alien merchants and mercenaries. Powerless he found himself as life behind the great walls had been dedicated to practice of logic reasoning to dispute arguments and debates, where here it had been switched with who ever was the strongest won the argument.

Astromancer running trough the streets in the suit he wore when he landed on earth! It served as a prototype for his superhero costume
He encountered Chronos the manhunter who captured Nara Tor and brought him off-planet to a research ship owned by a dark and cruel scientist that was the ruler of a small dystopian empire, Xanatos. He did cruel and pain filled experiments on Nara Tor, like he did so many others before. Here, tortured by being bombarded with painful of manipulated energy, Nara Tor lost all fate in life and was prepared to die. But as the will to stay alive withered with each day, he began to feel a change coming. Each day he discovered his body was slowly mutating. In his cell when alone, he began to mediate, to focus on these new powers he where gaining. Fueled by thought of anger, betrayal and vengeance, Sans began to hope for a day where we would become strong enough to escape. And so he did. On the last day, the waves of energy painfully ripped trough his body, setting ablaze every cell and atom. Fueled by anger which where channeled trough the pain he felt, he blew up the test chamber and fought his way trough the ship to he came to a escape pod and fled the ship. Sans where a changed man. He viewed life and worlds among the stars with a new perspective. Forever changed by the calamity he had experienced.
  • Astromancer loves sweets. On Titan sugar where rare and only for the rich and mighty. So for him to come to earth and discover that candy is available for everyone has really been a game changer
  • Astromancer's favorite soda is Dr.Pepper
  • Astromancer loves old movies from 30's and 40's
  • Astromancer became fond with the musical styling of something called 'heavy metal'
  • Astromancer gets drunk...easily
  • Astromancer loves jokes. His home world of Titan where such a serious place.
  • Astromancer loves the sound of the ocean. Water was scares on Titan so he envy humans for having so much of it on earth

Astromancer Logo 02.png
Astromancer - Fighting Pose.jpg

Astromancer Wiki headliner - Apperance.png

Nara Tor stands at solid 6'1". Fair skin and blue eyes with brown hair. Has a muscular frame. When using his powers, he channels the energies of cosmic fires trough his body, altering his eyes and turning his hair into fire. His costume consists of a black and red jumpsuit with padded armoring around the chest, an ballistic suit made of alien materials. It is able to withstand great amounts of cold and heat. The suit is also able to withstand the energy known as 'Comsmic flame' which he uses to fight and fly with. Unlike normal clothes or gloves that would just be burned of his hands and arms, the suit can take it.

Astromancer has seen his share of different appearances over the years. From what was once part of continuity and lore about the 'new gods' of Titan, the Spartan plum, to his Horned cowl, Astromancer's strength as a character in the superhero medium have been a iconic look followed by a deep mythos telling us of his home world of Titan. From the golden age, when he wore a feather plum on his cowl and Titans where nothing but a race of yellow skinned space gladiators to the Silver age, where science fiction mixed with mythology and magic turned the Titans into a race of demi gods and in modern days where the Titans are depicted as a race of once violent barbarians now transformed into a science worshiping race struggling to survive the harsh climate of their post-apocalyptic world. But one thing has always remained the same. The tale of a man banished from his world, crashing on earth and adopting is his new home, swearing to protect it with all his might.

Golden Age version of the suit Silver Age Version of the suit Bronze age version of the suit Modern version of the suit

As the medium of comic books has advanced in their way of storytelling, adapting to a more in-depth and cinematic narrative due to the growth of human perception and understanding of fictional stories, so has the tales of Astromancer changed to reflect this transition in the comic book industry. As each new era has brought on a more dramatic narrative about a superhero character who's mythos heavily reflect the time period of each revamp. The silver age one is a prime example for it's heavy use and exploration of the sci-fi genre which was now at the height of it's time and it's influence on comic book would eventually become unavoidable.

Astromancer Logo 02.png
Astromancer - Fire attack.jpg

Astromancer Wiki headliner - Powers.png

Due to the amounts of Chaos-Fusion energy known as Elemental fire Nara Tor was exposed to, a new nuclear like energy source was born within his cellular structure. As he kept being showered by the rays of the experimental energy, his body slowly began to adapt to handle the raging energy of cosmic fire emanating from within and trough this, he started to learn how to channel this energy as an energetically projection. But as his body acclimated to handle this new-found source of power, it became augmented. He is now stronger, more agile and with an heightened level of endurance compared to that of a normal human beging or in his case, compared to that of a Titan.

It's effect seems to slightly differ from person to person, but most of the cases it alters the body to handle these powers, making the subject stronger, faster and more dexterous. Also the abilities of elemental like energy projection, energy constructions and energy generated flight. Thought Astromancer has not reached such a level yet, other abilities that can be unlocked is an teleport like ability known as phasewalking, healing abilities that can be apparently be used on others as well one self and phaselocking, which traps a subject in a sphere of energy, disabling them as inside the sphere time and space moves differently.

Typical associations with the powers is the altered appearance brought on when channeling it. Glowing blue veins (or markings) appears in random patterns over the body. Eyes glow orange and the subjects hair turns into fire. It's also not unusual to see a growth in muscular structure.

List of powers

  • Enhanced strength, agility and endurance: To be able to handle the powers he now wields, Astromancer now posses a augmented body which is also stronger, more dexterous and a more powerful constitution compared to that of a normal human being.
  • Energy projection: Astromancer is able to generate destructive and concussive blasts of fusion energy from his hands
  • Energy generated flight: Astromancer is able to surround his being with energy and then fly with it. Be it on earth or in outer space. He is able to withstand exposure to space
  • Alien metabolism: Astromancer being from another world, he is gifted with enhanced regeneration compared to that of a normal human being
  • Genius IQ: Raised in a civilization that worships science and brought up to be the head of science of said civilization, Astromancer posses a high level of intellect. This also helps adds to his knowledge of certain alien technology or how new form of technology might work.

Astromancer Logo 02.png
Astromancer leaping to action.jpg

Astromancer Wiki headliner - Allies.png


  • Cold Eagle: A man who discovered an highly advanced robotic suit that grants him the ability to fly, to withstand the blast of missiles and enhances his strength tenfolds. To harness and manipulate the elemental powers of frost. A patriotic man who seeks justice where ever injustice rules with an iron fist. Astromancer and The Bold Cold Eagle has teamed up many, many times to take down few of the members in Cold Eagles Rogues Gallery.
  • Lillebella: A mystical hero who wields the magical powers of healing. She and Astro have teamed up several times to fight the gangs of Millennium City

The Hunter Family

  • Bob Hunter: Father of the Hunter household. A forty-two year old insurance salesman from Millennium City. He has a strong work ethic and very high moral values. He belives people should be honest, ethical and, like himself, upfront and sincere. He took his family on a vacation across Canada in a recreational vehicle when Astromancer crashed into the Canadian wilderness close to them. Believing him to be regular hitchhiker, wounded by a what they thought be a crashing meteor, they tried to bring him to a hospital when they where attacked by soldiers of VIPER. Astromancer saved them and in return, Bob took Astro into their home. He thought him about the outside world and became a new mentor for him.
  • Catherine Hunter: Mother of the Hunter household. A real estate agent working in Millennium City. Independent and resourceful. She takes great pleasure in helping others in need. She is also extremely level-headed and reasonable. When others in the family would act out of emotion, Catherine was able to view a situation objectively. Over the years, she started viewing Astro as another child of hers and Bob.
  • Ashley Hunter: Ashley was only nineteen when she met Astro. Over the years the relationship would build more and more.


  • UNTIL: The United Nations Tribunal on International Law, the UN's anti-supervillain "police force". Since the 1960's, UNTIL has served the world as the UN's global police force, dealing with superhuman crime and related matters of global, regional or national security. UNTIL keeps tabs on big threats to the world, like Dr. Destroyer, VIPER, Takofanes and possible alien or extra-dimensional invasions. They also develop weaponry and tactics to combat global threats. Their agents, humans and superhumans alike, are highly trained and dedicated to the cause of global peace and security.

Astromancer Logo 02.png
Astromancer and Cold Eagle about to face Azad.jpg

Astromancer Wiki headliner - Adversaries.png

Azad the sorcerer logo.png

Profile Picture - Azad2.png

First Encountered: Lemurian Antiquities
Quote: "Kneel!!"
Nemesis Theme: Sorcery
Nemesis Personality: Mastermind
Nemesis Minion: Beastmen
Nemesis Minion Powers: Martial Arts
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Leader, warrior, sorcerer and an strategist. Azad is the an ancient ruler of what is now an forgotten dynasty. A dynasty he ruled with an iron fist. Knowledgeable and skilled in the ways of alchemy and the dark arts, Azad merged animals with men to create his magical army of slaves and soldiers, the vicious beastmen. Gifted in the ways of the sword, it was truly Azad's diamond skin that protected him from his enemies and have preserved his body for all this time. A group of archaeologists dug him out of the ruins he had been buried under for so many centuries on what people now call Monster Island. Freed from his grave he now travels the world with his army of beast men, causing havoc and despair. In search for magical items that will aid him in conquering the world. The sorcerer came to Millennium City in hope of raiding the museum of its expedition! Unfortunately for him, Astromancer thwarted his plans. Angered by this, Azad travels the desert, Canadian wilderness and Monster Island in search of ancient ruins from what was once a mighty empire in hope of recovering artifacts that he once possessed and used to rule the lands with.

Astromancer's thoughts: Azad is an gifted sorcerer determined to cover the world in darkness and if it comes to it, rule the world from it's burning remains. His only weakness and reason for never getting so far except from the constant interface of Astromancer is Azads need for magical artifacts.

Xanatos logo.png

Profile Picture - Xanatos2.png

First Encountered: Origin
Quote: "The stars belong to me!"
Nemesis Theme: Power Armor
Nemesis Personality: Mastermind
Nemesis Minion: Aliens
Nemesis Minion Powers: Military Weapons
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

An alien scientist from the planet Fargath, who venture trough space, searching for the source of ultimate power. Now, nothing more then a brain floating in chemicals inside of a highly powered robotic body, Xanatos is a smart and dangerously powerful adversary. Feared on several worlds where he plunderers worlds and captured species of different alien origins for whom he would often experiment on, to unlock their genetic secrets. It's true these experiments on himself and others that transformed him into the cybernetic conquer he is today.

Astromancer's thoughts: Xanatos is big, strong and devious. His suit grants him many powers and abilities, making one on one battles a real nightmare. He is also greedy and his lust for power has often blinded him.

Chronos the manhunter logo.png

Profile Picture - Chronos the manhunter2.png

First Encountered: Origin
Quote: "Resistance is futile"
Nemesis Theme: Gadgeteering
Nemesis Personality: Savage
Nemesis Minion: Robots
Nemesis Minion Powers: Power Armor
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Equipped with an elemental gun, a jet pack and several other tricks on his sleeve. This is one 'bad motha' you don't want to mess with. On the edge of space lived the Artions. A race who had reached true serenity. A race of peace and amazing advances in technology. Then came the day they where invaded. To fight back, they turned their science towards warfare and brutally bio engineered their race into warriors. Millennia's later, trough evolution, The Artions are now a nomadic race of warriors who wanders between harsh environment planets. Chronos is a prime example of this warrior breed. Now working as a Manhunter, a interstellar bounty hunter and head hunter. He was the one who captured Astromancer on his home planet of Titan and delivered him to the research vessel of Xanatos the Conquer, an alien who has hired Chronos several times. Chronos and Astromancer has crossed paths many times, never at will, always by chance, and always ending in brutal battles.

Astromancer's thoughts: Chronos is an highly trained fighter with years of experience behind him. Take away his toys and he still poses a challenge. His neutral alignment also makes him a liability as he does whatever his job enquirers and rarely asks questions why.

Jack of Cards logo.png

Profile Picture - Jack of Cards2.png

First Encountered: Prison Break
Quote: "I've got a surprise up my sleeve"
Nemesis Theme: Gadgeteering
Nemesis Personality: Maniac
Nemesis Minion: Thugs
Nemesis Minion Powers: Military Weapons
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

A gentleman, a scholar and a rogue. Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Jack of Cards is a gentleman thief who lusts for the finer things in life and does it with style. A trained swordsman and possessing the devil's charm, he is a perfect scoundrel. He commits crime and fights Champions using card theme gadgets. 'All tricks up his sleeve' as he would say. Him and Astromancer have fought each other several times. He does not lust for world domination or to kill champions, but instead it's money, fine food and women.

Astromancer's thoughts: Jack is a skilled swordsman who's not afraid to go for blood when pushed into a corner. His crimes mostly involves banks, casinos, Mansions, heist during fancy dinner parties for the city's finest and valuable art displayed in museums.

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First Encountered: Lights, Camera, Action
Quote: "'Shocking' isn't it?"
Nemesis Theme: Electricity
Nemesis Personality: Maniac
Nemesis Minion: Convicts
Nemesis Minion Powers: Martial Art
Threat Level:

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The tragic rise and fall of Jack Dagger. Action movie star number 1, soon finding himself doing worse and worse b-movie sequels. The fall from grace that was once the the Hollywood elite became to much for him. So with Edgar Blake, movie special effect master, Jack fashioned himself electric gauntlets that lets him use the powers of electricity. With these powers he began robbing banks and casinos before he was hired to break out several gang members from the Millennium City prison. It was here he faced against Astromancer and got away. He resurfaced when several movie directors openly mocked Jack's acting in his cult classic b-martial art movies. Out for revenge, he was able to murder several crew members on the set of the biograppy movie: Jack Dagger: Famous to Infamous: The tale of an actor turned super villain. Astromancer and Cold Eagle appeared on the set to stop Jack, Only to find him blowing several posters with his name proclaiming: MY NAME IS TEMPEST! They fought and then brought him to justice. Months later he escaped during a riot. His equipment was stolen and rumors in underworld says he is back as Tempest, now with several escaped inmates under him as hirelings.

Astromancer's thoughts: Jack Dagger or Tempest as he demands to be called now is a dangerous individual. His equipment gives him access to incredible powers and with these powers he is able to accomplish many things. His broken psyche makes him a great risk as he can turn on a coin from simply stunning innocents and lawmen getting in his way with his powers to killing everyone he sees. He also misses the spotlight, an edge that can be used to manipulate him. Just hope he don't snaps out of it and enters his killer rage mode.

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First Encountered: Haunting and Heisting
Quote: "'Is it scary for you yet?"
Nemesis Theme: Infernal Supernatural
Nemesis Personality: Maniac
Nemesis Minion: Undeads
Nemesis Minion Powers: Military weapons
Threat Level:

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When dockworker Tim Emerson got into real problems with his gambling debts, he used his inside information and broke into the warehouse storage owned by Cambridge Biochem. In hope of stealing several cans of chemicals to sell, an accident happened that left him half in the world of the living and half in the world of the dead. He used these 'ghostyl' powers of his to seek vengance on the debtowners before becoming a master thief for hire.

Astromancer's thoughts: Phantom Pain posses infernal powers that makes him a challenge. He is not fan of killing and will most likely use knockout gas to deal with witnesses.

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Titan has a considerably higher gravity and thinner atmosphere than Earth. Its climate is generally harsh, with most of the surface consisting of large deserts or mountain ranges, along with scattered small seas, active volcanoes, ancient ruins, and lava fields. Desert areas are prone to large amounts of heat, light and electrical sand fire storms.

Human in appearance and speaking a language similar to English, the Titans are an alien race from the Deneb star system of the Milky Way galaxy. They age three times as slow as humans do and posses a greater metabolism which for example causes enhanced regeneration compared to that of humans of earth.

In ancient times they where a race of violent polytheistics. But as their world began to perish from a lush utopian planet into a lifeless waste, they slowly started to follow the path of science, realizing that if they did continue their course of war and bickering, their species would be extinct within a few generations. Thousands of years later they would rule the planet from a single megacity, Escalion. Serving beneath the king is the council of science. Twelve of the smartest men in Escalion and above them, the head of this council. A title held in great remark as it allows a man not born of royal heritage to serve in the royal court as adviser to the King along his generals. For even though the Titans had left their violent ways behind them, there are still dangers outside the city walls. Even though the Titans are a race who now holds the practation of Science in high regard, they also share a love for art, be it music, drama, writing, dance, or visual art. They are also a race who holds traditions in high regard, thus the highest form of punishment a Titan can receive is the banishment from the great city, where they must wander out into the waste where they will spend the remaining of their days.

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In the summer of 2005 I returned to my nerdier roots and re-discovered my love for comic books. My love for the superhero genre grew bigger and bigger. It even reached the level where I started to play city of heroes for several years on my character of Owl Man. So it did not take much for to gather an interest for the new super hero MMO in town, Champions Online. Having played it since beta, It became much about the same problems that I had with city of heroes, the ability to create the hero I wanted. Costume pieces where lacking, powers not quite there. My first days in CO beta where primarily used to try and re-create my Owl Man character, something which I failed to accomplish with the tools I where given. So I had to walk away from it for a while and re-think what I wanted. Owl Man came to trough playing around in the City of Heroes character creation for the umpth time. Failed to create whatever character I wanted back in the day, piece by piece a new hero was created before me and the rest wrote itself. It became a fun character and it would it's while before I would able to banish all thoughts and character concepts from my mind before the character of Astroamncer would one afternoon accidentally be created.

Piece by piece this new character was created. On this wiki, the golden age costume you have seen the picture of was actually his first costume. After a certain level in the creation process, I deiced to camp him up a little and while this was happening, the ideas and concept of the character being some for of space gladiator loosely based on Jack Kirby's 'The New Gods' came to. So I finished the look of the character with that concept.

Months later, while fooling around with his costume in the creator, what become his silver age costume was born and with it, A planned lore behind the character. He would be someone. As I always had the interest of joining some roleplaying supergroup and then roleplay with my character. A concept many has followed trough in a game with such an customizable character creation as Champions. The chance to superman or batman of our own superhero universe. But as the story behind the character became more and more refined, a retcon became unavoidable. It meant new powers, or better said, more defined powers. A new costume followed behind soon after. With a new and more refined background story, this wiki was created to tell the tale of the Astromancer.

Now, the character's biography and personality from a roleplaying perspective is heavily based on several heroes and characters from the comic book world. The Silver surfer, Thor, Firestorm, Jor-el and Green Lantern. The planet of Titan is inspired by the planet vulcan from Star Trek. The city of Escalion based of Asgard in the 2011 live action Thor Movie. And their civilization, the concept around the Astromancer and the council of science is based of the planet Krypton.

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