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Player: @Raakshi
Biographical Data
Real Name: Asim Nochoth
Known Aliases: “The Harbinger of Asthenia”, “Pages’ Prophet”
Gender: Male
Species: Interdimensional being
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Nomadic
Relatives: None
Age: Approx. 2,000 Earth-years
Height: 6’6” (1.98m)
Weight: 140lbs. (63.5kg)
Eyes: None
Hair: None
Complexion: Purple, smooth
Physical Build: Thin
Physical Features: Horns on head, claws, tattoos spanning arms and chest
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: On earth: 200
Citizenship: No legitimate citizenship in any dimension, having been banished from even his own
Occupation: Priest of Tarthenon
Education: Monastery of the Void
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Mystic abilities (dark and light)
  • Weakening magics
  • Shape-shifting
  • Dimension travel
  • Summoning

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Scrolls
  • Other-worldly devices
  • Books

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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From beyond the darkness...

In Tarthenon’s Name
Long ago, in a dimension far from Millennium City’s, a creature was born. He had the purple skin of his people, the distinctive head-horns, and the purple eyes with cat-like pupils. He was named Asim, a child in the Nochoth family, members of a village in a world ruled by religion and magic. He was a promising child, showing an aptitude for reading and a love of the local faith (one that worshipped a dark and bloody god named Tarthenon; a largely spread faith in that world) that often indicated a future with the preachers and priests. Immediately after his 8th birthday, the first major milestone in life for the faith, he was shipped off to the Monastery of the Void, the closest area of study for such a noble fate. With other young males of his land, he studied and memorized all texts related to Tarthenon, and became a fervent supporter of the ideals issued in those bibles and scrolls. He was looked upon as one of the most eligible for a place on the High Epoch, the council of priests that ruled the faith. Asim showed himself to be self-sacrificing for his god, regularly participating in the Gifting ceremony, where those willing would let a large amount of their blood into a pool as a bath to one of the sacrifices to Tarthenon. Of all the commandments of the faith, only one was broken by the boy.

Love’s blood

It was forbidden for a priest of the his faith to take on a lover, but Asim could not obey this rule. Only a short distance from his monastery was the Tower of Angels, where young women were sent to be raised as concubines to the greatest royalty, or as sacrifices. Joining the two buildings’ populaces was a large garden that supplied all the food for them, all the supplies to create medicines, potions, and complete rituals. When Asim was 16, he crossed paths with the lovely Vida, who was 15, and fell in love with the ill-fated girl. At first, it was only shared glances, but soon he would begin talking to her, aiding her with tasks and she would help him. They would work together to create lovely displays for the rituals, and potent potions for the sick. But their relationship extended beyond daylight, as the two would meet in the dark, and met often, exploring their love for one another. When she was 17, following the first day of the fertility festivals, she was selected as the sacrifice. Asim was beside himself, hurting at the thought of his loved one being taken from him, but Vida was overjoyed to serve her god in such a way. She urged him to be happy, but he found no joy.

The ritual was done, with this being the only time Asim did not participate in the blood-letting. This began the feelings of doubt for his devotion to his faith, and filled his soul with a dark anger that would slowly ebb at his once-calm mind. He would no longer be able to look on his god with pure confidence.

Sheep to Shepherd

Asim still followed his faith for many years, becoming an official priest, serving in the grand city of Loreth where the High Epoch sat. In the daytime, he would give passionate sermons about serving Tarthenon and crushing the other smaller faiths of the world, but he would continue his nightly deviations by frequenting libraries. He would discover texts filled with dark magic that he incorporated into his skill-set and hid from the faith. His presence marked a powerful turnout of followers at rituals, and converted others, using his powers to create illusions that the followers of Tarthenon were more powerful and immune to weakness than those who worshiped other gods. In reality, he would cast spells that brought perpetual weakness over them until they converted. When other, jealous priests began to suspect that he was committing some form of fraud, he was called before the Epoch.
In a private council with the seven members, many dark secrets were unveiled to him, not the least of which was that they had chosen Vida so that Asim would be broken, enabling them to make him grow into their beliefs. But he had strayed from the path they'd hoped for him and broke one of the most holy rules of their faith: he practiced the sorcery of the primal gods. They told him to abandon his magic, and he would be allowed to serve in the High Epoch's tower as a silent brother. But the anger that had long been festering in Asim unleashed itself, and he slaughtered one of the members of the council. His powers were no match for that of the rest and he was swiftly sent to another dimension, forbidden to ever return, should he find a way.

The power of knowledge

Asim found himself on a completely new world, full of new people and creatures and things, alien to him and any ideas he'd had in the past. But he was detached, uncaring to a severe degree. Wrought with grief over his lost love and inability to gain vengeance for her needless doom, he found a place to sit and tried to fast, let himself rot and die, for only in death could he see Vida again. It wasn't long until his natural curiosity took control of him, though. A week passed, and he came to realize that the place he had chosen to die was a ruined temple of some sort, filled with books and scrolls of various sizes and contents. It seems that despite the high-council's banishment, the natural abilities granted to a priest of Tarthenon were still with him, and he quickly learned the language of the scrolls. They detailed exploits of sorcery and elaborate spells that far surpassed those he'd learned from home. Suddenly, death was not the clearest option for Asim. He thought that if the High Epoch could throw him into another dimension, he would be able to do so himself if he found the right spell.
And so he hunted through the temple, reading book after book for a hundred of his years there. He believed that Tarthenon must've smiled upon him and his goal somehow, because he no longer aged like the rest of his kind, granting him the strength to continue his research. Despite the time, he never found something that could allow him to do what he wanted. None of the books went near the field of dimensional travel, never touching on the idea that there could be more than that reality and its heaven and hell. Asim decided to cut his goal short, and began to travel the world that he was now stuck in.
He found a large city, as grand as Loreth. Though he was looked on as a strange outsider, he still found his way into their world of science, because this world had lost its hold on magic long ago. While the concepts of non-magical beings harnessing the same power was hard for him to comprehend, he still found use for what they could do. He became fast friends with a scientist who had been studying various forms of travel, and by combining science with sorcery, they were able to create a gateway between dimensions, enabling a transportation system that revolutionized this world. Asim was given a few devices that, according to the scientist, would help him find his way as he traveled.
Unfortunately, the portal did not take him back to his home, but an entirely new place. So the path was repeated, with him learning the local magic, then cooperating with the locals to travel to another dimension. After a thousand years, he found a realm of shining darkness...

In the realm of the Qliphoth

In his final reality-jump prior to coming to Earth-realm, Asim found himself in a world where the most impure darkness reigned supreme. Whereas in most of the other worlds he found science and technology reigning beyond magic, this world had no such signs of artificiality. This world was as mystic as his own, but it was a dark magic that ran it. In his travels there, he found only hostility among the citizens, and was forced to defend himself. Soon, though, the Kings of Edom took note of the otherworldly presence.

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