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Ashley Ricks
Player: @RickmanUK
Class Focus: Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Ashley Susan Ricks
Known Aliases: Rickash, Crimson Rickash, Mender Ashley Ricks
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 28
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Hair Color: Bright Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Part-Time Hero
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay
Marital Status: In a Life Partnership with Sarah Rider
Known Relatives: Father (Alive, Wanted), Brother (Alive)
Known Powers
Old Soul, Mystical Sponge
Known Abilities
Intuitive Combat, Unfazable
Exoskeleton Combat Armour


Ashley Susan Ricks, was born to a Family of Irish Descent, long abandoning the trappings of such she grew up knowing a little about the Heroics her father was Acknowledged for. Unfortunatly, those happy times didn't Last.

An Angry Parent

After a Battle and the subsequant fallout and temporary loss of his Powers, Ashley's father, a Hero know as the "Crimson Crusader" turned to drink and became very angry when dealing with Ashley's mother. After about a year of lashing out and hatred he finally sort help for his mood swings, eventually this lead him to a Recovery and the eventual return of his Powers, but it also lead to him Obsessing about his "Legacy" and what he would lead behind when he was gone.

Starting to Investigate into ways of giving his Son and Daughter Powers of any kind eventually lead him into letting his Son get kidnapped and experimented on by a Nemesis of his, "Doctor Teslarackt", This lead to his son developing Super strength and Speed, and could withstand insane amounts of Punishment. Fearing what would happen if she stayed with him, Ashley's mother decided to leave and take their children away.

All seemed to go well and the mother children began to start anew life until their Father decided to finish what he had started, attempting to Empower his Daughter using a Ritual stolen from DEMON. (Will write a Seperate Report/Story on this at a Later date) He was eventually captured and taken into Custody and placed in a Secure Prison in Solitary Confinement.

An Unwanted Start

A Move

Living It Up

Current Life

Living with SCIENCE!

Powers and Abilities

Mystical Sponge

Energy Projection

Internal Empowering

Old Soul

Intuitive Combat



Ashley has Access to a Variety of Mad Science gadgets, but avoids using them as best as possible, prefering to rely upon her own combat skill and powers. However she does make use of one Major Piece of Equipment when necessary:

Exoskeleton Combat Armour

This Armour, Part of a Pair designed by Sarah Rider, is powered by Ashley's own powers and used exculsivly to help her keep from serious injury, It is made using several Alloys that Sarah hasn't Named and has had an issue making more of, the Alloy is strong and Light, adding only 20kg to Ashley's weight while still functioning as a Full powered exoskeleton that can survive small Nuclear explosions (The Equivilant of the "Davy Crockett" Bomd. The Kinetic's from the Blast will still cause Extreme harm and still could Kill the Wearer, but the Suit will likly Surive aslong as it's not in the Initial "Bloom".)

It Does this by Projecting a Forcefield though Each Layer of the Armour, Underneath and between the Metal, effectivly increasing the amount of Protection available while not significantly increasing the Mass of the Suit. The Power Requirements for this at Full power however make the Suit Dangerous for Ashley to use for long periods of time as it drains from her energy reserves that her body have absorded from the enviroment.

This and the "Nova Rider" suit are considered unique and unlikly to be copied in there current form (However the idea could be used for Inferior "knock-offs" that would be able to survive extreme punishment until they Run out of Energy reserves. Sarah considers them to be Works of Art that are unlike anything she has made Before or Since.


Over the years Ashley has picked up afew People who activly want to cause her harm or otherwise discredit her.

Arshney Rickoi

An Alternative World version of Ashley, in the world she originates from the power of Magic is a form of Wealth, and Arshney's Family were very wealthy. Raised as a Noble and want for nothing, this Witch has preformed a Ritual that will allow her to become something much more then Human, Angel or Demon. The Ritual required the Sacrifice of Her Whole Family and Significant other, and began turning her into another form.

She has found that the Sacrifice of All the other powerful members of her Family was simply not enough to complete her Transformation, and as Such has came hunting for another with a Suitable amount of compatible power with which to Steal.

The Crimson Crusader

Ashley's former Hero Father, he has managed to escape Prison so that he can ensure that his Daughter is strong enough to fulfill the Family Legacy. Currently in Hiding.

Senator Coleman Gradiose

The Father of the man that attempted to Rape Sarah, Senator Coleman is the man who arranged for the unarmed and unpowered Ashley to go into the “Powered Community Service” programme that had arranged to be set-up for ensuring that those with Powers were held accountable for ALL of their actions, Even the Actions that they Cause by Accident.

Ashley Tropes

She was this, but Due to Moving to Vibora Bay and suddenly “Awakening” to her other Power she became:

She now acts as a Mystical “Sponge” Absorbing unchanneled and unused Magical Force, this is an Automatic Reflex, She has spent three years off comms training herself in being able to use it safely without causing “Mishaps” around her. In the Few Times she wears a “Costume” it usually has one. Her Normal Attire. The only way “It was only a Sweater!” “That didn’t stop it from nearly Winning anyway” works. Ashley doesn’t tend to get Angry… If she does it’s Either this or: Of the two The Second is actually the Less dangerous.

Ashley Soundtrack

Evil Angel –Breaking Benjamin

Bat Country –Avenged Sevenfold

Thunderchild –War of the Worlds OST/Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

No More Sorrow –Linkin Park

Hero –Skillet

Bliss –Muse (A Song for Both Sarah and Ashley)

Same Love –Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Voodoo Baby –Hypnogaja

Gives You Hell –All American Rejects