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Arriurra Thorson
The Defender Of The Nine Realms
Player: @ryan1580
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Super Group
Project Oncall
· Other Affiliations ·
Global Defense Force, UNTIL, UNITY,
Real Name
Arriurra Thorson
Arri, Fabio, Goldilocks, Prince Of Asgard, Prince Of Thunder, Thunderer,
January 4th, 1937
Sunday Pond, Maine
Asgard/Millennium City
Royal Palace Of Asgard/Project Oncall Headquarters
Defender Of The Nine Realms/Responder For Project Oncall
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
  • Mother: Sandra Foster; Status: Deceased
  • Father: Thor Odinson; Status: Alive
  • Grandfather: Odin Borson; Status: Alive
  • Grandmother: Frigga; Status: Alive
  • Uncle: Loki Laufeyson; Status: Alive
  • Godfather: Heimdall; Status: Alive
  • Godmother: Sif; Status: Alive.
Physical Traits
Asgardian/Human Hybrid
Apparent Age
210 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
Tall, Athletic build
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
  • Asgardian Attributes
  • Asgardian Healing Factor
  • Asgardian Stamina
  • Odinforce Manipulation
  • Bifrost Summoning
· Equipment ·
  • Asgardian Battle Armor
  • Namba [Asgardian Warhammer]
· Other Abilities ·
  • Master Hammer Fighter
  • Master Combatant
  • Battle Tactician
  • Knowledge Of The Nine Realms
  • Photographic Memory


After the weakening of the Ban in the 1930's many of the mythological Gods, Goddesses and Creatures that had been locked out of Earth since the formation of the Ban would find that they were once again able to influence the world causing many to return to Earth even if it was only in Avatar form or through the manipulation of minions from Earth to carry out their wishes. In the kingdom of Asgard the Asgardian Prince Thor would watch as beings locked out of Earth would flood to return to the world and knew that the people of Earth would not be able to protect themselves against the threats returning as from his observations the people of Earth moved on from the age of gods and forgot about the threats that the Ban kept locked away. Thor would travel to Midgard where he would meet a mortal named Sandra with whom he would fall in love telling her the secret of his origins and that he wanted her to bare a child that would be exempt from the rules of the Ban and would one day be able to protect the world from the threats that Thor saw entering the world.

Arriurra Thorson would thus be born of this union on January 4, 1937 in Sunday Pond Maine where Thor would appear as an Avatar for the birth of his son before returning to duties in Asgard leaving the care of Arriurra in the hands of Sandra for the time being.

Early Childhood

Sandra would raise Arriurra in a small home in Sunday Pond as it was a place where the Ban as well 1as the barrier between worlds was at its weakest thus his father would be able to visit and remain for longer periods of time in his avatar form then he could anywhere else on Earth. As Arriurra would grow up he his mother would tell him the entire truth when it came to his father never lying to him about who and what his father was. Arriurra would come to see the world through the eyes of his father seeing the dangerous things that he would be warned about as well as the various monsters and beings from across the Nine Realms and even worlds beyond the Nine Realms due to the unique nature of the area around Sunday Pond. Due to his status as a Demi-God as Arri got older his abilities would begin to manifest themselves and would only grow stronger as time went on forcing Arri to learn to control his abilities so that he would not harm those around him and learn to better fit in with the other children that he was able to hang around with.

Things would take a drastic turn in the life of Arriurra when his mother would develop cancer shortly after his 5th Birthday which was something that at his age he did not fully understand. Despite a valiant effect on the part of Sandra she would pass away 6 months after being diagnosed with her cancer. Arriurra would be taken in by Child Protective Services but he would not stay with them more then a few hours for Thor would learn from Heimdall the fate of Sandra and what was happening with Arriurra after returning from a battle in Jotunheim where he would mourn the fact that it was beyond his power to help Sandra but he could help his son. By use of the Bifrost Thor came to Midgard where he would appear before his now 5 year old son comforting him on the loss of his mother which was something that he too was saddened by but rather then leave Arriurra in the hands of a family of random mortals Thor would call to Heimdall using the Bifrost to return to Asgard with his son in toe where he would take up the responsibility of caring for his son.

Brought to the Royal Palace Arriurra would get the chance to meet his Grandfather Odin, his Uncle Loki, his Godfather Heimdall, his Godmother Lady Sif and many others for the first time as he had never before visited Asgard. Arriurra would be raised within the Royal Palace where Thor would have the assistance of the palace's various servants to assist him with the raising his son. After having a year to adjust to living within Asgard Arriurra would begin to make friends with other Asgardian Children and would adapt to life away from Earth but never forgot about his mother which was something that Thor would ensure that the child would never do.

Asgardian Training

After his first year in Asgard and adjusting to life in Asgard Arriurra would join other children his age in the Learning Hall where they would learn various topics much like a school on Earth. For Arriurra he would be watched closely due to his parental heritage as he would have higher standards to live up to then other students but this added pressure never seemed to bother Arriurra in the slightest. During this period his favorite subject would be History of the Nine Realms which is something that he would study in great attention with his Grandfather where Odin would tell him historical facts as well as legends and tales which are taught to all Asgardians at some point in their life. Unlike other children Arriurra would always ask questions about the tales and legends that he was told showing an interest in even the smallest of details in all of the tales and legends that he would be told about by his grandfather.

At the age of 8 Arriurra would show that he was old enough to properly hold his first blade to which his father would arrange for his son to begin combat training with his training being overseen by Lady Sif and his instructors being the three members that made up the legendary Warriors Three. He would take his training serious learning hand to hand techniques as well as learning various weapons where he would show that he could learn at a fast pace mastering techniques at a pace that allowed for Sif and the Warriors Three to advance quickly through combat training. At the age of 11 Arriurra would graduate from the Learning Hall top of his class which would allow him to put his focus into Combat Training where he would show the Warriors Three and Sif that he was skilled enough at the age of 11 that he could hold his own against any one of them. Over the course of the next 4 years Arriurra continued to advance his combat training to the point that he was able to beat his instructors as well as any and all warriors that Asgard has at its disposal where he would cease his full time training and would only spend a portion of his day doing various drills for what he really needed now with field experience which was something that he could not get through training with his instructors or doing various drills.

To pass the time that he now had Arriurra would spend time with his Grandfather continuing to learn about the Nine Realms and various points of history for each world that was known to Asgard. His knowledge of Asgardian History would quickly rival the skills that he had in battle allowing him to be more then just a simple warrior which would give him options in the future that he could explore.

Adventures Across the Nine Realms

Arriurra's 21st birthday would be an event that would be celebrated across Asgard with the entire kingdom celebrating the day that their prince would become a Man. It was on this day that his father would present to his son a warhammer named Namba which had been forged specifically for Arriurra as a gift for maturing into Manhood. Arriurra would take time to train with the hammer learning to wield the abilities that came with the hammer spending an entire year learning to completely master his new weapon. At the age of 22 he would take a position with his father in the Asgardian Military serving in the rank of General where he would lead his people into battle as a way for him to be tested in battle and prove to both his father and his grandfather that he was ready for the responsibility that came with being both a warrior and a leader.

Frost Giants, Dark Elves, Trolls and other enemies of Asgard would quickly come to learn the name Arriurra and would come to fear the name just as much as they would Odin or Thor as Arriurra would lead Asgard's forces just like his father and grandfather before him showing no fear when facing off against anyone who would try to fight him off. These encounters would only strengthen Arriurra as they would provide him with the combat experince that he needed in order to be a better soldier where each encounter he found himself in the better he would get as he would show that he only got better which each and every battle he found himself in.

Starting with his 21st Birthday Arriurra would find himself in command of all of Asgard once a year as both Odin and Thor would find themselves prone to the Odinsleep and would need to rest leaving Asgard vulnerable to the enemies who would try to take advantage of this time. With each year that would come and go Arriurra's confidence would grow when it come not so much to fighting against the enemies of Asgard but his confidence in being a leader as he would learn to delegate more and more with each year that passed.

When not leading the forces of Asgard in battle Arriurra would be given the freedom to explore whatever hobby or hobbies that he wished to explore thus he would spend time with his grandfather Odin as well as Heimdall where he would learn about Asgardian History from his grandfather while he would learn about the species and worlds of the Nine Realms from Heimdall as Odin knew the most about Asgard's history while Heimdall saw all worlds and beings of the Nine Realms giving him an insight into the various species and worlds which one could not read and learn about within a book or ancient scroll.

His studies would focus on Midgard as it was the home of his mother and the world where he would be fighting the most due to his unique heritage which allowed him to freely travel to the world with the full use of his abilities...something that other Asgardians were prevented from doing thanks to the effects of the Ban.

Return To Midgard

One afternoon while sitting for dinner with his father and grandfather Arriurra would sense a tremendous disturbance coming from Midgard which was something that his father and grandfather would also feel as they would as a family sense this feeling through the Odinforce. Within moments Heimdall would send word that a being on Midgard has caused mass death and destruction to which Arriurra would take Namba and traveled to investigate. He would learn about what was being called on Midgard the Battle of Detroit where upon his arrival he would assist Rescue Workers with trying to recover injured beings trapped in various damaged structures often helping with those who could not be reached by mortal means.

Through the assistance he would provide he would see the horrors that existed on Midgard and would swear to protect his mother's home from anything like this happening again thus he would choose to make Midgard his temporary home. When hearing about a being who was causing trouble and was not able to be contained by mortal means Arriurra would intervene in the situation helping out where he could and subduing these beings so that mortals could deal with them properly.

In order to better get to know Midgard Arri would take a road trip with nothing more then Namba as he would move from place to place starting with his birth home of Sunday Pond Maine. During a trek across the Southwest Desert Arriurra would encounter the creature Grond who where terrorizing a small village to which Arriurra would step in for the villagers to protect them and their home. Grond would smack Arriurra around only for the Demi-God to show that Grond was barely able to phase him which resulted in both beings trading blows which was ultimately brought to an end when UNTIL arrived to drive off Grond. It was at this time that Arriurra would learn that his intervention would cause ripples of kinetic waves to shoot across the Desert effecting other villages and towns nearby. Returning to his travels Arriurra would crisscross the globe as he would visit more places on Midgard before ultimately coming to Millennium City where he would hear about a group known as Project On Call.

Meeting with members of On Call Arriurra would accept a position with the group where he is able to assist members of the group in fighting against the evils of Midgard while attending to his duties in Asgard and the Nine Realms when needed for he is never as far away from Midgard as a simple trip through the Bifrost Bridge. He likes to spend his time on Midgard adjusting to the modern advances that Humanity has made during his time in Asgard but he will still return to Asgard every once and awhile and stay with his family and fellow Asgardians.

Powers And Abilities

Asgardian/Human Hybrid Physiology: Arriurra's father is Thor Odinson of Asgard while his mother was a Mortal from Earth. He appears Human however his father's Asgardian heritage affords Arriurra many attributes that Humans and Asgardians share however they are heightened beyond the limits of a Human being and even in some cases beyond the limits of the average Asgardian due to his father's Royal Bloodline. He also has abilities that are not common among Asgardians or Humans but are abilities that his father has in some degree. Arriurra's physiological functions are superior to that of a Human being and are on par if not slightly better then that of an Asgardian due to his Royal Bloodline where because of this he does not require Food, Water, Oxygen and Sleep like other beings do in order to survive. While he does not require food or drink in order to survive he is known to eat and drink for little reason other then to enjoy the tastes of various foods and drinks. Due to his Hybrid Physiology not needing oxygen to breathe Arriurra is able to travel through Space or Underwater at various depths without the need of protective equipment that other species would require in order to survive in similar environments.

Asgardian Strength: Arriurra possesses a degree of strength that has him classified as the Third Strongest Asgardian Alive behind his Father and Grandfather. In terms of beings on Earth Arriurra has shown that he is able to match the strength of even the strongest of beings on Earth where to date he has yet to encounter a being whose strength is superior to his own but has encountered beings with similar levels of strength such as Grond who pose interesting challenges for him when it comes to physical conflicts and makes fights with such beings all the more interesting. During a battle with Grond Arriurra was shown being able to match the creature blow for blow at one time dealing a blow that sent Grond flying 20 feet backwards but Arriurra was only using his normal strength and had not tried to strike him with Odinforce Enhanced Strength. On Earth his strength level has been classified as being on the top end of the Titanic Class of the weight scale used to measure Superhuman Strength on Earth with Titanic Class being the highest level and at this level Arri showed that weights were easy for him to lift indicating that his strength level is beyond the level of Titanic Class with the exact level being unknown in terms of Earth based measurement due to no such measurable level currently existing at the present time.

Asgardian Speed: Arriurra is able to move much faster then that of the average Human where when moving at his full speed and without being armed with Namba Human beings will see him as a fast moving blur which they are unable to bring into focus. He can move even faster when armed with Namba as he can twirl the hammer and hold on tight reaching speeds faster then which he can reach when without his hammer where with his hammer he has been described as being able to move as fast as the very lightning and wind that he commands. It is unknown if Arriurra could move any faster then what he could with Namba by tapping into the Odinforce to boost his speed level for as it currently stands Arriurra has never had to move any faster then the speeds that he can reach when both armed and traveling with Namba.

Asgardian Agility: Arriurra is able to move with the grace of an Olympic Class Athlete despite his height and weight which should normally make such moves impossible for a being of his height and weight class. This allows him to constantly surprise his foes especially the foes who are facing him for the first time and have made assumptions about his limitations based on his physical look rather then first fighting him and learning that looks can be deceiving.

Asgardian Durability: Arriurra is among the most durable of the Asgardians able to withstand blows that to the average Human would cause serious if not fatal injuries. He has shown himself to have a high resistance if not complete immunity to Blunt Force Trauma, High Altitude Impacts, Elemental Forces, Conventional Weaponry, Asphyxiation, Radiation Exposure, Energy Blasts, Explosive Forces, Kinetic Forces, Environmental Hazards, Diseases, Illnesses, Environmental Impurities, Poisons, Drugs, Toxins, Alcohol, Extreme Temperature Shifts and Zero G Environments. He has been seen taking blows from beings of average strength where to date foes of average strength do little more then land blows that to Arriurra are not even felt thus he would not know he was being struck unless he physically saw the attack coming and striking him. When facing off against beings of strength equal to his own he can withstand the blows where he will feel the blows strike him but often times he is able to shrug off the damage and continue on fighting despite the fact that he may or may not have suffered internal injury or injuries to some degree. During a battle with Grond in the Southwest Desert Arriurra took several blows from Grond with Grond using his full strength where at the end of the battle Arriurra would have a small trickle of blood coming from his mouth as the only sign that he has taken any injury from Grond but it was quickly handled when Arriurra wiped it away. Other encounters with beings with equal or superior levels of strength have resulted in little more injury to Arriurra then that which he sustained with his fight with Grond. It is believed that one would have to maintain constant physical bombardment over a long period of time in order to cause any physical harm to him. He is able to survive in various degrees of radiation and radioactive environments without the need of protective equipment that Humans would need to survive in such places. He is able to survive in Outer Space and Underwater at various depths without needing protective equipment to breathe and survive in.

Asgardian Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his extremely durable body it is possible for someone to injure Arriurra where in these rare cases he is able to heal himself at an extremely fast rate. Within a matter of hours he is able to recover from the few rare injuries that could prove fatal to a Demi-God of his status. To date he has yet to suffer an injury that has not been able to heal in up to 2 hours on his own and has been known to speed that up with assistance from Human Medicine or with assistance from the Odinforce where with such assistance he has been known to heal within a matter of seconds from whatever injury or injuries that he has suffered from.

Asgardian Stamina: As a by-product of his healing factor Arriurra is able to function for longer periods of time then the average Human and even most Meta-Humans. He is able to function up to a month without the need of rest before fatigue toxins would build in his system to the point that he would tire and need rest however he is able to utilize the Odinforce in order to reduce the toxins to the point that he could potentially fight up to 2 months before tiring however this has not been tested as Arriurra has not found anyone who could stand up to him for the length of time that would be needed to see how long he could truly function for in a fight without the need of rest. When not taking part in physical activities he is able to potentially function indefinitely without the need of rest as he does not develop fatigue toxins which would lead to him getting tired like a Human being does.

Odinforce Manipulation: As a member of the Royal Bloodline of Asgard Arriurra is able to tap into a vast magical energy that Human History has come to know as the Odinforce which can allow Arriurra to perform feats that are beyond his normal limits and what allows him to face off against foes no matter how strong they are. Arri often finds new uses for the Odinforce meaning the potential uses that Arri has for the Odinforce are virtually unlimited at this point. By tapping into the Odinforce Arriurra is able to perform things such as Boost His Natural Attributes To Superhuman Levels For An Asgardian Demi-God, Hover Or Fly Through The Skies Without The Need Of Namba, Negate The Powers Of Other Beings For A Period Of Time, Both Generate And Manipulate Elemental Forces, Both Generate And Manipulate Weather Patterns, Both Generate And Manipulate Various Mythical And Magical Energies In The Form Of Blasts For Offensive Purposes, Both Generate And Manipulate Mythical And Magical Energies For The Creation Of Energy Force Fields For Defensive Protection, Teleport Beings Anywhere That He Wants On Any Plane Of Existence, Heal The Injury Of Himself Or Another Being, Grant Powers To Another Being For A Period Of Time just to name a few examples.

Bifrost Summoning: As an Asgardian Arriurra is able to call out to Heimdall who is the Gatekeeper of Asgard and call upon the Bifrost Bridge which can teleport Arriurra from anywhere within the Nine Realms to anyplace that he wishes to go through means of magical portals allowing him to appear anywhere in the Nine Realms within seconds making it very useful to respond to emergencies no matter where they might be.

Longevity: Arriurra appears to be immortal but this is not the case. He does ages however it is at such a rate that it gives off the appearance of Immortality. Due to his Hybrid status Arriurra ages far slower then that of a Human as he appears to be in his early 30's despite the fact that he is chronologically 79 years old. It is currently unknown what the rate is in which he ages however it is suspected that he could potentially live for hundreds if not thousands of years before succumbing to the effects of aging if it is even possible for him to succumb to it at all.

Skills And Training

Master Combatant: Arriurra was raised being trained by the best Combat Instructors that Asgard has to offer allowing him to learn various skills that are of use in combat. He is skilled when it comes to all forms of combat be it hand to hand, hand to weapon or weapon to weapon based combat. He has had many years to perfect his skills allowing him to stand toe to toe against the best that the Nine Realms has to offer.

Master Hammer Fighter: Like his father before him Arriurra has perfected his skill in the use of Warhammers as his hammer Namba is his exclusive weapon when used in a fight. He has shown that he is a master of the weapon able to use it to hold his own against any foe who would stand in his way from helping those most in need of his assistance.

Knowledge Of The Nine Realms: Arriurra has traveled across the Nine Realms seeing worlds first hand that on Earth and to Humanity are considered nothing more then mythological worlds. He has extensive knowledge of these worlds knowing where it is save to travel and where he should avoid at all costs and is willing to share his knowledge of the Nine Realms with anyone on Earth who is interesting in learning what is truth and what is fiction made up to fill Human books.

Photographic Memory: Arriurra has what is described on Earth as a Photographic memory as he is able to recall past events in his life with the greatest of clarity and even if it has been some time since he had thought about a particular memory. He has shown that he has the ability to store memories without having to lose other memories in order to remember fresh things showing that he has the potential for infinite memory retention as long as he is alive and in the shape that he is in.

Battle Tactician: Arriurra has seen his fair share of fights over his life where he has relied on various tactics in order to end a fight. He is exceptionally skilled at looking at a situation and coming up with a tactic or tactics that will allow him to handle that particular situation with as little fuss as possible and is even able to do this in the heat of battle.

Equipment and Abilities

Namba: Namba is a warhammer that was forged by the Light Elves of Alfheim and presented to Arriurra upon his reaching Manhood. Namba has been Arriurra's best friend at times as he has been using it to fight against the various enemies that he has had to face over the years and always has it close when trouble arises. Namba has been enchanted with a number of magical enchantments which allow Namba to rival the legendary hammer Mjolnir

  • Worthiness Enchantment: Namba has been enchanted with a similar enchantment to that of Mjolnir which prevents that hammer from being wielded by anyone who is not considered worthy to wield the hammer. Too date the only beings who have proven worthy of wielding Namba are Arriurra, Odin and Thor.

  • Weapon Summoning: Namba is able to obey the commands of its wielder as if it were alive. This allows the hammer to be thrown as a projectile allowing it to strike distant targets without the user having to get close enough for a normal swing of the hammer. When in the presence of multiple beings deemed worthy of wielding the hammer the hammer will always respond to Arriurra above all else as the hammer was forged specifically for him thus he will always be the true worthy wielder of Namba.

  • Weather Manipulation: Namba is able to grant is wielder the ability to manipulate the various forces of nature in order to generate various weather fronts of various degrees. Unlike Mjolnir which could only generate weather patterns related to storms Namba is able to generate any weather pattern to any degree that its wielder wishes. In the hands of Arriurra Namba has been used to generate things such as Thunder, Lightning, Sun, Earthquakes, Fog, Snow, Hail, Rain, Hurricane Force Winds, Tornadoes and Tidal Waves just to name a few but has the potential to generate any weather pattern that a situation might call for.

  • Flight: Namba can be thrown while the user holds on in order to fly through the skies at high rates of speed. When needing or wanting to hover in place the user can hold the hammer above their head and twirl the hammer around like a helicopter in order to hover in place and and quickly accelerate to moving speeds by thrusting their arm in whatever direction that the user wishes to travel. When using Namba to fly at his full flight speed Arriurra has been described as being able to fly at the speed of the very lightning that he often commands.

  • Armor Generation: When in the possession of Namba Arriurra is able to transform from him armor into Mortal Clothing or vice versa usually though it is used to change into his Asgardian Battle Armor. In the event that the armor has been damaged or worse destroyed the user is able to repair the Armor as long as Namba is in their possession and they are free for the moment to take the few moments that he would take in order to repair the damage caused to the armor.

Asgardian Battle Armor: Forged By The Dwarves Of Nidavellir this suit of armor was forged specifically for Arriurra at the request of Thor Odinson. This armor is designed to withstand great amounts of damage and has an enchantment placed upon the armor that allows it to magically adjust its shape so that it will always fit Arriurra regardless of his body shape ensuring that the armor will always be a perfect fit for him. This armor was thought to be indestructible however a recent encounter with the mysterious Chalk where Black Sand Forged Weaponry was used against him and was able to virtually destroy the armor leaving Arriurra unprotected until he had the time to use Namba to repair the damage to his armor.


Worthiness To His Weapons: Much like his father's hammer Mjolnir Arriurra has the magic hammer Namba which has a similar enchantment placed upon it so that only those who prove themselves worthy to use the hammer may wield it and the abilities that it can grant to any who are worthy. Arriurra always tries to do whatever is needed to appear worthy which usually means protecting all those weaker then himself no matter the circumstance or the cost that it might entail for him. He will always avoid taking actions that might be deemed as Unworthy as he does not want to risk losing his key defense against many of the foes that he has to face off against on a regular basis.

Odinsleep: Like all members of the Royal Bloodline of Asgard Arriurra is has a connection to a vast magical energy field known as the Odinforce however having this connection comes with a side effect in that those who use the Odinforce are required to enter what has come to be known as the Odinsleep where they must enter a deep meditative sleep which allows them to restore their connection to the Odinforce. As an Asgardian Hybrid Arriurra has a finite connection to the Odinforce meaning that once his Odinforce energies have been used up he will lose his ability to tap into the Odinforce until such time as he enters the Odinsleep in order to regenerate his connection to the Odinforce. Unlike other members of his family Arriurra does not have to enter the Odinsleep as all that will happen is that he will lose his ability to use the Odinforce where others in his family would sooner or later they would automatically fall into the Odinforce no matter how much they try to fight it off. On an average Arriurra enters the Odinforce roughly once a year some rare times twice a year as it all depends on how much of the Odinforce he uses and how often he finds himself relying on its use which is why he only uses it after all other options have been exhausted first.

Lack Of Mortal Knowledge: Arriurra has spent much time in Asgard and has not spent much time on Midgard or Earth. Because of this he lacks knowledge about modern humanity often speaking in words and phases that Modern Humanity no longer uses or have a new word for that saying or word that Arriurra does not know about. The biggest issues he has with Modern Humanity is the entire field of technology as he finds that much of the technology used on Earth is something that is beyond his current understanding but he does his best to try and learn as he finds the television to be the most fascinating thing that he has encountered thus far in his travels. He finds the entire idea of technology to be interesting as technology is something that is unique to Midgard and is not found anywhere else in the Nine Realms. The other problem he has is understanding Modern Mortal Slang as he finds some of the various sayings used by Humans to be rather strange and are something that he does not find on any of the other worlds of the Nine Realms.

Beings With Equal Or Greater Strength: While Arriurra is extremely durable he is not invincible where while the average person could do little to harm him those who are equal or greater in strength to him are able to deliver blows that could actually harm him. When facing off against beings with these strength levels he must take extra care to ensure that he does not leave himself open to a potentially fatal blow from these beings. As proven recently being such as Chalk are able to deliver the strength and blows needed to effect Arriurra to the point that Arri was knocked out on several occasions and forced to rest until his Regenerative Healing Factor had a chance to heal some of the injuries from that fight.

Black Sand: When in the presence of the mysterious Black Sand substance Arriurra has shown that he is able to slightly handle being in its presence better then other beings effects by it. Arriurra has shown that he still has the full use of his abilities however physical contact with the Black Sand causes intense pain throughout his entire body that weakens him for a few moments until he moves away from the Black Sand and his Healing Factor has a moment to recover from the contact with the source of the Black Sand. Since all of his exposures to date have been rather limited it is currently unknown what would happen should Arriurra find himself in prolonged contact with any amount of Black Sand as it is not something that Arriurra is in any hurry to find out what might happen. During a recent battle with Chalk Arriurra would find himself being subjected to strikes from various weapons constructed out of Black Sand where these cuts, blows and piercing injuries from these improvised weapons were able to bypass his Asgardian Durability and deliver injuries to him that would be just like any other being who was struck by these weapons leaving him with no protection.

Telepaths: Arriurra has a very structured mind which assists him in protecting himself against telepaths. He is able to prevent his thoughts from being read by telepaths however his mind can be invaded by a telepath who takes the time and effort to bypass his mental defenses. Once a telepath breaks through his defenses they must be quick in what they do as Arriurra will recover and his defenses restored forcing a telepath to start at square 1 to get back inside his head. Once in his head they could read his mind, plant mental influences or use their abilities in any way that they want until Arriurra is able to regain control of his mind and force out anyone who should not be in his head.

Aura Readers: To anyone who has Aura Reading abilities they would sense a strong being as he would radiate with various energies naturally produced by the Odinforce. They would sense a pure spirit as Arriurra has not been corrupted by the evils of the world or in his case the evils of the Nine Realms.

Pulling His Punches: Due to his superior level of strength Arriurra has to hold back when striking targets to ensure that he does not use his full strength for he could easily kill the average being and could easily cause kinetic forces when striking an object that could cause serious damage to his surroundings if he were not careful. Arriurra will only unleash his full potential in strength when in an isolated location where he could do little to no harm to his surroundings or in extremely desperate situations where he must use his full strength regardless of the damage he could cause to his surroundings.

Theme Songs
  • Main Theme song: Bodies By Drowning Pool

Facts and Comments
  • Arriurra Appears In His early 30's Despite His Physical Age Being 79
  • Arriurra Likes To Consider Himself Asgardian However He Is An Asgardian Human Hybrid Who Was Actually Born On Earth
  • Arriurra has no problems about going into a fight or even a war without planning for one especially if that means that jumping into a fight in order to protect the life of an innocent