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The Armored Archer
The Armored Archer Of Millennium City
Player: @ryan1580
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Super Group
Project Oncall
· Other Affiliations ·
UNTIL, UNITY, Project On Call, Young Vigilants
Real Name
Jonathan Oliver Harper
Johnny, KS,
October 9, 1993
Detroit, Michigan
Millennium City
West Side
Full Time Hero
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
  • Father: Oliver Harper; Status: Alive
  • Mother: Martha; Status: Alive
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
225 lbs
Body Type
Dark Tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
Tall, Athletic build
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
  • Peak Human Attributes [Refer To Powers Section For Details]
  • Indomitable Will
· Equipment ·
  • Custom Made Armor
  • Custom Made Mask
  • Custom Bow
  • Custom Quiver
  • Custom Batons
  • Standard Utility Belt [Refer To Equipment Section For Details]
· Other Abilities ·
  • Various [Refer To Skills Section For Details]

Early Years

Jonathan Oliver Harper was born on October 9th 19

Powers And Abilities

Peak Human Conditioning: During his time on Monster Island Jonathan was forced to quickly develop his body into something that would allow him to survive the harsh conditions and isolation that the island would bring for him. Many of his attributes have been enhanced to levels equal to that of an Olympic Class Athlete or else in some cases even to the the point that he would be classified as being on the low end of the Superhuman Scale. Listed below are the various attributes that he has developed into levels beyond that of the average Human being.

Peak Human Durability:

Peak Human Strength:

Peak Human Speed:

Peak Human Agility:

Peak Human Balance:

Indomitable Will: Jonathan has a strong sense of will which only grew stronger during his isolation on Monster Island. Lacking a doctor or medical facility during the times that he would be sick or injured Jonathan would develop a high tolerance for pain allowing him to suffer a push through sickness and injuries that would keep down if not kill the average person who sustained similar things. His sense of will affords him a unique protection when it comes to dealing with telepaths as he is able to shield his thoughts from those who would train to read his mind to learn his secrets or figure out what his next move would be in a fight.

Skills And Training

Archery: Jonathan is a master of the bow able to wield the weapon with the greatest of skill and is a rival to anyone on the planet who also uses a bow. He has shown that he is able to wield a bow and arrow with the same lethal accuracy as a sniper armed with a sniper rifle. His training came at the hands of Manimals on Monster Island who would train Jonathan in Archery so that he would have a means of defending himself against the threats that existed on the island. He has shown that he can shoot a bow while his feet are not on the ground such as if he jumps into the air, is falling towards the ground and even if he is upside down hanging off something in his surroundings or being held in place by someone else. He is able to shoot arrows while moving at various speeds with the same accuracy as if he were stationary. Jonathan has shown that he is able to strike objects off of people without harming them even when moving. He is known for his ability to fire off multiple arrows at a time where he is able to fire up to 5 arrows of which he can strike at a single target or up to 5 different targets provided that they are along the same general line of sight. He has shown that he is able to shoot an arrow at a bullet to deflect it from striking whatever it was shot at. He is able to take arrows and toss them at short range targets without the use of a bow where he can strike targets up to 5 feet away without the need of a bow. He is able to wield an arrow or arrows in his hands and use them as a melee weapon for targets in arms reach where he can activate trick arrows on targets within arms reach. When foes get too close for him to rely on the use of his archery skills he has shown that he is able to use his bow as a makeshift melee weapon where he has been known and seen to wield the bow as a blunt force weapon to take out foes within the reach of his arm when the situation calls for it.

Arrow Construction: Jonathan is skilled at creating his own arrows as he likes the feeling of using his own arrows rather then purchasing arrows from a third party that might not be up to the high standards that he has for the equipment that he uses especially in the field. Not only does he create his own regular arrows but creates the various trick arrows that he has been known to use such as his Explosive Arrows, Flashbang Arrows, Grapple Arrows and many other ones. He is always tinkering with arrowheads when he thinking up a new idea for an arrow or a trick arrow always using his field experiences to better the gear that he has and create new ways to make his life easier when in the field.

Martial Arts: During his time on Monster Island Jonathan would be given information from the Manimals that would befriend him allowing him to have access to a means of defending himself against threats too close to rely on the Archery skills that he had developed. He has developed skills in Karate, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Eskrima, Bajan Stick Fighting and Krav Maga where he has developed these styles to the highest level possible and even created his own style making use of various techniques from the styles that he has studied in order to develop something that works for his preferred style of fighting. He has shown that he is able to take on up to 6 people at once without being outnumbered showing that not only could he fight 6 people at once but that he could quickly shift between styles in order to utilize the right style of styles in order to deal with that particular threat. He has trained with various martial arts weapons such as Swords, Daggers, Knives, Batons, Sais, Nun Chuks, Polearms and many other that are common in styles of martial arts. Despite his training he does not use them in the field relying only on batons but still trains regularly in the event that he ever needs to rely on their use in the future. He uses a pair of batons often when in situations where he is outnumbered as he uses the batons to quickly eliminate foes in order to even the odds in his favor during these situations before they have a chance to eliminate him.

Acrobatics / Parkour / Gymnastics: Jonathan would develop skills in Parkour, Acrobatics and Gymnastics but these skills were developed during his time on Monster Island meaning that while he is skilled in these fields he has never gotten any formal training in any of the 3 fields. Despite his lack of formal training Jonathan has shown that he can compete with the same skill and grace as Olympic Class Athletes or Circus Acrobats. He is able to perform flips, tucks, cartwheels, handstands, splits and other techniques with the greatest of ease. Through training Jonathan has learned to chain techniques together in order to perform feats that others can not and to reach heights beyond the reach of other beings.


Human Factor: Jonathan Harper is a Human Being possessing no Superhuman or Supernatural Based Abilities. While At The Peak Condition For A Human Being Of His Height And Weight Class Adam Is Still Susceptible To The Weaknesses Of Any Other Human Such as Aging, Disease, Illness, Drugs, Toxins, Alcohol and many other factors that effect Humans.

Quiver Size: Jonathan is only able to carry a limited number of arrows at any given time which means that he must carefully plan his shots in order to ensure that each and every shot he fires counts as if he runs out of arrows he must rely on his other skills in order to handle any situation that he finds himself in.


<b>Custom Body Armor:

Custom Mask:

Custom Made Combat Batons:

Custom Made Bow:

Custom Made Quiver:

Trick Arrows: Jonathan is known for his frequent use of various trick arrows which he has used to catch his foes off guard as they have no idea what kind of arrows he might have with him at all times and even then he is known to come up with new trick arrows all the time constantly surprising his foes leaving them unable to judge what he might have at any given time. All of the arrows that Jonathan makes use of come in 3 variants which are impact detonation, time delayed detonation and remote detonation.

This list is all the Trick Arrows that Killshot has been seen using. It does not mean that he carries all these types of arrows at any given time instead this is a list of the type of arrows that he has access to if he can get to the stockpile of arrows.

Standard Tipped
Armor Piercing Tipped
Kendrium Tipped
Questionite Tipped
Diamond Tipped
Fordite Tipped
Thermite Tipped
Force Pulse Tipped
Sonic Tipped
Taser Tipped
Taser Net Tipped Razor Net Tipped
Micro Munition Tipped
Poison Tipped
Noxious Flume Tipped
Laughing Gas Tipped
Computer Hacking Tipped
Grapple Hook Tipped
Surveillance Tipped
Blunt Force Tipped
Knockout Gas Tipped
Flashbang Tipped
Bola Tipped
Superglue Tipped
Anti Missile Tipped
EMP Tipped
Fire Foam Tipped
Magnetic Tipped
Injection Tipped
Signal Jammer Tipped
Smoke Tipped
Flare Tipped
Colored Flare Tipped
Tranquilizer Tipped
Blunt Tipped
Fart Gas Tipped
Black Sand Tipped
Fire Foam Tipped

Theme Songs
  • Main Theme song:

Facts and Comments
  • Jonathan likes to identify himself as a modern day Robin Hood when dealing with criminals who steal from the innocent for he will take great please in taking down those types of criminals taking the profits that they have stolen from the innocent and makes sure that those effected by the crimes get their money back and if that is not possible then he will make sure that the money goes to a charity that benefits the area in which the money was stolen from.