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Player: @Bluhman
"Humanity Exposed, and Enlightened." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged Tank/Support (PRE/Guardian/Protector)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Henry Fogel (?)
Known Aliases: The Archon
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Infused with sentient stardust)
Ethnicity: American Caucasian
Place of Birth: Ellicott City, Maryland
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, Florida
Relatives: Father: Charles Fogel

Mother: Elaine Fogel

Age: 43
Height: 6'2 human

7'6 transformed

Weight: 153 lbs
Eyes: Glowing pale blue
Hair: None
Complexion: Pale, wrinkled; glows pure white when transformed.
Physical Build: Human: Frail, Gaunt

Transformed: Imposing, Elongated

Physical Features: Faint glow always residing below the skin
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Extraterrestrial Researcher
Education: Master's degree in Astrological Physics
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Powers and Abilities
Generation of Plasma Energy and Shields, Teleportation and Flight, Vast Astrological Knowledge
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Containment Armor, Uniform
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The Archon is a Vibora Bay based hero who has incidental origins. Exposed to a sample of unusual stardust by accident, he now has the combined knowledge of thousands of years of astrological history, combined with a human mind to try and understand it. It is truly unclear if the sentience of the Archon belongs to its human host, or to the dust that inhabits it.


The Comet

Henry Fogel prior to the Comet incident.
Henry Fogel was raised to a fairly wealthy family of professors at the local University of Maryland. Henry's childhood was very tame; he was an obedient student that always went by the rules. His behavior lead him to be an overachieving and organized student, leading him to achieve a higher education in Astronomy at the University of Miami. He continued his graduate studies over in San Diego, quickly becoming a fairly prominent professor on the campus.

On a clear night, Fogel and his colleagues beheld a comet come straight into the earth's atmosphere. This was no ordinary comet, though; as it flew through the atmosphere, it glowed with such intensity, that it temporarily lit up the sky like a temporary sun. Tracking the comet by camera footage, Fogel's lab was able to track its landing point to the farmlands shortly northeast of San Diego.

The sight that Fogel's lab beheld was incredible: A 80-yard crater in the middle of an orange orchard, with a single, bright-blue luminescent rock in the center. Donning appropriate protective gear, the researchers got to work picking up the comet sample, only to find that the sample was extremely dusty. As the sample was transported to a bag, parts of the comet flaked off in the wind, particles glowing in a spectrum through the wind. Though a magnificent sight, it was not without later consequences.

The following days, news reports came in of locals seeing glowing rabbits and possums walking through their yards. The animals were subsequently taken in for research by the Biology department at UC San Diego, only to have the researchers left entirely stumped by this anomaly. When the information was brought to Fogel's team, they immediately began a study, seeing if the flakes of the comet had any effects on animals. Sure enough, 12 hours following exposure, these animals would begin to glow bright blue, much like the comet itself. There was something unusual, though; why had there been no reports of glowing humans? And even with the glowing animals, the cases showed no other anomalies other than the fact that they were apparently glowing (and also slightly radioactive). What exactly was the significance of this all?

Dr. Fogel was quick to leap to conclusions, claiming the comet might be some sort of proof of extraterrestrial life. While his colleagues were not one to disagree with him, it became clear that Fogel had become seemingly entranced by the comet and its properties. He spent days testing the dust's properties on all manner of creatures, but without seeing any real advancements or differences in results. Getting impatient, Fogel proceeded to perform one last test on a chimpanzee, only to forget to put on his protective gear when entering the testing room. The room locking as he entered, the particles of the Comet began to react, somehow. They seemingly knew of Fogel's presence and exposure, and they slowly floated through the air towards the scientist. Without even realizing it, Dr. Fogel had inhaled every last particle of the sample. After wondering where the sample had suddenly gone and realizing exactly what had happened, Fogel instantly directed himself to the emergency room.

Despite his ingestion of unusual space-rock, he initially showed no symptoms or health complications. The emergency room reassured Dr. Fogel repeatedly that he was probably fine and that the sediment would pass through his system naturally.


Henry Fogel following the incident.
Of course, that was far from what actually happened. Immediately following the days of ingestion, Dr. Fogel's eyes began to glow blue more and more intensely, despite his natural eye color being green. Fogel was also noticeably becoming more active, seemingly processing much more information than he had been in the past. His affect became more conceited, more complacent, and much less sociable, spending nights alone and awake writing page after page of manic epiphanies. Fogel stated he was fine, despite rapidly losing weight in conjunction. He finally noticed that something was off when his hair began falling out.

Returning to the Emergency Room, Fogel was diagnosed with radiation poisoning, and would have to be admitted to intensive care for his complications. Despite all this, Fogel was still in a seemingly manic state, becoming more and more energetic. He was in no mood to stay restrained to a hospital and soon, he quite literally burst.

For the first time, The Archon emerged. Seemingly expanding Fogel's body, a blue aura pushed outward from within and lit up the scientist. Immense heat and power radiated from the transformed man, as if he had suddenly morphed into a god. No longer was Dr. Fogel's demeanor nervous and erratic; he had become calm and controlled, politely showing his way out.

The Transformed Dr. Fogel immediately made it his goal to give a thorough explanation for what had happened. Naturally, the sight of a 7-foot tall glowing humanoid figure drew some attention, and Fogel had no problem getting his message out. His words at his interview were as follows:

Archon appearing in public

All at once, I am indeed Dr. Henry Fogel, but also much more than that:

I have been at every end of the cosmos. Omnipresent, but without will. Sentient, but lost. For millennia, I have been little more than a mist; a conscious cloud that has been spread thinly across this galaxy. I have witnessed more than any mere man could hope to see in a lifetime, but without understanding, it would be meaningless to me.

Gravity enabled me to pull a portion of myself together into a meteor-like object. For a period, I drifted through the void, searching for something to help me learn what all I had seen meant. I eventually came across a blue planet: This very planet you call home.Crashing I came through the atmosphere. Particles of dust burning off in the heat of the friction. Gravity was bringing me down, and there was no turning back. By the time I broke through, I was naught more but a pebble, hurdling downward to the ground. My contact caused a devastating explosion on these farmlands, and my remaining matter scattered through the atmosphere of the planet. I could do nothing.

Now I know that scientists found out about my presence, and beheld what biological effects my dust would have on living beings. My sapience transferred from animal to animal they tested on. I was able to focus more clearly, but nothing they did enabled me to understand. These creatures did not have enough capacity. When this scientist, Henry Fogel, accidentally exposed himself to the dust, that was when I, the Archon, came into existence.

His knowledge of sciences combined with all I have experienced... For once, everything seems clear to me. All the beauties and sights of this cosmos, but combined with the realization and fear. Fear to lose this form and sapience, and fear to have this world destroyed by either its own people or outside forces I have seen. For my own sake, I must spend my resources wisely. Should this world be destroyed, or my energies overexerted, I shall return to dust... It is all too valuable to not fight for.

Completely contrary to the naturally nervous and pacifistic Dr. Fogel, The Archon took action to become a superheroic figure. Seemingly leaving his entire academic life and family behind him, he set off to Vibora Bay, sensing an immense cosmic disturbance from the locale.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■□□
C - ■■■■□
E - ■□□□□
A - ■□□□□
N - ■■■□□
Archon is normally very cold and apathetic towards other people, considering the problems of any one person to be much too insignificant to the vast sights he has seen as lone stardust. On a whole, however, he feels that there is indeed a great deal of merit to protect human civilization on whole, and he proves to be very altruistic when called upon by heroes or heroic corporations. Especially when communicating with well-known defense figures, he shows a great deal of respect.

The attitude that Archon affects is a far-cry from the old Dr. Fogel, who was a reserved and peaceful man. Having raised a family of two girls and his wife, Emily Barnes, he was very friendly and polite to those who knew him well. It's unknown whether the stardust's sentience has had a direct effect on Fogel's personality, or if Fogel's attitude had changed due to the knowledge that flooded his mind. Regardless of the technicalities, the simple fact remains: the old Henry Fogel is now gone.

Combat Specifications

Archon's plasma-manipulation abilities enable him to generate intense heat, as well as directly guide his projectiles to their targets.
Archon can exist in contracted and expanded states. In a contracted form, Archon's body looks perfectly human, save for his lack of hair and unusual glowing eyes. Like this, Archon cannot use any of his powers. When Archon activates his abilities, the energy within his body expands outward, causing Archon to grow by roughly 1/3rd his human height. Though Archon does become larger when using his powers, he does not gain any actual physical strength, nor does he gain weight.

Archon's most notable ability is that of Plasma Generation. At resting levels in a transformed state, Archon's body sits at around 114 degrees Fahrenheit. When using his abilities, he usually gets up to around 800 degrees and can perform various maneuvers that generate great heat. Not only can he set surfaces ablaze and directly lob projectiles of excited matter at enemies, but he is also capable of directly controlling the flow of such energy, allowing him to finely adjust the aim of his projectiles. At the same time, Archon can also use his plasma abilities to create forcefields. The forcefields he generates have no inherent temperature, but can deflect an amazing amount of force. In addition to all this, Archon also naturally generates his own forcefields involuntarily while transformed, which keep him safe from all manner of outside threats, ranging from gunfire to energy waves.

Normally, equipment doesn't play a huge part in Archon's battle plan. However, he has been known to use Containment Armor early on in his operations. While the armor did help to make him more massive and resist powerful pushes, it also interfered greatly when he attempted to generate forcefields. He rarely if ever uses the armor for combat purposes now, and instead is simply advised to wear it when doing public relations.

Archon can navigate by both teleportation and flight. Casually, Archon can easily span distances of up to 10 miles with a single teleport, while his flight allows him to go at a speed of around 450 miles per hour.

Archon is very paranoid about overexerting his power. Already, when in a transformed state, immense pressure is pushing outward from his hosts' body, and if he uses any more energy than necessary, he runs the risk of rupturing; killing the host and causing the sentient dust to scatter. In any case, a big limiting factor to Archon's effectiveness is his inability to ever use his powers to their fullest.


Old Archon outfit: Heavier and more spiky.
  • Archon was initially going to be a Telepathy-style character. That went probably as well as you'd expect it, and so he's now a fire tank.
  • Archon has the lowest density of any of the characters so far: His BMI only measures in at 13.3 in his transformed state.