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The Insurmountable
Bringin' It Old School
"You can't stack up."
Player: @beebuddy
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Apogee (Real name unknown, even to himself)
Apogee, The Apex
March 15th, 1916
Seattle, Washington
Technically None
Millennium City
The Pinnacle(Space Station)
Full Time Super Hero
Legal Status
No Criminal Records
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Marshal Walker(Father, Deceased) Marie Walker(Mother, Deceased)
Physical Traits
Cosmic Entity
White as all hell
Apparent Age
25 (97)
Body Type
Marvel of Human Fitness
Glowing White
Glowing White
Semi-luminescent White
· Distinguishing Features ·
Always In Costume
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Gravity Manipulation, The Pulse
· Equipment ·
Melvin's Suit, Transportation Module
· Other Abilities ·
Defensive Martial Arts

The Origin of Apogee

Baby Boy

Apogee was born to Martial and Marie Walker on March 15th, 1916, in Seattle, Washington. Born of perfect health, the bouncing baby boy would bring great joy to the Walker Family. After a few years of normalcy the inevitable happened. Apogee's powers emerged. While many meta-powers start out harmless, and can be eased into, Apogee's began destructive and erratic. With uncontrollable powers of gravity, the six year old Apogee would be sent to a government facility for safe keeping, until he could manage his abilities.

Unfortunately for the boy, the men who had arrived at his home were not, in fact, government agents. They were members of an organization dedicated to finding, harnessing, and if possible, extracting meta-human abilities from young children for the "greater good". This ended badly for the men, considering their lack of technology, and Apogee escaped before even arriving at the facility he was headed to. Unfortunately, the boy had no idea where he was, and simply went in a random direction.

The boy ended up at a dusty intersection in the middle of nowhere. The crossroads would serve as the true origin of Apogee.

How Melvin Got His Groove Back

The origins of the hero known as Melvin are shrouded in mystery, but that's how he liked it. Melvin(Last name unknown) was a psychic who served as a recluse vigilante in the state of Washington. From age twenty to forty six, the man helped save hundreds of lives in his trademark one-piece wool jumpsuit. He demanded no recognition, refused rewards, avoided people in general really. Melvin believed himself to be doing the right thing, and that's all the reward he needed. He was a true hero.

On his forty seventh birthday, Melvin made a decision. He was getting old. He was doing more harm than good by getting in the way of the authorities. So he did what any sensible person reaching the end of their career did. He retired. After hanging up his suit and taking one last stroll around the town he had been in at the time, he faked his death by means of psionic illusion. Of course, now that the state of Washington thought their hero was dead, so did the criminals within it.

The years roll by, and Melvin continues to age, getting more and more bitter as he witnesses the lawless bandits and criminals muck about with opposition just as corrupted. At the age of fifty three, Melvin decided to get back into the game. He donned his jumpsuit, and marched his way through Seattle, stopping any crime he witnessed that day. A mugging. A rape. It was going well. That is, until he headed off into the next town. Well, he never really made it there. His journey ended at a crossroads.

The Pulse

The being known as The Pulse was once an alien scientist on a distant planet, who spent his life researching a constant pulsating energy wave that sort of flowed throughout the universe. How he managed to capture and contain a sample of it is a mystery, but that matters not, as the result of coming into contact with the wave's energy is the truly important piece of information. The scientist made a mistake, releasing the partial wave energy into the open, which completely destroyed his mortal body. The amazing thing is, he was still conscious, and his body was replaced by a brilliant shining white silhouette of his former self. He was part of this pulse he had been researching. He, himself, was The Pulse.

The Pulse was compelled to re-join the wave that had given him this body, and that's exactly what he did. The former scientist shot through the universe at light speed, until he finally found the wave that had beckoned him so. And then, he simply followed. He followed the wave for years, hundred of years, millions! He gathered information on the cosmos with every passing moment, and learned the secrets of the universe. It was every scientist's dream, to reach this level of knowledge and travel the universe they could only study.

Unfortunately, all things, good or bad, must come to an end. As it turned out, The Pulse's body was not infinite in it's energy. Even the wave of energy he had been following could not replenish him, and he knew he would soon flicker out like a light in the darkness that is space. Though, he was content. The scientist had completed his life goal, a thousand fold after all. With a final sigh, The Pulse parted from the wave that had been his constant companion throughout his journey, and headed towards a little blue marble of a planet that would serve as his final resting place.

While the poetry of The Pulse landing on Earth and simply waiting for his light to flicker out would be beautiful indeed, that was not the case. As he entered the Earth's atmosphere, he began to lose consciousness. He was dying. No peaceful gaze off into the sunset, no drifting off into the darkness that is death, he was going to plummet to the ground and disperse in the ugliest way possible. The Pulse simply looked away from where he would impact, and awaiting his death. He plummeted down, down towards a particular crossroads in the state of Washington.

From One Hero To The Next

The boy who would be known as Apogee stood there like a deer in headlights at the crossroads. He was amazed by what looked like a shooting star, getting brighter and bigger, growing more magnificent by the second! It wasn't until an elderly man wearing a black wool jumpsuit placed himself between him and the light that he realized it wasn't a shooting star at all. It was...well, he didn't know what it was, but it was dangerous. The man put his arms out in front of him, and glanced back at the boy. No words were exchanged in that fateful moment, as Melvin whipped his head back at The Pulse, and created a psychic barrier that would shatter as soon as the former scientist impacted.

The Pulse's being finally flickered out then, as he impacted with Melvin, who was trying desperately to keep a lost little boy safe from harm. The impact resulted in Melvin's death, as it would have the boy, had Melvin's body not absorbed most of the energy before disintegrating. Melvin's life was over, as was the Pulse's, and the boy would have been crippled for life. He would have been.

The boy's body absorbed what little of The Pulse's energy was left, and as a result, he gained a very small, minuscule even, piece of it's power, resulting in him being healed immediately after the blast wave. He stood in a crater, surrounded by flickers of white flames and pieces of Melvin's jumpsuit. His skin had become semi-luminescent, and his eyes now glowed a bright white, as did his hair. He was different, he was better, and he was damn well not going to let Melvin's sacrifice go to waste. He owed his life to the man, and decided he'd dedicate his life to carrying Melvin's torch. A hero was born. The boy would become a god among men, Apogee!



  • Gravity Manipulation: Apogee's Meta-Human ability to control gravity is a powerful one indeed. The ability encompasses many, many techniques and can simulate other powers as well. Apogee can control gravity itself, meaning he may cause enemies to simply float by decreasing gravity, or crush them by increasing it. With this, he can mimic Telekinesis. Apogee can also control his own gravitational field, and has trained himself to subconsciously form a repelling field around his person that can deflect or stop most projectiles. This simulates invulnerability. Apogee can Fly using his gravity manipulation abilities, as well as decrease his mass so much that he may Become Temporarily Intangible.
  • Spirit of The Pulse: Joining with The Pulse has given Apogee Energy Pulse abilities. He can fire supercharged blasts of burning energy that can disintegrate some solid objects, and scorch others. The spirit of The Pulse has also given Apogee a Longer Life-Span due to the rejuvenating energies imbued within his being. Those exact energies give him a Minor Healing Factor, which allows him to heal small wounds instantaneously, and larger ones if given enough time to recuperate.

Skills and Abilities

  • Experience: Apogee has been working the hero game for a long, long time. With time comes experience, with experience: wisdom. Plots, tricks and ploys have become standard to him, so most of them are either expected, or can be anticipated. Holding hostages and distracting a hero with a decoy crime may stop some capes, but Apogee most likely has an answer for anything that is tossed his way. Apogee has also picked up a proficiency in investigation, meaning he's able sleuth with come competency, and track criminals by visiting crime scenes.
  • Martial Arts: Apogee has come to appreciate many different forms of combat whether it be banter, physical combat, a challenge of strategic prowess, ect. The martial art he has come to employ the most would be a version of Aikido modified to be utilized while mid-air or mid-flight. Apogee also uses Boxing and Muay Thai in unison with his powers for offensive purposes.