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The Metal Man
Player: @Swedsman
Super Group
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Real Name
Jack Jerome Johnson
Anvil, Bjork Bjorkson
Oct 23rd 1991
Auburn, Maine, US
Flag USA.png American
Millenium City
Comicbook store clerk
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Mom, Dad, two sisters
Physical Traits
Human/Alien hybrid
Apparent Age
Body Type
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Powers & Abilities
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Fused with Alien living metal
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Titanium Armor
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Knows comicbooks


The Blacksmith

Far out in vastness of Cosmos you can find The Blacksmith. A Galaxar of immense power who resides within his great seat known as ”The Starforge” A white dwarf over 50 times hotter then our sun. Here he uses the incredible heat of over one billion Fahrenheit to create his own legacy on this universe, an incredible metal called Staridium that he forges together in the extreme heat of the core mixing technology and magic of cosmic levels.

The Blacksmith cares little of the universe surrounding him, though he cares an awful lot of his creation. Staridium is an liquid organic metal, it has a mind of its own yet it lacks the drive and means of other biologic life forms to seek meaning and pleasure in its existence. So ever so often The Blacksmith sends out his children into the universe to bond with other life forms to help them find this drive that they lack on their own. Many aliens of all shapes and kinds swarms around the Starforge in hopes of gathering the extremely sought after metal whenever it's released. Though once in a blue moon a tiny fragment of Staridium slips through their grubby fingers laying in wait, free to travel to every possible corner of the universe to find an organic to bind itself too. One of these just happened to make its way to our little rock where it come in contact with one not so special guy 

The not so special Guy

Jack Jeremiah Johnson was an ordinary guy living a pretty ordinary life in Millennium City. Having moved cross country after failing college to pursue a new life in the city of superheroes Jack would to his surprise find himself working closer to the big capes then he'd ever imagined, in a comic book store!

Sure not the most exciting of careers one might think but it suited Jack just fine, though he couldn't help to occasionally dream about what it would be like whilst casually browsing through the inventory during closing time or running screaming through the streets ducking the odd building coming down during the numerous battles the heroes and villains fought at the street of this very special city.

One starry night Jack was out hiking in the forest shortly outside the city. Looking up at the millions of blinking lights in the sky his mind wandered all kinds of places. Suddenly he saw one of the lights crawled slowly across the sky, was it a bird? Plane? A muscular man in colorful spandex? What if he could fly and shit, how cool wouldn't that be? It sure would beat riding the buss everyday to work, though would he have to fake a superhero alias like the rest to keep out of the media? What would he even call himself, lord Skyguy perhaps?

With all these nonsense thoughts running through Jacks head he didn't even notice the light growing bigger, and bigger, until it suddenly lit up like the sun right over his head. Before he even had time to pee in his pants the celestial rock crashed right on top of his thick skull, shaking the whole forest and creating a 50 Feet crater.

Jack would wake up a couple of hours later by the rising sun hitting his eyes, around him everything was burnt and smashed to pieces. The rock that hit him had struck with such impact it had been completely obliterated by the force yet there he still was for some unexplainable reason. Not even a sore head, maybe a little aching in his back from laying on the hard rock the whole night but other then that nothing to complain about. Even his cloths where completely intact even though the ground around him had clearly been on fire. Perplexed and with a major case of the munchies Jack made his way back to his apartment to have a closer look at himself in the bathroom window.

Upon closer inspection he could spot something moving inside his eyes, something metallic. Also in his veins strange metallic liquid pulsated. Though the freakiest part was when a portion of the metallic stuff suddenly poured out of his palm forming a small, blob like creature looking up at him. In his mind he could feel it's presence inside him, whispering into his head in his own voice! And it's first words where ”I'm hungry, what you have to eat?”

After coming to grip with the fact he was now shareing his body with that of a weird alien blob that liked to eat Jack would soon find out this fusion had come with a whole set of awesome powers. Not surprisingly his old body had been completely destroyed by the space rock, only mushy stains on the ground remained of his human self. This however was luckily enough for this weird alien metal to fuse his DNA with its own to create a new symbiotic life form. On the outside he was still Jack Jerome Johnson, the drop out loser clerk of a comic book store. Though on the inside he was now a regenerating, living alien metal being!

After a quick introduction to learn his powers he forged his own superhero alter-ego as Anvil, the living metal behemoth most recognize him as. And as an aditional cover of his identity the Alien created a third persona, the mighty Bjork Bjorkson! A 7feet larger then life bodybuilder with a glorious beard that's just as dumb as he sounds.

AnvilPS.pngPersonal File


Jack himself is a pretty laid back guy, easy going and somewhat lazy yet always ready to help a friend in need when it matters.

The Alien he carries is withdrawn, quiet and calculating. It's new to this world and lfe as we organics know and although it might come of as a bit distant it truly wants to integrate into our world and make a home of this new planet it inhabets.

Bjork Bjorkson is loud, crass and comes of as very fake and insecure. Mostly because he's just a vague disguise the Alien created to protect Johns real identity and neither of the two has the skill or dedication to play the larger then life guy

Powers and Abilities

Shape Shifting:

Due to the flexible nature of Staridium, Anvil is able to shift his body into all possible shapes and forms. Usually he uses this to shape his arms into different form of weapons, stretch out his limbs to strike opponents out of reach or to slip through tight spots. He can also take the shape of other people if he gets ahold of their DNA  

Size Manipulation:

By shifting the distance of his molecules Anvil can shrink and grow in size. He's capable of any size in between a tiny insect to a larger house. It is possible for him to grow even bigger, though the collateral damage that usually follows from him doing so is a good reason for him not to overuse this ability   

Extreme Bodyheat:

By vibrating molecules within himself Anvil is able to heat up his body or parts of it to incredibly high temperatures. Turning his arms into glowing red hot blades of destruction or fire powerful streams of molten metal at his enemies    

Metal Absorption:

Staridium can absorb and imitate attributes of other metals it comes in contact with. Anvil uses this to create his power armor looks by absorbing Titanium to create a hard, outer shell outside of his Staridium body. He also carries traces of tungsten for his molten metal attacks, copper for if he ever need to transfer electricity, led to counter radiation, aluminum for when he need to fly fast, Osmium incase he needs to bulk up some weight and also iron and silver if he needs to face of against supernatural creatures   

Enhanced Physiques:

Being made completely out of a liquid, organic metal makes Anvil a hell of allot stronger and tougher then any normal human, pushing him up into usual brick levels of strength.   


Being made completely out of a liquid, organic metal also means any injuries he do sustain can be sealed up. Thanks to his whole body being a single organism there's no vital organs or weak points to aim for. No lungs also means he can survive in space and under water without additional equipment   

Magic Resistance:

Staridium is forged with a healthy mix of cosmic magic and thus it offers a good resistance to magic attacks that normal armors often lack   


By using his ability to create heat Anvil can imitate the effects of jetboots and take to the skies when he needs to move fast 



When exposed to coldness his flexibility decreases and so does the usefulness of his powers. Although his ability to generate heat within his body can keep him operating in cold spots sudden flashes of extreme cold can shut him down completely   


His body might be alien but his mind is still very much human and thus he is open to attacks by mentalists and the likes   

Anti-Magic Measures:

Since Staridium is infused by cosmic magic it is vulnerable to hexes, curses and certain technologies designed to negate magic. Much like cold this greatly affects his ability to use his powers   


Jack, the human behind Anvil, doesn't have any formal training in any form of combat, tactics or anything. He doesn't have much experience either when it comes to super heroics   


When in his metallic Anvil armor, Jack can't feel physical pain. Actually he can't feel anything for that matter, which is a double edged sword as his spacial awareness is crap. This is why he rarely uses his giant growth to stomp his enemies into submission, cause he's very much likely to cause more damage then those he's trying to stop 









RP Hooks

  • Although previously and still largely unknown to man, Staridium is known far and wide throughout most interstellar alien races as one of the most valuable and sought after substances in the universe. The amount Jack carries inside him is worth that of a whole fleet of  alien ships  
  • Jack is a massive comic book fan, but he's also a huge fan of the Heroes populating this earth and he reads all he can about them. Is your hero a high profile name in the community you can count on Jack knowing all publicly available about them 


  • The armor is mostly just for looks as the Titanium platings are actually weaker then his Staridium body, he only uses it because he wants a superheroic alias and he thinks it looks cool. Jack is just as strong and capable of using his powers outside his armor 
  • The alien Staridium inside Jacks body has a mind and personality of its own and is really the one in control. Though since the whole point of its journey across space was to experience life of a normal organic being it lets Jack be in the driver seat. Also it's very shy of other people, it trusts Jack to decide friends and foes for it and rarely makes contact with other people 
  • The alien is terrified of having Jacks secret identity outed, more so then Jack himself. It's even created a false secret identity for Jack to personify to ensure he's never found out. Though since its idea of a fitting secret identity is of a 7feet giant musclehead called Bjork Bjorkson it's fairly easy for anyone with common sense to know it's just bullshit
  • Anvils powers are pretty much a mix between Clayface from Batman and the T-1000 from Terminator, with a big spoon of Antman cause it was the latest Marvel movie the creator saw. And ofcourse Ironman, because flying powerarmor
  • When in the form of Anvil, Jack grows about half a foot in length, gains allot of bodymass and his voice turns into a cold, mechanical tone. Also he lets more of the aliens withdrawn, calculating persona take over. All this makes it more or less impossible to draw any connections between the two as they share absolutely nothing in common, the perfect disguise 
  • Jack hates sardines, the alien Staridium inside him loves them! The only time it will ever override his persona and take control is when it has a craving for the slimy little buggers