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The Bright Lady Shatterfist
Player: @GLoRToR
Anni coav.jpg
"We have the power make our lives what they ought to be:

Reconnect with our humanity;

Transcend to a higher place, accepting reality,

You are the key to the life that you seek."

Combat Focus: Leadership
Power Level: Presumably Omega Level
Meta Focus: Confidential
Personal Data
Honourifics: Archpriestess, Grandmaster, Prof.MD [NOTE: She hates titles.]
First Name: An-Suthet
Nick Name: Anni, Mom
Maiden Last Name: Horadis Redriner
Spouse's Last Name: Kedal
Known Aliases: The Red Lotus, Honoured Lady Windflower
Species: Confidential
Ethnicity: Appears human with a combination of Caucasian and Egyptian features.
Age: Appears to be between 25 and 30. Early records prove at the very least several hundred years.
Height: 5ft2in / 157cm
Weight: 130lbs / 58kg
Eye Color: Green, the irises emanating a constant glow. This emanation may turn into a golden or platinum glow on occasion.
Hair Color: Natural crimson, greying.
Biographical Data
Nationality: United Planes Defense Directorate
Occupation: Grandmaster (Lotus Fist), General (United Planes Defense Directorate), Elder Sage
Birth Data: Year of the Dragon(8988,AMD), Month of Scorpio, 11th Day, TERRA-8-020(designate Gaia)
Base of Operations: Lotus Fist Sisterhood HQ, Mayflower blvd. 172/a, 99117 Millennium City
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Miya Redriner (Skysear, Daughter), Alastor Kedal (Astaroth, Husband), The Lotus Sisterhood, Royal houses of Redriner and Glaurd'Har
Known Meta Abilities
Eyes of Horus-Re, True-Sight, Mind's Eye Sutra, Kundalini, Eight Trigrams Chakral Union, Unbreakable Mind, Absolution, Recall, Overwhelming Grace, Beguiling, Triple Halo, Impervious, Repel Unholy, Sacral Bond, Heaven and Earth Sutra, Miracle, Benevolence, Truth's Guise, Planar Shift
Known Skills and Training
(Displayed so far but likely not limited to) Theology, Philosophy, Herbalism, Hand-to-hand combat, C-OPS, Medical Expertise, Hostile Environment Training, Stealth and Infiltration.
Known Assets
Lotus Fist Sisterhood (Leading Grandmaster), UNTIL (Allied Operative)
When the first portal opened, special units were dispatched to intercept. Soon it has been found that there are other worlds and vast space out there, with threats still unknown to us. An organisation called United Planes Defense Directorate has offered to trade knowledge and experiences with us. This is when Anni stepped into the picture. Known as a neutral asset to many, and a guest in our world. Her powers and abilities are truly known by few, and as she has signed a non-involvement pact in political matters, they will probably remain as such. [1]

PRIMUS Heading.png

SUBJECT: Lotus Fist Sisterhood Grandmaster


During a heavy electrical storm on the western coast of the United States, a score of electromagnetic anomalies were reported by PRIMUS operatives. A hurricane unlike any other registered so far has been seen splitting to several, different bodies each of which carried a high frequency reading very similar to radiation so far only registered in outer space, outside the planet's atmosphere. This source of radiation has proven to be feeding off of an external source not within the atmosphere as we know it, and not even on our own world as we know it.
A series of portals were pinpointed, many of which blinked up and disappeared so quickly that PRIMUS dispatch had not a single opportunity to address them all. Thus, we focused on the largest reading which appeared on [TimeDate]-3AM-PST due southwest of National Training Center Fort Irwin, CA 92310 in the wilderness. An operative and interception team has been dispatched (see report #7D-291763-03EC for details) to investigate the anomaly and arrived to the site where desert sand turned to glass has been registered as well as a non-lethal amount of electro-magnetic and ectophysic flux which has been neutralized and properly contained by PRIMUS Anti-Radiation personnel.
Curiously enough a woman, dressed in black and purple, gold-trimmed silk robes has been sighted at the center of the anomaly, struggling to govern the forces unleashed by a vertically inclined vortex about two yards in diameter. The bolts unleashed from her hand were reading EMI-Positive and registered as tension condensation, identified as an attempt to close said portal. Witchcraft arrived to the scene and helped the woman, designate Shaylan, later code-name Soulmist, contain the anomaly, designate "Planar Rift" or simply "Portal". Extra-terrestrial presence has been noted near the site, in the form of Demons which were banished with a mere hand-gesture of our guest.
Shipped to PRIMUS operation base near Fort Irwin, CA., code-name "Soulmist" has revealed to research engineers a schematic of greater volume than what we already had known. It would appear as though that our universe is part of a multiverse, alongside many other universes and even multiverses connect within a so-called Omniverse. Whether there is a greater collective than the Omniverse, has not been discussed. code-name "Soulmist" offered us the opportunity to further investigate and understand the concept of the Omniverse in trade for information classified under file #23A-911711611-712AP. Her organization, designate United Planes Defense Directorate has been cooperating with PRIMUS and UNTIL personnel.
As part of the agreement, Anni Redriner has been dispatched as a UPDD operative alongside her daughters, all belonging to a monastic order known only as Lotus Fist Sisterhood and were given premises and credit within Millennium City, and have been more than helpful with handling emergency situations from common robberies to high level threat and alerts. The Lotus Sisterhood are to be treated as per diplomatic immunity law and are liable to uphold their end of the bargain.


A matronly and kind woman has been met in her, and has quickly become a public favorite both with operatives and civilians alike after the alien insectoid invasion. All the qualities of a good woman were held together in a neat package of brains and brawn, though the latter is only used when guns are pulled. She has been seen trying to negotiate AAD citizens and delinquents before dunking their face into the dirt and scolding them like only a mother can, and is often seen in the various hotspots of Millennium City, solving crises related to attempted suicide, household violence and bullying.
Easy-going to a fault when it comes to handling people, Anni is forgiving and there are few more agreeable personalities on the roster, though at the very same time she can be as stern and outspoken as a drill-sergeant where need be. While usually courteous and polite, she is capable of harshness right on the same page to the point where villains have learned to fear her mouth just as much as her fists. She is capable of demolishing an ego down to atomic bits by a precious few words, and has no issues with applied sarcasm - and all that is paired with a skin thicker than vanadium-kevlar coating.
She gives and commands respect by mundane kindness. This applies especially to those whom seem to be lacking in self-confidence as she appears to be making it a point to encourage - but never patronize - young aspiring heroes and those lacking in self-confidence. When disrespected, she will say a precious few words with stern tone and a gaze that would make Foxbat ashamed of himself.
A feminine woman all in all, her speech is with an appeal of hoarse but never without the tone of warmth. An irish accent is clearly heard with everything she says and she is often found using expressions that could very well be seen as archaic or dated by contemporary speakers, further raising questions regarding the enigma of her age.
While not one to openly flaunt her beauty, she hides nothing and handles herself with sensuality and pride at the same time, knowing she has what to be confident of and worrying little about prude or jealous comments.





Themes, Quotes HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - I don't wanna die : Child of the streets theme.
" you're gonna have to." BREAKING BENJAMIN - Dance with the Devil : Sister lost and found theme.
"I believe in you" ICED EARTH - Anthem : Ascension theme.
"You are the key to the life that you seek." HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - Been To HeLL : Battle Theme.
"Welcome to a world where dreams become nightmares."

STORY: The First Miracle

18+ Material
Like a tuning fork, bones resonated with impulse jolting across their marrow structure with a lessening tremble as joint fluid passed on interaction from the pelvic and hip bones spreading both across the humerus and into the man's very spine.
One young, shapely feminine leg collided with the man's groin, her round hips turning into the motion, carrying on the momentum of the rising force carrying through the shattering strike, her every toned muscle painted unto the canvas of the setting eastern sun.
Bruised testicles would ricochet within their confines, having been in the way of the kick, suffering terminal damage as the man's mouth would fall agape only to release the saliva-soaked breath of agony as his abdomen's muscles cramped from the trauma, bending him forwards, right into her rising left knee.
After the shattering shin, she would lift off the ground with the spring of her sculpted yet slender calf, the diminutive frame of the girl rocketing against the man who was double her weight, her stringed tank top doing little to hold back her ample bust from succumbing to gravity, and the blue lace lingerie she wore became visible with the flight of her dark blue pleated mini skirt. His jaw-bone colliding with the remainder of his skull and splitting in half at the tip of the chin, his teeth sprayed, leaping from his mouth like a flock of evading grasshoppers in the bustling grass. The twin strikes demolishing his constitution and concentration, the momentary pain fading into defensive oblivion as his every nerve shut down, his body collapsing unto itself with a cloud rising of the dirt beneath them.
Like a dancer and with swirling scarlet curls tied up in a long unkempt ponytail she threw her forearms against the man's frame and with the leg still lifted she turned around herself to avoid the falling man, her mini skirt's pleats fanning out flat around her waist, the blue lace string lingerie again becoming visible for a moment, as she hooked her previously lifted leg back around her and the man's body, to administer one final strike with her heel to the soft of the back of his neck where the skull ends and muscles begin.
The man fell and she took a sliding step back, her unclenched hands thrown straight ahead with the knuckles pointing forwards, and the rugged hands closing into balled fists creating a whooshing sound as she assumed her final stance.

The backyard was dirty as any rustic home's dusty corner would be, but her beautiful, keen-green eyes ignored the webbings of wire which separated the panicking chickens and geese from their beaten owner, and ignored the dirty wooden cottage's rickety fence, instead darting around for a moment as she searched and listened, perhaps for more enemies, to no avail.
"Over here!" - She then heard the banging of tiny fists in a burrow-shed a dash across the yard. She covered the distance at the blink of an eye, her shapely legs carrying her towards her destination and the rugged fingers tearing the door up, out of its hinges and out of the lock which only fell with a heavy thump unto the doorstep after the wooden structure was severed by unbelievable strength from a mere five feet tall teenage girl.

Her young face would twist into a grimacing frown seeing the bloodied room in which one boy of no age older than ten, three girls of similar age, and countless severed bodies and limbs of yet again young children were held captive. She threw the door to the side embracing the four whom were left alive yet, and sharing their tears she gained new determination across her darkened features. She steered the four to the side and with a clenched jaw, raised her hands in front of her torso with the fingers pointing forth and the palms towards the ground, the relaxed flow of her arms suddenly tensing into balled fists yet again as she stomped her left foot against the ground, divine runes drawing themselves out across the maze of lines tattooed along both of her forearms. Her eyes burst alight with the same platinum light as her divine tattoos - she would draw the now glowing and cramped forearms into crossing in front of herself, the palms which were turned towards the ground slowly twisting around to face skywards as she separated her arms with a flash of divine sparks rising from beneath her stomping leg, the burst of light sending her hair and clothing to billow with fury, and an angelic hum rising in the air around her.
A pair of gloom-hazed ethereal apparitions rose from her back in the shape of triple-forked seraphim wings, beating violently in six separate tunes at the unleashed divine providence.

Bodies came to life, gasping for air, reassembled and reanimated by the heavenly will, their lungs filling with air and sounding with coughs and lamenting for their elders, mothers, fathers, or whom-ever they held dear.

Her knees stirred up even more dirt as she collapsed, the remnants of the platinum-colored divine light flickering away like wisps of a crackling campfire.

The four unharmed children would stare, slowly approaching their collapsed savior, whom would draw a pained breath, smearing the blood coursing from her nostrils, across the back of her hand with teary eyes. The boy hurried his steps towards her while the girls made haste to help their numerous companions.
A blonde girl, no older than eight years old, dressed in the ragged and once new clothes she was captured wearing, hurried to support another child to quickly get him to his feet so that they may leave soon. Just a moment's glance away and then back to their scarlet haired savior, her heart began beating in her throat and she had no time to finish crying out "Look out!" as the man previously taken down limped along. His jaw broken and whole face swollen, his legs barely carrying him, his brutal features still filled with hatred glared at his recovering enemy, and he reached, grabbing her by the throat from behind.
Burying his trembling fingers into the gap of the frontal neck muscles of the redhead, he was ready to end her. She gasped for air, bringing her right elbow back up in a straight line, striking the man where he was hit before, making his pelvic region rise and the bones beneath crack. With a muffled cry he reached for his battered groin, only to receive another punctual sharp elbow, much faster than his defending hands. His right hand reached for the door hinge, tearing off a larger piece of metal and swinging it towards the girl.
Searing pain arced through his hand for a moment, and the first thing he noticed is that he missed, the girl's green eyes met with his, and he felt warmth rush throbbing down his arm. Looking to the ground he beheld his own hand, cramped around the piece of metal, twitching in the ever growing puddle of blood. He screamed, reaching for his lacking wrist, and the three arrows which severed the hand.
His last thought was how-ever would he play with these lovely children now, that his hand is gone? - And another set of five arrowheads emerged from the front of his skull as his head was shot right through from behind.

"Hey are you okay?" - the little boy asked,
"I've done it.. I've done it..." - She slumped forwards, held by the now unscathed children. The predatory beauty stepping up with her ornate longbow in hand smirked, putting an arrow back into the quiver hanging from her belt.
"You've done it, Anni" - She said, and the world went black.

Character Ownership, Disclaimer and Copyrights

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