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Player: LadyNoir
Angst Primus.jpg
Class Focus: Telepathy
Power Level: 24
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Alison Swan Grayson
Known Aliases: Ali
Species: Human
Age: 15 (tells everyone she's 16 or 18 or even 21)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Base of Operations: M City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Foster Mother:Peggy Hampton, Mother:Katherine Swan, Stepfather:Stephen Bishop, Step-sister:Chloe Bishop
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Can read and affect the minds of others. Feels other's emotions. Can heal by absorbing others wounds.

Basic Facts

Alison Swan was born December 7, 1994 in Methodist Hospital to Katherine and Robert Swan. Her father died in a car accident in 1996. Mother remarried to Stephen Bishop in 1997.


By age 2 Alison seemed able to read her parents thoughts as she grew older the ability expanded to include her step-sister and closest friends. A few weeks prior to her 5th birthday Alison suffered a breakdown caused by a major manifestation of her latent abilities. The onslaught of thoughts and emotions left her catatonic. When she awoke she found herself a ward of the state of Detroit and a resident of the M.C. Rehabilitative School for Gifted Minors where she lived of and on before being placed with a foster mother, Peggy Hampton. She has had no contact with her biological family and was simply told they could not handle having a ‘super’ for a daughter and that they feared for the safety of their other daughter. Alison’s first friend and protector in the school was a teenager named Lucius “Luc” Muscato who seemed to take a liking to the skinny, pale, redheaded misfit. By her early-teens Alison had taken to hanging out in Club Caprice where she would manipulate the bartenders into selling her drinks. Still unable to handle sudden onslaughts of thoughts and emotions she would use alcohol to dim the noise.

After witnessing her foster mother fall to a horde of zombies Alison suffered another breakdown. Brought back from a catatonic state by her friends Ultra, Gray and Lord Supremacy she has not told any authorities of her foster mother’s demise. Currently alternates staying at the homes of Ultra, Flamestriker, The Haven and her late foster mother's apartment.

Gray is now her guardian and she is living and being home-schooled at the Haven. After a long needed vacation in Florida with Ali, Gray adopted her.


Ali is still struggling with nightmares and is dating Donnie aka Hocus Pocus. Ali has inadvertantly taken a weeks worth of Finalitys' memories which are now held by her father's girlfriend, Dani. The memories caused Alli to breakdown and in order to save her Dani took them upon herself. Unfortunately the burden of Finality's memories have caused Dani to suffer and Ali to feel tremendous guilt and regret.

Ali has fled to Vibora Bay with Luc in order to sort things out. While in Vibora Bay she was kidnapped by the Marguis de Mort, an ex of Dani who would love to have the necromancer in his power.

Quirks/Personality Traits

Has zombie phobia, hates cheesecake, has trouble shielding her own thoughts, loves watching t.v. can't sleep without her stuffed bunny and she loves junk food.

Comments from others

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A happy accident brought Ali into my life and I would not change that for anything in the world. She is a dear friend and I trust her with the inner workings of my mind. ~Muse (@MallyBurns)

Ali's compassion and understanding goes well beyond her years. She has been helping me through one of the darkest times in my life with her friendship. The least I could do was offer her a job. ~Alex Cross

The kid's got more potential than I did at her age, that's why I'm teaching her what I know. She's gonna be something great I tell ya. ~Ultra

Known Friends & Associates

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  • Gray- First time Ali met Gray she was totally wasted, she thought he was kind and yet dead inside. She felt drawn to him and wanted to ease his suffering. Gray's very important to Ali, more than a father figure he's also one of her dearest friends. She's very close to him and wants to make him proud.
  • Muse (@MallyBurns)- Pretty, purple lady were Ali's first thoughts when she saw Muse. Whats not to love, she's a goddess, she's sweet and loves everyone.
  • Ultra- Ali looks up to Jess, she's her big sister and mentor, and one day Ali wants to be just like her.
  • Raspberry Balm - Ali's friend and nurse at the Haven. Tina took a special liking to Ali because of her background.
  • Flamestriker- Luc was her first and pretty much only friend in reform school, she loves him dearly and sincerely believes that he's misunderstood. She hates it when he's mad at her.
  • Lord Supremacy- Ali first met Mr. S in Club Caprice, she found him to be charismatic and grew to like and respect him. She believes he is a visionary and that he truly wishes to improve the world. She appreciates that he treats her like an equal and not like a kid.
  • Archer- She first knew him as Father Duncan who has now returned as Archer. She's happy to have him back and considers him a good friend.
  • Alex Cross- Alex's broken heart and despair called out to Ali in Club Caprice, she's determined to help him in his quest for vengeance. She likes that Alex is not your typical stuffed suit and so far he's the best boss ever.
  • Tiphareth- At first Ali resented Tiph, she found her bossy and annoying. Once she came to terms with Tiph and Gray's relationship, Ali grew close to her and grew to love her like a mother. She would do anything for Tiph, even die again.