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Angie Johnson - is a Scottish-born, Millennium City-based superhero going by the alias Bloody Hell. Sister of Angus Malcolm Johnson.

Angie Johnson
Player: @mauler00
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Department of Rum’n’Love
Biographical Data
Real Name: Angelica May Johnson/Aileen Mac Ailpein (Aileen MacAlpin)
Known Aliases: Bloody Hell
Gender: Female
Species: Chaos Spawn
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Scottish Highlands
Base of Operations: Millennium City Michigan
Relatives: Angus Malcolm Johnson/Malcolm Mac Ailpein – Twin brother.
Age: Visually 20, Real age over 1200
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130lbs/250lbs when pumped with blood.
Eyes: Baby blue, glowing.
Hair: Carrot red.
Complexion: Moderately pale, clear
Physical Build: Curvy/Fit mix.
Physical Features: Always gives off faint scent of blood mixed with roses.
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: <1 in MC, over 1000 in general
Citizenship: Dual: Scottish, American
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Angus Malcolm Johnson
Education: University graduate
Marital Status: Dating Emelia and Laila
Known Powers and Abilities
Tactile Blood Manipulation, Flight, Super Strength
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Physical Appearance

Standing at 5'6, Angie Johnson would be sure not to stand out in a crowd of heroes, most of whom, for some reason, are exceptionally tall. With carrot-red hair and baby-blue eyes, her face isn't easy to forget. If not for that, she would probably go unnoticed by most people, even considering her love for mini-skirts, showing off her legs more often than not.

Her face is usually adorned with either a bright "bubbly" smile or a bored, somewhat annoyed frown (See Personality,) holding herself with an air of confidence, leading her to seem reckless and/or weird some people out.


The first word that comes to mind when describing Aileen Mac Ailpein's personality would be "Freud." Not unlike her brother's, Angie's mind is divided into three distinct yet connected personalities:

-Angie ("Bubbly")- This one can be called Angie's "default" personality. Acting childish and without any regard for any rules of behaviour, this personality makes Angie act rather unpredictably, though always keeping her in a more or less good mood. When around people she likes, she will automatically switch into this personality, happily hugging and cuddling with them, for some unknown reason, seeking closeness with her loved ones. It's also the only non-violent personality of hers, making her switch into either "May" or "Aileen" whenever her friends are assaulted, be it physically or verbally. Quite curiously, this personality seems to exhibit some cat-like mannerisms, purring and mreowing when content.

-May ("Bloody")- This personality is usually assumed whenever Angie decides to use the most direct form of persuasion - violence. Aloof and detached, it may often seem as if "May" hates people in general, distancing herself from others, to the point of going into frenzy whenever someone gets "touchy-feely" with her. It is also the "default" personality when Angie assumes the "Bloody Hell" persona. This personality's animal is a vixen, as "May" while being very direct and rather detached, may often try to confuse people around her with riddles, or, in case of people displaying affection towards her - teasing.

-Aileen ("Original")- The original personality of Angie Johnson taking over is a very rare occurence. Unlike her brother's, Angie's original is a very polite and cheerful person, seemingly showing no signs of mental instability. She will often crack jokes and generally try to make everyone around her comfortable. The easiest way to access this personality is mentioning her brother, Angus, since it's the one with the most knowledge about the Highlander. Its animal is a viper, due to the fact, that while seemingly harmless, she is the personality with full understanding of her abilities, showing skill that allows her to take care of her enemies in an instant, much like a viper, ending fights with one bite.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

Angie Johnson, while visually a regular human being is a Chaos Spawn, a lesser avatar of the Zoa of Chaos and Emotion, Luvah. Because of this, she has an array of supernatural abilities, both as those that are shared by all Spawns, and those that every one of them recieves individually.


  • Tactile Hemomancy - When in physical contact with blood, or using her own reserves, Angie can create a variety of constructs that can be used for offense and defense. Angie's two favourite applications of this ability are:

    - Blood Weave - using blood to form her clothing (Which means she is effectively naked at all times.) According to Angie herself, it's the fastest way to switch into her superhero self in a fraction of seconds and without the need to carry extra clothing at all times.
    - Bloodsmith - with this ability, Angie is capable of shaping and crystalizing the blood into melee weapons. The need for maintained physical contact with the blood means that whenever the weapon is knocked out of her hand, it returns into liquid state. The compression she is capable of also means the weapons are surprisingly durable.

  • Unaided Flight - Like every Spawn of Chaos, Angie's default set of powers include an ability to defy a force that restrains locomotion (Angus defies "Space" for example.) In her case the force that is defied is Gravity. While usually seen just hovering or flying at speeds of up to 250-400mph, she is capable of speeding up to Mach 3 (2283mph.) If she were to speed up even more, she would probably lose consciousness due to excessive strain on the body.

  • Undeath - Another of default Spawn powers is inability to be destroyed. Everytime her body is killed, she will "respawn" after a set amount of time which proportional to her power reserves. The fuller of blood she is, the faster she will respawn.

  • Superhuman Physical Condition - Due to manipulation of her blood she is capable of Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility and because of training also Reflexes and Equilibrium.

  • Superhuman Sense of Smell - Like all Chaos Spawns, Angie has a sense of smell developed to levels on par with dogs. The main purpose of the sense is a scent-based Aura-Sense, i.e. an ability to recognize specific pattern of people's auras through scent. It gives her a passive ability akin to sixth sense, subconsciously warning her of any aggressive/drunk individuals or creatures that may be potentially dangerous to her.

Misc. ((also OOC))

RP Hooks

-Any respected telepath would be able to tell that Angie's mind is a mess, for example when idly looking for surface thoughts of people around.

-Same goes for mages and her aura, which is highly unstable, constantly twisting and turning.

-Observing how she behaves is a good idea to get to know how to approach, since her two dominant personalities often switch over. Bubbly is easy to approach but hard to get any logic from, while Bloody will be aloof and detached to people who she doesn't know. And may God have mercy on anyone's soul who attempts to hug her randomly, unless they are Angie's closest of friends.

-Music: Angie is a fan of Classic Rock, so if she'd notice someone playing a song she knows, she may just randomly butt in and start singing along.

-Blood: Well, she needs fuel from time to time...and yes, that means blood. It's rather easy to spot when she is low, as she will act either like a hungry puppy, trying to get all the attention she can (Bubbly), or, she may go unbelievably flirty and somewhat surprisingly friendly (Bloody). Don't expect anything more than a bleeding neck, though. She is fiercely faithful and loyal to Emelia and Laila.

-Last but not least, her lovers: If Angie is with either one of them, and she gets the feeling that they are somehow being made uneasy by someone's behaviour, she will be very vocal about it. She might even grow violent if the "uneasiness"-causing gets too bold.

TV Tropes

List of TV Tropes That apply to Angie:

  • Crazy Awesome- Seen as that by Laila and Emelia.
  • Large Ham - Any doubts about that?
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill - Unlike her brother, Angie will never bring herself to kill another person, villain or not, mostly due to
  • Heroic Vow - "Never kill, always help, never back down," is a shortened version of her motto.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity - she is crazy because of her powers.
  • Blood Magic
  • Blood Lust - Self-explanatory, eh?
  • Scary Teeth - Her mouth is filled with a set of razor-sharp shark-like teeth...that are serrated.
  • Tranquil Fury - While she may get very vocal when annoyed, when Angie completely looses her cool, she will turn mute and completely emotionless.
  • Who Wants To Live Forever - Self explanatory with her being an immortal.
  • Ax Crazy - "Bloody" personality seems to be this trope from time to time.
  • Older Than Print - approx. 1500 years old.
  • Cute Bruiser - She is 5'6 tall...and can easily pick up and throw an SUV, and she may be happy to do it, when out of other options.
  • Chaotic Good - With a pinch of "Lawful" in there.
  • Polyamory - Angie, Laila and Emelia do qualify as this trope.
  • Eldritch Superpower - She controls her own blood...and needs to bleed to use it...her clothes are made of blood. She is Constantly bleeding.
  • Freudian Trio - She is the whole trio by herself, given her three alternate personalities.
  • Crazy Enough to Work - Surprised?
  • Squick - People's reaction to some of her antics and, more often than not, her ability to control blood.
  • What Measure is Non-Cute? - She feeds off others, controls her own blood to shape into variety of Squicky weapons and is mentally unstable...but isn't she just adorable?

Public Opinion

Has your character ever met Angie or Bloody Hell? If so, feel free to add a comment. Just remember to specify which alter-ego the comment refers to.

"Dear God...why should I comment'boot me sister...whatever I say, she will cave me face in... Brutal? Nah, somewhere deep inside that maze of somewhat cute weirdness, she's a sweet kid. Though she tends to break my nose for makin' her run me errands. What? I'm short on staff." - Angus

"Angie is Angie, she's a fun gal alright, I love dhat she's always into snuggling and knows jus' which random words t' say te' make you all happy." - Emelia

"My Angie is just so...insanely affectionate it makes me think that I'll just burst with both her and Emi around. I love her to bits and I would do anything to make her life better. She's one half of something that has made my known short life so spectacular." - Laila