Angel Ramirez

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Angel Ramirez
Player: @Valonir
Yeah, I know, I know. Grown-ass man playing video games with kids, wearing bright colors and a polka-dotted tie. I don't care. If it makes 'em and the boss happy then I'm happy too. Got an issue with it? Come see me personally after-hours for a 'chat'.
Character Build
Class Focus: Energy Based
Power Level: Unknown
Research & Development:  ???
Biographical Data
Real Name: Angel Ramirez
Known Aliases: Ionus
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Base of Operations: Millennium City - Westside Recreational Center
Relatives: Cousin: Angel Delgado
Age: 28
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 171lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Two lip piercings and a small diagonal scar going down his left eyebrow.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Hidden
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: U.S. Citizenship
Occupation: Youth Counselor for Westside Recreational Center
Education: High School
Marital Status: Single.
Known Powers and Abilities
* Can assume the form of pure energy and move as fast as lightning.
* Energy manipulation.
* Control over the wind and temperature in the immediate area around himself.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
As Ionus:
Ionus wears a blue armored suit with dual black cape spads which helps him further channel his existing abilities thanks to technological advances from F.H. Industries. The thick armored mask he wears is equipped with a built-in communicator and small lenses over the eyes that displays various information regarding the usage of his powers.

As himself:
Wallet. Cellphone. Pack of gum and some loose change.
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Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.


Angel Ramirez was born on a cold and chilly evening on February 9th, in a small town in New Jersey with a population of about 2,000 people. His mother, Suzanne Ramirez, was the only one left to care for the small child as his father had abandoned both Angel and his mother and had fled the country. As a result, his mother Suzanne packed up her things and took Angel with her to live with her sister in Detroit (now known as Millennium City).
Millennium City.
Though his mother had always tried to teach him between right and wrong - she was mostly never around due to the fact that she had to work in order to support the family of two who lived in a rundown and cruddy apartment near his aunt's place. Angel always mixed in with the wrong crowds at school and oftentimes got himself into trouble even at an early age. When he was barely into middle school, he'd get into fistfights on a weekly basis at the drop of a hat and he'd always end up a bruised and battered mess.

His high school days were a little different. He became relatively quiet and his desire to fight with the students had subsided, though by now he'd caught the attention of a few local gangs who all seemed to want him to join with them - and when he refused the vicious cycle of fistfights and street brawls continued without an end in sight. Despite his rough years during school he always managed to maintain high grades throughout the majority of his classes. He'd only dated once during his high school years, a girl named Kelly, though the relationship was doomed from the start. There were always issues with her and her ex-boyfriend and Angel always seemed to be caught in the middle of it. It wasn't until he'd caught the two kissing in the hallway during lunch that he finally decided that he'd had enough drama for one lifetime and ended the relationship right then and there.

Unable to attend college on only his mother's earnings Angel soon began to work at a Jimbo's Vids, a video store located near Sherrera's Bar in Westside to try and help out with bills while still clinging on to the hope of one day attending college.


Having very little in the name of friends after his high school graduation, Angel spent most of his days going to and from work. His shifts at the store were mostly at night and generally was the last one to leave as he had sole responsibility of locking up and sorting out all the returned tapes. A few nights a week some of the more unruly folks who left Sherrera's came to pay him a visit, threatening to bash the door down if he didn't open so they could browse the videos at the room in the back behind the beaded curtains. It wasn't until he was threatened at knife point after locking up and leaving the video store that his powers manifested - and the large burly man holding the knife soon fell to the ground in a spasm after having an unusually large electrical shock course through him. His friends weren't too pleased at this and so they all began to attack Angel one by one..and they, too, fell..though not in the same way as the large male with the knife did. Some were frozen in place while others were thrown up into the air and were found clinging onto the side of the building by police officers the following morning.

Scared and confused, he ran back home and remained indoors for weeks as he tried to figure out what had just happened to him. It was during this time that tragedy struck - Angel's mother passed away, dying of lung cancer after many years of smoking. Suzanne kept this condition from her son, fearing that he'd waste his life away working at a dead-end job for the rest of his life while trying to support the both of them. He attended her funeral along with his aunt Eileen Delgado and his younger cousin Angel Delgado. There were no others in attendance. He resumed his duties at the video store some days later after begging his boss to let him work again, and would then the 19-year-old Angel would support himself from then on out.

Angel's first job, located only a few short steps away from Sherrera's.
At night when there weren't any other employees about, he'd begin to recollect the memories of the night he first used his powers..and it was then when he knew he really did have something special, as a small gust of wind began to pick up around the inside of the store when no wind could possibly be present. He practiced nightly, sometimes even outside in the alleys so he wouldn't wreck the inside of the store he worked at and eventually gained complete control over the wind and electricity itself.

Roughly four years later while walking the streets with his cousin he came across what appeared to be a remodeled building with a sign on the front that read 'Westside Recreational Center'. The two approached a female pacing around the front entrance who then turned out to be the young girl running the place. After a lengthy conversation on the state of today's Westside and how great it'd be to help out the community, the older Angel promptly signed up to be one of the newest volunteers at the center where he still works at to this day.

General Information


Around the kids, Angel is very goofy and a bit of a prankster. He loves having fun with the children and has been known to host various game tournaments at the center. Outside of the center, though, he's usually very calm and a bit of a smartass at times - though he has no tolerance for those who he feels are only trying to get into Ava's pants or put children in harm's way and will let them know exactly what he thinks of them when the opportunity presents itself.


Generally always has a perma-stubble going on and while Angel normally wears bright colors to the center he does tend to gravitate towards the darker shades of red and blue while not working there. That doesn't mean he's been known to wear brighter colors as well, however. He's very fond of vests and ties and isn't afraid to show off his goofy polka-dotted tie that Mary had given him as a Christmas present some years ago.

Physically, his torso has various scars. Nearly all of them appear to be bullet-related injuries with the exception of a medium-sized scar going from the left side of his abdomen to his hips. The only scar upon his face is that of a small one going diagonally down his left eyebrow.

Other Info

The air around Angel's person seems to swirl around him in a gentle breeze and he almost always smells of soap or cheap cologne that the children at the center have given him as a gift. He'll wear it proudly, even if some of the kids' taste in colognes are a little strange. When angered or irate the air around him will sometimes have that familiar ionized smell depending on how pissed he is.


Playing pranks on the children at the rec center as well as on Ava. Spending time at the center with the children and being a general handyman while he's there. Enjoys a good drink and doesn't particularly care what brand of booze he's given and is also a little obsessed with Chinese food. He's especially fond of small animals, specifically kittens.


The New Purple Gang. Anyone strange that comes around the Rec Center and generally folks that are looking to cause trouble for either him, the center, or Ava. Strongly dislikes the smell of gasoline and isn't fond of being touched without permission by people he doesn't know or care for. Also doesn't like it when folks insult the children at the Recreational Center and will get very aggressive when he hears someone badmouthing them.

Recreational Center

Ava and Angel outside Westside Recreational Center.

Westside Recreational Center is a safe haven for those of the Westside area to relax, free from the violence of the local gangs. We take pride in the available recreation we have for the youth of the area and take joy in seeing those who take part in our programs become a beacon for those who wish to find their way out of gangs.

Our Goal:
WRC's goal to is help the future by helping today! Heroes can only put away villains but they do not stop villains from being born. We believe that showing the youth of today that people care, will help them, and will not turn their backs on them will allow them to grow up and become civilized members of society. We believe this will help the future of our great city of Millennium, not just constantly jailing of criminals.

When you walk up to the building, you will see that it is an old red stained brick building. On the front, you see a memorial painted of children of all races, even some demons and aliens, holding hands over an earth. Off to the side would be 2 basketball courts that look in fairly decent to new shape. Two large doors allow you to enter the building after you climb a small flight of stairs (10 steps in all)

As you walk inside, you will see a brick pillar with three trophy cases filled with medals and awards surrounding it. On the middle of the pillar there is a dedication plate which reads 'Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Marcus and Julia Grace'.

Several miniature classrooms line the hallway. Inside, it seems they range from age groups. There is one for infants, where parents drop them off for free daycare. Another room where there are actual books, the books seeming as if they are brand new for a recreational center. Another room you come across will be a large opened area. The game room. This is where most of the children will be found, and it will be packed. Inside the large open area are vending machines, pool tables, and even three large screen TV's with a panel for sign-in from the children to use their own fingerprint to sign in. There are several game consoles locked in a box under each TV. Inside, a small machine will pick which one to play and what game upon the child's selection.

From overall looks it seems that the Recreational Center gets a hefty amount of donations. As you continue to move down the hall to check out the other rooms, you'll notice several pictures lining the wall. On all of these pictures, you see volunteers, children, local heroes, and even Ava Grace(the boss), all smiling like dumbasses for the picture.

Interviewing the Children

Westside Recreational Center Logo.

Carlos: Angel? He's always around here. He's Ava's lap dog. Always doing what she asks him to do. Man needs to grow some balls. Step up to the plate! Ya know?

Wess: Mr. Angel? Yeah. He's a nice guy. He helps keep the place clean and keeps the other kids from causing problems. He is always making sure the gangs stay away..I think he has some persona or something he's hiding from Ava though.

Angel: My Cuz? What about him? Yeah, he's a fuckin' ass pansy. Ain't got shit on me. Yeah, if I was older, he would totally be copying me. He's like a fucking clone. In other words, I'm awesome, so, I suppose that makes him awesome. But I'm better!

Alice: Angel....Oh..Angel. Yeah, I know of him and his gorgeous bod with his tight ass. Huh? What, you didn't want to know about that? Well, forget you!

Alfred: What about him? Yeah, we all know his secrets around here. Punk thinks he's some type of superhero or some shit. The funny thing is, 'Our Lady Grace' don't know about it. So we totally bribe him for awesome shit every week. He also has this huge ass crush on her. Man won't walk up and let her know though. One day, a man is gonna steal that fine ass out from under his nose and he's gonna be a lonely old pervert who collects cats.

Mary: Who? Oh, Angel...Yeah. He totally has a thing for Ava. She doesn't even see it. He needs to find himself a real woman..I may be young but I would be more than happy to show him a good time. I'll be legal in a few months afta' all.

Rhonda: Angel..Of course I know him! He lets me test out my bitch'n skills on him as an artist. Ava won't let me try and tattoo her, but he agreed that he would be my first test subject!


Brief History

Ionus in his first set of 'armor'.
Ionus made his first appearance roughly four years ago in Westside, though his armor back then was vastly different. His beginnings started as a super-powered vigilante in blue, basic street clothing with a painted hockey mask and worked mostly around the Westside Recreational Center. He slowly grew to fame as Westside's own personal defender roughly a year after his appearance and to superhero status not long after that.
Ionus in his current armor.
He prefers to keep to himself, however, and isn't very fond of being popular - limiting his appearances down to when it's absolutely necessary (or when the city calls).