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Angel-Fury is a solo super-heroine currently operating in the city state of the Republic of Hayao.

Player: @Seraphyna
Class Focus: Tank/DPS Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Divination(Mysticism)
Personal Data
Real Name: Angela Lee YiYing
Known Aliases: Numea Naare,Flame of the West
Species: Aasimar
Ethnicity: Eurasian
Age: Appears to be in her mid-twenties
Height: 5'8
Weight: 158 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student, odd-jobs, Superheroine
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Base of Operations: Republic of Hayao (Formerly, Paragon City & Millennium City)
Marital Status:
Known Relatives:
Known Powers
Link to the Celestial Realm: Super-Strength, Enhanced endurance, (Lesser)Invulnerability & Flight
Known Abilities
Minor Martial Arts training, Divine Presence & Aura, Resistance to Psychic/Mental assaults and probing
Enchanted Pauldrons & Bracers, Cloak of flight

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Early Life

Angela was born in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, the only child of Singaporean actor and entrepreneur Christian Lee and Leila Marie Hughes an American model. The family stayed on in Hong Kong until Christian had finished the shooting of his latest movie, then moved back to Singapore, where Angela spent most of her early life.

Angela was home schooled until she was 13 because of threats brought about due to her father’s run in with the triads. Following a raid that led to a massive shoot out, leaving several key triad members dead and effectively crippling the gang's Singaporean branch, eventually allowed Angela to a public attend school. She was enrolled into the International School Singapore, where she completed her secondary education.

Millennium City:Birth of a Hero

Angela had always been at odds with her father, who happened to be a conservative traditionalist, especially when it came to the issue of boys. The last straw for her was when Angela was 21 and was dating an African-American aspiring rap artist. Her disapproving father had his bodyguards physically menaced and threatened the young man so much that he hastily broke up with Angela, then fled the country. This led to a huge argument between daughter and father, with Angela accusing her father of being over-protective, old fashioned and hypocritical, with her father calling her promiscuous and a disgrace to the family. The heated arguement escalated until Christian struck his daughter. Unwilling to tolerate her father's "controlling" antics any longer, Angela left Singapore, fleeing to Millennium City to reside with her uncle and pursue further education.

Shortly after moving to the city previously known as Detroit, her uncle was diagnosed with lymphoma. Being cut off from the family fortune and with her mother forbidden to support her, by her father, Angela was forced to quit her studies and seek employment to scrap out a living, while helping pay for her uncle's medical needs. Unfortunately, with her lack of higher education and the influx of people flocking to the recently rebuit Millennium City, Angela's job prospects were quite limited; she waitressed for several restaurants, tried her hand as an amateur model and even worked at a bakery for awhile.

Slowly, methodically her uncle would succumb to his disease.

One evening though, shortly before the death of Angela's uncle, their flat was broken into by one of his old 'associate'. It was then that it was revealed to her, that her uncle was actually a super-hero and that what was thought to be a cancer was actually a spell of withering cast upon him by his Arch Nemesis. In the ensuing battle the creature was repelled but a victim of collateral damage, Angela was injured.

Upon recovering and once it was clear that her life was endangered by the old foes of her uncle, Angela's uncle imparted to her of her celestial bloodline. That she was an Aasimar like he was then revealed that her uncle had been using his powers to combat evil. Though he had on promise to her mother kept her shielded from this life, there was little choice with the ever lingering threat, his nemesis would not end with him but also seek to bring harm to Angela. Her uncle used what little time and life he had to unlock Angela's hidden lineage and teach her as best he could how she could wield her powers.

Powers & Abilities

Angel-Fury's abilities are derived from her celestial lineage; as a scion of a divine being she has the ability to call upon the might of her bloodline in times of need. Innately this heritage is manifested subtly, those sensitive would notice a fire behind her eyes, a fire that flares up when she is wrothful and lesser creatures would be quelled and beings of evil would find her appearance dreadful. Her second most common trait is that in her voice, normally when she speaks, her tone is gentle but when she summons her innate powers to her her tone is that of a divinity: Commanding, and even softly spoken words would be amplified, thundering within the souls of those that she speaks to. She could use this strength to compel and even coerce a petrifying fear from beings of lesser will than herself.

As an Aasimar Angel-Fury has a connection to the heavenly plane, able to when needed to draw her powers from it. Though opening and maintaining this connection requires a fair amount of concentration and can be taxing to her, it does provide her with a number of supernatural powers. Tapping into the heavenly realm, Angel-Fury can summon up the strength of Angels and Nephilim, boosting her strength to unnaturally high levels for a human to possess for short periods of time, though the extent of this strength has never been recorded and fluctuates depending on the situation and her mental concentration she has been reported to have been able to lift small vehicles and even hurl them across short distances. Further more, when drawing upon her divine-strength Angel is not considered a creature of the prime material but rather a planar entity, thus un-enchanted weapons of this worldly origin would be unable to cause much harm to her; paired with the constitution of angelic beings this would make her far more durable than regular humans, though not totally impervious as she could still be worn down and a sufficient beating would strip her of her connection thus her might and seeming invulnerability. Also in this state, Angel would be granted the gift of flight that is innate to all celestial entities, able to reach flight speeds of up to 80 miles per hour (though this ability is considerably difficult for her and her maneuverability in flight is poor thus she only utilize this ability when absolutely necessary).

Finally due to her being both a outer planar entity as well as a creature of the prime material, she is by nature resilient to psychic and mental probes. Her mental fortitude would be tougher than most regular humans to defeat and overcome. This trait is greatly amplified when she is calling upon her powers and connected to the Celestial Realm, she becomes nearly impervious to mind control or probes into her psyche as well as highly resistant to mind blasts by all but powerful empaths or sorcerors. This ability only extends to special mental attacks and spells of probing- Angel still remains vulnerable to having her emotions used or manipulated against her by natural means. For example: 1. A sorcerer casting a Fear inducing spell against her would have the spell likely fail. Whereas a fearsome Ogre or Demon rampaging towards her would cause her naturally to be scared. 2. A mentalist trying to enter her mind to take control of her would likely have a difficult time however a devious rogue with a higher intelligence/charisma score than herself would be able to influence her actions if he can manipulate her naturally.

Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities

Angel's most glaring weakness is that she lacks any real martial skill or combat training; neither has she had much fighting experience (before taking up the superhero mantle). Her fighting style is undisciplined, relying purely on her ability to overpower her opponents. Though this is negligible when facing much weaker foes, when engaged with opponents of similar strength levels as her, this puts her at a severe disadvantage. Even weaker enemies can give her serious problems, if they are sufficiently skilled. However, through more combat experience and diligence in her martial arts classes, this weakness becomes less and less obvious.

Although technically immortal when linked to the Celestial realm, Angela was born and lived most of her life as a mortal human. Therefore, she is susceptible to many mortal emotions -such as fear, anxiety, jealousy, and impatience (to name a few); some of her wiser adversaries knowing how to play and manipulate this to their advantage. Furthermore, Angel's link to the Celestial realm is innate, but her ability to draw from its powers depends on her focus - while sufficient stress can disrupt her link, weakening or even shutting off her powers temporarily.

Magic and technology designed to disrupt planar energies are a serious threat to Angel. To name a few, spells of disruption and anti-magic fields can cause her to lose connection to the outer planes. When her link to the Celestial realm is severed, Angel is stripped all her powers until it can be re-established. During this time, she is only as strong as a regular human girl and just as vulnerable (in the heat of battle this can put her in severe peril). Furthermore Due to her earthly origin, Angel, though considered an outer-planar creature when using her powers, is not effected by banishing spells while on the prime material however it would temporarily disrupt her connection for the duration of the spell thus rendering her powerless should it succeed. Also, most magical runes of warding/protection, used by mages to keep themselves protected from planar creatures can also hinder her powers, stripping her of her divinity as she passes through them for their duration or unless she retreats from the area they are protecting.

As undead and creatures of the abyssal plane are vulnerable to celestial based energy, celestial beings are sensitive to unholy type auras and energies; thus, when using her powers, Angel is considered more of a celestial being (than human) and this makes her extremely vulnerable to spells, enchantments, auras and weapons of abyssal origin. Sufficient energy from the negative planes can effectively cancel out her powers or even outright destroy her. Furthermore due to her being originally human, this amplifies this weakness as she shares the same kind of terror that most humans are prone to such as the fearsome appearance of undead and creatures of the abyss.